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    Greetings Mortals, Whilst updating the Live Server today, in preparation for Version 3.8, we spied a majestic creature sheltering in the databanks. No need to worry, we managed to track down the creature and herd them away from the server. They have now been returned to their rightful owner and companion and she has ensured us that she will keep them tamed until Version 3.8 is released. After the 3.8 release, however, I fear we will not be able to stop her from setting them loose upon her enemies. So stay wary, and good luck. Your Olympus Rising Team P.S. No other changes were made to the server.
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    Dear Olympus Rising family and Devs, The lovely game of ours, has a great problem. War system is very problematic and gives no fun anymore. Why? OR is based on competition. And current war system does not allow fair competition and in fact destroys the competition. It is making me upset and also i think most of you get upset after waiting, getting exciting, prepearing for war, and hard working at war session, at the end you encounter: -Allied alliances: Most of you know, but never discussed about, it is a tabu??? -Who are they? I will not tell the names, they are many allied alliances at top 30. ** If your alliance are not at high ranks, you probably not know the issue, but please look at top alliance hall of fames. Are some alliance’s names near same??? Guys/girls, we play a war that the results are constant at the beginning. It is not good,it is not fair… Ok, what those Allied Alliances do? They took the all the joy of alliances seeking fair game. They never attack each other. They gang bang 1 alliance, for god sake, i saw 3 alliance attacking 1 alliance too. I saw a top class alliance gifting to a clearly weak allied alliance a torch with zero defence. There are many examples and of course prooves, screen captures of these. I wish, they stop acting like this, but i know they will not stop. Even they want they can not. Because they are used to play with the easy way or they can only fix their low commandings or weakness with such actions. But most probably someone started this, and they have to react like this… Okey, no need to find the guilty. As long as war system continues like this, problem will continue and become worse (more and more allied alliances will be created, and game will become more and more unfair). I honestly say, this war system is the weakest link of our great game. It is more important at anything in the forum suggested. And the undeserved war blessing earning or deserved but not got war blessings, affect players personal playings too. So it makes unbalance not only for alliances but also all players game experience. Devs, please change this weird war system and give alliances who seek fair war and the rest a FAIR WAR. Devs, make wars based on 1vs1 battles. Devs,let every alliance get the deserved win or lost… Guys/girls: please honestly share your thoughts, you can tell your personal experiences without giving alliance names. And please if you not think like me, don’t tell me i am crying or else, please try to proove it with your comments. Please reply @CaptainMorgan, @Chris, @oisia
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    Winter Festival

    Kings and Queens! Need a challenge to distract yourself from the cold? Join the Winter Festival starting tomorrow! - Fight battles, earn festival currency and unlock all new items - Keep your royal feet warm while freezing your enemies with the Eskimo set - Fritz the Penguin throws cheeky snowballs and slides around on his belly Stay tuned for more cool stuff coming your way this week Have a great time!
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    I realized that now Bladestorm is the new (and better?) Firestorm: PROS: - Less Cooldown 9s compared to 13s (with max forgings) 4sec of difference - Higher Duration: 5s compared to 3s of firestorm - Range can reach higher or equal to Firestorm 6.75 - Equal damage to troops and towers - Multiple Blockades/Barricades can be swept away with its high range CONS: - You need something to counterattack Firebolt Towers since Bladestorm is ineffective against them - You might have some problems killing some beasts A GOOD COMPLAIN: But...now Barricades and Blockades are useless in defense, you should increase slightly the resistance to the spell. Mainly Blockades should be more resistant than Barricades being made of iron and steel? It's very bad see 4-5 obstacles destroyed so quickly after so many months of upgrades and forgings. Otherwise bases become just based on spikes and jester boxes...
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    Version 3.8 now available!

