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  2. I don't know much about what level r u .And i was talking about a particular defense layout where nyx + Helios is in centre facing the end of loop and not any random nyx+Helios.Maybe u haven't encountered such type of layout where the thousand ways of destroying nyx don't work bcoz it's out of your reach and u feel helpless watching your on unit turn against u.And just bcoz u r winning raids on your islands doesn't mean your the smartest player ,since most of the defenses we encounter aren't the smartest!
  3. Soooo, I have 12 hours left until silver league completion, and can't find where I am only displays one person who has a medal count of 0 and no one else. Has anyone else had this happen, and, if so, what happens upon completion, or, better yet, why does this happen? Would love to hear from anyone who either knows about this or has experienced this themselves! I am a pc player, btw.
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  5. I read in another message that others have already told you that after watching a video, the game sometimes becomes unresponsive. You can move your mouse around and the game seems to be running, but you're unable to do anything since your clicks don't do a thing. A Couple of hours ago the game has become unresponsive all together. The window open, you can move your mouse, but your clicks do nothing at all. I can still close the window from that bar at the bottom of the screen. I'm accessing using Windows 10. The game link was in my start menu when I bought the computer, I downloaded the AP, or whatever it's called. I have an I7 Processor, 16 Meg of DDR4, new computer. It was working fine up until a few days ago I've restarted the AP and the computer a few times, but it did no good.
  6. well the dudes on Q&A said its a bug and they will fix it but the person that told them was a fricking asshole I like that bug more than the some of the updates
  7. Flare games the only gaming company with assholes !
  8. this happened to me 3 times but i was not out the 4th
  9. the top 10 players of the game is like 4 person ! this is really funny lol
  10. I'm out of my alliance without being kicked out as well and now lose 300+ trophies! ffs FG
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  12. Your not the only one !
  13. Level 44 reached and closing in on 45. Could use some more reliable members for next season.
  14. at your low level is easy
  15. I always select Talos and Siren spells in battle. That's more than enough to destroy everything and bring so easy smooth battle with no headacheπŸ‘. And of course, there are thousand different ways to beat that combo
  16. Lol, you are telling Nyx Helioth combo is supreme or you telling me the joke! There thousand ways to destroy that tower in battle. Most of the guys come here to complain coz they are one of these two types: 1, hesitate to use skills when attack and lazy to set up proper troops before battling 2, very high level players who want to see what they call "balance game" but infact they already can do whatever they want at those levels ( I mean, they always win in battle, and also their defence are deadly tough) What exactly you expect????? πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
  17. Active player, i play everyday, u will earn titan points every day if i connect daily HellScythex lvl 72 Code WZVMORWB Thanks
  18. Why arabic players don't have arabic flag in language this is unfair there is alot of arabic players.?.?
  20. Hell no dude thats just stupid to go to tell Customer Support I have no time to waste on Customer Support Do i look like i want to read a message from a robot again and again ! Nope no way , its not my company that will fail for royal revolt 2
  21. Play daily, Fight wars & ninja.. good place for you! silly monkey place to be 😊
  22. your welcome
  23. Darren975, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please, accept our apologies for the inconvenience, we will make sure to pass on information about your issue to the team and would really appreciate if you could get in touch with the Customer Support too, with more details:
  24. Hi, When you enter my code, we both get points each day we log into the game, so let's start racking them up and opening these Titan chests! I'm online daily, so you'll get a point from me every day. Code: POXQRQWS Updated: August 23, 2017 Thanks!
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