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    Greetings Queens & Kings! A new Kingdom version is about to arrive with some neat features and improvements based on some of your feedback! Rename Feature is coming! Always wanted to give your hero a more charismatic name? Or maybe something that can put fear into your opponent’s mind? You can now do so with our new character rename feature which will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to give your hero a new name! But remember, you can rename your hero only once and once only, so pick your new hero name wisely! More country flags for Alliances! We have added about 40 new country flags for Alliances to make it even easier for players to search for Alliances that share the same time zone or use the same language in the chat. Daily Free Pal Chest improvement We have also received feedback and suggestions to make it more obvious for players when a daily free Pal Chest is available to collect. When returning to your Kingdom, there will be a visual representation above your Throne Room. Improve your defense with the new Jester Box! A new defensive trap is now available from the Inventor’s Workshop level 12: the Jester Box! Once placed on the path, this new trap will remain hidden and then trigger as soon as the player's hero has stepped on it dealing area blunt damage. And as days are getting warmer and brighter, I was in the mood to tell you a little something about the Kingdoms: Blooming are the flowers of my castle Unforgettable are the smells coming from the garden Nothing better than saying goodbye to Winter Now is the time to enjoy a new chapter from this year Yammering is what Winter is already doing… Partying is something that is coming very shortly A brief wait until everything becomes festive Look forward to it, it’s going to be quite amazing!
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    Note: It may take a few hours for the update to roll-out worldwide. If you don't see it yet, please check back in a bit! Dear Olympians, While traveling to visit his parents, King Agenor and Queen Telephassa of Tyre, Cadmus came across a fantastic new creature. It was a beautiful, mystical beast, burning with the power of a living fire! The only course of action which lay open to him was to bring this powerful creature under control, for the defense of Mount Olympus. Now, prove your strength and unleash the Phoenix! Phoenix: Inferno: The Phoenix blasts opponents with a stream of fire, engulfing enemy units and melting structures! Rebirth: Upon death, the Phoenix will rise from its ashes! If any allied units died within range, they will also come back to life and bring down hell upon your enemies. Defense Layouts The strategists among you are always trying to stay one step ahead of your opponents by creating the perfect defense. Now you will be able to tweak a new defense layout without breaking your old one! Do you want to switch your defense during the war to confuse your enemy without having to rebuild it first? Want to try out a new path route without losing your current one? Want to see if the new Phoenix is as impressive as it looks, without changing your current Defense Waves? Reach level 40 to unlock the new Defense Layouts feature Up to 3 different layouts can be created and saved The defensive waves and heatmap data are saved for each layout separately! Wars Prepare your Alliance for a new age of War! There will be two new kinds of Alliance War: A short Skirmish which lasts only 36 hours A longer Campaign which lasts 3 days War Blessings can now only be prolonged until the end of the next War Variables such as the amount of Fury your Heroes have, the difficulty of attacking islands, etc. have been tweaked and improved Heroes Strengthening your Heroes requires dedication. Your hard training will now be made a little easier with the ability to earn additional experience for your Heroes in the Vault of Hephaestus. Changes Upgrades Additional level for the War Academy: Upgrade your units and increase your offensive strength Units Reduced the amount by which blessed Sirens can heal each other You can now see the special attack of a unit in their statistics! Economy The amount of Epic Chests you can buy for Gold is now limited. Blessings It is now 20% cheaper to prolong Divine Blessings which are already active. Blessings will now activate at the highest level you have unlocked, instead of level 1 You can now see the name of the person who activated the Blessings You can see in the loadout if the opponent has a Chaos Gate active (Gate of Apollo War Blessing) And loads of other fixes and improvements! We hope you will enjoy these changes! We love hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to share your feedback! ~ Your Olympus Rising Team
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    So... I've been very inactive on both forums and the game. I have no much time and when I have some free time I use it on some other stuff, I gotta admit I lost interest in the game some months ago, I didn't even play when I had full time on vacations, but I decided to stay to help my alliance with donations. Also I didn't wanna leave without doing something for the whole community and thus my trivia was born, also I hope my moderator work was at least fine when I could help. I'll leave the game with a lot of great memories, I met a lot of great people, I'll even remember my "enemies", the people I used to discuss with but with no real hate, just talking about different points of view in a relatively violent way. Now some words to my (now former) alliance, Genie & Master: It would take very long to write every great moment we enjoyed as a team, and all the cool stuff we discussed, discovered, analyzed, enjoyed, achieved and even suffered together. Some great memories were when I joined the team on September 2015 and when I became a general on January 2016 (I have a good memory), I feel honored to say I lived that. Every single loyal member in that team is impressive in their own way, I hope Jack and Ed can lead the team awesomely as they've done so far, I wouldn't like to write more names because I don't wanna leave anyone behind, just don't forget me and know I did the best I could for being a nice member and good general. See you, teammates! If any player wants to join a fun team with great and active people, I highly recommend Genie & Master, because they stopped me from quitting the game before I joined them. I know I'll quit now, but it's not their fault, I guess my life is different now. So well, I'll never forget my experience in the game and in this forum, I wanna congratulate the dev team for making such a fun game, I'll remember Alysea and all the players I became friends with (not just my alliance), so if anyone wants to stay in touch somehow, they can look for me on Twitter as @KarmanXV, I can't share my other social media because they're more personal-oriented. Some might ask if I'll go forever, and maybe someday I'll come back if I ever want to and have time, but due to my experience with leaving other games it's very unlikely, so I'll uninstall the game in some hours. That would be all for this message, I don't wanna make it even longer. So all I can say to finish is take care and good luck Cheers, Karman.