    Greetings Queens & Kings! Version 3.8 of Royal Revolt 2 is now available, packing brand-new features to explore, new friends to meet and new foes to defeat! So be ready for the cold season and find out what awaits you with this icy update: Adding Depth to the Pro-Leagues: Introducing the Pro Boosts: Adding a new aspect of comradery to the Pro-League with 3.8, we are introducing the "Pro Boosts". An all new type of Boost alliances can unlock with the combined Pro-Scores of their members. Each Pro-Cup will feature one of five new Pro-Boosts as an alliance reward. Alliances can unlock and upgrade them by reaching a certain "Alliance Pro-Score" milestone. Once reached, the Pro-Boost will be activated as soon as the Pro-Cup has ended and can then, like War Season Boosts, be prolonged until it is featured in a Pro-Cup again. There are currently five different Pro-Boosts: Unholy Paladin: Paladins collect Dragon Power when they attack and can transform into a mighty Stone Dragon Ascension Archer: Five Archers sacrifice their life to form a new kind of threat Box of Shocks: The Jester Box will trigger an additional chain lightning Tainted Love: The Heal Tower's orb is more efficient and causes fear and fire on enemies. Mass Hysteria: A Firebolt Tower that confuses its targets Pro-Ticket Donation: You will now be able to donate your spare Pro-League tickets to fellow alliance members (who meet the requirements to participate in the Pro-League). Players who can receive Pro-League tickets will have a “Donate” icon displayed next to their name in the new Alliance Pro-Score menu. A flashing Donate button indicates a player without a Pro-Ticket. Simply tap on the icon, set the amount of tickets that you wish to donate and help each other out! Improvement to the Pro-Subscription Ticket collection mechanism: Following your feedback about the Pro-Subscription, we changed the way of handing out the weekly tickets. Pro-Subscribers will automatically receive their first Pro-Ticket right at the activation of the subscription and an additional one at each new Pro-Cup's start. The regular monthly free ticket will still be available for subscribers. New requirements to purchase Pro-tickets: With version 3.8, players have to reach Throne Room level 10 to access to the Pro-Ticket Shop. The same requirement also applies for the monthly free ticket. Developer comment: Since players can only participate in the Pro-League once they have reached Throne Room level 10, we decided to apply the same requirements to collect the free tickets and purchase tickets. This is intended to prevent frustration caused by potential mispurchases of an item, that cannot be used straight away and help reduce confusion for players who are new to the game. What else is new? On top of the above improvements, we have also implemented the following additions: 10 new Dungeon Challenges containing truly divine rewards All New Perks, like the ever convenient "Bomb Kicking Aura" are waiting to be discovered New powerful Items and heart-melting Pro-Cuteness will be gracing the Pro-Shop very soon, so make sure to keep an eye on our Pro-League announcements! At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Taverns now is 1.500.000 per day Seasonal surpises to help you through the dead of winter and defy the cold in style - Winter is here! Community Requests We have also implemented various community ideas that you suggested on the forum or during some of our previous Q&A sessions: A new Meltdown-Button is now available in the hero item information window that lets you skip the journey to the Blacksmith building! Donating All Insta-Troops at once to another player is now possible! Offense Beast Stats are now displayed in a new menu, that unlocks along with the Pal Flute Spell (accessible over the Pal Menu) Switching an Alliance during an ongoing War Season prevents the fighting in Wars for 60hours The Battle Progress Calculation now takes all Towers and Obstacles into account a player can place at his current Castle Gate Level (rather then only the ones that are placed by the path and show up in battle) A Skull Bonus Rework will now additionally consider the difference in fiefdoms (not just the Skulls from lost Wars) when determining an alliance's Skull Bonus share Converting Pals to Alliance Gold is now possible once an alliance reached the max Level of a Beast Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Live Server Update - 7 Dec 2017

