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    Greetings Queens & Kings! We are happy to announce that Community Week will return tomorrow! Be prepared for another week of surprises and keep an eye on this thread as we will be revealing more details on this event soon! Tomorrow's bonuses will be... *drum roll* -50% Upgrade Time for Castle Buildings, Defense Buildings, Spells, Troops and Waves (not Alliance Tower!) -25% Upgrade Price for Castle Buildings, Defense Buildings, Spells, Troops and Waves (not Alliance Tower!) -30% Worker Price Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Dear Olympians, Your Heroes have now completed almost 140,000 Odysseys! Not only have they grown in experience, but they have also grown in ability. As their Fame grows, your Heroes will now be able to take advantage of what they have learned by conquering such deadly Adventures, with the new Hero Masteries! Hero Masteries Every time you gain enough Fame, you will now be able to choose a Mastery. These Masteries will apply to all of your Heroes and give them the opportunity to equip up to 5 new Perks, including some very special ones... Don't worry if you've already been collecting a lot of Fame: you will be able to activate Masteries for the Fame you've already collected. You can find the Mastery screen by selecting your Harbor and tapping on the new button. Helios Monolith During your Odysseys, the perpetual incursions into the land of Thrinacia have come to the attention of its patron god, the sun itself, Helios. Despite being annoyed by 140,000 Heroes disturbing his cattle, he has been impressed by your strength and has pledged to lend some of his power to the defense of Mount Olympus! A new Monolith is now available to build as part of your defense, as soon as you reach Ascension Level 70. Place the Helios Monolith well, and it can boost the range of up to 4 Towers which are blessed by the sun's rays. Consider your placement carefully and this can bring a significant boost to the strength of your defense. Of course, fulfilling these legendary deeds is no use without someone to spread the word of your strength and brilliance. Luckily for you, news of your increasing Fame has reached the ears of someone who can help: Pheme As @Tomaxo once said: Pheme has taken up your cause and you can now summon her to blast the defenses of your enemies, damaging and stunning enemy obstacles and troops! You can unlock the Pheme Power by upgrading your Shrine of Power. You are not able to improve Pheme by buying new levels, the strength of her trumpet blast depends on how famous you are, meaning: how many Trophies you have. Play well and this could be one of your strongest Powers! Finally, we've added a ton of bug fixes and improvements to the game, which we hope you will notice as you play, some of the most sought after include: You can now see who invited or kicked Alliance members in the kick/invite message. You can now size up potential members with the inclusion of their Alliance Donation limit in the Player Info Screen. There are also rumours of powerful new Hero Items... Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. We hope you enjoy the changes, and look forward to your feedback!
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    Greetings Mortals, Version 3.6 is almost upon us! The version will bring with it a few game-changing features, among them a new Tower and a new Power. I'm feeling unusually generous, so here's the game: I want you guys to guess which gods the Tower and Power are based on. Prizes: There will be a 500 Gem prize for 3 of you who manage to get both of the gods correct. This will be broken down into: 500 Gems for the first person to get it right. 500 Gems for two other randomly picked players who get both names correct. The closing time for answers will be when we hit the release button for the new version, so you have an unknown time to get your answers in (though we hope its short!). Clues: Tower: I had an ancient monument built for me to celebrate victory over the attacking forces of Cyprus. Power: I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE! Rules: Remember to include your in-game name in any responses. I will not accept any edited answers, so please be careful when submitting - if you need something changed, contact me directly. I will only accept your first post, later posts will be ignored! Answers will be hidden until the game is over. Edit: I'm looking for exactly 2 answers (one Tower, one Power) no more, no less. Now get going before I change my mind. Grumble grumble, - Captain Morgan