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    The beast cutscene will be removed in our next version update.
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    To max 1 Pal you need 443,700 Pal Treats but since as you said to get 3 pal chests daily you have to do strange hours like stay most of time online probably and wake up during night, you just get 2 indeed. So for: 3 pal chests 443,700/1k = 444 days. 1 year to max 1 Pal without sleeping as much as you can. 2 pal chests daily 443,700/600 = 740 days. 2 years to max 1 Pal, but for 4 Pals you need 8 years. (1k is 1.000 pal treats as average with 3 pal chests daily or 600~ pal treats if you collect only 2 pal chests daily) To max 1 Beast is even worse, you need millions of gems to max it, yes because on the 20 packages of 7,500 gems you get around 5-6-7 pals around, and since to max 1 Beast you need from scratch 2,750 pals, means 2,750/5 = 550 times or 2,750/6 = 458 times or 2,750/7= 393 times so just a quick average: (550+458+393)/3 = 467 times. 467 times x 7,500 gems = 3.502.500 gems to spend = 17.500€ But this just for 1 Beast, we can have 4 Beasts: so 3.502.500 x 4 = 14.010.000 gems = 70.000€ To sum up everything if nobody is interested on reading the calculations: 8 years to max all current 4 Pals 70.000€ to max all current 4 Beasts Really a long long term goal !
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    It has been stated countless times here on the forum, I see, but when does it end. Flare is beyond greedy with their members. I mean how many new things are you going to put into the game that costs users money. I know we have the option to quit but a lot of us have put countless hours and dollars into this game. Why is it that every time you update the game you add several new ways for users to spend gems in order to compete. The cut scenes for the beasts are by far the worst thing you have ever done. As mentioned by other players: the king is stuck, your spells/scrolls are wasted and it is set-up to cut right at the hardest point in raiding and in all these cases can result in death of the king. Flare is not stupid. This is just another way for them to earn gems (our real $) to spend to not cause a loss in war or to other players. This game is meant to be fast paced and timed. Why on earth would there be the need to use animations/cut screens to slow down the entire process, except to potentially earn more $. I expect no changes here and if anything the generic bs responses and how concerned they are with the issue. At some point you will lose players. High paying and experienced players because your greed is starting to exceed the fun of playing the game. If you can update these money making schemes in a timely fashion, you should also be able to create or eliminate the worst game play experience ever, the animations/cut screens. Rant over....
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    I think a simple, once daily donation, would do the trick. No more of this having to log in at a certain time to donate. That just isn't right. It should be done in the same way as festival event clock works. That clock allows easily for daily task without restricting the time.