    Hello Kings & Queens, Today we had a live server update with the following changes: The capacity of the Friendslist has been increased to 50 friends (from previously 20) The Spirit Howl Morale of the Offense Beast Ceres has been increased by 2-3 times on every level The Stun Spell has less cooldown in every level: From Level 1 to 13 → 1sec less Level 14 & 15 → 2secs less Level 16 → 2.5secs less Offense Mortars now have +10% more Health in the last level and an increased Attack Range (from 5 to 6) in every level Fixed a bug that prevented the activation of the Pro-Boost for some alliances Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, Our special Granny vs. Blacksmith Event has now started and will run until December 1st! Below is the list of bonuses that you get during this event: ALL Uber Chests are 30% cheaper Chances of special UBER items to appear are 25% higher Hero Item Slots Price are 50% cheaper Blacksmith forge Pearl outcome is 3 times higher Blacksmith forge time reduction is 30% lower Blacksmith Pearl upgrades max. cool-down 720 min. More Pearls granted per Gems spent (1 pearl for every 2 gems) Alliance members receive Pearl Chests (content varies) when a member purchases a Gem Pack Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    12 extra minutes

    Hey Flare! ypu forgot add extra 12 minutes! please make update! 🤣🤣
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    I'm honestly PISSED OFF with this. It's ridiculous if you add 12 mins when about 1 hour is left for PL to end. RIDICULOUS. In 12 mins, I had ample and enough time to attempt stage 12 twice and Eris beast is much more easy than Eldrak. This is purely lame, you give time frame of 6 days to play PL levels, I played, and then just towards the fag end, you add 12 mins, it's not done, am I now supposed to check for updates every 1 hour? I'm sorry but this is a failure, and I do expect a proper compensation.
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    Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

    It is a joke. FG should finally learn to stop making any changes to ongoing events. There is 24 hr window between each PL, why not use that time to implement any changes ? Whether to rewards, to beasts or whatever. Congrats to those who were able to benefit thanks to additional 12 minutes. FG, start thinking next time please. First implementing reward changes during PL, them messing up with beasts, then giving 'a compensation' of 12 minutes 1 hour before league ends. It makes no sense. Only extending the league and announcing the change/compensation properly would make sense and be somehow fair to everybody.
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    Flare in Trouble

