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    that was a real pleasure to discuss with you all. You are awesome. Don't change anything. Some of you are a great players with a huge skills. I leave and stop to play Royal Revolt 2 for good. I have pleasure to do video on my Youtube Channel and help you out during the time I was here but Flare have go too much far. This morning they have nerf Necromancer too much and make it useless like all the other stuff they have nerfed like. Necromancer was my prefered unit and they scrap it. I don't see where is the fun anymore if you need to have all boosted to able to play this game. Now Flare force us to join a Alliance level 57+ to able to use Monk,Lightning and now Necromancer boost and maybe other stuffs. It's ridiculous and it's not the way i want to play this game. That was I real pleasure to meet you all. I have fun with you. I think about all alliance I have join like : Blade Storm, Lord of the Lords,Warrior Assassins and Genie and Master the last one I have visited. Thank you Dena,Momo,Morgor,Edward,An and Neverangelic, thank you opelle you offer us a wonderful wiki for this game. Special thanks to all of my follower who follow me and everyone who support me on my Youtube Channel I don't think I will come back. With what Flare do to RR2 I don't think I will replay this game anymore. I will continue Olympus Rising because CaptainMorgan do a wonderful work there and keep the game on top. About RR2 is going worst to worst each update and each server update they do Thank you all and good luck in RR2 PS : before my account become inactive. with all the gem I have I will give them to everyone who support me. I have with my Dark099 maybe 600 gems. If you are attacked by me it's because I give you my gems
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    This whole topic looks strange. Let's look at the facts: 1. Flaregames staff is not present at the forums and does not provide any feedback or answers to any of the topics here for a looooong time. 2. Suddenly they post a topic with minor issues and ask for our opinions. Tens of major issues raised loud by so many forum members - are simply ignored. 3. If Flaregames ask us to provide our opinions about rebalancing, this only implies that they are unable or incompetent to test the game features and to check them by themselves... Hard to believe it's so. 4. Of ~300 forums members there will be 600 different and sometimes even opposite opinions on each issue. So how Flaregames plan to take any decisions? 5. Special festivals pals and beasts are starring in this topic. the vast majority of the players (or alliances for the beasts) either don't have them or have them at very low levels. So what advise they are expected to provide? So, what's going on here? Do Flares really want our answers? Cheers, Edward P.S. off topic. On this occasion I want to send best wishes of Happy Shavuot to all our Jewish and Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim forum Members.
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    Hello Brave Olympians, This week we kick off another Community Challenge! Can Odysseus defend against the mighty power of Zeus and emerge victorious? Prevent Zeus from destroying the Gate of Apollo and share your glory with us! Timeframe The Community Challenge kicks off today and runs until end of day 8th June! The Setup Odysseus must be set as the Defending Hero Statue All waves in the Guardhouse of Thanatos must be empty Each participant must submit a video (or broadcast that is still available at the time of judging*) The Video The video must show: Selecting ‘Test Defense’ on your own Mount Olympus The Setup tab for Zeus Your username in the Battle loading screen NOTE: Only entries that have all three will be eligible for rewards, regardless of battle result! Autoplay Autoplay must be activated before entering battle, and Zeus must play entirely in Autoplay once the battle has begun. This means no additional actions! This includes spawning units, using spells, invocations, or switching offense/defense mode. Note: The only acceptable player action during battle is to resurrect Zeus. Any other actions will result in disqualification. If Zeus dies during battle he must be resurrected to qualify! The Prizes Every player who manages to complete the challenge will receive 500 Gems. The defense which defeats Zeus with the lowest percentage will receive a 1500 Gem prize. Note: In the event of multiple successful videos, the person with the lowest completion percentage will be declared winner. All entries will be visible once the deadline has been reached. Until then, you will not be able to see other players' submissions. Have fun, and may the best defense win! Your Olympus Rising Team
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    This is my attempt at drawing the RR2 Knight!!
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    Thanks for participating in this contest and writing down some great content with some awesome pictures and few posts tickling the funny bone. I'll go through all the posts and pick the most deserving winners. Stay tuned! Regards, KK
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    Sorry to say this but that "Watch list" looks kind of useless, like someone tries just to do minimum effort to cover all the drama that's been going for weeks. Usually I am more than happy to help by sharing my opinion and experience in such threads but only when I know someone is listening. Here, I am more than sure that you will do what you want to do anyway, community feedback has been shared on forum already, all you need to do is just read all the neglected threads.
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    Kings and Queens! We are happy to announce a brand new event for all of you to enjoy! Join the Eldrak Collector event starting tomorrow 11AM CET and get ready for these awesome bonuses: 🔥 Higher Chances of Eldrak being found 🔥 -40% Cheaper Pal Chests 🔥Higher Chances of Finding Pals in Chests 🔥 Higher collection rate for free Pal Chests To make sure you guys are ready, we are also raffling away 3x3000 Gems. Simply like our Eldrak Collector post on FB and comment with the name of your favorite Pal! One last thing about the event and the free chests that you can collect: Please make sure to wait with collecting your current chest until the event has officially kicked off tomorrow. This will ensure that the new reduced countdown kicks in properly!
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    LOL no, i asked to be demoted because this forum is dead...nobody cares and reads and answers to important topics, things that only admins can know and do. I gave them time but it's like banging your head against the wall...
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    I've seen you money sucking game wrecking mother fukers do some pretty shit things in this game but nerfing Athena attack by 50%? Are you serious? Not a mention of it in your official updates? This and the fact your spamming crap items in packages you charge people money could actually be the dumbest of the 100s of dumb things you've done to ruin this game in the name of profit. Fuck you. Fuck you very much. Wayward.