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    Hi everyone! The trivia is back again. This time, the topic is a bit more vast, I hope you all like it. Think carefully, and lots of gems will arrive in your kingdom . Rewards 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Special Reward: 100 extra premium currency (Something which sets your entry apart from the rest ) Deadline 15th April, 2017, Saturday. 12 Noon GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. All questions are MCQs, so just select the option you deem most appropriate. There's only 1 correct answer! 1. The diagram shows two production possibility curves (EF and GH), before and after technological progress has taken place. After technological progress has taken place, what is the opportunity cost in capital goods of producing OX consumer goods? A. MH B. OH C. OM D. YF 2. In spring 2011 the US$ exchanged for 81.6 Japanese yen. In spring 2012 the US$ exchanged for 76.1 Japanese yen. What would be expected to rise for the United States (US) as a result of this change? A. the level of unemployment B. the price of US exports sold in Japan C. the rate of imported inflation D. the volume of imports 3. Cigarettes have been used as money in exceptional circumstances. What is the most likely reason that they are not acceptable as money in normal circumstances? A. cigarettes lack durability B. cigarettes lack intrinsic value C. cigarettes lack portability D. cigarettes lack uniformity 4. There are three firms (X, Y and Z) supplying a market. The table shows their supply at four different prices. Price ($) firm X’s supply firm Y’s supply firm Z’s supply 10 50 40 10 20 60 60 20 30 85 80 35 40 115 100 55 Which price change is required for market supply to halve? A. $20 to $10 B. $30 to $10 C. $30 to $20 D. $40 to $20 5. In 2013, a German company that manufactured medicines bought a UK company that ran a chain of pharmacies that sold medicines. What term best describes this takeover? A. conglomerate B. horizontal C. vertical integration backwards D. vertical integration forwards 6. In 2009, Gulf Airlines, which was making a loss, stated it would reduce the number of new aircraft on order. If it did this, which of its costs would be directly affected? A. fixed costs B. marginal costs C. opportunity costs D. variable costs 7. In 2007 the average annual pay of a scientist in the UK was £37 290. The average annual pay of a laboratory technician was £26 157. What could explain this difference in earnings? A. Laboratory technicians have stronger bargaining power than scientists. B. Laboratory technicians have to work more unsociable hours than scientists. C. The period of training for scientists is longer than that for laboratory technicians. D. The supply of scientists is high relative to demand for their services. 8. Cadbury Schweppes, the confectionery business, is reported to want to reduce the number of its offices in an attempt to decrease its general and administrative costs. Which type of cost does Cadbury Schweppes hope to decrease? A. average variable cost B. marginal cost C. total fixed cost D. total variable cost 9. India is experiencing rapid growth in air travel. The number and size of airlines is increasing every year. Which effect arising from this growth is an external economy of scale? A. Banks are more prepared to lend to large airlines rather than small airlines. B. Fuel suppliers charge less to airlines that buy in bulk. C. Institutions are established to train flight crew. D. Larger airlines operate aircraft which can carry more passengers. 10. As a result of a decrease in the demand for coal, several coal mines were closed. What type of unemployment would this cause? A. cyclical B. frictional C. seasonal D. structural Good Luck! Regards, RR2 Moderator, KK
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    Hello everyone, I know everyone is complaining about the interruption that happens when you encounter a beast or with dragons. And I totally relate to that. At the moment, by game is interrupted every 15-15 seconds, when a new dragon is spawning and and the beast appears. It is bad enough, that you become immobilized for 2 seconds and you have to time your actions/taps with your finger, because you run in the wrong direction, if you tap to early, but the worst thing are the cancelled spells imho. The first times I thought, that the duration of the slowdown would just be over when the sequence is finished, but since the time stops, that shouldn't be the case either. The units aren't affected by the slowdown at all when the sequence is over.. Flare. I know you wanted to do something visually awesome for us, when you thought of this idea and the first 5 times it was very cool to watch, but by now it is just horrible beeing interrupted so often. Just remove the feature for now and feel free to add a better version of it, when it won't collide with the game mechanics anymore. Just accept, that this whole thing has not gone the way it was planned and PLEASE remove it until it's fixed. There is nothing worse like a developer, that insists on features which destroy the fun in the game. And thats exactly what's happening right now with ne dragons and beasts.. Best regards
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    You'd be wondering I'm making this post, yes because I lost. I lost by 200 medals in the Diamond League. All these leagues are messed up and unfair giving an advantage to the really low level players who can get 500+ medals for an easy base, whereas few players can't get more than 100 at any base, exceeding that is simply suicidal. With today's experience, I'm not surprised that many rage quit because of the leagues, due to unfair match ups. They are in need of a serious rework and matchmaking in leagues must be done on a player level basis, not even trophies, since they can be manipulated. The Luck/Casino factors of getting easy/hard Diamond League isn't right. Why keep the 5th star for only the 1st when all others have for top 3. Yes, I am saying this because you'd need to be in my shoes to know how it feels. Also, if someone wants to defend the current system, don't bother posting.