    The best part of that article is "With a subscription, you can comment on this article."
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    Greetings Queens & Kings, We performed a server maintenance earlier today to implement the following change: Better Pro-League Rewards for Ranks 21-500 Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    I thought it's illegal to have multiple accounts but since you add this ticket donation feature everyone will just make 3 extra accounts and collect 4 free tickets and donate to main account and never need to buy. Seems like a rather silly idea
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    So much bullshit said from you @Isjerryhuang. The thread is about the fairnes in the alliance war. And you are telling us, teaming up with some alliance to gank others is making friends... The system is not fair. Thats what is written here and i think, that's correct. I'm in a rank 7 alliance and I can see, how we play and how others play. We have sometimes Member from other top 10 alliances joining our alliance, to see how we play and going to war with us. So there is a big exchange of knowledge and of course agreements. The reason for this: Hold the rank in the top 10. But the war is far away from fair and changing it will not prevent you, to make new friends... (your personality will) The war need a fundamental change, to be fair and that the rank is showing the strength of an alliance. The rank is actually a joke, showing nothing about how good you are.
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    Or maybe the system could try to prevent or minimize that .. obviously you consider two alliances teamed up as one a "strategy" while Hells considers it unfair. Keep in mind please that Hellslord is not whining about a single war where two alliances team up against another. He's complaining against an organized system that several top alliances have and that is being abused often. They have two alliances. Really, two. They keep 'em at similar torches level so to have more chances in getting teamed up in the same wars. So in effect you are fighting against an alliance with up to 100 players that can attack twice as often as you. This is not "strategy" in Hells opinion (and to be honest, neither in mine). So don't confuse tactic and strategy with this, because it's as similar as chocolate with poo. All right. And if I find your smell irritating I can shoot you, right ? and if you rob me I can rob you, right ? All is right and correct. At least technically. Just, perhaps, some people would hope in a relatively fair fight at least in a game, regardless if you can behave like a rat. But obviously honorable behaviour is something that's more important for Hells than for you, right ? Anyway, I find your lack of honor disturbing, young jerry, as your blindless to what is right and wrong. Still, in my humble opinion, rats might be allowd to survive in their sewers. Not really, there are often posts of whinings, complains, suggestions, cursing and swearing about the current war system and matchmaking. Just, normally they are avoided by devs, which hardly take stands in this matter. Then, of course, it is hard to come up with solutions that make everyone happy. But Hells is not alone in his hopes of changes on this, not alone at all. He doesn't hate diplomacy. He hates unfair fights, and would prefer to be able to enjoy the attempts of climbing the roof without having to resort to cheap tricks. Again, some people would like to be given a chance to fight fair and win or lose in that way. Others, as you from what I see, are absolutely willing to get to compromises to obtain what they want. The game wasn't born with clusters of allied alliances in mind. Probably this is why Hells find it unfair and irritating and probably he thinks this is a loophole in the system. I think the same as him. I am please to see you are familiar with the map. And right, it needs time to do it. Infact, this situation is not too common, even if it happens. Anyway, I (and most from my alliance) started seeing the issue Hells points out, and it can be really annoying and spoils the fun, without doubts. If the devs could come out with solutions, we would be most grateful. One possible thing to consider is - for example - avoid to match the same alliances with each other for XX number of wars after they met. So regardless of torches, If i had you on my map this week, I won't again 'till .. 3 weeks ? 4 weeks ? whatever seems reasonable. Maybe with a base weeks number + a random value, so to minimize it even further. I am not too convinced about the 1 vs 1 battle system to be honest, but it would depend from how it's made. After all, tactic is what may allow a smaller tough alliance to win against bigger ones - but if you go just on 1 vs 1, what hopes will you have in 30 vs 50 ? And in a .. say, 40 vs 40 .. would it all comes up to who has the higher levels (that give more points) or the unbeatable map statues (that force people to 95%) ? A straight 1 vs 1 system would require way more tought before being consider, imho.
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    Live Server Update - 1 Dec 2017

    Hello Kings & Queens! Today we preformed a live server update with the following changes: Fixed a Bug that decreased the value of hero items Decreases the Gem Prices in the Granny Shop Extended the Granny VS. Blacksmith Event by 1 day Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Mind the Gap

    So, new update. What about the Gap to Top-Groups? It seems all new 5 Pro-Boosts can be renewed till they can be won again. Meaning: Top-groups will try and keep up all 5 new boosts simultaneously all the time. (And probably can spend a lot of gold for it) It will be even harder for good players from other groups to beat those bases. More advantages for the heavy organized spenders. As if they did not have enough of those advantages with Level 10 Beasts, Beast Boost and high Alliance level advantages, higher donation bonusses, and and and. Gap is getting bigger. Not good at all! Flare, this is seriously going in the wrong direction! Don't suck the fun out of the game.
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    Granny vs. Blacksmith Event coming soon!

    Greetings Queens & Kings! Something new is coming soon! You all know the Granny Days and Blacksmith Meltdown events! But what if we mix a little bit of both?! Tune in tomorrow to find out more about our special Granny vs. Blacksmith Event!
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    Well, if future pro leagues will be considerably harder again, that may indeed reduce future amounts of perfect scores, but at the same time only increases the issue of many players having gotten perfect scores and golden crowns this pro league, which will be permanently display how pro they are, despite chances are many of them just were able to pull this off due to easy setup and/or the 12 bonus minutes, which are quite a mess-up in itself... Also, many players could simply not use those 12mins extra, others could. Some players deserved the extra minutes, others didn't because they hadn't been affected. And most were not aware of this time extension 1h before PL ended... all messy, and with permanent consequences... Now I personally don't bother with PL anyway, but many who invested time, effort and gems into pro league and tickets are very pissed off by now, and I can kind of understand them. Especially as the issues around PL don't stop there, but extend to hugely inconsistent treatment regarding shared accounts, multiple accounts etc with respect to pro-league participation, confirmed rumours about exploits in PL mechanics that allow for more tries / more time, an excessive amounts of dubious, likely cheated scores in many of the PLs that didn't get removed and thus also unfairly keep a crown forever, issues like recently when cheaters got removed AFTER giving out rewards, and so on... you really should take a step back and rethink pro league to improve player experience, which will require more than just a minor difficulty rebalancing alone but rather changes to the whole setup and mechanics around it imho.
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    B´cause it is fun, players and devs can learn something and it is RR2 related! What more could we want? P.S. Winner should be able to choose which bug gets fixed...
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    Collect Button on War Map