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    I am playing this game nearly an year now. To be honest, I must say that I like the concept of the game and it is addictive. Because of the game, I got to know many players all around the world. Apart from that there is nothing else I (we) have achieved in this game. It is acceptable to buy gems during the play and I understand FlareGame must have a source of income. But now, FlareGame has intentionally push us to the point we have to buy gems most of the time whether we like it or not. The reason is everything cost a lot in the game. As examples : to upgrade an alliance, to activate a blessing, to upgrade the ithican harbor, to start an Oddisy it requires hundreds of millionsof gold which is unaffordable with the limits of current daily donations. To get rid of this situation the FlareGame has to consider about the amount of gold which requires for above mentioned cost centers. Reducing the powers of heroes is another unacceptable thing which has done by FlareGame recently. I personally know almost everyone work hard to levelup their best heroes and when they get closer to the max levels of the heroes, FG reduced the heroes strength. Example : FG has reduced the strength of Athena around 50% which makes players disappointed. Though FG said that they did it for the balance of the game, we all know it's because of the players who use Athena don't use invocations most of the time and FG doesn't like that because they do not get any income. So they are pushing such players to the point to use invocations. As a full-time Olympus Rising player, I kindly request FlareGame to be fair on your pricing and the cost of activities. I suggest FG should consider on these points. - Increase the limit of daily donation. - Reduce the cost of gem packs. - Reduce the cost to activate the divine blessings. - Reduce the cost required to initiate a game in Oddisy. - Leave Athena as she used to be. Dear FlareGame, consider this game is a goose which lays golden eggs. Please don't try to kill it.! King RAWANA (රාවණා)
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    Hello Olympians, We hope you've been enjoying the Birthday Celebrations, and their many Blessings! It's been a long journey, and it's now time to celebrate something new: The upcoming release of The Odyssey! The Odyssey is a fantastic new challenge, with 5 new island maps every week which are matched to your strength in the game! Experience endless variety in generated island worlds. Push your limits by tackling higher and higher difficulty levels to earn permanent enhancements and new unique items! Sam and Chris from the team walk you through some of the great new features you can expect to see soon! Disclaimer: This video was created while the Odyssey was still in development. You may see some minor differences in the final version! More details coming soon, so stay tuned for the next release in the upcoming week! Thank you, Your Olympus Rising Team
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    Greetings, Queens & Kings! The next Blacksmith Meltdown Event will take place from Wednesday 7th June until Friday 9th June. Blacksmith Forge Slots are 30% cheaper x3 Pearl outcome from melting down items Time to meltdown items is reduced by 30% Maximum cooldown for Pearls upgrades is 12 hours Improved odds when upgrading More Pearls granted per Gems spent (1 pearl for every 2 gems) Gem price of Hero Item Slots reduced by 50% Alliance Members receive Pearl Chests (content varies) when a member purchases a Gem Pack Have a nice day! -Your Royal Revolt Team
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    it's not a hurry situation. You have 1 year to prepare something huge who can allow you to bring more player in the game and maybe recuperate older like me and save the game. Let's me help you. I will give you idea to implement in the game in the future Let's start with what wrong in the game and what you should fix * You have nerfed Toxic Cloud and you don't want to reverse the nerf. Ok. I think we cannot change your mind on that. What is done is done * You have nerfed Necromancer. Not totally correctly. You have drop their HP in defense and drop the damage done by skeletons it's ok it's that we asked and we got it but why reduce the HP in offense? Reverse this decision and you must buff them. In this case Why Mummy,Werewolf and Ogre can have 10K HP same unboosted and not the Necromancer? For me it's a totally no sense. You must reconsider your nerfed action in general. Necromancer have 15 of morales and of course it's a Necromancer. She should be dangerous and very strong unit and not only with the Witch Doctor Elite Boost. You must make the Necromancer strong same unboosted. Give us a Level 5 and 6 at 15M. Up the HP we can forge for the Necromancer at +30 we should be able to up his HP at 15K in offense The other problem you have create when you have nerfed only the unboosted version of the Necromancer is you have bring a totally unbalanced situation. If someone want to reach the 4000 trophy range or 5000 they will encounter base full of Necromancer boosted and forged and the problem you have done is you have drop the HP of the unboosted one and transfer the HP for the Witch Doctor Elite Boost. You have make the unboosted even weaker and the boosted even stronger. I am not surprise if in 1 week or later you will see a lots of complaint on the forum about them * Chat freeze problem. After many month you still don't have fix the problem. investigate and fix this ASAP. People are annoying by this bug * Video Ads. Now that you know with the help of Thomas. This is a mistake in the folder number or whatever. You should fix this to allow everyone to have video and give them the possibility to boost taverns,Farms and watch every 2,4 or 6 hours a video for the free chest * Castle Gate level 22. I cannot said anything for now can take 1 week or more before we see if there is a impact or not about the gameplay * War Season. Long long time we ask you to do something about the War Season. You should try to change the War Season by sometime more fun. Risk Board game, Kingdom Wars or Mana Wars,etc... read all the topic about the War Season and listen what player want UNITS * Froster : Give us the possibility to forge the range of the Froster or change the range of the Froster for the max level with a range of 6 * Archer : Give us the possibility to forge the range of the Archer at 6.30 * Paladin : Nerf the weakness of 100% and drop to 50% and create them a boost who make them useful in raid give us the Turbo Paladin in War Season maybe combine with Holy Paladin will make them more useful at least at level 100+ Towers and Trap * Frost Tower : I don't remember the problem. I know they are weak and useless. I don't know the solutions for Frost Tower. I will see later * Spike Trap : The problem of the spike are their HP. They are create to work with Frost Trap but the unboosted have HP too much low * Arrow Tower : The problem is they are totally useless same for a level 1 player. The Poison don't make them more useful. You should change the Arrow Tower attack who shoot 1 arrow at a time by a area damage. Arrow tower should shoot a rain of arrow each 5 seconds. probably like the second attack of the Archer in Olympus Rising * Lightning Tower : The problem is they cost too much for nothing and are useless unboosted. If you make them at level 9 with 4 charge maybe will make them more useful in defense and player will focus more on level them up Spell * Hammerstrike : this spell is forgotten for too long. This spell need a damage buff. At level 20 this spell do only 5,976 same forged at 7,800 or around not sure is enough. to make this spell useful a player must invest +40 in damage, have all Hammerstrike perk at 8,000+ forged at +10. No sense if you want to use it at level 100+ and play at the trophy range of 4500+. Level 20 should be up around 6,324 and with the forge at +40 should be up at 9,000 plus the perk. at 10k now we talking about SUGGESTIONS AND IMPROVEMENT * Melt Button : When we get a items we should be able to click on Melt to send it directly in the Blacksmith * Fuse items together : It's cool to have Uber items and Unique Uber items and remove perk to create the perfect one. Why not fuse many Uber items together to create a brand new one? by example you have I don't know the Fire Aura Ring and the Poison Ring. Why not for 50 Gems give us the choice to create Fire Aura with Poison Aura on the same ring? or why not if you got a cape of 25% of speed and take the perk of another cape like 20% farm perk and create a brand new cape with Speed and Farm? Why not if you have a Firestorm perk on a ring and take sonic Blast perk on the boots and create a ring with Firestorm and Sonic Blast on the same ring,etc.. * Confirmation Button to avoid player to waste their gems : Flare you will not lose money income if you do that. It's the inverse if you proof us you care about your customers. Many will start to buy Gems package to encourage you more * Market : A place you can sell your unnecessary items for a prize not for gems but for gold for the entire community players. By example if I got a Yowie Ring at level 130 and a Level 120 want it I can sell it for 15M. If the player want it they must buy it at 15M. The market like the others video game should have a timer. You have 24H to sell your items if no one bidding or outbidding it's over. You must retry again and again until you sell it. You have choice keep it,melt it,sell it for gold or try to sell it to a another player,etc.. Again here Flare you will not lose any money income if you do that because if player enjoy more you game. More player will buy Gems package to encourage you and your wonderful work Unit * Druid unit : Cannot attack but resurrect a part of your troops : level 1 is 5%, level 2 7%,level 3 9%,etc.. * Demon unit : Summon some imps and can burn troops on the opposing lane. Level 1 summon 1 imp and damage burn 678, Level 2 summon 2 imps and damage burn 945, etc.. special attack when the red bar is full he cast a Hell Flame. Wall of Flame surrending him and burn all around for 3 seconds. If you play Olympus Rising it's like the lapedos Tower Tower and Trap * Mirror Tower : If you use sun landscape. Your Mirror Tower use the sun to burn everything on the area for 3 seconds * Sand Tower : Slow the units when they move in the sand. Sand Mummy boost. When destroy 1 mummy go out * Dimension Tower : A tower who create black hole and send unit in other dimension. Vortex Boost create a Vortex wind who stuck unit for 10 seconds in the vortex * Flamethrower Tower : A tower who throw Flame * Electric Fence Tower : you need 2 of them to create a electric barrier * Mine : You put some mine on the path and are hidden on the map. When the mine explode that deal over 2K damage can be forge and up at 5K * Cage : If some troop has been trap in the cage they fear and can be shooted by range unit on the opposite lane. You can free them and lose some time by destroy the cage with 10K of HP maybe more with forge If you want to discuss some point or add something you can. I create this topic to discuss further idea and suggestions in the game for the next update
