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  2. The Griffin Warrior

    Disappointing I was sure the War boost was the same like RR2 but its not the case. So I think I will not invest too much in Wars. That don't worth it. So the Rank 1 I do in the first Wars will be maybe the only one. I will see in 4 days
  3. Haddonfield bug

    I don't know what the text in the red box means but just saw similar pic in the English version and it said "There are no battles left", which means that you attacked this island and lost and you cannot attack it again.
  4. Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    Really? in this case that don't worth it I wake up during the night and all the effort just for 24 hours. I prefer blessing more cheaper and more longer. Its just sad because in RR2 alliance cna gain War Boost for 8 days and prolong them 10,12 maybe 20 days and that don't cause any problem at all. If Olympus Rising is different for this so I will not invest too much time in Wars
  5. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Switch members main to dot team. Genie and Master (without dot) and Genie and Master (with dot)
  6. This can be done, without having to spend real money of course, if you push your alliance members uranus hall .. Morgan has already said that this kind of bonuses are not designed so that everyone can easily keep 'em on full time ..
  7. Could you try explain in English what is your problem ? I tried to translate but have no idea what you mean.
  8. just creat new acc, add me pls! we can help each other to get titan point fast... SFG LJO SA
  9. pro tickets

    if low level then dont bother playing pro league...not until you can donate 1mil and unlock 8 BS slots
  10. Haddonfield bug

    It looks ineed strange. Is your number of battles at 29/30 ? I assume it is judging at the first picture. Though, asaide from the first picture, maybe you used your food and lack of food is the issue ?
  11. Haddonfield bug

    I am unable to fight the last step in Haddonfield, then I will be without the supreme chest. I contacted support, but they are very time consuming and the event is at the end. Has anyone else had the same problem?
  12. Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    24 Hours for the War boost is very short and the price to prolong them cost very too high. For all the effort we do and the fact we need to wake up during the night to do fight. Like Royal Revolt 2 the War Boost should be activated until the next Wars that means here in OR for 4 days. RR2 its 8 days
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  14. Increase the level cap

    That'd be REVOLTROYAL
  15. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    I have level 6 monks
  16. Increase the level cap

    Someone found that post sad apparently lol
  17. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    That's weird, I have never had a problem with my current level monks. At level 2 and 3 they kind of sucked for some reason (they were extar wimpy too). At 6 they do fine. Though they won't heal you if you're already decently healthy. Also, they may be healing troops as they get attacked, so if you ran to them from ahead of your army they may be recharging.
  18. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    One more question, what are the next war season boosts?
  19. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    The dracomancers and Doom Gate are the only fun things in the war. Why can't flare come up with anything else?
  20. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Switch to what?
  21. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Are you joking lol, for me, my monks NEVER heal me when I need it. It's a glitch or something, they don't heal when Tammy's heal bar is more than halfway up
  22. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Nope, we got second. The Dutch raided with 8 champions and scored higher than we ever did. We lost with around 20k difference. But ok, we have pyro so that's also helping. We have 57 fiefdoms, so it's our last season here, the next upcoming one. We can't risk to get even more lf them, we now already risk to face very strong teams. So one more season and then we switch. After that, another plan becomes reality, growing to 60+ members.
  23. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    I have to say that that last post was an unintentional rhyme lol
  24. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Did we win the war @Dena4
  25. pro tickets

    I have seen a level 76 player get in the top 5 in a Pro League....oh, and as I'm writing this post I think to myself, "It is most likely that he has two accounts"
  26. Monthly Pro-Leaderboard, 4 months of waiting!

    which alliance are you in?
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