    Hey all, as you know theres no collect resources button at War map, therefore we need to turn our map and collect resources and went back again to war map. I remember when first odyssey came in there wasnt a collect button either and they upgraded them. Is it too hard to do to turn back and collect ? Nope ofc. But it'll be more practical to collect before leaving war map. If its not that hard to add that button on war map, itll be great to see that in following upgrades. Thanks in advance. @CaptainMorgan
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    Pro shop update!!!!

    The Pro-Shop will be updated with the next Pro-Cup (tomorrow). More information will be posted in the Official Announcements section of the forum later today
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    Version 3.8.1 - Fixes

    Hello Olympians! Version 3.8.1 has been released. It includes some changes and fixes. You can now turn off Screen Shake via the Options Menu The Tributes Screen can now be accessed from the War Map In addition we fixed several issues: Thunder Charge cooldown now triggers correctly We added a new VFX to the Power icons when Artemis is charged with thunder Artemis Powers will no longer appear in Tasks for other Heroes' Cursed Items Aiming controls when using Artemis' Powers have been improved Added the Health stat to the Call Stag Power Info screens Important Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. Your Olympus Rising Team
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    In the changelog for V. 3.8, @oisia lists Tons of bug fixes and improvements! ...what are they? People are talking about movement speed being modified, as well as other changes that weren't announced. I know you guys are busy, but this is kind of an important detail.
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    Royal Revolt T-Shirts

    I can confirm this is not a scam and they are official Royal Revolt 2 t-shirts. Only available via the Amazon US market for now but we are looking into making those available to more regions in the future. Nothing confirm yet, but we will let you know as soon as we more details.
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    Hello, Kings and Queens. The next RR2 update will include community requested improvements that many of you suggested here on the forums or during our previous Q&A sessions. We'd like to give our players in the forums an exclusive preview ahead of the social media announcement. These are the changes to come: A new Meltdown Button is now available in the hero item information window that lets you skip the journey to the Blacksmith building! Donating All Insta-Troops at once to another player is now possible! Offense Beast Stats are now displayed in a new menu, that unlocks along with the Pal Flute Spell (accessible over the Pal Menu) Switching an Alliance during an ongoing War Season prevents fighting in Wars for 60 hours The Battle Progress Calculation now takes all Towers and Obstacles into account a player can place at his current Castle Gate Level (rather than only the ones that are placed by the path and show up in battle) A Skull Bonus Rework will now additionally consider the difference in fiefdoms (not just the Skulls from lost Wars) when determining an alliance's Skull Bonus share Converting Pals into Alliance Gold is now possible once an alliance reached the max Level of a Beast Feel free to let us know what you think and to discuss the changes listed above. We'll be listening. —The Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Another 12min added in PL!

    That's it for "listetning to players". After your complete failure last PL of adding a "compensation" of 12 minutes 1 hour before the end .... you did it again this league. This time like 20 minutes before the end and with no notification ? Excuse me but you suck. You will never learn, will you ?
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    Simple solution add the skulls of the Cof to the top targets themselves
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    Where are my 12 minutes?