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, We have performed a server maintenance to include the following balancing changes: Skeletons in defense deal 50% less damage to the Hero. Howl Pal makes units move a bit faster with its howl now, and it deals more damage on its normal attack. Primal Howl Beast makes units move a bit faster with its howl now New level for the Castle Gate: 2 additional path tiles for the Castle Defense Aki Beast now has increased range on its primary attack Frost, Toxic and Normal Ninjas in Defense have 10% more HP and deal more damage (+40%) in tiers 12 to 14 Necromancers now have 50% less Health. The Health has been added to the Witch Doctor elite boost so lower level players can defeat normal Necromancers more easily. Developer Comments: Thanks again for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us. We keep a close eye on those and take them very seriously when working on improvements. This time we focused on balancing changes based on feedback that were posted on the official channels. For example, Pals / Beasts or Ninjas are units that are quite loved by our fans but were reported as being too weak in specific situations. We checked our system and determined there was room for improvements to make those more balanced, more efficient and fun to use during battles. We have also tweaked the stats of some units such as the Skeletons and Necromancers to give players of all level more chances to beat those during battles and make the experience more enjoyable. We hope you will enjoy those changes and we wish a good time in Royal Revolt 2. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Areas listed on the Watch List are under active consideration for rebalancing. This list will be updated as necessary. Aki Beast Primary attack range Howl Pal Unit movement speed after howl Damage Howl Beast Unit movement speed after howl Jesterbox Movement speed Skeletons Damage to Hero Really? is a kind of joke or what? a april fool late maybe? with all the problem, the nerf,the bugs,the crash and unbalanced stuffs in the game since many months. It's only that you have found necessary to discusss and to improve in the game? by what to start there is too much stuffs to talk about it's crazy Not only that proof you don't care much about the game but you proof you don't care about your professionalism to have a company. Try each game in the world on mobile or all PC online game and a real company will be able to add,test and solve problem themselves Here we must work for you. It's a joke really. I don't expect you gonna start to act like a professional company but wow it's impressive how you think all of this is funny since 1 year or more by what start? * TC who need to be unnerf * on PC Flare need to fix the Queen problem in Quest Rewards. The Queen hide and don't allow us to perfectly move quest. ( problem we have since 1 year or more) * The same problem of Quest Rewards for Wave. When I want to change my units the screen are switch to the other one. Very hard to add and remove troops properly (problem we have since 1 year or more) * Crash in dungeon (maybe there since day 1) * Jester who are useless. Maybe make them blow on the moment and not 2 or 3 seconds after * Paladin who are useless since day 1. Reduce their weak percentage and give them boost or something to make them useful at level 100,110+ * Necromancer defense HP too high. Maybe HP depend of level of Hero. A low level player face them at 10k, mid level 15K,high level 20k, very high level 40k. * Skeleton of Necromancer too much overpowering. * Problem of loots at 4000 trophy and more * Froster who don't have range. Make us able to forge Range * Archer is useless. at Max up them at 5.50 and Up the range in forge after +30 at 6.20 * Mummy in offense a little useless. Make us able to forge HP * I think Lightning Tower need to be improve. 3 charge is useless. Maybe up the charge at 4 when unboosted and at max. When boosted up the charge at 6.At the cost the Lightning Tower demand is normal to make it more useful in defense * The taverns don't produce enough gold. Maybe improve them a little. It's very annoying to search during 30 minutes to find someone who have gold maybe if the taverns can give more gold per hour. Can fix the problem of loots. The maximum is 550k but need like 2 days to fill them. Maybe if the maximum can be something like 700k and more like 20K per hour. Gonna make taverns more useful for everyone * On PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the cursor. The cursor is not visible and we lost it often * ON PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the keyboard shortcut. it's not everyone who like use 1,2,3 for troops and 4,5,6 for spells. * Put in option the function to up and down graphism for everyone who need it: low,medium and high each details in the game : Shadow,how far we see,troops details,tower details,etc.. * Video Ads : Many of players still cannot use this function. Take 1 week or more in start to investigate to fix this problem once and for all * CM present on the forum 24/7 * Start to work during weekend and answer us in weekend like every video game company * If possible hire someone to fix the double post problem on this forum * We want the old scream button back with HP and Shield Bar * Maybe add during the raid a minimap (of course optional in Settings On/off) that show all units,towers,etc.. * Change the War Season. We want something more fun * Add a gem button to stop us to waste gems on misclick I don't remember all the problem in the game there is too much. The list is very very long. That what happen when you don't fix stuffs during 3 years Now you have a lots of work until 2018 for this game
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    Greetings mortals, Although I prefer the comfort of my cave, I'm under behest from the gods to inform you that we performed another Server Update today: General Zeus has put his thinking cap on and fixed a problem with the display of Victory Points in the post-War Spoils Screen Poseidon has promised that the opponent generation in the Odyssey has now been improved Ares has granted Ajax the power to train even harder, reducing the amount of Experience he needs to level up Alliance Wars The gods have rewritten the rules of War to make Skirmish battles more fun for everyone (this will only take effect after this week's War is over) Ares tells me that a new kind of War is coming: Clash. With only one Strike available, you'd better make it count! And with that I head back to my cave and leave you to continue smashing your enemies into oblivion. - Captain Morgan
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    ZGS's First Ever PsuedoScientific Paper on Weapon Drop and Rarity Rates Among Various Species of the Crate Genus Hello there. My name is Tpenn and I am ZGS's first and only independent, self-appointed pretend scientist. I recently conducted a study to compare the weapon drop rates, rarity, and star levels among three species of the Crate genus, namely the Common crate, Elite crate, and Premium crate. You can read the abstract for a quick and generalized overview of my results if you don't wish to read the full study. Summary/Abstract: I am defining high tier as the highest possible weapon tier I can get as a level 21, low tier as the starting weapon, and mid tier as whatever is between. After opening about 50 Common crates I received zero legendaries, one epic mid tier, two rare high tiers (one of which was for ground troops), and four uncommon high tiers. They were all one star. I opened two Elite crates and they both had one uncommon three star high tier weapon and one uncommon three star ground troop weapon (one low tier, one high tier). I opened two Premium crates and each contained two uncommon and eight common items with four being the lowest tier, three mid tier, and three high tier (only one uncommon was high tier). Based on my data (which has too small of a sample size to be reliable, is scientifically unsound and insignificant, and would get you an F in any college or graduate science/math class), to get the most value from your gold when using it on crates: buy Elite crates if you’re looking for uncommon weapons, spend gold to open Common crates for a smaller chance at an uncommon but greater chance of higher rarities, and buy Premium crates if you want to cry or are using your ex’s account. Introduction/Methods: After seeing a lot of people ask about weapon rarity and if they should buy Elite/Premium crates, I decided to crack a bunch open and keep track of what I got. Besides the Elite and Premium crates, I only opened Common crates. I opened about 45 of them but I know I didn’t