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    As We all know, There are Some Alliances who use unfair Means to level up their Alliance level, donate pals or Donate gold for boosts.. A lot of such Alliances have been reported to CS by Community via Support channel but unfortunately, It's a shame that Those Alliances are still active. Irrespective of Rivalry, I hope that everyone will agree that those alliances should be banned or at least downgraded.. Flaregames needs to revise its policy and bring more transparency to stop such disheartening acts.. We mortals level up or support our alliances by hard work and real money.. Sometimes We even have to play without boosts.. I just find it pathetic that alliances who cheat are enjoying everything for free .. It's just like punching us in the Face.. Hence, I request Flaregames to look into this As soon as possible.. #Play_Hard #Ban_Cheaters
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    RR2 has lost all of its magic on me and it has feeling like a chore for me for a very very long time now. I would like end my journey now. Personally, I believe flare could have done better in improving their game, but I guess that's their limits ~ I would like to shout out to all those who have shared path with me (sorry if I couldn't recall every single one of you ) !Vandal1!, Ab_Kalekar, mradu, VickyTanXD, Paladin United, Wobby, eynt, William the Mighty1, King Brandonian, Brandon the Breaker, youngwaffle, Lord Seath, KayGrace, oPelle, NoobPride, William Eric 1, GeeLulzalot, KrissyMcIntyre, Gaius Magnus, LoliLoli2014, AlmightyOvrlord, bigace1, Longdong, CobusOli4, Lorenzo1990, [C H A O S], and other members of Blade Storm which I cannot remember (Must be over 100s of names) So this is it, good bye everyone. -NeverAngelic
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    @Nikko That's not a good start, giving bad information right from the start. Had you read the whole thread you would see that the information was already public and had been posted here from Facebook. Your comment is, simply, incorrect. I'm going to assume Flare didn't give you the right info or told you to post this, but in the future I'd recommend reading an entire thread before commenting at the bottom. We have also been promised in the past that events would be announced at least 24 hours in advance, and that they would be posted in Official Announcements. The last time it went on FB first Alysea was on vacation, and the stand-in moderator fell on her sword. This has been an issue on these forums for a long time, and it really needs to change. UPDATE: I just checked the Official Announcements to find out about this unannounced server maintenance (happened in the middle of play, for me), and the event is STILL not announced there, where we've been told to look for, well, official announcements. That's more than an hour after it was made public, and 40 minutes after you posted it here. Players shouldn't have to dig around user-posts to find official announcements -- they should be in Official Announcements.
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    Nikko, sorry to say this but official info is already on Fb and Twitter .....
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    Here I am again.. Creating a New Topic for necromancers in Defence because After Proper testing and Collecting community feedback, I made Few observations -: 1) They are weak against ice ( As per In game stats ) and 7k+ blizz can't kill them.. ( 5.7k blizz and Two item perks ) 2) They are resistant to most of the spells and literally a Tank. 18k SB can't kill them , 14k FS can't kill them. Needless to say They are resistant to Poison. 3) Tried pushing them into army, Still they just take too much to die.. If the opponent is using Savage Tammy/monk/arbs They get healed resulting into more time loss. 4) Also The DPS by skeleton at max level is insane.. 1800+ DPS by those little creatures is unbelievable. As per feedback of top players there is no working strategy to kill them easily.. Majority of them Agreed that they are Overpowered in defence. I also captured Feedback of low level guys and For them Necromancers are a bit easy to handle mainly because they are Unboosted.. ( Ofcourse They are low level too and not even forged ) A game without balance is not a game.. Hence I would appreciate if Flaregames balance them by making proper balancing changes.. Any constructive criticism or feedback is welcome.. Regards, Maj
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    OK we discussed the matter and will list the cooldown info in the Necromancer stats in one of our next versions. Also, we are planning on including the Defense stats in the Castle Guard. We'll keep you posted on that one.
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    If you play with dracomancer or dragofroster and the beast included in defense you just have the camera moving from left to right up and down continuously for every dragon that spawn and beast animation, really annoying and frustrating.
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    At least the continuity should be there. It is ridiculous that the king just stops. If he/she is on low health and under the green shower...RIP!