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! Community Week continues and the Blacksmith decided to join in. Here's what you can look forward to tomorrow: * Blacksmith Forge Slots are 30% cheaper * X3 Pearl outcome from melting down items * Time to meltdown items is reduced by 30% * Maximum cooldown for Pearls upgrades is 12h * Higher chances for successful improvement on the first try * More Pearls granted per Gems spent * Hero Item Slots are 50% cheaper * Alliance Members receive Pearl Chests (content varies) when a member purchases a Gem Pack. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    This is a long rant about the poor decisions made by FlareGames on their Olympus Rising game. If that doesn't interest you, please skip to the next thread. I understand the market for Freemium aka Free2Play mobile gaming. I understand someone has to pay the bills. My goal is not to expect FlareGames to provide something for nothing, but to acknowledge that a good portion of their content is user-created. We make the levels that FlareGames uses in multiple ways (Island Exploration, Alliance Wars, now Odysseys) to entertain and attract the whales willing to spend real money on gems. We deserve respect for contributing our time and creativity to FlareGames. But FlareGames has shown a pattern of disrespect to their playerbase that needs to be called out. Example #1 - Dishonest promotion schedules and greedy cost scaling When I first started, I saw a promotion offering a worker for 250 gems. At the time I had no idea what workers did, and waiting only a couple hours to build something didn't seem bad, so I opted not to buy it. Weeks later as I saw build times measuring in days and even weeks I realized why we needed workers, but never once saw that promotion again. When I finally saved up and paid 500 for a worker, I felt ripped off. When I saw that the next workers cost double, I was furious! Likewise my first power/unit unlocks were dirt cheap, and I often saw promotions offering packages with 60-70% discounts. But now that the meta is changing and requiring different heroes than the ones I first invested in, I'm facing 900 gem costs to unlock powers that are the only way to counter new mechanics. This ties directly into my next point: Example #2 - Drastic nerfing of heroes/powers I spent a LOT of time and even gems working to unlock Athena. I could see in my battle logs how often she would steamroll my defense and so I appreciated she was the end-game reward for grinding months worth of island battles. When I finally got her, I spent a ton of time and gems leveling her so I could make her the centerpiece of my offense. Then you totally destroyed her. Not say "hey, we need to dial her back a bit" but completely destroyed. What about people who spent gems on gear or power slots? Did we get a refund? No we did not. What about people who spend hours leveling her and farming items that enhanced her previous strengths? Did we get to put that XP or time into another hero? No we do not. You took the end game "Final Boss" and made her half as weak as the starting Hero Hercules is now. Pheme was meant to make trophies matter, which is a pretty good idea. And it was basically as strong as an invocation if you had spent the time to get your trophy count up. But then you go and completely ruin it. Not "wow, this is a bit stronger than we anticipated" you completely changed it, even the type of damage. What about people who unlocked power slots so they could bring Pheme to combat Nyx towers? Any refunds? No. And speaking of Nyx, my next point: Example #3 - Now worthless troops and unit AI When I first started playing, it was all about my troop management. Olympus Rising was at its core a tower defense game, so my Hero was there to support, buff, heal and protect my troops while it was the troops that did the heavy lifting of destroying towers, barricades and opposing waves. Then you added the Nyx tower. It would be a fun and cool mechanic, except mind control (the WORST and MOST DANGEROUS ATTACK) generates no threat! My biggest, most expensive Phoenix can be sitting there in front of a Nyx that is slowly converting him and he totally ignores to flame some little dude instead. Every melee troop type that can't attack it doesn't go "Hey, I'm being attacked, I better run by quickly" --they just stand there attacking other dudes while they are also getting converted. Every single Nyx chokepoint ends up with bad unit AI fighting bad unit AI and causes a complete blockage. Troops are now a liability. It is now worse to have troops than to just solo the entire place with your Hero. You just beef up your Hero, plow through barriers with fire powers, and the only thing troops do is protect the gate. It's dumb and boring and the same fight over and over again. To top it off, you double downed on the stupidity by adding Helios so now Nyx units can attack every unit in the game further than they can attack back. It's effective not because it's clever or good design, but because the unit AI is stupid. My Alliance spends thousands of gems to bless troops that are completely worthless. And speaking of my Alliance, the next point: Example #4 - Unfair asymmetrical Alliance wars I started the game in a tiny alliance, but with a devoted leader. He was about education, and encouraging his alliance players to spend gems on things like the Alliance Hall which could in turn pay for tower and unit blessings. We worked hard to level to up and had about 20 members. When wars came out, we were so excited, and we organized and planned our best defenses. Then we got stuck in a map against two alliances that were 10 levels higher. We got attacked on both