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  2. Titan Code Thread for new players

    ok,friend,please enter my code too,where you from.We play everyday,and lets joint with us,to play,grow up and win together. VCJTDIIIQ If you looking at alliance hall,you can type my name "bernardus schenker"
  3. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Hi. Im a really active Player. Use my code to get every day Titanpoints: EZXXIBNNI See you ingame 😉
  4. Titan Code Thread for new players

    I'm online everyday!!!! Use my code and get Titan points so you can unlock Ajax and upgrade his powers!!!!! SQWWJYZ Looking to recruit for the alliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR EVERY WEEK. WE NEED GUYS TO FIGHT FOR US. You don't have to have a high score. Just fight the opponent's worst participant. We are growing!!! Just get war points. Long live the Alliance!!!! lol If you go to the Alliance Hall of Uranus and select 'Alliance Hall of the Gods' you can do a search for: messalina or just type in my code and I will invite you.
  5. bug

    it is good like this? now can you solve the bag?
  6. Reformating / reinstalling

    If you have your account stored on the cloud, you should be able to get to it without a problem. As others sauggested though, it would be good to at least create a dummy FB account and connect your game there to have is save just in case something happens. If non of this works and you will lose your account, then the last hope is to contact suppoprt team
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  8. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Woe! You got shafted... My Heal Aura can heal a max level 10 Cannon from approximately 0 health to full health in probably 5 seconds. I have upgraded it's stats pretty heavily, but for my style of game play where I lead from the middle of a swarm of Storm Cannons and Power Archers, it's pretty nice! :-D
  9. Offers

    They just keep doing anything they can to make the game worse...been going on for months now. And don't expect a reply from admin on here...I think they jumped ship long ago and forgot to turn the lights out!
  10. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    I tried it in a recent pro league but it didn't seem very strong. None of the rings do compared to the egg bomb though, for some reason.
  11. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Learn something new every day ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. WKDZJUIG for daily Titan points. Enjoy.
  13. pro tickets

    It is a Pro League after all so no need for everyone to participate, also it's a good restriction as low level players would spend all their gems on pro leagues and get nothing in return as they won't achieve a good rank and pro gears are useless at their levels. Kind of overpriced but looking at it now, it's fine, you get 5 at 2,800 which 560 per ticket.
  14. Titan Code Thread for new players

    I need help please. Thank you!
  15. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Hi, - add my Titan Code, to get Titan Points and Treasures - win/win for both of us - im a daily Player CODE: CQPTMNTFE see u ingame
  16. pro tickets

    Obviously , its too high even for mid level players who don't spend money to buy gems. It should be like 100/150 so there is more competitive monthly pro leaderboard as only some players fight four times in a month. But i don't think that greedy flare will reduce gem cost for pro tickets.
  17. I have not got any items in previous 3 festivals in chests.
  18. Reformating / reinstalling

    I take it thats the same as: X:\Users\X*X#X*X#X\AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap ?
  19. Fail Festival! Many won't be able to get Bella!

    Okay, I will spell it out for y'all because apparently I'm the only one that got it. Do yer homework sometime, kids.
  20. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Woe! It just replied to your post on the wrong thread! That's weird! I didn't even know that was possible.
  21. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    You ought to try getting one of the Heal Aura Rings! You'll love it with your play style! I use it in the Ninja Event cause I need to be able to do just that to ensure I get all the towers down before my Cannons take down the Gate. (It is fun!)
  22. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    You ought to try an aggressive playstyle like me lol.. just gotta watch your health meter; occasionally I'll get sniped by a stray cannon trying to sprint back from wiping out a corner. Monks help too, they'll heal you up and you can go right back to fighting!
  23. Monthly Pro-Leaderboard, 4 months of waiting!

    ummm...that's 4
  24. U shoulld change that to "Everyone can join a Pro league, once every 4 months" or "Everyone can join a Pro league, if you put your MONEY to it" cause thats the only way EVERYONE can participate, once in forever or paying for it. And no, being able to afford the cost should not make anyone be seen as a pro-player. Pro status comes from ur skills, not ur pocket
  25. well, that's what the Suggestion & Improvements forum is for, to point things u dont like and tell how u would like them to be, so if u dont want to read complaints just dont come to this part of the forum, its that simple yes, there is something wrong if even being a player that wins all diamond leagues u can't spend any of those gems on anything else to afford the tickets price
  26. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    I might be doing it wrong. Sometimes I can't beat a base I feel like I ought to be able to beat.
  27. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Really? I engage towers directly all the time. Stun a corner for a few seconds with swordrain, go in, destroy everything with sonic and finish the survivors with my sword. Though, my reckless raiding style is not very popular according to my alliance
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