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  2. Jupp that is the second person for sure who is requesting this
  3. I was unable to claim my loot from the event. How would I be able to go about doing it?
  4. Thanks - found the weapon that needed to be fused.
  5. Today
  6. Hi all, Just started last week. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. Code: KVFKXRLD
  7. this would be good to know. Don't want to lose out on a Legendary because of a full inventory. That would suck.
  8. friendcode

    Please use this code for a FREE Friend Chest --- GTLBNINXJ GTLBNINXJ GTLBNINXJ GTLBNINXJ
  9. After lots of trying and failing, I switched to an Epic 40mm rocket pod with my 68mm rockets and 7.62mm, today with above advice, I FINALLY did it. Thank you
  10. Hello all; I would really appreciate if someone could please look at my weapons cache and recommend the best options to achieve maximum damage effect. I suspect there is a direct correlation between power and damage. Please let me know which to fuse or which to take to whatever levels. Not really a gamer. Just playing while recovering from broken shoulder. Kangaroos kick for real y'all. Also how does one respond to comments? Can't seem to find a way to do so. Thanks. Henry
  11. Because i watched (at speed x64) your first post in this thread... bit of a giveaway that one...
  12. fuse

    Thanks for the feedback! Will include it
  13. I cannot say, but I have reached it a couple of times on the previous event. Based on my current inventory, fusions and scraps, it should be around 80-100 weapons (I'm currently 69). @Nikko could you please confirm?
  14. Meu nick é SD B A S I L I O comprei a Sacola média e não veio até hj os premios sendo que ja tenho pago e o dinheiro da minha conta não chegou Seu pedido da Microsoft de Sacola média MS Microsoft Store <> Responder| seg 19/06, 23:54 Você Caixa de Entrada Esta mensagem é de um remetente confiável. Detalhes importantes sobre seu pedido da Microsoft Olá, Obrigado por comprar conosco em segunda-feira, 19 de junho de 2017. Todos os downloads que você comprou estão disponíveis no momento. Sua NF eletrônica estará disponível em Conta da Microsoft – Transações de Cobrançadentro de 48 horas. Pedido 8622897526 Sacola média Quantidade 1 R$ 5,23 Subtotal R$ 5,23 Imposto R$ 0,67 Total R$ 5,90 Forma de pagamento MasterCard **6704 R$ 5,90
  15. Plus the previous festival i didnt participate
  16. We have ogre and cannon and knight and barricade I invite you dark knights
  17. Definitely upgrade the epic 5.56. I have one at level 20 and it's a murderlator. I used it in conjunction with a green 3* maxed 7.62 and they work very well together. However I just received a 3* epic 7.62 so you can guess what's getting maxed out next. Those 2 epic guns together should dominate the field.
  19. Nicely done! I like how use burst more and then sniper/hellfire for cooldown. Do you ever run into time difficulties on other missions? I personally am not of a fan of the hellfire / AGM as they don't suit my play style since they take awhile to launch and strike. For now I guess I will stick to ACx2 + rockets and see how it goes. Thanks for posting @JimmyJazz! Also too bad the door opening and closing sound effect didn't sync up with your troops entering the building... that would've been hilarious
  20. didn't know there was a limit, what is it?
  21. Please enter my Titan Code HRGWDJJY. I just started last week and really would like to see what is in it
  22. It is just a standardized icon
  23. Ugh, since when did we become logistics and supply chain managers in this game...
  24. So it doesn't just mean the auto cannon like the icon show then. I was confused because I have no auto cannons that I can fuse. Thanks
  25. Yes great feedback. (I can't friggin like because I am max today apparently...) Anyways as @mabaeyens troop speed never varies but it may seem that way because range of scouts is so much less that they ignore zombies longer and keep moving. I'm glad to see that there is some proof behind the loot bonus. The bonus is very small but can make a difference over the course of 3 building raids in missions where you have only 1-3 secs to play with to complete it.
  26. The faster you can kill the zombies, the faster they will spawn. Higher end players can hit 3,000 kills per Scorched Earth run. Hold troops around the 2:40 mark, that will make them stop just in front of the door. Resume their trip with about 30-35 secs left depending on your troop bonus loadout. Total run time is 3.5 minutes
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