sides and utterly decimated. The same thing happened the next war, and the next. What possible sense is there to have a square map? What if the best match opponent for my Alliance is diagonally so I can't attack them? What if some enemy wants to attack the Alliance diagonally because it would give them first place, but can't so they attack someone already in third? We ended up in fourth every war because we got ganged up on. Why is there no form of communication? Why can't you make alliances or try to negotiate? You know that's already what happens at the highest level. Every alliance is talking outside the game like on Skype, so it ends up half your playerbase is completely clueless as to why they are getting ganged up on. My first alliance fell apart and doesn't even exist now. The people who were in it no longer play, and some of those people I had considered good online gaming buddies. Either every Alliance should be able to attack every other Alliance or there should be communication in game to allow Alliances to try and survive by negotiation or planning, instead of just being beat up because of random bad luck to make them a road apple for torch-farming Alliances. And now the final straw: Example #5 - Completely breaking the investment/reward feedback loop World of Warcraft is the most successful online game on the planet. The key to their success is understanding that if players ever reach a point where they cannot improve, they will stop playing. This constant need to feed better and better gear has been a huge challenge, and Blizzard has come up with equally creative solutions, such as the "item squish" which basically divided all numbers in the game by 1000 to make them more manageable (whereas before your attacks did 10.000 damage to an enemy with 1,000,000 health, they now did 10 damage to an an enemy with 1,000 health). To prevent people at high levels from feeling suddenly weaker in older zones, they implemented hidden buffs that multiplied the damage. The end result was that even with a massive "nerf" to gear and numbers, players felt just as powerful, if not more. FlareGames has done the exact opposite. They nerfed the numbers without any compensation whatsoever. This week I did a level 10 Odyssey and got 3 Titan Sea Chests and 2 Godlike Sea Chests. This war I got 3 Godlike War Chests and 1 Titan War Chest. In all of those chests, 90 items in total, not a single upgrade. Titan items worse than the Godlike items. In same cases, yielding lower damage than Eternal items with attack! So this week I invested roughly 40 hours of gameplay and several hundred gems, and have nothing to show for it. Plus, after spending MONTHS to finally level and maximize my defenses and buildings, I'm now facing 12 DAY build times to start the process all over again. Enough. There is a need for progression, there is a need for continued growth, but not hitting the rewind button and taking away everything your players have already accomplished. Not to mention I have been playing or months and not seen a single Unique item. World of Warcraft implemented something called "Bad Luck Protection" which means every time you take a chance on a truly amazing reward and lose, the game remembers and the next time you try your odds are ever slightly better. Repeat until you finally get that fantastic reward, then reset the clock and start over. FlareGames could learn a lot from the most successful gaming company on the planet. Ironically, most the things Blizzard does aren't even their own ideas, they simply have the good business sense to copy the good ideas, the ones that benefit their customers. I could go on and on with these complaints. How about the two weeks where you increased the chance for Uniques to drop but didn't bother to notice some of your customers just happened to be getting free Titan chests from the Daily Rewards, while other customers (like myself) had just started with greens again? By the time I got back to the Titan reward week, the promotion was over. It's things like that which upset your customers and make them feel taken advantage of. I've waited patiently for FlareGames to write their wrongs. As a point of balance, I would like to compliment them for the time they accidentally broke a bunch of build orders. They gave everyone I think 3000 gems to apologize. That made me feel really good, and in truth I probably only continued playing Olympus Rising because I believed that attitude of compensating customers for mistakes was standard practice, not a one-time exception. Whatever the reason for your recent design changes, you (FlareGames) are to blame. You either made things too powerful because you failed to test them, or your players were clever enough to find unexpected ways to use the tools you gave them. Either way, it's not the players that should suffer. You have an infinite supply of gems and chests with which you can apologize and promise to do better next time. Or you won't. And the people like me who aren't whales but still spent $20-30 on your game will stop making levels and stop playing, and then when the whales no longer have fun and interesting defenses or Alliance wars to compete against, they will move on as well. The choice is yours, FlareGames. Sincerely, -X-