    I finished my pro league and didn't come back to it before the end of the league. Why would I since I was done? Now i find others got 12 minutes extra to leap frog me and I get fewer rewards? So often your "fixes" just penalize those of us who played properly. Nonsense. @Archimedes @flaretara P.s. PLEASE update the gear in the pro shop. I understand keeping the all, but the gear doesn't need to be there this long.
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    Greetings Olympians, The time has come! We are no longer able to hold back Artemis and she has burst into Olympus Rising, along with her Stag companion, ready to hunt down the enemies of Mount Olympus. However, she is very picky about who she will fight with. In order to unleash her you will need to prove your devotion to Artemis! Unlocking each of Artemis' Powers is also a challenge in itself, and completing her loadout is a sign of a true Olympus Rising master. We've also added several special achievements which can only be beaten using Artemis, by proving your skill with her on the battlefield. It's also time for another god to visit Mount Olympus: You. AR Mode For iOS 11 users in Olympus Rising, if your device supports Apple's new ARKit, you will now be able to tread in the footsteps of your Heroes, and mingle with your Worshippers. Look out for the ARKit Symbol which will allow you to choose between two modes: God Mode: Observe Mount Olympus from a God's-eye-view, high above the ground. Mortal Mode: Explore Mount Olympus from the point of view of a Mortal, living in the Acropolis. And that's not all you can do... Visiting Alliance Members All players, will now be able to visit the Mount Olympus of their fellow Alliance Members. Simply tap the new button in the member list of your Alliance and revel in the glory of their creations. For those of you lucky enough to have access to the AR Mode, you will also be able to explore your colleagues' Acropolis in God or Mortal mode. Along with your new found powers come certain advantages... Conquer Islands There is now a new button in the battle loadout which will allow you to Conquer an Island without fighting a battle. This will allow you to take resources, or move your Heroes without first having to defeat a particularly difficult enemy, or simply to save time. Important Note: Since you will not take part in battle when Conquering islands, you will not receive any Hall of Gods rewards. This means no Trophies, no bonus Dominance from the battle, and no Gold reward for defeating your enemy. But that's still not all! There are a lot of improvements in version 3.8 which are not as obvious as those above, we really hope you enjoy discovering them, including (but not limited to): The new Call Stag invocation! New and improved Celestial Boosts! Improved chances of finding Unique Items! You will now have an increased chance to find a Unique Item every time you open a Titan Chest. This will only reset to the original chance once you have managed to find one. Tons of bug fixes and improvements! So go hunt down your enemies, or, if you have not yet been chosen, begin pledging your devotion to Artemis. We look forward to your feedback! Your Olympus Rising Team Important Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later.
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    Where are my 12 minutes?

    It's y'all own fault for not having notifications on in your social media or game forum or whatever and wasting your life away on irrelevant stuff like work, school or sleep (if you're in that timezone, which btw is also your fault) instead of living the greatestest of gamestest 24/7. Shame on all you ingrates! Btw that's sarcasm, in case it isn't clear enough.
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    A large bag of pro chests would be nice gesture, although I expect the ostrich technique this time . I honestly expect no response on this and also no compensation, since they will totally ignore it.
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    Viking Festival

    Kings & Queens! Prepare yourselves for courageous conquests by joining the Viking Festival starting tomorrow! 🗡🛡🌊 ⚔ Fight battles, earn Viking Coins currency and unlock new items ⚔ Become a Viking with the new set and cast fear into the hearts of your enemies ⚔ Irmgard the Bear can make some room for your troops with its pushback skill Have a great time!
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    They need a "Boost your company" event. Firing unqualified employee easier of 50%. Removing of non productivity faster of 100%. Resign of the incompetent management faster of 200%
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    (past) pro players

