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  2. Titan Code Thread for new players

    YPls help me with my Titan code Id: satyamlvsu Code : YVWSKZKJ
  3. Flare also subtracted the coins for alliance rewards. So you should check which members don't help and inform them to help. That has nothing to do with flare, it has everything to do with alliance members not helping the team.
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  5. please change alliance reward ninja,game remove the ninja coins from the COF ,now event is very difficult to ninja reward and ninja defense. i boring.
  6. Those prices you show here are nothing compared to the max prices. Throne room max is 14M, Main buildings like troop academy, silo and so on between 8-12M, troops all cost 15M to max them, spells between 12-14M to max them. And since you don't have max wizard tower, inventory tower plus castle guard you don't have new troops like monks, necromancer plus vikings plus spells black magic and magical pal flute. You forgot the defensive structures, the towers and obstacles. I hope you don't forget to upgrade those. Also the defensive towers cost many M in gold, skull towers 15M for example (I have 8 of them). Since the upgrade I maxed all main buildings, except farms and taverns. All my towers are maxed once again (around 230M gold in total) and I just start to work on my obstacles. I also maxed 4 of my main spells and am currently upgrading my pal flute up to max (around 86M) plus a lot of my main troops (7 already costing 15M each -> 105M) Your highest price for upgrade is around my lowest (taverns are an exception). My lowest upgrades cost 11M, while the highest ones cost 15M. Yet I still managed to do a lot of upgrades already. Even without events and festivals it's doable, only you need to raid some more and with luck gear t get more gold inside cof. I for example raid with luck gear and kaiser, who gives me a 38.9% extra gold bonus. The luck perks give me around 2 out of 3 rewards and in case of gold it's a nice bonus. Food problem is caused by yourself, you should make sure you start to save farm perks, I for example spend a lot of pearls to get all farm perks. Now I raid for 29 food per raid during viking festival plus ninja event. That's how to save bread. Only exception is war season, then I need my skull gear and then it's not good for gold reserves. I think the gold rewards during ninja festival are okay, you should participate in higher layer to get more gold. For me they could remove the long cool down periods between ships, it's only annoying to wait that long and the need to fight several times a day just due to that cool down. Still I see often players in my league skipping those cool downs, so flare still gets some gems from that. When you want stronger ninja, play some higher layers. Festivals are fine with me, they should only not have an overlap with war season. When you have 5+ wars at same day, there is no time for most of us to do all raids plus also do the festival. So festivals should start directly after end of war season, till the day before next war season start.
  7. Olympus time zone

    I don't know if any one can answer this, but I'm very curious about the time zone of Olympus. I have no question to the day change for personal event, like the daily chest collection, I know it's probably follow the player's time zone, so the new chest is available after 12am everyday, as well as the titan point counts. However, I'm curious about the universal events, like war. Why the war is always started and ended at 12am Japan time? I'm 100% OK with this, but can't figure out why Japan time zone is the standard? Or, this is only my misunderstanding, the war actually is NOT started and ended at 12am, so it's not taking Japan time as the standard?
  8. I like the payoff of the Ninja event, but just like the War Season it's boring and it's a grind! I actually play games to be entertained. Make the game fun and I'll play with 0 payoff. I do that all the time with Clash Royale! But Royal Revolt I only ever play if there's a good reward. They need to make it fun again! And long, repetitive, and idiot-proof is not the solution for fun! That's homework!
  9. Who knows the most bugs?

    You use one, i'm sure you do (2nd chest the 1st day each festival is a bug, flare confirmed in answer)😉
  10. Collect Button on War Map

    Cannot agree more. just annoying to leave the War map and collect stuffs and return to War map,etc... good idea
  11. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Good day. I play everyday. Use my code and we both'll get useful benefits and rewards.
  12. Please banned cheat players