get anything special for at least 5-10 crates before I started keeping track, so I’ll just say I opened about 50 commons. Because it would simply take way too long to record every single item I got from the Commons, I only kept track of notable items. I defined notable items to be any legendaries, any epics, any rares, and any high tier uncommons. I defined high tier as the highest weapon tier I can get for my rank, which is 21. That means I considered an AC 20 as high tier, a 7.62 MG as mid tier, and a 5.56 MG as low tier. Results: From all of the Common crates, here are the notable weapons I got (all one star): 1 uncommon AC 20 (high tier) 1 uncommon 40/70 cannon (high tier) 1 rare griffin missile (high tier) 1 uncommon griffin missile (high tier) 1 epic 68mm rocket pod (mid tier) 1 uncommon 25mm sniper (high tier) 1 rare M40 sniper (high tier) The only weapons that were better than my existing weapons were griffin missile and M40 sniper, and sadly I don’t use either in my current layout so I won’t be using any of the weapons I got from the last 50 crates. From the Elites I got all uncommon three star weapons versions of: 25mm sniper, MS marksman, griffin missile, and WLSN shotgun. All high tier except for the low tier marksman. I was able to use the shotgun but the rest were all weaker than what I already have. The Premium crates had many more weapons in them but their quality was significantly worse on average. They both had two uncommons and eight commons with four low tier, three mid tier, and three high tier weapons. Of the uncommons, only one of them was high tier (100mm rocket), one was mid tier, and two were low tier. Discussion: If you buy two Premium and two Elite cases from the store, that’ll cost you 600 gold. Let’s use 600 gold as an arbitrary benchmark. That 600 gold could also be used to open 20 Common crates, which is about 2/5 of the number of Commons I opened. I got a total of seven notable weapons from my ~50 crates, so 2/5 of seven is 2.8 notable weapons per 20 crates or 2.8 notable weapons per 600 gold of opening. 600 gold could also get you three Premium crates, and given my record of one notable weapon per two Premiums, that would give you about 1.5 notable weapons per 600 gold. Or you could buy six Elite crates which I have at three notable weapons per two crates, giving you about 9.0 notable weapons per 600 gold. While nine does sound good, keep in mind that they were all uncommons; no rares, epics, or legendaries. I don’t know if Elite crates only carry uncommons with no chance for any other rarity or what, but if that’s the case, they’re unlikely to be helpful if you have high tier weapons above common rarity. Also please note that this is an incredibly small sample size so these numbers are very unlikely to be representative of the actual odds. To give some additional perspective on rarities, I’ve now opened a total of eight Premium crates, five Elite crates, probably 120-160 Common crates, and an unknown number of Express crates. I have kept all of my legendary, epic, and rare weapons. I have one legendary, two epics, and seven rares. Two of the rares are for ground troops I don’t normally use, three are low tier weapons (one of them was high tier when I got it), and the other two are high tier weapons. My epics are low and mid tier, but the mid tier was high when I got it. My legendary is now low tier (20mm sniper) but it was high tier when I got it and since there’s only two sniper tiers, I think it’ll still outperform the high tier until I get an epic or legendary 25mm. I don’t know when I’ll do another round of this but I plan to sometime in the future. If you collect any data on your drop rates please post them here so I can make them part of a larger study that should provide more accurate results. I hope you found some of this information helpful. Acknowledgements: I’d like to thank my job for providing me with the monetary funds to perform this study, my research assistants that I don’t have, Flare Games for creating the platform and not releasing any information whatsoever about weapon drop probabilities leading to me to do this study in order to give other players at least some slight yet methodologically flawed insight of what the probabilities might be despite how simple it would be to add a small description of which crates offer increased chances of which rarities or items which would basically answer most everybody’s questions about what crate to buy without having to give away their exact probability values thus stopping the same question that appears in the in-game forums every three minutes asking for advice on if Elite or Premium crates are worth buying, you for actually reading this far, and my girlfriend because it’ll make her feel good if I say I included her in a study. Literature cited: Myself and my student’s notebook that I used for notes because she forgot it in lab and was too lazy to come pick it up.
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    NO GEMS JULY! Let's remind Flare Games and Klass Kersting CEO and Founder that we pay the bills and they work for us! It's time for Dry JULY make no purchases for the entire month of July! If you want to have a voice and be able to effect REAL change then support this endeavour. Or Flare will continue to take your money and continue to scam you. All those who are too broke to pay to play continue to STFU and do nothing. Generals let your blessings run out for the entire month of July. Power to the People!
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    Dear Kings & Queens, It has been a wonderful journey, now for over 3 years. Battling to victory, but the protagonist couldn't manage it all alone with his divine powers. He/She needed responsible troops in his/her ranks to ensure victory. Task: Insert a picture of you taking along you favourite troop to battle and write a short story or a poem as to why you like the troop. which quality sets this troop apart from the rest. which is your favourite war boost based on this troop and why. The story need not be very long, just enough to address each point. Rules: One Entry Per Person Only One Troop can be selected Deadline is 13th June 2017 at 12 pm GMT Don't forget your in-game name Rewards: Most Realistic Story (x2): 1000 gems Funniest Story (x2): 1000 gems Best Picture (x1): 750 gems Best Poem (x1): 1000 gems Random Entry (x4): 500 gems Have fun! Looking forward to something creative. KK Star .
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    The extra two tiles on the path might be a good one, I only don't understand why we once again must upgrade the castle gate for getting those extra tiles. Why not just add them to the current max gate? It's just a lousy extra upgrade indeed, not even worth a complaint, but we already have too many levels on everything, don't you think? This is one of the reasons why most newcomers stop after a while, it's a never ending upgrade story. Before they are even close to see the light at the end of the upgrade tunnel, the mountain on top of the tunnel collapsed.
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, The next Ninja Event, "The 5-Finger-Freezing-Point-Technique", will start on Friday 2nd June with the new changes displayed below and in-game. Some of the tiers for ninja event have changed! Please take a look, so you are not surprised if you happen to participate in a different tier than you were planning to. Changes happened in top 4 tiers (please note that rewards remained the same). • 5600+ (previously 5900+) • 5300-5599 (previously 5500-5899) • 4900-5299 (previously 5000-5499) • 4500-4899 (previously 4500-4999) Good luck in the incoming War! ;-) Your RR2 Mags Team
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    Even so, there's a couple problems with that: 1. Nerfing a spell from OP right to useless in an instant is a bad decision balancing wise, 2. as well as wasting tons of players' efforts (right after BS event, and after months without any changes and without any words from fg on it). 3. according to many, also offensive monks got nerfed in the past when they added the panda pal, while defensive monks got buffed. now if you nerf everthing useful on offense and "replace" it with a pal, players will soon need 5 pals to raid with, not just 1. 4. let alone the pals were kinda balanced out by the beast for defense already. 5. already now there's a quite strong pal (nidhogg) out there - and guess what, it is very rare and almost nobody got it so far, and you need $ and luck to get it. A spell or regular troop that can be simply upgraded with gold by everyone is far better than a rare pal that needs luck and $ to even get it, and then tons of time and/or $ to feed and upgrade it. and because random, most probably there will always be a considerable portion of players that will just not receive that pal despite trying, so screw that kind of "spell effect outsourcing", it just messes with the balancing. #Edit: Nice one! It is at the same time funny and very sad when the official CM for royal revolt does only 1 post in 2 weeks... I mean, no offense but if @Nikkodoes have time, then why isn't he a lot more active, and if he doesn't have time... then why is he official CM for RR2 despite not having any time for RR2 due to other stuff (e.g. meeking chuck norris in the usa, or doing some work on ZGS)? :S I mean no question, hiring a full-fledged proper replacement for @Alysea might be hard and take a while, but then maybe officially un-assign nikko from RR2 when he unofficially hasn't time for it anyway, to show you are aware of the situation, and let him fully focus on those other projects while someone else takes over RR2 CM role. That way Nikko can focus on the other projects fully, the RR2 community will hope that his 1 post in 2 weeks can be done by someone else (who ideally has more time and can do more than 1 post in 2 weeks), and FG doesn't get all the bashing on Nikko and their management for a lack of his activity.