    Maybe this can surprise you: Silver crown on the first pro league season, when no one was aware from the dc bug. If you doubt, watch the Flothaboss video about the first pro league. This is a screnshot from his video. And as you see on the other image i already posted here, i get top 16 atm on the current season. I prefer to lose instead of cheating
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    Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    This may just be a false accusation, but look at current #1 in pro league. 1,891, in the lead by far, yet level 62, 1,100 trophies, and he has throne room level 10??? And also the experience of attacking with vikings, juggernauts and monks and winning?? His defense consists of knights and frosters; i mean, this may be the clue. Check this out flare.
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    The main thing or one of the main things most players were always looking forward to in the bs event(for those who don't have all slots) is the discount on blacksmith slots. How can you remove the main discount in the bs event. PS. I have all slots. It's about all other players who can't buy those slots now cause they aren't on discount. Even if it's the first ever granny vs blacksmith event, you can still give everyone the discount. But they just want everyone who bought the black Friday gem offer to spend it on bs slots without discount. They're getting more and more greedy.
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    Flare, Think Big!

    Why are you allowing people to donate pro tickets to each other? People will just have 4 accounts each and donate to their main account. Its just silly. And pro boosts? It's gonna ruin the fairness in wars between heavy spending alliances and normal ones
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    Black Weekend Raffle!

    Hello Olympians, Here are the Winners: MrCouPer Negan♠️ Gilrael Vasudeva1 💥Pan⚡cMind💥 Areisp Drugarot KK Star Qwerty.baruc Dheth The Winners will receive 300 Gems. We also have a little something for all other participants. Each of you will receive 50 Gems. Note: Gems should be added to your account tomorrow latest. Thanks and congratulations, Your Olympus Rising Team
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    Resistance Chaos

    Years have gone past, with froster blunt resistance mess largely being ignored by flare... and not just that, e.g. against gargoyles, frosters even took 250% of regular damage instead of 25% as according to their displayed resistance stat, i.e. factor 10 more than the game states to the user. Now, at some point you maybe could have argued that was inofficial rebalancing to make frosters not OP or similar... but over the years, frosters simply got nerfed, especially on offense, by various other measures as well, including among others immunities to froster damage for some structures, massive range increases with lvl-ups and/or forgings for many other units and towers, making almost everything outrange frosters nowadays who, long ago, were fragile but long-ranged, and thus balanced. And very recently, after some discussion on the forum, it was agreed on by FG to increase blunt resistance of frosters as they are nowadays seen as underpowered... ...and indeed, after some delay (and by now, revoked/reverted again, at least temporarily... whatever), a server update brought an increase of blunt resistance for frosters, from 75% to 90%. Now my issue with this is - and please don't take this as a personal insult - WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE?! Nobody with any brains can be truly believing that frosters would now have 90% blunt resistance. Please, please!, finally take a look into your balancing tables and update the displayed blunt resistance stat with something a bit closer to the actual values. When (or if) this recent change is eventually hopefully getting reactivated after the current server issues are sorted out, I can make a video showing the harsh discrepancy in action again if you want, but I think FG must very well know about it already, someone must have set the actual values after all... I think with a general 75% resistance to blunt damage as was displayed for years until today's update, frosters would be formidable units, just infact they had on average about 0% resistance to blunt damage. Changing the displayed value from 75% to 90% is just ridiculous. Even if the actual resistance may have changed accordingly, it would now be what... 15%? Please, use the opportunity of this recent change to display a value that makes sense, not just some stupid nonsense that is as little not helpful as it is true. Thanks in advance.
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    Another 12min added in PL!

    "Sorry for the incovenience" is FG slogan.
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    melt from CoF would be the best way Walking 9 sections of hero items is similar to scrolling all the inventory in BS, or even worse! slight improvement
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    The objective of Pro League is to measure the skills of the players. In the current Pro League season there are dozens of players those obtained the maximum score (2190). This time Flaregames made mistakes: where has it been the saying "Will you be the one ... to beat the unbeatable?". It's like if there weren't champions. In my opinion, at least this time, the setup is too strong and/or the defenses are too weak. I prefer nobody to get the maximum possible score. If at the top of the standings there are 2 or more players with the same score, there are 2 possibilities to determine the champ: -the winner will be the first player to finish the time or the last level or all levels (example: you win if you finish all levels or time on Friday at 9:40 CET), because Florian/Flothaboss, Pellez/Opelle and other youtubers publishes their Pro League performances, then you see their videos and finally you imitate their styles or you adapt yourself and you find their mistakes; -the winner will be the one who will finish the last level or all levels and has the longest remained time (example: you win if you finish all levels in 30 minutes).
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    Version 3.8