    I am pretty sure this one cheat and use a cheat engine its very weird. Honestly I don't see the goal for him to do that this guy just join me by the name of jacobyeager9663 but what is very weird, when you click on his name a another name appear Jason Morris? strange and the cheat engine is like you can see on this screenshot, he have just started the game probably few minutes ago and got already 600 trophy and when you look on his name his trophy continue to up 600,627,640,etc.. you can see 600 trophy and no defense,no building nothing. So i don't take a chance and I kick him Edit : (Update) I have no clue of what happen. Now when I see his name its clearly write jacobyeager9663. Hercule level 7, some defense and 607 trophy. So its very weird. I don't know what to think about this. A visual bug? or something else?
  13. This week the festival and ninja occur at the same time. What a relief! But I insist on money rewarding from ALL events. I put a summary on upgrade cost on Throne 10: Throne Room 10: 8M Troop Academy 11: 6M; Knight 11: 6M; Archer 10: 4M; Paladin 9: 4.5M; Froster 7: 4M; Canon 6: 6M; Pyromancer 6: 5M; Arcblaster 4: 5M; Mortar 4: 5.5M; Subtotal: 52M Wizard Tower 11: 6M; Hammerstrike 19: 9.5M; Toxic Cloud 12: 4M; Stun 12: 4.5M; Firestorm 9: 4M; Swordrain 9: 4.5M; Heal 8: 3.5M; Blizzard 8: 5M; Shield 5: 3M; Bladestorm 5: 3M; Sonic Blast 9: 10M; Subtotal: 63M Castle Guard 11: 5M; 9 Wave 10: 40M; Subtotal: 45M Inventer Workshop 11: 6M; 1 Lightning Tower 3: 4+6+8= 18M; Subtotal: 24M Total: 192M Of course one player will not upgrade all the features. Though it still requires dozens of millions of gold. It's funny that the treasure chamber protects less and less money per upgrade. I assume we only keep the legendary items from the ninja event; making it one item per box to keep and therefore 5 X 6 = 30 items to forge throughout the event. Each item varies but at least 5 times higher than winning a ninja raid. This making Ninja event money consuming! How can we forge item when we're out of gold? Thus, festival and ninja must happen at the same time so that player will spend food on Festival on spare time, instead of stealing more money from others! Festival is a must supplement event for the ninja. Ninja is also a must supplement event for the festival thanks of more legendary items. Another reason that I ask the frigate raid to cost higher food, in replacement of waiting, is due to the play condition. Sometimes I can't play 6 consecutive raids to reach the frigate, but stop at the last or between. When I have time to play again, I then battle to the frigate and have to wait hours to raid the frigate. The festival, in opposite, allows player to get the reward before waiting. I prefer waiting after frigate raid to before frigate raid. After discusstion, I amend some of the original sugestion: Festival & Ninja occurs simultaneously. The period of Ninja can extend to match the Festival. Double (or triple) the gold per Ninja raid. Wait after the frigate raid, instead of before the frigate raid. Make ninja at least 1,5 times stronger.
  14. abuse

    What was your old name? I have seen some really bad names? Honestly if you do something stupid with your name then yes they will change it? So you honestly think giving people who create offensive names and know it, deserve another chance? No... then everyone will ask what youre asking for, as they have a easy way out with extra name changes at the expense of everyone else....
  15. Bad conection

    The same thing happened to me. As of now, the game froze of me twice and logged out once during Ninja. Because of this I could only do 26 islands/fights.
  16. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    I have to object to this cause it kind of makes it sound like Flare is trying. You tell me what they are doing with Gargoyle, and then maybe we can discuss how they are trying. They're not!
  17. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Active player, i play everyday, u will earn titan points every day if i connect daily HellScythex Lvl 101 Code KITDTDQR Thanks
  18. League promotion

    If what you propose would be implemented, top players would make it impossible for you to win any diamond, platinum or gold league. So, for that to work, there must be a big enough penalty for anyone that doesn't want to be promoted. For example, if you don't want to get promoted to the diamond league and waste 3 days there, you need to sit out of the leagues for 24h (1/3 of the upper league duration) or 36h (half).
  19. Yesterday
  20. wtf is this?

    Yep, agree .. as I said on dumpster's thread the other time, it makes little sense. I could understand a timer of 4 minutes or so for last fight perhaps, if for tech reason all fights must be over with the timer, but 1 hour makes no sense.
  21. Dragon transform duration

    Lol you dont know anything, and dont understand so therefore not important? He would have been better off just saying it doesnt bother me so i dont care..... Lol ignore him he is cofused about his intent with this issue.
  22. Viking Gear Color Scheme

    What piece of Viking Gear do I have to get to unlock the Viking Gear color scheme?
  23. Who knows the most bugs?

    The one who knows, please PM me about the bugs and the way to use it. I will try that if it still available, safe, and undetected. 😅
  24. Thanks that makes loads of sense! Game did freeze. Thanks for the help!
  25. Dragon transform duration

    LOL peace and love guys
  26. Bad conection

    Hello i have a bad conection in island NINJA 25, now i can not play island 30, please solución to my problem. Ign José Raffo
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