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  2. Not receiving ad-for-free-bonuses anymore

    You sure what you wrote in the "note" works that way? Althought I don't play this game on mobile, I have had OneDrive disabled for months now, with zero issues related to cloud saving.
  3. No Free chests & offers

    Thank you for replying! Although I do not see a link in your post, I think I found the thread you're referring to. I'll let you, and others reading this know how it works out...
  4. Skull Tower update

    I don't believe at all in your test. Probably like the others mentioned you have test it on a test server who don't represent at all the reality of the majority of the base and not test it in real fight with real base. We all know probably you have test it on base totally full boosted with elite boost at level 70+. Yes maybe if someone have a crazy base forged at +120 and all maxed plus all boost plus Pro boost its possible this ring don't make a huge impact but you must be honest 2 seconds and realize like Dena or HeroesFlorian have said its not in testing in a base versus Top 20 player you must conclude this ring its not OP at all Like Dena have said you must take time to test all and every possible scenario. What happen if a player level 80 obtain it at 2,500 trophy range with base non boosted full of Bomb and Skulls? what happen if you test it with this ring and vs other ring did you get the same result? How can you be sure at 100% this ring don't give you a advantage if you don't have test it with other ring or other combo Anyway we don't have see your test in action. How you can guarantee us you have make proper test before declared this ring is not OP? Nothing proof you have do the good test for this ring and nothing prove you have did the right thing. So before reply again this ring its not OP. take few days and take time to do all possible test with real base or if you do with a test server you must use all scenario. Lower,mid, high base,against non boosted base,mid boosted base,full boosted base, no forged, mid forged,full forged,etc.. and after if you can obtain and fail at over 70% of the case now we can conclude this ring its ok but if in all your test you do 100% success. This ring its OP
  5. Game is crashing

    Seems to be ok now on my side...
  6. Update this forum with more "taps"

    Maybe you have miss it when you have create this topic. Just in the same place look my topic name : All information,video and more and look Page 1 if you find what you search. For the rest you can also use Opelle wikipedia of Royal Revolt 2 :
  7. Game is crashing

    Hi Flaregames team. After giving pro rewards game is constantly crashing..Both platforms Windows ans Android. Anyone has the same problems???
  8. Today
  9. Christmas Woods Song

    I just look right now that sound ok When you listen that look like this one?
  10. Heads Up

    Can you be more specific on the term troll? Do you talk about them? Its nothing you have meet a little project : Royal Revolt meet Trolls. Flare maybe have put one in the game and you found it lol you have maybe just see a malicious Ogre in the game but if its look like this yeah its a malicious Troll lol : You know everything its possible in this world lol. Maybe you have see somewhere a troll who send malicious stuffs : Whatever that is anyway thanks for the advice. Whatever the kind of trolls we will check in the game carefully if its not one of them lol
  11. 1 on 1 fights aren’t necessarily any more fair than what we have. But im sorry, I’m the mod and I should have just started modding those 2 for the slapfights.
  12. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Please add. ZAUCEGLYE.
  13. Trophy System SUCKS

    I know that sucks a lots. this system like Wibble said make everyone attack lower player and do bullying to obtain 100% win in all raid. You have two choice : 1.Find opponent you can beat easily in your favorite list and farm them non stop. Same if its only 3-4 trophy. after 20 attack. You should regain your trophy lost or if you know you own strength you can find opponent who give 20+ I try to beat them but more risky 2. Built a defense with tower forged at +40 each and try to build a really well design base and problem solve. Mine is forged at 25 and sometime I can be 1 week without play this game. When I return in the games my trophy is not affected because so much people fail my base and I can gain over 50 gems a week If you forge like crazy your defense its possible to obtain between 8 and 20 gems a day off war and during Wars over 200 gems without any boost : after 8 attack in the same day I can gain enough gems and my base is very well designed with no boost lol look the result : So if you invest time and pearls and forge your defense at +20,+25,+40 or more and lucky to have full boosted base you can push back so many attacks and gains rain of gems
  14. Titan Code Thread for new players

    I’m a daily player online numerous times each day. Please enter my code.
  15. Version 3.8

    Ok problem solve. What I got was a bug. When I have unlock her few days ago she have blessed items only like the first hero you unlock in the beginning of the game. After read everyone have her with Titan. I have return check right now and its ok she now have full Titan gear. So if that happen to you and you got this bug I think the bug its fix after you found 1 piece of her equipment. I have found a glove for her in the vault so I guess that have fix the blessing stuffs. Look here the bug you can obtain : After found a piece of her equipment :
  17. Trophy System SUCKS

    This is why so many people spam attack lower levelled players. Very low risk of losing, 99% assured of getting 4-5 trophies. The system is completely messed up. Level 110s attack level 100s, level 100s attack level 90s and so on. This encourages bullying and cowardice and the devs do nothing. Your best gains should come from attacking players higher than you, you should get little too nothing for attacking lower level players. In fact if, outside of war (maybe) attacking a player 10 levels or more lower you should have no pals and less starting moral.
  18. Titan Code Thread for new players

    WXVILBQAG for Titan Chest. Thank you.
  19. Titan Code Thread for new players

    PPFFYNWXT for Titan reward. Active player will give points every day. Thanks in advance!
  20. Titan Code Thread for new players

    Code for Titan QNFZUMKM Active daily.
  21. Pal Flute

    If Flare give us another itens to increase the time, yes. But as KKStar said, the dungeon cape increase Pal normal attack. EDIT: @FTB is possible to cast the hability two times only forging the Pal Flute, without the boots?
  22. Skull Tower update

    Yes for sure! I use wok and wom for ninja( ninja are easy and i usual want to have some fun) Blade Fire Sonic Poison Fire sonic Thats 2 combo of spells
  23. RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    One up for Opelle.
  24. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Hi can i get my Ninjas back? I had 5 and I wanted to use them for war but it disappeared. At least let me use them for the last day for the festival:((( Ign: nicetoeat Alliance: Dark Circle
  25. Skull Tower update

    do you change your spells for ninja using wok? (wondering if / how do you kill gate towers with fs, shield, tc)
  26. Titan Code Thread for new players

    MITUSGVXO for Titan reward Thanks!
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