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  2. Hi Archimedes, tried that, had so far only one response, "we are looking into it" and nothing else since. I've been unable to play/participate in the guild since the forced update. I'm not for one to keep onto the devs and in some customer assistance cases, a repeat reply drops your case in the queue. Has someone had the same issue and got it resolved?
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  4. Hi, lvl 96 active player every day online ign: Krösuslexus Code : GJEWDUXM
  5. Hiii guy's.. i have just 1 days Plz add me.. mohamedrateb6 Tnx
  6. Level 49 active player, playing multiple times a day. Add my code and I'll earn you Titan points. NWMWZWFB
  7. I will be happy just with a filter about Ring if you want ot check your Ring, You select Pauldron if you want to look your Pauldron,etc... but of course a filter feature should be very nice. Imagine if you have 100 slots or more. I guess its must be a mess to search something. at 59 sometimes I am lost to find a items lol so I don't imagine if you have more lol
  8. I started a raid with about a minute and a half left in a league. I finished the raid after more than a minute and a half passed. The trophies won did not credit to the first league, and in the second league I started at 0. So, no credit. Not a big deal, not upset, just noticed it and figured I'd say something.
  9. I just hate the fact of the lack of details. Just said The server was unstable and crash its not really what I call information. When you read news on paper or watch the news in TV what is better? to know what happen with details like you was there or just know a little what happen but no more and at the final you don't know much. So next time Flare should take more their time to explain the situation with details. What causing the instability? What make the server crash? After maybe Flare should have suspend the War Season until everything is fine. For me its like a Formula One. If someone have make a accident and caused a lots of debris they can use the red flag and stop the race until they clear the track and suspend the race for 30 minutes. Just Flare need to learn how to react properly on the situation and act properly of the situation and fast and not stay behind their desk and not :Flare employee ''heuuuuuuuuu.....what we should do?'' Another one Flare employee : '' I don't know, nah we do nothing its just a little server crash nothing big'' another one Flare employee : '' Yeah we don't care much what happen, we just try to fix it'' another one Flare employee : '' We should inform the player of the situation?'' another one Flare employee : '' Nah its not important'' For me they don't have act correctly and far of that. A professional company would have taken the time to explain the situation on Twitter,Facebook and here on Forum and explain all in details what happen,why that happen and they work to fix it and maybe a big : ''we apologies for this situation and we are sorry'' sadly nothing of that happen so is sad
  10. Depend for who. For me its the best event. Tomorrow I will be able to buy 3 more inventory slots for 750 gems and probably I will do a Cave of good grave for additional +1. So +4. This event come just in time
  11. Maybe the War Season was not finish 6h ago. The next is call : LIke Cats and Dogs with Turbo Paladin,Insta Paladin and Cursed Cenothap
  12. You are going to have people trolling Flare on the forum. But I don't think the league isn't that bad. The event isn't fun but the rewards are good. I feel you need to improve the tiers. I think most people that play should get at least one PCs of pro gear and 2 chests.
  13. Okay Okay , EVERYBODY CALM DOWN I'M HERE First thing its flare games they don't care , next one is that its a GaMe If your sad and you have to wait to play pro leagues and mommy does not want to spend money on your game and you want to go all crazy just go crazy with your wallet or you can spend some gems on me - Darren795 OR Just leave it will be one less IdIoT And it will be one more chance for me to become number one OR You can go over to alliance topic and check out [ DARK KNIGHTS ] and join and chill and enjoy war and ninja's as normal players OR You can Put some Hate on me but anyway Haters Makes Me Famous LAST You can like this and follow me and also join my team LiNkS : Remember I don't HaTe you and I don't LikE you either TO EVERYONE FROM ONE
  14. I got this problem today,again...iOS iPad.
  15. A filter for the inventory is really needed like per 1° perk bonus, 2° perk bonus, item lvl or item duplicates if there are any
  16. A better UI for the inventory would be nice indeed. I would add the ability to "lock" items which cannot be sold, so you can't accidentally clear them from your inventory forever...
  17. If the high rewards they are talking for being in top are pearls and crystals and pal treats we're in the right track
  18. Hello everybody I'm Jasse I'm a daily player, I'm rising fast!! I hope to unlock other Ajax skills with your help, I'll earn some titans point 4 you guys, I'll be posting my code everyday, HERE'S MY CODE: My code: PYVXXDJN and i loggng every day so be sure to add me. Help
  19. Did you pause the game for more than 10 minutes , if yes thats why you lost
  20. Bump Quoted for people that does not go to first page
  21. I got the same problem again"
  22. he will have to waste his time and food attacking me i never got gold soon as i have gold i use it to upgrade something
  23. the more he attacks the more famous i get
  24. buuks base is under construction! sorry for any inconvenience caused
  25. Its sounds like it is something for me lol, i don't have any regular visitors nowadays
  26. Lvl 64 reached. Ogres are at max now. Come and talk to us.
  27. From the last few big updates came special ubers, events to get special ubers, and multiple wardrobes to organize all those special ubers. One thing that hasn't changed? The inventory slots. Firstly, the UI is pretty atrocious. If you have anything more than 30 slots your inventory becomes a long, 2-deck line of items with no separation between types (rings vs crowns vs swords, etc). Why not.. 1. Make item icons smaller 2. Make the UI scroll down instead of across, better utilizing screen space 3. Have 4 - 6 columns 4. Separate each type of item with a header and some empty space between catagories 5. Sort them in each category (or in totality) by either rarity, by what is currently equipped, or by level, in acsending or decending order. Secondly, with these new additions to the game, there are a lot more items users will want to keep for a potential build. Also, players will want to keep lower level stuff so they can keep their blacksmith working 24/7. Yet, inventory slots are egregiously expensive. I currently have 30 and the next cost without a sale is 250 gems! Utterly blasphemous I say. Make them cheaper by like a factor of 5. With more item slots, players will be able to create different builds and make offense more diverse. Make it happen flare!
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