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    Collecting Pet Food is not game play, but a chore. And the benefit is minimal. For most of us who sleep eight hours a day, the most chests you are going to get are two. The only way to get three is to get the first the second you get up, sit there waiting for the next one, and then click it one last time before bed. That's a ridiculous expectation, because there is no fun or joy or skill in it. You just grind and grind and grind. And even if you get all three, it takes about a month to collect enough pet food to upgrade from Level 7 to 8, and the increase in power for the pet is minimal. Sure, you could get a few more in the Chamber of Chests, but the odds on getting a third chest is less than 10%. If you play 10 times a day, more than half an hour, your odds are to get to the third chest once. And odds are that might be a weapon, pearls, gems, or pet food. We could gem for them, but since the offensive pets are so weak there's not much of a point to that. Conclusion: Pet food to upgrade the pets is not fun, not a good addition to the game, and monotonous. The pet food ratios need to be adjusted, the power of defensive pets should be decreased and the offensive pets increased, and the frequency of food chests should be increased. Maybe let us buy them with gold instead of gems?
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    Not a good start at all. Not exactly getting my hopes high... And if they don't get some more active and engaged SOON, the forum might become useless in the near future... without fg listening, no use to report bugs, suggest ideas or point out issues with the game. And with long-outdated or incomplete FAQs and missing or delayed info posts (e.g. event announcements, update change logs etc), coming to the forums to seek information about the game is getting a waste of time as well... I am glad that a few other fg people, e.g. Lisa, check parts of the forums and help out a bit when they can, but with the community managers being inactive that just doesn't cut it. Now, I am still waiting for the new CMs to show up and finally, hopefully, impress us with what great things they can do, and thus what I wrote above is not to be seen as a "final judgement", but rather as a warning or prediction of what will happen if the situation doesn't improve, based on the current impression we get. And I understand it may take a while to get used to a new job, position or task, but first of all, from a managing point of view, one shouldn't just swap out one person for another over night, but gradually introduce and shift responsibilities, to have a "smooth transition" and give the new person the chance to get into things properly before the old person is gone... and secondly, not showing up gives a worse impression than showing up, even if you aren't 100% secure and accustomed to the new conditions yet. Appearing to be more or less gone for weeks, especially compared to the high activity of the previous CM, simply makes a bad impression, and loses trust. Over the past years, there have been several phases with barely any fg activity here, and each of those phases was accompanied by a wave of players quitting the game and/or abandoning the forums, after seeing it's no use trying to make suggestions, report bugs, ask for help or information, anything... and players don't just all come back once fg does for once show activity, hence the forum community slowly decays. Regaining lost trust is hard, so when fg doesn't even manage to keep existing trust intact due to a lack of activity, they will have a hard time regaining any...
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    Hey there Gerger, 1. Do we have wars every weekend still? Yes. The current plan is still to have Wars every weekend, at least for now. 2. Do the two types of war follow each other? (Long war one weekend, skirmish the other). That's correct, though it may be the case that other types of War are added. 3. Explain fury changes in detail plz. When each War starts (in the Preparation Phase) you will be able to tap on an info button to show detailed information on the amount of Fury, Fury Cooldown, etc. as well as other statistics about the upcoming War. As an example, for the Campaign War you will be starting with 3 Fury, have a maximum of 4 Fury, and the Fury Cooldown will be increased slightly. 4. Is participation in the wars still "automatic" or can we choose not to fight? (Both alliance or individual) Is there an option for that? There are no current plans to make War optional if you are in an Alliance, however a certain percentage of your Alliance Members' scores do not count towards the Strike Total Victory Points, which means that it is necessary (using the current values) for only 85% of your Alliance to fight in a strike. This will be even less for the Skirmishes. 5. Could you detail skirmish war? Is it the same war just shorter, or (as we suggested) for individual prizes, and participation is optional. It is a shorter War, with a few other variables changed (all of which you will be able to see during the Preparation Phase). As mentioned above, participation is not optional, but less members will be required to participate in each Strike. 6. Wich war are we having in 6 days, the long or the short? The first "new" War will be a Campaign. I hope that your glasses are now sufficiently clean, but that I have also left a few smudges so that some of the changes will still come as a (pleasant) surprise. - CaptainClarity
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    The change will go live with our next version and you will be able to download it from the appstores soon. We only removed the beast cutscene. The dragon transformation sequence is still there. We, however, fixed a bug about it, so the effects of spells etc. are also paused during the cutscene and don't go to waste anymore.
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    To whomever from flare who reads these, It would be very helpful to add donation to the current push notifications. Just like we are reminded about being able to donate insta troops and that our boosts have run out, we should also be reminded that our donation cooldown has expired and we can now donate. This is something that would really help every alliance especially now where there are new levels added and its so expensive to level up! Thanks for reading!