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    It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of math. For example: Damage for every weapon at every level for every rarity can be determined with exactly three numbers: The base damage for a level 1, grey weapon. The base damage for the 5.56mm MG is 32.00. The damage increase per level for #1. Easy to find out in the "boost" screen. The grey 5.56mm increases by 1.83 damage per level. The base ratio between green and grey rarity levels. A level 1 green 5.56mm does 38.40 damage. Dividing that by #1 gives you a ratio of 1.20. Seriously. That's all you need. Check the attached graphs. Then check your inventory to confirm. You can also take a look at the weapons comparison page here. Did you know: The damage boost between rarity levels is exponential? A green weapon increases by twice as much per level as a grey. For the 5.56mm, greens get 3.66 damage per level. A blue weapon increases by twice as much per level as a green (4x over grey, 7.32 damage per level for the 5.56mm) A purple weapon increases by twice as much per level as a blue (8x over grey, 14.64 damage per level for the 5.56mm) And gold weapons increase by twice as much again, giving legendaries a 16x increase per level over greys. Each level for a gold 5.56 grants 29.28 damage. The base damage for each rarity level is determined by the base ratio in #3 in the first list. To continue with the example of the 5.56mm: Level 1 green 5.56 does 38.40 damage. 32.00 * 1.2 = 38.40 Level 1 blue 5.56 does 46.08 damage. 38.40 * 1.2 = 46.08 Level 1 purple 5.56 does 55.30 damage. 46.08 * 1.2 = 55.30 Level 1 gold 5.56 does 66.36 damage. 55.30 * 1.2 = 66.36 So now you've got damage levels for every rarity at level 1, as well as the damage boost per level for every rarity. Extending this formula gives you the damage levels for every rarity at every level. Weapon Damage = (Base Damage * Base Ratio) + (Weapon Level * Damage Boost per Rarity Level) This also illustrates the problem with rarity levels as they currently exist. Each rarity level is going to be roughly twice as powerful as the one before it. For the CAN-40/70 graph (they're all pretty similar), that works out to: A level 60 grey is as powerful as a level 22 green A level 60 green is as powerful as a level 23 blue A level 60 blue is as powerful as a level 25 purple A level 60 purple is as powerful as a level 26 gold So, to answer the question: Is that weapon you picked up worth it in the long run? The definitive answer: If it's not a legendary, it's pretty much garbage.
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    i have 2 suggestions, the first is multi-select items when want to meltdown them, it will be very useful when i have lots of free slots, i must single select item, it takes time. the second suggestion is re-sort the position of items when they are melt downing, it will be useful when i have lots of items are melt downing, i don't have time to wait a big one, and after that is some smaller items. one more thing, it is about animation when win a battle. make more type of dancing for each of unit. there are some my suggestion to the game. my english is not good, hope that all of you can understand my ideas. Thank you all.!!!
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    Most Realistic Story (x2): 1000 gems - AJ 420 Your story was indeed true, it take a lot to become a holy monk. - @CEZARXXX I require your IGN. Btw, great story. A really touching one. Funniest Story (x2): 1000 gems - Dena4 Really fun to read the inverse version - Areisp It was tough to choose, but the story, rather sentence was just too straight and there was no way it couldn't have been awarded. Best Picture (x1): 750 gems - hulk_vivek The picture showed your affection for knights, I wouldn't spam so many of them on a ninja island. Best Poem (x1): 1000 gems - Katniss142 The perfect poem, everything well-explained and the structure was flawless. Even the pic was cool. Random Entry (x4): 500 gems - majestic0046 - Luk Muxer - me king me - ïÿ_h__l I hope you all have received the gems and it was a pleasure to host this contest. The rest, don't be sad, there will be many further opportunities soon. Regards, KK
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    Hello Brave Olympians, You have finally reached the end of your Community Odyssey which began over a month ago with hard-fought Trojan War. We hope that your Odysseus' Homecoming was packed with new, powerful items to strengthen your Heroes... because they'll need it! The Community Odyssey may be over, but your personal Odysseys have just begun! The Odyssey When Odysseus returned from his fantastical voyage with tales of courage and mystery, your other Heroes were filled with the inspiration to set out on their own adventures. Every week your chance will arrive to set out from the Ithacan Harbor to strange new islands. But take note: in order to truly master the Odyssey you will need to master the use of each and every one of your Heroes. Challenge Yourself in New Ways Experience endless variety by sailing to as many as 25 new and different islands every week. Push your limits by tackling higher and higher difficulty levels to earn permanent Enhancements and new unique items! Beware! The Odyssey difficulty will scale with the strength of your account. The highest difficulties (only unlocked with the maximum Harbor level) have specifically been designed with the best Olympus Rising players in mind; unless you are sure of your god-like skill in battle you will need to be prepared for a crushing challenge at these difficulties! The Choice is Yours Tailor the game to your own personal style by selecting which Enhancements you want to fight for. Select higher difficulties for even more powerful Enhancements. Remember: any Enhancements you win will be permanently added to your account! Will you concentrate on increasing the health of your defensive structures, or go for an all out attack by only taking Enhancements which increase the power of your units? Honored Heroes Every Adventure will feature an Honored Hero, fighting with this Honored Hero allows you to gain more Fame, which means stronger Enhancements and better rewards, time to pull your less-used Heroes out of retirement and throw them into the heat of battle. New Unique Items The Odyssey is a great way to win new Unique Items, reaching the highest rewards in an Odyssey give you a high chance of uncovering this special loot. The Odyssey: Video Overview If you haven't already done so, check out the early look video that Sam & Chris put together for a quick look at how The Odyssey works and what you can expect to see! Note: This video was made prior to the build was finalized, so there may be some minor differences between what you see here and the final version. Additional Updates in version 3.4 Daily Gifts - Daily gifts will no longer reset until you collect the final Chest, even if you miss a day! No more missing that final Titan Chest because you forgot to collect your chest for a couple of days. Greek Flag! (Image Source: Wikipedia) A game based in Greek mythology should clearly have the Greek flag represented! You can now select the Greek flag on the Alliance Language selection screen. A big thank you to everyone who let us know we left this one out. Bug Fixes & Improvements Griffins - Fixed an issue in which Griffins were sometimes missing Barricades when attempting to attack them War Spoils - Fixed an issue in which incorrect War Spoils were shown when after a Skirmish had ended Sorting - Fixed an issue in which the sorting in the Alliance Hall of Gods could be broken when pressing the up arrow Jason - Time to wreak havoc with the new option to buy a third Power slot for Jason There are also tons of other bug fixes and improvements, so keep an eye out for them! So prepare to set sail on your Odyssey, and thank you for all of the continued support and great feedback! Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. Your Olympus Rising Team
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, We would like to thank you once again for the continued support, feedback and suggestions we have received over the past couple of months. It is something that we have and will always value but we sometimes do not have the time to tell you regularly how important it is for us to hear from our most dedicated fans. We understand that communication has not been ideal and we apologize for this. We are working on improving this situation by hiring someone who will be dedicated to Royal Revolt 2 and improving our communication process. In fact, we think that you should also hear a little more from us about what we are working on and features we might improve with future updates. Therefore, we decided to share a “Watch List” with you. This will be our way to keep you posted on the different game elements and activities that we are monitoring to determine if specific features need to be changed to keep the game balanced. We think this will help you to anticipate big changes such as the one we recently had with the Toxic Cloud. All of this is only possible because of all the great feedback and suggestions we are getting from you! In fact, we are taking several suggestions into consideration as we are working on the next update which will include improvements to display the defensive stats for units among other things. More information coming soon. Stay tuned and thanks again for your patience. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Well I have been playing this since it was available to play and I've done decent for myself, gotten all stars on all campaigns (yes even the new Interstate one) and muddled through grind, so much grinding, and all the changes, however it's just too much now. 0.6 was the last point at which I was really enjoying the game. I was on these forums every day, doing missions and killing zombies several times a day, then update after update I started to play less then just when I had a create to open and base to defend now only look at the game maybe once a day, maybe. This is some of the reasons, I will try to be brief I know I make huge posts too often, but no guarantee.... Too many ways to slow player progress. I get it you do not want players to max out so you add a system to slow them down. But you added three, 1) diminished returns for repeat playing, 2) extra weapon types and rarities, 3) higher upgrade costs that scale the higher your go, 4) low drop rates on good weapon. So now it does not slow it stops. After looking at trying to level an epic (do not have a legendary) I would have to get 300,000 metal to get to the next star level, at 500 metal a run times at least 2 mins a run that is approx 8,333 min, which is 138 hours which is 5.7 days of straight game play to go from three star to four star on an epic weapon, how long would six stars be?.... Too many points of contact. I get that you want to have people be able to leave messages on twitter, Facebook, and every possible outlet as it means more free publicity, but added with the ingame forums which are different from here there is nothing linking everything together. Thats still fine if you had much more feed back. Often a lot of topics go unanswered making people feel ignored and frustrated. The key to any good relationship is comunications, hidden surprise updates just make the lack of replies worse. Your quick to leave a short reply when some one first says this is fun but after a few days if they say a negative comment or anything else it's silence. You either need more people posting on all media or more of them tied together in one place and to comment even if it's just to say sorry we will look into that or thanks for the suggestion. Ideally more then that but you get the idea. Don't be other games. This game is about killing zombies not collecting weapons and upgrades or any of that other stuff so do not try to force it to be. You would be shocked to know how long people are willing to sit there mindlessly killing wave upon wave of zombies for little to no real gain. We will be happy, till you give us a goal and make it so out of reach it seems hopeless. Just focus on killing zombies, it's what made this game fun. Not hard zombies, just millions of them. Minor upgrades. People do want to advance so let them, but make it super easy. Make it so you can go from a brand new weapon to a fully maxed out one in just a couple days, sure keep in the rarities that you insist on if you just but also make them super easy to level up and only slightly better then the one before. In app purchases. You need to make money, agreed, so make it simple and fun. Add new skins to the troops for a small fee, different building textures, cosmetic things that do not really change the game but make it more interesting and make people want to show off their unique set ups. The point of a F2P model is that it's free to play but you get to nickel and dime people to death with little purchases that are fun yet mostly pointless. If it becomes Pay to Win the average person like most of us 9 - 5 hard workers will leave for a more simple cheaper enjoyable experience. In game interface. The new interfaces are great you have made fantastic strides to improving how people interact with the game and it shows. You have listened to us about needing sliders and other tweaks like that and it's paid off. The navigation and filters work beautifully. If sometimes slow. In conclusion. Please just make it about killing zombies, that's fun, let us max out our weapons and bases without requiring weeks for one weapon. Believe me we will keep playing. Focus on new maps, or even randomly generated ones, different base defense scenarios. Add cosmetic things you can buy, like new faces for troops, personal logos on buildings, country flags for your base, so many things we are silly enough to buy, cuz we will. But only if we are still playing. Which if you have read these forums you know most are now stopping. These here are the people like @OnLikeDnkyKong, who has poured a ton of time, energy and patience into not just playing but the community, and @SNIPERK2016 and @mabaeyens, @RighteousFury, @anas76 And more who all take the time to reply and keep replying and testing from the start. Thanks for listening to me. I am going to stop playing now too except every once in awhile because it's just too much. I will still be here intently following how things develop in the vain hope you will listen to the tons of suggestions and complaints here. -Karos
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    Well well well... Finally a sign of life from the side of flare administrators. But to be honest, those things haven't highest priority by far. First explain why there was a silence for such a long time, it only made players crying into the void and forced a lot of them to search a new game. One of the drastic changes was the nerf of toxic cloud. Never ever nerf something drastic like you did there ever again, it can be done in steps to give players at least some alternatives. Regarding the pets/beasts balancing, you should add a minimum level, since at levels 5- it will not be a problem. Most free players either don't have the pal or didn't upgrade it far enough to give a descent answer. I would suggest to lower damage of skeletons, it's indeed not normal that a few can do more damage than incoming projectiles. I would load the electricity bar faster of the necromancer,till now I never faced one shooting electricity. The health of necromancer is too high. It should be killable by a spell that's forged 15+ times. Now a blizzard only thickles it. For the rest, learn not to ignore players, that's giving the impression that you don't care.
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    Hello airmen! Thank you for all the amazing response, feedback and suggestions we have received from you since we launched Zombie Gunship Survival! In our first “Note from the team” vlog, I am joined by the design team to talk about Daily Rewards and the feedback we got regarding gathering resources in Zombie Gunship Survival. We are also briefly talking about what we are going to improve and add to the game with future releases. Thanks again for your support, have a great day and a good time in Zombie Gunship Survival. - Nikko
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! We are celebrating our One Million Facebook likes with a special in-game festival that will run until July 3rd, 2017! Collect the festival bundles and use them to unlock new special items as well as two Pals: Bucky the Bunny Pal that was introduced with our Easter Festival and Aki, our brand new Fox Pal! Have a great weekend and fun in Royal Revolt 2! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    How to sail on an Odyssey? The maximum level of the port, used to sail to an Odyssey, is 8. At level 8, the highest difficulty which can be selected is 10. The higher the port level, the higher difficulty you can select, and the better are the rewards. At port level 8, the maximum difficulty is 10 and the rewards are the following: At port level 6: Starting the Odyssey. When you want to start an adventure in the Odyssey, you can select the difficulty, and the enhancement you want to earn when you succeed. Each difficulty has a different Gold cost. The enhancement also increases depending on the difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the amount of Fame you can earn, which means you'll be able to reach higher chests. Note: Reaching Celestial Boosts level 27 unlocks the possibility to choose among 3 enhancements instead of 2. Once you selected the settings of your Odyssey, you can start fighting. The map displays 5 different islands. You have to defeat them all to earn the enhancement. When you select an island, you can see the defense layout and the rewards, like in any normal battle. If you play with the featured hero, you will receive additional Fame. Fighting in the Odyssey costs Wisdom. The limitations are the same as in normal battles. You can resurrect up to 3 times and use invocations. If you lose, you can try again. 🙂 Depending on the difficulty, the opponents will feature different Blessings, and potentially some enhancements! Warning: if you skip an adventure, you will keep the amount of Fame obtained until now! You will not receive the amount for the islands you didn't beat. You will NOT be rewarded with the selected enhancement. Rewards. Once you finished a battle, you will earn Fame. Fame will unlock further chests, but also enhancement bonus. You can see all those on the Odyssey Progress screen. Once you successfully conquered the adventure map (beat all 5 islands), you will be rewarded with your selected enhancement. You can find a list of your enhancements (units, defenses and powers): Note: You will not receive the chests when you reach the corresponding amount of Fame. What is the new symbol on my profile? The trident represents the amount of Fame you accumulated across your Odysseys. You have to complete all adventures in a limited time (see the timer). Once the time is over, a new Odyssey will start. Hope it helps answering some of the questions.