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    "Hey big brother, something wrong here, I have to destroy your gate, not you destroy mine"
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! We are hosting a special Wikia contest, credits go to @oPelle who initially suggested the idea! In this contest, you have to suggest new descriptions that will be displayed on the RR2 Wikia for the Necromancer and Piro Ninja units. To participate, you have to suggest a short sentence describing each of those units based on what they are and their abilities in a realistic OR funny way between August 4th, 2017 and August 18th, 2017 at 23:59 CEST (German time). Entries should be posted in this thread. Results will be announced on August 21st, 2017. Selection criteria: The most realistic description will win The funniest description will win Rewards & Conditions: Grand winner (750 gems) – the two descriptions suggested by the player matched the two criteria listed above Second place (500 gems) – one of the descriptions matches one of the two criteria listed above however the entry wasn’t good enough to get first place. The description won’t be used on the Wiki but you still get the reward Third place (500 gems) – one of the descriptions matches one of the two criteria listed above however the entry wasn’t good enough to get first place. The description won’t be used on the Wiki but you still get the reward Important information: Please make sure you also post your in-game user name (with the right spelling!) when posting your entry. If the winning entries to not include a valid username by August 21st, 2017 at 23:59 CEST, the rewards won’t be transferred. Please make sure to include your username and double (triple if necessary) check you are used the right spelling! You are only allowed to post one entry (meaning you are allowed to suggest two descriptions only once, one for each unit) Entries that get heavily edited will be disqualified. However you can edit your entry shortly after having posted to correct minor typos. Examples: Knight - "The Knight is the most versatile Unit for every situation and is particularly resistant to poison." Archer - "The Archer is the most affordable long-range all-rounder for every situation." Paladin - "The Paladin has robust armor and is brutally strong, but is weak against poison." Ogre - "The Ogre's massive club even reaches Firebolt Towers. Evade his strikes to survive!" Froster - "The Froster can levitate over Spikes and is very effective against units." Gargoyle - "The Gargoyle is not bound by path borders and flies to its target directly. Defeat it quickly before it sets off its deadly payload!" Cannon - "The Cannon is the weapon of choice when it comes to destroying buildings." Pyromancer - "The Pyromancer is heavily effective from a distance, but is weak in close combat." Mummy - "When summoned, the Mummy will rise from the ground to serve its master. Its ancient curses daze and poison its enemies." Arblaster - "The Arblaster represents modern long-range warfare. He is most effective against Units." Werewolf - "The Werewolve's high agility enables it to jump over barricades, storming the front with ease. Its terrible howl induces fear in its enemies." Mortar - "The Mortar is a mobile poison delivery system that is most effective against Units." Monk - "Monk can heal other troops and the Hero in battle but it can also attack the enemy with its Shillelagh when it is in close range." Good luck! - Nikko
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    I want suggest Flaregames to make changes to the insta troops...instead of only able to request one kind of troop, I think its better that we can just request insta in general and then choose which troop to bring into a raid before entering a base.Ofc a player can only choose insta troop that they have unlocked only! This way it is easier for us to change raid combo.For example now, I use wolf ogre monk but still have insta monk because 10mins before, I was using another combo.So thats a problem because I already bring monk, so I want other insta troop to compliment my current combo.Right now I will have to either not change combo or wait few hours to request a different insta troop (or pay 25 gems ofcourse 😒) but the problem is that some base need different combo than the other bases.Especially with the OP OP heal tower now! I think paying 25 gems to change insta is just stupid.That is for people who want to use more insta after using it all in 2-3 raids! I'd like to know what others think of this suggestion (which ofc I didnt post in suggestion section cuz barely anyone read there) and hopefully it is accepted and we can see changes in future update
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    Hello Olympians! Today we had a live server update with the following changes: Upgrades We’ve added a TON of new upgrades. The new maximum Ascension Level is now 130! All buildings except Alliance Hall and Harbor +1 Level All Powers +2 Levels All Towers and Barricades +3 Levels All Units +3 Levels All Waves +1 Levels Powers Slightly reduced damage dealt by Pheme Pheme now deals physical damage instead of lightning damage Increased damage dealt by Siren Defense Slightly increased damage and health of all towers, barricades and defending units at higher levels Thank You, Your Olympus Rising Team
