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  2. so at least if the spell effect is turn off, please also skip the cooldown so a player can use it immediately after the cutscene.
  3. i dont know where i should put this topic thats why i put this topic at general discussion topic, at first i dont mind much about the cutscene for the beast untill i found out something, which is every time the beast cutscene is playing the spell that currently on your player such as bladestorm that can last for 5 sec is immediately turn off same as the slow down effect you get from the toxic cloud is immediately turn off. but for the second the effect is quite good because the cutscene cancel the slowdown but the slowdown also cancel/skip/fast forwarding the beast cutscene. please flare turn off the beast cutscene, not only fatal to player but the cancellation/the immediate turn off of the spell is very bad for player, and though the spell effect is turn off but the cooldown is not turn off so when a player under a snake tower, the sonic blast effect is turn off and the cooldown is on so a player need to wait the spell to available again, and that is fatal to us player.
  4. They didnt fix it and other people tell me they have this same problem.
  5. I really thought they fixed it. i used ogres and i dnt have this problem! strange! But if u have- iys ok!
  6. Awesome))) 🐝 u did fail in war- so u cant speak) awesome!!! @killerbee
  7. Today
  8. Yes 2 ogres will just stand in corner sometimes there will be a wolf blocked there too
  9. Look who is talking, killer bee I have seen your war failures and I know that You can't scroll free in war.. Needless to Say, You have well Forged offence and defence. Now coming back to balancing, Necro as such have no Weakness.. They are practically resistant to all spells which makes them super tough to kill and They are time consuming.. My concern is Their weakness should work as expected.. I just started raiding with WOM and killed Your base scroll free.. I also attacked Todes Top 10 scroll free first try in 3 Farmer perks.. ( My usual gear ) This is not the solution.. Not everyone can raid with Ogres.. As Simple as That..
  10. ROLLBACK!!!
  11. f**** mother f*****
  12. please oh please point out in your comment that i quoted, which one is discussing about necro balancing, your accusation that top players crying the loudest tickled me so much that i decided to confront your statement. But since you love balancing so much, here are some "balancing" for you: 1. There is 1-2 combo that works, but nooo, you want (all?) other combos to work against top base too, so let's all blame the necro, nerf it. Yay balance! and it seems you have problems with WOK, WOK is the most stable combo because it doesn't depend on war results. So every alli winner or loser can have it. 2. Your units and spells aren't highly forged, but you want to scroll free bases that have towers+obstacles+units forged half to near max, and when you failed, why not blame the necro again. Yay balance! 3. You chose to use war gear which means reducing your king power, but you still want it to act as if it's in full power and scroll free top bases again, and then failed, blame necro again. Yay balance! 4. You're probably not in an alli with full max top boost, and went raiding bases in top alli with max boost, and when you failed, blame necro again. Yay balance! 5. Most "problem" resulting in complains were against bases with boosted necro, to get that alli have to be lvl 65+ up to 70, it cost lots of golds to lvl up and to keep necro boosts alive. And when many players can't scroll free it because of the conditions 1-4 above, it's all necro's fault. Yay balance! why stop at necro anyway, go ask flare to nerf everything, so we can have new levels on everything again, i haven't get my throne room gems offer, maybe with new level TR12 i could get the gems offer *fingers crossed*
  14. My good friend "solarok" from Street-Fighters requested that I submit this idea. The war fiefdoms should be labeled alphabetically. This way it is easier for Generals to tell which Fiefdoms the Leader has told them to attack
  15. My good friend "solarok" from Street-Fighters, requested that I submit this idea. The war fiefdoms should be labeled alphabetically so that they are easier to point out
  16. I have never had this problem
  17. Yeah, now that my weapons are useless I can't even beat maps I previously got 3 stars on hard.
  18. It just became too hard...I spent quite some money in the game but now the guns seem like pea-shooters. Please re-balance. Except for the difficulty level the game is awesome, great graphics and sound. If the difficulty level is not adjusted I dont think I will continue playing.
  19. So I got some members but not all of them are active. Join only when you're an active player!
  20. I played wok alone like a 1/2 year. Its time to all play too i didnt understand about "some necroes". i choosed base with necro on 1 place. Show me another base and i will do. bee said all true. Low levels cant beat top levels and complainig. That strange
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  22. I have a Doogee T6 pro, only a few months old.
  23. Thanks, but it is as as expected. WOKking your way through it. Also had some Necroes in it. Why are you still playing? This looks so boring. The problem might be too high stats for high level players. @killerbee Not discussing balancing? wtf? Are you ranting at me or just in general?
  24. TQACGKHHL 89 lvl active add me
  25. When the fuck i'm going be able to play on my phone again you dumbfucks , it's been a month and so , i talked to support and the admins and not replays , wtf is your job , it's fuckin ridiculous, i can't play the fuckin game on facebook it's annoying taken so much to load , so do you fuckin job and fix my dam account
  26. Im really sorry for quality. I dnt know how to do better( no insta( monk no need, i used him in war). Ussially cannons better as instas. no scrolls. But 100% is unreal(
  27. 😪😪 bad i cant use english like u(
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