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  2. underpowered units nd spells

    fire storm is 100% effective against 6 units and 6 towers nd blockade in the game. units:knights,frosters,cannons,motars,airblasters nd Vikings. towers:arrow towers,frost tower,firebolt tower,lighting tower,heal tower nd basilisks tower. blade storm on the other have is 100% effective against 2 units(motars nd cannons) nd 2 towers (lighting towers nd heal tower)tho poision tower says it's weakness is normal damage bladestorm does little or no damage to strong as firestorm??..i can agree over all against all units bladestorm is 50-60% effective.yes it does damage,bt doesn't kill units like boosted knights,paladins,ogre,wolf,necro,archers.instead of comparing bladestorm to firestorm,check blizzard.blizzard is effective against only 2 towers in the game!no spell can over power firestorm,the game has many units nd towers that r weak to fire wer only few have weakness towards ice nd normal damage.have 6.7range for bladestorm won't break the game,the play style remains the same.players being forced to use firestorm for lighting towers across the lane will switch to bladestorm .this can prevent players keeping firestorm as one of the default spell.also the importance of firestorm is too high as it's the only spell that can destroy a LT across the lane.
  3. Where are my 12 minutes?

    They may listen, then add those 12 minutes to you during the last hour of the current season and claimed that you have been compensated =p
  4. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Daily player-Daily points ABWHPXELB
  5. underpowered units nd spells

    That is a huge mistake and is going to break the game. Since the last range update, Bladestorm has become a really powerfull and usefull spell. Power wise it is as strong as Firestorm, is usefull against more structures (it is very strong against blockades, boosted barricades and LTs, while Firestorm is only strong against unboosted barricades, LTs and FBs), against more units and, on top of that, it has a 5s duration. Oh and btw, it has an amazing cooldown as well. What's the trade off? The shorter range! This spell has everything going for it, except it can't hit LTs in the opposite lane. That's it! That is the only downside to it! It can't hit 1 tower in the opposite lane. It makes absolute sense to NOT have Bladestorm reaching LTs in the opposite lane.
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  7. Version 3.8

    Alas this upgrade has not improved app stability but degraded it - getting tiresome having the app crash every 10-15 minutes after you do a few things
  8. Yeah, the first time they ever fix something they are just actively f#cking us.
  9. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Active player, i play everyday, u will earn titan points every day if i connect daily HellScythex LVL 101 Code YIVNTUGL Thanks
  10. I've lost about 5 items from various Uber chests...

    since you know this occurs, easy work around is that you make sure you have room in your inventory before opening the uber chest. its not that hard, much easier than complaining on the forums for something unlikely to get changed. also be careful what you ask for, maybe the bug is that the other chests allow you to close and come back and collect. and the uber chest is working correctly, ie inventory full, either buy slot or sell.
  11. Flare doesn't fix things. It just create more new content that nobody cares about.
  12. I've been bitching about that for years!
  13. underpowered units nd spells

    No it will similar to firestorm.blade storm won't have a base range of 6.7 its only after complete forge.
  14. DARK SECRETS is recruiting kings and queens in the 90+level with 2800 trophys or more and who donate 150k or more.. this is a new alliance level 28, and a sister alliance to the established Woodward..players could be offered the chance to move to the higher level Woodward as positions become available. or stay at DARK SECRETS and help build it to a strong alliance. active friendly players, wanted...we do not have beasts yet at DARK SECRETS ! APPLY TO JOIN AT DARK SECRETS.....being able to speak English preferred..
  15. OMMDTTIQ every day playing, plz my friends YOURS, LTNO
  16. 2 weapons at once????

    It’s just for looks, nothing more, doesn’t give double perks.
  17. Yesterday
  18. I've lost about 5 items from various Uber chests...

    Does flare even care to fix ANYTHING? You know what else would a melt button fix? Having just one free inventory slot and a bunch of chests with meltable gear in them (open chest->get item->exit->go melt->back to chest->get item->exit->go melt->back to chest->get item->ARGH!!).
  19. So place 1 is 5 ninjas, 9 is 2 and 40 is also 2. Gotta love the "top 10 or bust" ranking system in a game that has thousands participating. Though it might as well be "top 5 or bust", considering how many ninjas and stuff are awarded.
  20. Wednesday and the question arises again

    We will have a "No event this week" event to commemorate FlareHoldings being seized by creditors. As for BS, I'm still about a 1k gems short from a slot upgrade but have quality crap to melt urgently so a bs event would be most appreciated.
  21. Whose Defense is Better?

    His. *points at the guy with the better defense*
  22. "You have no offer at this moment"

    I had this for about two years. Now that I have videos that work (or at least yield stuff) it's broken for everyone else. Hmm...
  23. Swordrain stun perk range

    I use the swardrain spell all of the time and have upgraded and forged it a lot. The main range is now 6.16 and the stun statistics on it are now 3.6s and 6.0 range. However since I upgraded the spell to level 15, the range of the stun effect seems to have been drastically reduced. Towers and enemies not immediately beside the hero seem to be left unaffected. Has anyone else noticed something wrong with the spell recently?
  24. I still think the rewards are way too top heavy which also encourages cheating. Spread out the rewards. Lower it for top 20 and spread it over top 500 or more to encourage more to participate and try their best. For eg,. Ninja #1 reward is not totally unbelievable. Yes it is easier to be first there. But pro rewards are crazy high For the record. I am more of a 150-350 ranked pro player on average. Playing with a single account and honestly. I like the idea of pro league Just a suggestion
  25. Pretty known bug that flare doesn't care to fix
  26. When Does Heal Tower Fire?

    Another "milestone" for the heal tower range. When the Heal tower has a range of 6.95 (19 range perks), it is able to heal the spikes at the bottom of the path (thus healing the units there as well). And after some tests, it heals the spikes as well when placed 1 spot to the left:
  27. Version 3.8

    It always surprises me that nobody uses artemis towers. They have almost as much range as a poseidon, do twice as much damage, it's a really good damage type, and they have a high rate of fire. They stink without the blessing, but so do Promethius and Poseidon towers. And Apollo towers. They're especially good now that people tend to choose lightning resist over ice or physical.
  28. Chest video issue

    Same issue here. Had it twice since the update.
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