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    Hey, my score is adjusted DOWN, so I have no effect on the leaderboard anymore. If one day I am 13th, my score will go down to be tie with the 14th. Benefits: Everybody below me goes up by 1 place! Others over me don't change. It is basically like I would not be there You can check my real score in this video, and I will release a new video showing my rewards and explaining again the explanation I just gave you:
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! Community Week drawing to a close and we have a great set of bonuses to finish things off. Join the Alliance Insta Party tomorrow and enjoy: * Cheaper Alliance Tower upgrades (-25%) * Faster Alliance Tower upgrades (-50%) * All Donations receive the max Tax Bonus (+40% taxes) * Faster Insta-Troop Battle-Cooldown (-50%) * 10 Donation Slots every hour * Troop Requests every hour We want to thank everybody who joined us for this Community Week and can't wait until the next one! All bonuses that have been unlocked until now will be active until Friday. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Hi all, Sorry for the delay in clearing this up. With the advent of the new Masteries and the addition of a huge number of new Ascension Levels, during our testing we noticed that at Ascension Level 130 it was not difficult to come across items which made Heroes incredibly overpowered, and rendered the new, powerful defenses meaningless. Because of this, we reduced the strength of items at level 130, in order to prevent the same problem we had at Ascension Level 115 occurring again, where it was near impossible to build a defense which was not beaten easily by players with good items. We believe that this will lead to a much more interesting and balanced game at top-level, which was a big part of the reason we wanted to add the new upgrades (otherwise you would upgrade your defenses for no real advantage). This has had a knock-on effect throughout the game, which, because of the large increase in Ascension Levels is quite noticeable at level 115. Unfortunately, we neglected to include this in the patch notes. As you already noticed, any items you already had in your inventory will not be made weaker by the change, but new Godlike or Titan items will be weaker by comparison (if you were already completely maxed out item-wise). What you may also not have noticed is that Blessed, Epic, Legendary and Eternal items you find are now stronger than they were before. On average you will need to gain around 5 levels for this to return to normal, though you may find that you get better items before then. Again, we apologise for this not being in the patch notes for this version, and for the inevitable confusion/frustration this caused when you opened your War Chests. If you bought a Titan Chest with Gems over the weekend (or the Titan Chest deal), and feel you were affected by this change, please get in touch with customer support (https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
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    Phoebe heals instantly the troops that are under its blessing scroll. It works exactly as the blessing scroll. The blessing scroll has a limited amount of health that it can give every time it is cast, same for the blessing of phoebe. If you consider that a simple knight has almost 7.000 health and a Phoebe lvl 8 gives 14k of health (this obviously always depends from your hero's level) the blessing scroll will heal just 2 knights of your tens of knights that you probably spawn during the battle. Is worth it in this case ? Not at all. So definitely better a Tammy lvl 8 that heals 8.000 health at every Unit in its range than get max health of few single troops with Phoebe. Conclusion: I'm disappointed me too.
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    Hello Kings & Queens, Today we have a live server update with the following changes: Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Who will win the race of the event announcement this time? Will it be facebook? Serious contender ... The forums? Unlikely. Outsider chance. None at all? Possible. Could upset a lot of people. Place your bets
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    One thing I've always found cumbersome is when you want to check out player profiles in your alliance, the back button takes you out to the master list which then highlights on the user's name. Could you please consider adding arrows to the player "card" (the screen that shows level, fame, etc...) so you can scroll through all the players without having to go back to the higher level list? This would be like the arrows on the island selection screen that let you scroll through from island to island. Thanks for the consideration! Looking forward to 3.6!