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    Players want to cheat because they don't want to compete with others in a honest, hard-working way and speed by on the easy-lane instead, and they devalue all the effort and time put into it by all the other players, ruining the game for them.
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    I agree. Their "fix" doesn't fix the problem at all. Not sure whether the effect of spells is stopped when animation appears because personally it is hard to me to notice but I can confirm when it comes to sd on toxic cloud. I noticed it on a few occasions already, sd effect for 100% is not stopped during animation. Even if I cast a toxic cloud half a second before animation appears, after it ends there is no sd effect. I noticed though scream effect seems to be stopped during animation and after animation ends it seems to be working.
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    And that's exactly why I want an option to disable those videos. I bet 95+% of the players will turn the videos off. I don't need the warning of a beast or dragon, I am totally not interested in that.
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    The birthday event is gonna end in less than one hour,but still there is no news about the conversion rates of leftover boxes.same goes to the event after war that we had it all the time,players get info faster from other sources than forum?does this mean logging into the forum is useless?its obvious comparing previous and present job presented by both community manager.
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    Another issue I'd like to point out is the lack of information given in the 3.1 update patchnotes. Are we supposed to find out everything by ourselves now? No news about rewards system, no news about beast animation. Please use this constructive advice for next time.
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    We'll never stop and you'll reach 0 trophies!! Muahahah
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    This is posted here since all threads in the General Discussions section about this topic have been knowingly ignored by the current CMs until now. My hope is, some of the developers are reading this section and can help to do something about the situation which is very frustrating for many players. To sum it up, we really would like to re-establish a two-way communication with Flare again. Just reading announcement-style postings on more or less rare occasions is not enough. Closing threads where such matters are actively discussed is even worse. But the most demotivating thing is not getting any actual answers to important forum-questions. After all you have a very nice but also very time-demanding and complex game. It depends on good strategic decisions. Many of the occurring questions can be answered by the players alone. That is perfectly fine, you do not have to do this. But many things simply need to be answered by Flare. Also, if you are still trying to make a more enjoyable RR2 and want to kill the bugs and flaws, you need to listen to us. So please give us somebody who cares and knows the game well so he/her can filter our crap from the good stuff and can point out what is really important for the game or the players. Or maybe just tell us what simply can not be done. Just knowing the game on a beginner level will not help much for that job, as it is a very different experience in low, mid and high level play. Especially when it comes to balancing-questions or in-depth game mechanics. This was not written to blame anybody in particular. As it seems, the current CMs probably have other duties to attend to, like the new Zombie Gunship. But we need change here, if Flare still cares about us. There should have been a plan for the time after Alysea. If there still is not, make it a priority. And please communicate! This makes it more professional, not less! You are a game company, not the law department of an insurance company! If nothing happens, people will think you have given up on us. They will stop being enthusiastic about the game. They will stop visiting the forum for advice. The people here, generals, leaders or just players who care about the game will probably carry this message to their groups. So, please do the right thing for the future of RR2. For our and your sake, because I guess it still pays the bills.
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    I have already hijacked this post so I will keep doing it. 😁 We need a way to see who is behind on donates and how far. I think we need a General/Leader notice after 24 hours. In a bigger alliance you can lose 20 million a day on late donations and missed donations. I would also like a notice when someone upgrades Alliance Tower (Like gem donation) this helps the team. I would like to be able to thank the person in my team that does.
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    The only advantage the beast animation gives you, as far as I can see, is that you can have a look st the gate towers before reaching them. If we shoukd get an on/off switch, Id probably set it on for ninjs levels and off for all others. If we dont get such an option, i prefer the complete removal.