    An announcement two weeks before, that Artemi-Tower will play a main role in the new update and most of the player wouldn't be so sad. I'm realy disappointed with this update. The new AR Mode feature is not needed. The improved celestial boost is a poor story... The conquer function is useless. I'm missing stuff like: Using our doubled uniques for someting... Improved War...Athena ballance... There are enough missing features and pain ponts. So why are they not addressed? Conquer an island with gems... Why should i do this? There is now an option, I could accidently click on when using my little mobile phone screen. I hate it before it happen allready.
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    Considering the last level was announced to be unbeatable TM I kinda doubt 90+ winners were the intended outcome... Some players even got several accounts ranked #1 this time... Anyway, agree with pretty much everything mentioned here so far... and I guess I'll quote my post from the other PL topic for the sake of completeness as well:
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    Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

    The ostrich technique Dena! Looool. So true. I expect that's what will happen. Congrats to the FG person who came up with such solution and thought this would be great and fair to add 12 minutes of comensation to: a) small majoriy of players who were online during that 1 hour and b ) mostly to players that were not even affected by the beast change and didn't desrve to receive any type of compensation.. Also congrats to the rest of FG people who knew about it and supported it and made this 'compensation' happen. Sorry to say this but you guys suuuuuck if you really thought that's the right way to do. Also people who should balance those PL levels should do their job a bit better, unless having +90 winners is something what was planned to achieve. You are a failure on so many aspects.
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    Confused by the number of 1st spots. Ridiculous number, it is huuuuuuge. Ridiculous that this even happened. And more ridiculous is what happened later with +12 min.
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    That's the point, not everyone is able to play immediately after that announcement. They should have given us more time to take advantage of the 12 extra minutes, not only give players 12 extra minutes while there is just an hour of time left. It's similar like giving players 2 extra raids during a war season, while there is just an hour before end of a war. That's not the way to do it. 90% indeed didn't see this announcement and of the others, maybe 1-2% was able to use those 12 extra minutes. Exactly what you say, they should have given more time to players to use these extra minutes. I don't care for the crown.
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    Many thx Vasudeva. I am happy to put a positive impression on you. Thx again. Dear friends, we know CaptainMorgan said that the war system will change and he ordered suggestions from us. The point that i want to take attention is the rankings are somewhat constant at first 10-20-30-40 whatever. Most of you know better than me, the alliance powers are very smilar at these ranks. I bet especially high ranked alliances are frequently match with eachother And i bet the wars at first 10 are mostly same (dumpster could clarify this). And i bet there are ally alliences exist. I know because i encountered that couple at this war. Sharing the map with an ally allieance makes huge but unfair difference, because if they have border they are secured from that border. If not having a border they could gang the other teams. If 2 alliance attacks you for 3 days, it hurts. I mean i played a war session that the results are known from the beginning. This is not giving fun. I am sure the players care about their teams will understand what i mean and CaptainMorgan and Chris too. The war system must not allow obvious gang bangs. There are many solutions: War based on rounds and 1vs1 battles (exact solution). Or a team could not attack more than consecutive 2 battles against another team (might be a solution and brings more variabilities) Or i do not remember exactly but Dumpster said times ago: a chance to fortfeit (hope the word is true, team sacrifice an attack chance and shields their islands for a turn...). Anyway the war system will change and i wonder how will it be so much. It is fun for me to hear your thoughts... It is fun to read anything about the game, suggestions, hints, problems etc. Thx.