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    The leader forbid us to use alliance gold explicitely. That's why. There was not a single boost active we were allowed to use, only knights after a very long discussion I had with the leader. Gold we had enough, but the leader wanted to save all gold for upgrading. But you won't find players when you lose war seasons too often that want to join your team and such teams with only knight boosts aren't very attractive. Also loyal players will search their home elsewhere when you don't boost at all. I explained it very often to him that the team needed defensive plus some offensive boosts, but he was unreasonable. Even when I told him that the team couldn't handle others without boosts and he risked to lose loyal members, he still refused. I and other members were out of options. And when we still activated boosts he hold a tirannic speech against other generals, treatening to demote them. You don't treat members that disrespectful so I stepped up for them and confronted him I was boosting with my money and that was none of his business. Instead of an apology, he was irritated, but he hold back, since he knew member saw me as their guardian, the person who kept the team together. I felt responsible for the members, so I bought 2 max packages at 50% discount and used gems for boosts. At that moment I didn't think on starting a new alliance, but I had no choice I figured out later after the confrontation with the leader. The team would fall apart anyway, so a new team was only option, when leader refused to give up or changed his mind plus attitude. I will not go into details, but after I wrote my goodbye speach and left the team, a lot of members followed me and within less than an hour we had over 20 members. The leader blamed me that I ruined his team and wrote that he will commit suicide, unless I returned. It was a hard time plus very hard decision, but I refused. He was forcing me against my will to go back to his team, something I didn't want to do. The suicidal treatening plus blaming me became more intense, so after contacting flare, local authorities tracked him down and I even got an apology mail. So in my case there was only the option to start a new team
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    That's not reasonable. Pro league is fair. Everyone has to fight with the same set up. Top players don't get better combos, neither does he, for being an employee. Furthermore afaik there is only one league for everyone. His performance has nothing to do with your placement. If you are better than him you will place higher, if not you will be lower. Simple as that. I also only placed 429th on my first try, so who cares.
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    I like the fact that this pro league is harder than last one, but yeah overall very difficult manage to pass some long path because pyro mainly but also froster stuck on killing everything that comes in their range which means you can't go ahead if you don't have some troops behind you. Necro are essential i discovered because they are the only who can easily destroy towers and obstacles faster than others thanks to skeletons and their lightning strike. Keep them alive as much as you can if you let die also a single necromancer you've just wasted at least 20 sec because to spawn it again and waiting for its skeletons (15sec of cooldown for skeletons) are overall 20 sec yes. On the opposite of the old pro-leagues where you can avoid to spawn mortar for example or pyro in this case a good balance of all troops is required The starter levels ask you to spawn more frosters, the later ones ask you to spawn more pyros and necros in a very big army. You can easily reach lvl 8 without problems, do not rush however since Jester Boxes are very deadly especially when raiding with a low lvl king and low lvl troops (especially when we talk about froster and pyro they just need 1 hit of jester box and they die). Preferably is that you run always over the Jester Box to trigger them and then run back. Do it always and always. Save hammerstrike and Shield for Corners. Do not rush because they developed every base that you find always a boring heal tower and a frost tower ready to kick your butt properly. Don't waste your hammerstrike against Lightning Tower and Firebolt Towers, there are pyros for that.
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    I don't think like that, instead i'm happy they are returned a bit of diversity is needed in this game
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    @doomlord786 Not yet, that will be another version, but she the new Hero is shaping up nicely!
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    Well it removes concentration of a raider just like notifications which pops up in middle of raid. And just today i spawned like ten dragons in a raid (my best so far) and all the time my spells keeps getting wasted.and i lost that raid. And @Warriornator you are level 105-06 right? Come out of 3k trophy range and raid bases with heal towers. That two second animation is enough to heal a snake towers and blockades and beasts, which at times can take 3 sonicblasts to destroy only one snake tower and blockade due to well forged heal towers, so those two seconds of Dragon animation can cost you 20+ seconds sometimes.