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    Hi all, Using or encouraging the use of third party software and non-official websites to get in-game currencies or to make your account progress faster with the help of prohibited cheats are against the in-game and forum rules. Furthermore, on top of risking your accounts to get permanently banned, players who use such cheats put their payment and personal information at risk! If you suspect a player or an alliance of using cheats or being involved in suspicious activities such as fake donations, please report them to our support team to have those players investigated further. Due to our policy, we aren’t allowed to disclose any information related to the reported account(s) or the outcome of our investigation(s) but rest assured that we are not taking this situation lightly. Last but not least, we should always try our very best to discuss about such matters with respect and avoid the use of inappropriate language in public threads. If you feel stuck in the game, there are plenty of very experienced players here or in-game who have been playing long enough to give constructive and helpful advice and tips & tricks to prioritize how you spend your in-game currency, to improve your base layout and get a better defense, to optimize your roster to assure victory during battles and way more knowledge and help than a cheat could ever give. We have heard your complain about cheaters and rest assured that we are keeping a very close eye on this situation and taking actions. - Nikko
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    Yep you see in the icon before you start the raid that there will be a beast. Its no surprise that it spawns lol... Just A pure annoyance
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    It is dissapointing to see how things developed in the last weeks. At the time Alysea left us, you, @Nikko announced to us there would be a drop in forum activity for a short while. Well, this is exactly what happened. It feels like we do not get real answers any more. There were a lot of excuses regarding announcements for events. And a lot of unanswered questions, like in the thread "Is there an event....". Many people had questions how community management will be going on and how things will be handled in the future. Even a long time Forum-Mod fears the forums turning useless and asked some fair questions. Instead of answering at least some of the pressing issues, you decided to lock the thread because "the issue was resolved". That is not good at all. You seem to take the easy way out here. Is this really what we can expect in the future? There seems to be no solution for the time after Alysea. She was a fixer of things. Community needs a capable person knowing the game. And not only knowing it at a beginner level. It is too complicated for that. Right now one might have the impression you have given up on us. I hope you did not. RR2 is a very demanding game to play. We also deserve and demand some answers and transparency. If you do not have the answers yet - discuss it with the team, make it a priority! As it was mentioned to you before, it is easy to loose a community. Oh - and we want the right to discuss things, so please do not lock any more threads on maybe uncomfortable matters. I am sure we will find other ways to communicate if we are not allowed to do that here on the forum.
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    So if there is alliance mates for our questions, then we don't need the forums, eh? Well, that only holds if your alliance members are always online and omniscient, work at flaregames and can cast a magical spell to broadcast news to all other players. Sure, one can't just fix everything in a couple days, but it's been a few weeks of low activity, and thus it's fair enough to raise one's concerns, hoping for an answer from flaregames. Or we can just continue waiting in silence until it's not a few weeks but a couple months, or years, but if you stay silent, you won't be heard. If nobody complains about low flaregames activity, they won't feel a need to improve on it. Besides, before @Alysea arrived as Community Manager on the forums, we had a mood on the forums that can only be described as apocalyptic, as flaregames hadn't paid any attention at all for several months, and widespread critical bugs stayed unfixed (with fg's only sign of life being a ridiculous denial of the existance of the bugs at some point after we had delivered video proofs already), while any sorts of questions to fg about the game found no answers. Unanswered support tickets to the thousands weren't making the situation any better. Many great players retired in frustration, and the forum community never fully recovered from that letdown of flaregames, the full trust hasn't been regained for most of the longterm players who still play the game. Thus, having concerns when flaregames activity and attention on the forums drops again now, is a very valid reaction considering the past. History repeats itself, the saying goes, unless some stand up to prevent that from happening. And the sudden drop-out of Alysea recently doesn't make me hopeful either, as already mentioned in another post. The change was to abrupt and unprofessional, the announcement to unclear and "by the way" style, as if this was just an unimportant side note to suddenly remove the main point of contact for all players. That shows a lack of care, imho, which worries me just as much, if not more, than the drop in activity afterwards, which to some extent could be explained with temporary "getting used to" processes for the new CMs. But then again, without the stupid sudden swap, "getting used to" could and would have been so much smoother, it just again hints at poor management/ / decision making behind the scenes, and/or a simple lack of overall care. The community mood improved drastically after @Alysea became CM, and the generally sad and shocked and angered reaction of many forum members and players here and elsewhere clearly shows most people felt positive about Alysea, and liked what she did for the community. I noticed you seem to have some sort of grunt at her, although I honestly don't know your reason to dislike her, but nonetheless, you should be able to notice she was by far the most-liked CM that RR2 has seen so far. Furthermore, she wasn't just liked without a reason, but rather because she was not just friendly but also the by-far most active CM we had so far. Check her post-count, or her like-count, and compare it with e.g. @Jack or @Jona, both of which were on the forums as CMs before her. Alysea made some improvements to the general communication as well as the announcements, and not only tried to make the forums a more enjoyable place in general, but also introduced a variety of forum events, most prominently the much-liked Trivia and Quiz events. Besides, she was a general knowledge source for anything related to the games she was responsible for (RR2 and OR), if you had no idea where to go with your question, Alysea just knew the answer in nearly all cases, or tried to get it where possible. She was also not only very active on the forums - like a kitten with 200% speed boost - but also set up a number of game chats, e.g. on discord, line and band, to give players more space to meet and exchange experiences, which improved the community. For some discussions or for giving suggestions and getting official community-wide responses from fg, the forums might be very useful indeed, but for players getting to know each other and also partially for discussing issues, live chats are just more useful. Especially with the forum's limitations and unreliability when it comes to uploading media (screenshots, videos) etc. Besides, having both, chats and forums, makes active participation in the community appealing to a broader audience. Last but not least, Alysea simply tried to help whenever possible, be it improvements to the game, reporting bugs, or even trying to finally get some fg measures started to combat the numerous cheaters and abusers that disturbed and distorted mid-to-high-lvl gameplay... you could see and feel the care and engagement Alysea was putting into her job. I think it was also during her time as CM that some of the fg dev team (e.g. @Lisa) started looking by on the forums every now and then, improving the involvement of the different parties: Players, CM, devs, to get a number of bugs fixed more quickly. Now, if you didn't notice any of that, then chances are you simply didn't really pay attention. Well, I think everyone hopes that problems will be fixed. Hope dies last, but trust is less robust.