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    I removed a perk once, reupgraded and got an even worse stat so that disappointment and the cost 60 gems! And I've never done it again! But if they give 50% off during the Blacksmith Meltdowns, I might be tempted for some of my favorite items with one crappy perk.
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    Ah come on, give me a break. Some are complaining that stuff is in cool down. Sure... When flare would announce blacksmith event a week earlier, we all could have been waiting and forge it during event. That it's not the case you should see as an opportunity to forge stuff you neglect in normal situations. You have a point, other events, like boost defense should at least be announced a couple of days sooner (Thursday week before the event), so that players can keep workers aside for profiting. Flare could also make a month schedule and tell us all events a month before they occur, including festivals. I did reason same like most of you. Why not inform us sooner, so we can forge stuff we usually do. but then I realized I could also forge stuff that I neglect. I am thankful for the event, we get triple pearls (hint, make sure to have items melted already) and can forge anything we like that's not in cool down. In fact we have a lot of spells, troops plus obstacles. There will always be things you can forge, like obstacles, unused troops plus spells and gear. Just forge stuff that can be forged to improve them more than usual, at least those things then also get attention. This blacksmith event is an excellent time to do so. My main spells plus troops are forged quite well, they don't have to be forged multiple times in my case, so it's fine. All my main troops, spells plus towers indeed are in cool down, plus I forged all towers after ninja event. So those can't be forged. I still can forge defensive structures like barricades, blockades and frost traps, plus spells and troops I never forged, since I don't use them (yet). I neglected them for a long time and didn't do a lot of forges there. So I will go for defensive structures and give them the attention they need. That also is a great moment to do so. I could indeed after the event wait and do all forges on Wednesday, but in fact I won't. I forge as soon as I can, since from that moment on the forge is working and I am profiting from that moment on. Say I would do so and wait till Wednesday, blacksmith ends on Friday so must I wait 5 extra days before I can forge again on Wednesday? Don't think so, I won't wait 5 days extra. Like I said, it's an excellent time to forge stuff you normally won't forge. The stats of those neglected obstacles will improve a lot and will surprise raiders. I use blacksmith for this occasion. It's not important to forge a troop that's been forged 20+ times on all stats and make it 25+ times on one stat. The first 15+ forges of anything do matter, that's important and this event exactly helps me to do so.
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    The blacksmith event is about saving time by having only 12 hours to wait for the next forge. The small fail rate reduction is only a little bonus. The pearl increase is nice to be able to keep up the pace. But it's not possible without stocking up on pearls before and saving some chests OR have 8 melting slots and very good luck gear (f2p ). Then you can forge an object (spell, troop, item, tower, ...) 6 times in 2 days: wednesday 11 am + 11 pm, thursday 11 am + 11 pm, friday 11 am (just before the event ends) + 11 pm. Which means you save over 1 month of waiting time, which is huge considered you need around ~50 weeks = 1 year for 60 forges on e.g. a spell. You can reduce this maybe to about half a year with blacksmith events and community weeks. And the good thing is, that you can get these many forges on all your spells, troops, skull items etc. Only your pearl income is the limit. Normally i can keep up the pace for all my skull gear, 5 spells, 5 troops and a selection of towers and obstacles (i reduce the last if necessary). Of course paying players have no pearl problem, they buy uber chests and melt them all down, speeding up with gems if necessary. That's why Flare loves this event, too
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    No,No and Maybe Ninja Event : During this event if you well ranked at the end you receive a lots of pearls and chest. It's during this event player gain the pearls. Also is a good way to obtain 3 Uber Chest and obtain unique Uber items. Remove this or change this will kill the game. The pearls in blacksmith is not enough for many of us and it's not everyone who have 25% or more Skulls Perk to able to reach and gain Uber Chest during War Season Festivals : During this event you can buy particular items or equipment. It's during this event players gain a lots of gold. Remove this and change this will kill the game. This event allow players to aquired gold,items and XP. That help a lots low players who need good stuff and gold Alliance Wars : During this you can obtain : Gold,XP,Chest and Uber Chest,etc.. it's the main revenue of gems,pearls,voucher,XP,Uber items and Pals. Remove this or change this can kill the game. Maybe you don't like them but it's vital for this game. Hope you understand. If really you hate them you know you are not forced to participate during those events
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    Aki Beast Primary attack range I just faced this beast once, in the ninja levels. I can't really comment since at that moment you're trying to kill the beast as fast as possible and there isn't much of analysis. Howl Pal Unit movement speed after howl I won't comment on this since I don't have howl. Damage "Same as above" Howl Beast Unit movement speed after howl I think the issue is, the howl range is low, a level 1 howl has 75% howl range of a max boosted werewolf, so it's pretty much an apology, the range boost won't do much good since the units raged up are often stuck behind the beast. Even if the rage effect lasts, the offensive army is in such extreme force after taking the beast down, it doesn't matter whether things around and under rage effect or not. Jesterbox Movement speed I think we mean the Attack Delay, right? I am not sure, I've got a few jester boxes in defense but they're rather low in level. So I won't comment. Skeletons Damage to Hero Well, I'd certainly say it needs to be REDUCED! If 5-6 bombs can't kill a hero, how can 5 pile of bones kill a king in less than 2 seconds . I think more candidates could be added to this list -> Toxic Cloud - Slight improvement in slow down. Stun - Needs an ability to sustain stun even on raged units. Necromancer - C'mon no unit should be having more health than the tower which was the crowning achievement of research, Skull Tower. Needs a defensive HP nerf and maybe offensive HP buff. Paladin & Arrow Tower - No idea! Being Optimistic! KK Star
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    Areas listed on the Watch List are under active consideration for rebalancing. This list will be updated as necessary. Aki Beast Primary attack range Defense Ninjas Damage dealt Health Howl Pal Unit movement speed after howl Damage Howl Beast Unit movement speed after howl Jesterbox Movement speed Necromancers Health Skeletons Damage to Hero If you have feedback on the Watch List, please post it here: Changelog: 30 May 2017 - Added Necromancers - Health. 06 June 2017 - Added Defense Ninjas - Damage dealt, Health
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    Summon a bunch of knights to give those towers lots of targets, then it is a different story. Hero isn't targeted any longer that much, has time to recover and that should be enough to win that level.
