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  2. I can't find a way to back out the in-game Event viewer. Within the viewer, I can drill down into "Zombie Slaughter", and there will be a little blue & white 'Back' icon to get to the Event browser. From that main screen, however, I see no way to get back to the game. I have to kill the app and restart it. Here are two screenshots, scrolled to top and bottom:
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  4. I'm running all scouts, and survivabilty is no issue. I just find that so many shamblers, dogs & titans spawn at once as soon as my guys leave the second building that I can't kill them all before they walk headlong into my path. The fire & forget nature of rockets might help me here, though I don't really have any levelled up to the task. Plus I have to take a moment to whack the mortar as soon as it's done helping me.
  5. I was showing two extra Junction stars during 0.6 & 0.7 days. It shrank to one extra star upon 1.0 release. I found that the key to finally getting past Stolen Property on hard was to utterly destroy every barrier even close to my troops' path as soon as I've dealt with that first little pack of imps. I run the boys from west to east (on the assumption that the mortar is due south of building 2). I actually waste the first couple of shipping containers in front of west building before the imps even spawn, just to straighten my troops' path.
  6. Use only scouts if your gunship weapons are good and scouts are level 30+, they will survive and stop less, impalers are not at their range unless the troops run into them. Is surviving is the issue, use whatever assaults you have there, the highest level, regardless rarity. Specially if you have M249, they can handle a hit or two ;-)
  7. Haha! That was just my kids coming and going from playing outside. I was kind of embarrassed about the missed snipe in the middle, but figured that I made up for it with the double Titan shot in the last second! Yes, I do have time difficulties on Stolen Property and Suppression. The latter on hard is still my one missing star. I have no problem with the impalers at the beginning, but trying to make the long run from building 2 to 3 past the groves is evil. I always run into more company than I can deal with, stalling my troops.
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  9. I got it yesterday, it took me 5 months. Added 10 more levels to each of my 7.62, RKT120 and 40/70 and that made the difference... by less than a second!
  10. Yeah, I can relate with the times for crates, loot nerf and rarity drops, been playing since February during beta. And yes, I live since past year in Zürich actually, but never been to Minnesota. Closest I've been was Raleigh, NC. Or when the Vikes beat the Steelers in London in 2013 (went with a Steelers bunch, crazy people, so fun). Plenty of places yet to see!
  11. one of these days I'll get that last star when I beat Stolen Property on Hard.
  12. can we please get back to the original topic....sharing your thoughts about the idea
  13. You clearly don't play Clash Royale. The idea of these game is every team is unique every battle is unique. You couldn't possibly max out every unit. I don't think in a human life span you could max out every unit in Clash Royale. You're supposed to just pick your favorite 8 unites and level them up as far as you can. You still might not even max 8 out.
  14. Hi guys titan unlock chest code here: QAFZQLPY Really appreciate anyone who puts the code it, i have two chests to unlock Cheers! K Ps: i am a daily player
  15. Thank you very much. You have been very helpful. I will keep your advice, but I do not intend to waste my time on this game any longer until these greedy bunch makes radical changes. What is the point in boosting the Warehouse if it does not hold additional crates? Why the hell does one have to wait 3 freaking hours to open crates? I can understand 1 hour, but 3?!?! You gotta be kidding me. These greedy folks better listen to the calls of people on this board who are asking real questions. I have already chosen to dump this game for the sole reason that they are too damn greedy with their insatiable nickel and dime-ing. Enough! I see you are in Switzerland. I visited Turgau with my good friend who lives in Stockholm. He is from Turgau. Also went to Zurich and Bern. Nice place Switzerland. Thank you. Henry Spencer St. Paul Minnesota
  16. I'm a fan of elite crates. You receive them like every ten base defenses or something. Plus if your acquiring gold, every hundred I buy an elite crate. I've received 4 purples and 3 or 4 blues from crates and I've been playing the game off and on for a few weeks.
  17. Use the link that Nikko provided above with your in game name and a screenshot of the event completion. Also check whether or not do you get ad rewards as they also go to the Messages.
  18. Check your Workshop, maybe you have the weapons already there?
  19. I totally feel your frustration. Just that if you try the events, note that crates that are not in the Armory (either bought with gold or via even reward on Messages) they open instantly and do not require any empty slot in the Armory.
  20. Same here. I guess the tutorial goes somewhere in there?
  21. So I diligently played to the Diamond crate. I endured your idiotic and moronic requirement that one either wait 3 hours to access the reward crates or pay instantly. Okey dokey. I got to the end and all I got was one miserly Epic MG 7.62 Auto Cannon and one Rare Sniper 20 rifle and a bunch of uncommon and common crap. I am willing to support your efforts if you play fair. You have not. Look me up under Henry Spencer or hsmcspencer and you would see that I actually spent real money on both this game and the previous Zombie GS. That you continue to give the middle finger to people who have been playing your game and supporting you is just plain dumb and stupid. I am done with this. Get back to me when you get your act together. Or not. Your move.
  22. It is, I don't even think a maxed legendary AC20 can take the titan down in one single shot, definitely a small burst but a single shot, phew, that's to be very precise lucky. Gunship snipers are only good against titans, and you won't have more than 10 in any map in any difficulty as of now, yet it doesn't harm to use one, specially if your troops are not strong enough, until you can boost your rockets and missiles and drop an epic or legendary AC and ground troops can take care themselves.
  23. Hello everybody I'm Cristian I'm a daily player, I'm rising fast!! I hope to unlock other Ajax skills with your help, I'll earn some titans point 4 you guys, here's my code: SRMBVEKT soy un jugador diario, estoy creciendo muy rápido! , espero desbloquear las habilidades de ajax con su ayuda!, además te haré ganar algunos puntos de Titán, aquí está mi código: SRMBVEKT
  24. I tried opening an event create and the game hung. I backed out and went back but the crate is now gone...
  25. RJEZDZGY IN GAME NAME: Bartholomäus von lyr
  26. In short: all those with a small MAX instead of a level number on the weapon card, bottom left corner.
  27. Not a direct correlation as power also takes into account overheat, radius, number of salvoes or fire rate, cooldown, rarity, etc. If I were you, I would boost ASAP the blue 7.62 to level 50 and one of the blue CAN 40MM/60 and the blue 4 star RPG. Too bad that you only have 4 common shotguns. Boost and equip as soon as you get one blue, purple or gold. But if the demo squad works for you, that's OK. Not the high damage, but assault weapons make the trooper stronger, very convenient if surviving those 30 secs until evac is hard, use one or 2 of those guys. I would personally get rid of all green 3 stars, but perhaps wait until you have open some more crates. Boost also the level 1, 1 star greys, they are cheaper and useful as fodder to fuse with better weapons. Definitely keep everything blue, purple or gold, and do not just scrap all 1 star or 2 stars as they will work to fuse with any other weapon that might drop. EDIT: oh, and for replying it takes some time if I remember correctly, maybe a couple of days.
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