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    I had forgotten why I stopped engaging certain posters. I remember now.
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    While main troops and my Cadmus dealing with a monster Perseus, that tiny Spearman was there at least 30 seconds until the gate destroyed😁 Thanks Spearman you are awesome and very brave 😍😂😁😀
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    Dear CaptainMorgan, game crushed suddenly, when i summoned a spearman, idk why? 😂😂😂
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    Hello Olympians,Today we had a live server update with the following changes: Prepared the Server for version 3.6.1 Slightly increased Pheme duration Slightly reduced difficulty of Odyssey battles Reduced Gem costs of Item Chests Thank You, Your Olympus Rising Team
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    As title says, XP Bonus of the 3rd event (Pal Collector) is not applied during raid! Please fix it, i wanted to raid 24h non-stop @PaSte
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    We can keep such talks restricted to PM. No hate posts here please. Topic Locked.
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    good move, fair play to you and FG...now just need to give you a developer device for video tutorial purpose instead of spamming gems to your personal account and max everything out in a flash! This shouldnt be happening on a personal account of an employee, back then its fine cuz you are just a fan making video but now you're hired and paid monthly...make no sense to still supply your personal account with gems and stuffs, cuz in the game you're suppose to be just a player, who either play hard or pay money or both at the same time
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    The score is edited after the pro league ends, just before the rewards come, so this situation can't happen.
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    Oh will their dreams will also be crushed like mine 😈
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    Please get rid of the stupid gear offers for gems when the game is loaded at least make it something worthwhile which is BETTER than what I already have thats it....thats all I have good day
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    If u just started playing and are not ready to wait 2 years, until you become a top player,choose best alliance in the game and we will help you become the top in 3-4 months. if you are already top and tired of the fact that your alliance missed the war, your teammates are constantly showing a bad result, constantly 0 in war, choose te best alliance in the game! We will show you how the best fighters are fighting. VANGUARD LEGION is looking for new members( only 2 slots): * all boosts are like 35 days prolonged( every boost) * every boost is max u can see in the game( Alliance level is 70 and 120 fiefs * we are fight every war only for 1 place) * top 1 alliance in the world * max Beasts in defense( 9 level beasts), more then 8000 pals in defence. We are looking for OR YOU ARE level below 80( or near) alliance tower 1250 Desire to play a fun game with us and not have problem to pay for the fun, and not choose between playing and bread) We will help you to become a top player as quickly as possible in the game OR YOUR level doesnt mater, AT doesnt matter scull perks more then 33,5% be able to beat everyone with 100% ;))
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    You play well, mortals. The version is now released and, as you can see in-game, the correct answers were: Tower: I had an ancient monument built for me to celebrate victory over the attacking forces of Cyprus. Helios Monolith: The Colossus of Rhodes was built to celebrate victory over Cyprus. Built in the image of Helios, the sun. Power: I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE! Pheme: The personification of fame, Pheme would repeat what she learned, beginning quietly, then getting louder and louder each time. 4 mortals managed to get both answers right so, since I'm in a comparably good mood today I will be awarding all 4 of you the top prize of 500 Gems. Congratulations to those of you wise enough to crack both of my riddles: <.: HADES :.> ✨KET888✨ k0rtiz0n Tomaxolympus Everyone else who took part can take consolation in the fact that I'll also throw 100 Gems in the general direction of each of you who responded to the quiz. The following people still need to message me with their in-game name. Without it I cannot award you any Gems: qwertyuioplkj goddessjodi Robso Crazymooch SisiphVs NAPC Nirolas Everyone else should get the Gems today, if not drop me a message. Happy slaughtering, - Captain Morgan
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    Do you actually read what people write? You write utter twaddle on here every day, today I actually pointed out the fact that what you say and what you do is very different, in terms of multiple attacks. One comment, you now are accusing me of attacking you at every opportunity in every comment. Well you make lots of comments daily, go find me the ones I have attacked you on 'every' time. Persecution complex? I guess I should do what many others have done and not bother coming on here, now king warriornator has staked his claim to full ownership of the forum.