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    OK...so all of you who are much higher players are complaining about the rewards of the festival this time around. Last time around it was the difficulty level. I know there are people who will be happy with the items because they DON'T get them in chests, and others who have the opportunity to upgrade the items they already have. Is it possible that the people who are always complaining are people who are never happy with anything? Personally. I have most of the rewards, but one or two of them have a perk upgraded by a little bit. It can save me some forging time if I choose to get those rewards, but most likely I will just let things go till the end and turn into gems. Stop all the complaining already.
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    IGN: Dena4 Game :RR2 Favorite unit frenzy frost blaster. Oh frenzy frost blaster, shooting from far away, destroying anything within your range is giving me a lot of fun, you are the one who makes my day. Firing your frost arrows with tremendous speed, that's why all other troops fall down to your feet. And when you go down you even save others with your generous war boost power called heal, I come short on words to tell you how good you make me feel. With your second ability to slow down opponents and make them frozen, I know for sure why you are my favorite, the one I have chosen. In a group all favorites troops of others you easily shoot down, that's why you are my favorite, you definitely deserve my number one crown. Now I end my frenzy story, a poem about your endless glory. And now a funny one, based on the original. Oh frenzy frost blaster, a bomb tower shooting from far away, destroying you in a blink of an eye, that's making me frustrated, that's definitely not going to make my day. Even when you fire your frost arrows with tremendous speed, one simple bomb is enough to bring you down on your feet. That's making you go down fast and even with our special power called heal, it's making me sick to see that my army is completely wiped out, I come short on words how bad it makes me feel. Even with your second ability to slow down opponents and make them frozen, you don't slow down ogres and ignore the ninjas, so why on earth I have you chosen? In a group you easily go down, I wonder why you are my favorite, are you even worthy my crown? Now I end my frenzy story, do you even deserve my endless glory?
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    Get your facts straight This isn't true, around 99% of players don't face boosted necros. I'm well above that and a lot of other members are above 100 (also from other alliances), we don't face boosted necros We are below level 66 and have no disadvantage. And all the alliances around us, too. Currently at ~50 fiefs. That's the majority of alliances, where your statement doesn't fit. See above This again is plain wrong, simple as that. Our leader and generals are all well above level 100. We face no gold penalty (in fact we have more gold than we need and get rid of it at granny's). I swapped in some necros for defense, but their strength is good enough. I also could use other troops instead, but it doesn't matter. Nobody is able to strip off my gold, the gold i lose is neglectable. If i have 8m in my chamber, the next day after tapping the taverns i still have 8m. Our leader and generals know, how to deal with that and of course we tell our members. There's a strategy for everything in this game Next time before making statements like yours, think about whether they are common or not and restrict them to where they may be true Btw. Flare obviously nerfed necros, because they created a disbalance for low and medium level players, who couldn't successfully raid any more, when the opponents just put in some necros. These low and medium level players simply don't have the means to deal with them. Nobody shot themselves in the foot, that's just your imagination in your head. All is fine
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    Re-modernized the EVENT PAGE of Wikia to be easier to be read:
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    Hi, If you recycle weapons you should also get some metal. Not necessary the same amount as you need to spend when you upgrade them, but lets say 10% less or so. This way you prevent people who actually pay real euro for the gold from getting frustrated to easy. Think about it, you spend real money to upgrade your rare *insert name of weapon of choice* all the way to level 30 and then an epic version of that gun shows up in your inventory. Not only did you designed the game that levelling is getting more and more expensive (metal and bolt wise, which means Euro at the end), but also you loose all the invested real money when you scrap that weapon to upgrade the epic one. CU ABurned
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    Thank you admin, luckily there are active CM like you that let us know everything of what change in the game!
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    1. Just don't do anything like what you always do because you always make thing worsened when you did something, flaregames. 2. Don't act like asking our opinion with these list when you already have your own of what will you do for it and always ignoring the important feedback from us, flaregames. ps. By the way where's that human(?) Nicolas Nottin or often called @Nikko? Is he still breathing? Did you have agreed to take over RR2 forum @flaretara? If not then when we'll got proper replacement for @Alysea? Regrads, Me
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    Not sure I agree there... necros spawn tons of skeletons which flood the opposite lane, thus distracting long ranged units from hitting across-path towers (even cannons will target the skeletons instead of towers). And L-shaped bases have lots of across-path towers which now are immune to cannons whenever there's skeletons there - most of the time, for necro-heavy bases, which is most bases nowadays... so, necros can work on L-shaped bases as well, thus not necessarily incentivizing moving away from them, even if they might indeed make it a little easier to get non-L-bases to work decently compared to pre-necros. Besides, overall tankiness and skeleton spawning of necros make them pretty hard to take out for offensive archers/arbs, and especially with those having low health, some unreachable long range bombers (or range-perked firebolts or even skulls to some extent) can easily pick off all those archers at an initial chokepoint, which means your morale points get wasted and your reinforcements dry out fairly quickly, putting your army frontline + king against necros. Anyway, in reply to the opening question of this topic, I don't necessarily think necromancers are the only unit to put in your defensive waves, but atm certainly they're the go-to troop for the bulk of your wave morale I'd say. Their slowly charging lightning strike and their skeleton spawning make them very dangerous if you let them live, move forward with your king to focus on structures, and hope your army troops will bring down the necros, as you could quickly end up with your own troops getting outnumbered and decimated by tons of skeletons. (Unless if you use boosted Wolf-Ogre combos for your army... "OP WOK/WOM imbalanced?") Let alone, the DPS of necros themselves and their skeletons is fairly high which can cause massive damage to your troops and/or king if you don't watch out. So you would think "ok then, let's just kill those necros early on with a spell and be good" - except that is basically impossible. I mean, seriously... I have recently (on low lvl alliance wars) raided bases of 2-2.5k trophy players ("low lvls") who had unboosted necros in their waves. Well, if they had not had necros and instead any other wave troops, I could have easily 100%-ed those bases without summoning any troops and without using any spells, just by having the easter egg ring and possibly some king melee attacks here and there. In other words: Those bases are easy as heck for a high level players. Now, with unboosted necros in there... I ended up using 3 max-lvl well-forged spells with spell-perk gear to barely bring down the necros of a single wave - if I am lucky and not an unboosted monk or heal tower casts their heal and nullify my spells' damage... And now that is just insanely out of balance imho - if a high-lvl player's 3 max-lvl, well-perked, spell-perk-gear-supported spells are required to barely kill a single unboosted unit in a single wave of a low-lvl player whose whole base requires no single spell to be destroyed otherwise, then clearly something is off.
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    Actually I am doubting their competence. They straight up ignore post with all this evidence and ignore our topics on changes(nerfs/buffs). If they are doing somehting, they should at least give a statement so the player base knows that they are still working on it... Only replies are those: "Contact our Support + Link" Great!
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    I use them in the return path so you can't destroy them across path like you can do with spikes, barricades and blockades.
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    We need say THANK YOU Flare we dnt need buy slots for towers in inventory)