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, The next Alliance Party Event will start tomorrow and will run until Friday, 4th August! Cheaper Alliance Tower upgrades (-30%) Faster Alliance Tower upgrades (-30%) All Donations receive the max Tax Bonus (+40% taxes) Alliance Chests for all your Alliance friends when you buy a Gem Package (content may differ depending on the type of package) Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    So if Flothaboss is fine with his 20 dragons is fine for all? What's the logic?
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    Kings and Queens! Who's up for a beach party? Our Summer Festival has kicked off today! Join now to unlock all new Hero items and Growl the Pal. Growl is know for his fearsome, well, growl, and can intimidate your enemies in battle. The new festival outfit lets you batter your enemies in style. We wish all of you a great festival and good luck!
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    Top 40 system is better because it allows some less active players to not participate. Its just not realistic for 60/60 players to always be active, it was a huge cause of stress when some people have sudden life issues and cant raid and cost your alliance the war.
  41. 6 likes
    Hello FG my old friend, I've came to blame you again... Because we had huge problems in connecting, left us alone, are you still sleeping? And the war that was planned in my brain... Nothing remains... Within your sound...of silence...
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    When you upgrade castle guard the new wave will become wave 1, the others move one up. So the previous wave one is then wave two. Maybe you aren't aware of that fact. Picklepete tells you something very important. Keep waves upgrading at all cost. Even better, make sure you already have the gold needed to upgrade, so that you don't lose time and can directly start a new wave upgrade. It takes years to max all waves, don't ever forget them. Only moment that you don't upgrade it, is when castle guard is going up. So whatever you do, there is no doubt, wave upgrade comes first. Towers don't follow you, troops do, that's the reason why. A strong defense comes with defensive troops.
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    Nerfing items is a pretty nasty low hit from Flare..., this took away all the motivation to gain chest for a long long time. And they (dev team) know it coz they didnt tell us about it in the list of changes made on the last update, You guys handle this so bad... Guys (dev team) get your things together... Also, nerfing Pheme was missdirectioned. No question it needed nerfing, but you just needed to decrease its range not change its type damage or decreasing the amount of damage. You just make pheme useless and now there isnt a reason to gain trophies... You did great changes in the game (harbor, heros enhancements, pheme) and give it balance by giving us Helios Monolith. There is no reason for nerfing items... now the game is highly inbalanced, only tanky heros can raid "properly". To resume, fix the imbalanced game, fix pheme, fix items and inform us about all the changes you made, treat us with respect, like any other company should do with its customers. Im pretty disappointed with the game right now...
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    Not a big fan of Bucky as pal collector, i'd have prefered Aki (we still have to unlock the beast ) As for the 4th event, can be alliance party or uber granny days or i hope they can surprise us with a total new one event never done before
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    What I hate the most is write something and stop in middle and must continue on a another line. Its not beautiful and not easy to read. If we can add like at least 50 words per line can be more cool
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    Lols, Mags didn't give a damn, no interest in trophies, more often trying to dump them than gain. You can come on here sticking up for him, which is noble, but he continually changes his mind on what is good, bad, how to play the game, etc so he is likely to get a bit of grief now and then. And I don't think you know the full reason, I do, using that language to a lady is totally inappropriate!
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    Can't wait. Thanks for the subtle hint.
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    Main and the biggest problem is he never change his attitude when he "helps". How many people in this forum get pissed off by him ? Mag, shiroko, William, Picklepete, cromka, hulk and etc and still he not yet address his problem. If he never can find the correct expressions to bring the message correctly over to other persons, then I think the better way for him to help is let him ask you to answers others when he see someone need help.
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    Useful function: http://forums.flaregames.com/ignore/ I don't visit the forums often, but when I do, I want informative contents. I agree with some of you, @Warriornator gives the impression of a teenager/immature keyboard hero who thinks his game is competitive enough and try to be smart. And @Dena4 seems to be more reasonable, but trying to protect the troll all the time is not your duty.