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    @Nikko wrote on 3/24/2017: Since then, nothing. @flaretara did a brief comment on a server update, but Nikko is supposed to be our point of contact as the "Senior Community Development Specialist". So far ... crickets. UPDATE: He is online today, posting a few times in Zombie Guns of Survival. Hope he posts here soon.
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    Really it feustates me when i loose raids because the beast enters the fight and it takes 2-4 seconds for it meanwhile hero is killed at U- turn. Iam ready with spells to counter or destroy the u turn but the entry of beast makes me helpless to move hero in correct direction as the beast enter in style in fight and suddenly I find game over. Flare can fix this by showing up in map a different symbol for different beast entering I fight so I don't loose my precious time in watching this waste entry vedio. Friends who are suffering or experiencing same problem give ur feedback.
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    Hi everyone, Here I am again to quickly run through the reasons for some changes we made in this version. First off - I would like to quickly give a heads-up that it is now safe to attack Perseus' Mirror Shield with Powers. This issue is fixed in this version. Many of you have complained that we have limited the amount of chests which can be bought for Gold. The Resource Chests were never intended to be used as a primary source for Gems, however, the majority of players who are buying these chests are using them to farm Gems; we have some users who were opening over 5,000 chests a day, and using this to fuel their journey up the Hall of Fame. This is not how the chests were intended to be used, nor how the game should be played, so we have restricted this. Currently the Resource Chest stock will refill up to a maximum of 10 at the rate of 1 per hour, which means that it is still very possible to use Gold to buy 24 chests per day, at higher Hall of Fame tiers this is already over 14,000,000 Gold per day which can be spent in this way and "swapped" for other resources or Gems, which is more than the maximum Gold storage in the Chamber of Gold. Note: we will be monitoring this and may increase or decrease the recharge rate or the maximum number of chests if we feel it is necessary. Another change which has received many complaints is the change we made to how Blessings are activated and prolonged. Again, the intention of the Blessings system was not that it should be easy to keep Blessings running 24/7; in the same vein it was not intended to be easy to have all Blessings running simultaneously. It was possible to keep blessings cheap and low-level by activating them, letting them run out, then reactivating them, this is not how the Blessings should work and so we have changed this so that it is now much cheaper to keep them running (once you activate them, additional prolongs are cheaper). In fact it is approx. 20% cheaper to keep all Blessings running at maximum level than it was in version 3.0. Finally, the experience in the vault. We agree that this is too low, and we will be increasing the amount you can win soon. I hope that helps you understand the reasoning behind the changes, even if you currently disapprove of them. Thanks for the feedback and criticism so far, as always we will keep an eye on what we've changed and make adjustments where we see that adjustments are necessary. Best, - Captain Morgan
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    Dear Flaregame, you have included lots of improvements in this new update such as the ability to upgrade the war academy further, Phoenix (although it has some issues), and defencive changes, but first you have eliminated the bless resource chest and now limited the amount of epic chests, why ? and even worse, "Blessings will now activate at the highest level you have unlocked, instead of level 1". why you dont give the players the freedom to choose wich level of blessing they want to activate ?!!!! higher levels of blessing had higher powers so it was up to the officers to choose which level they want to activate based on their clan resources. are you just thinking about selling more gems even if it costs loosing your loyal players ?
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    Thanks for your input guys. We will include that info in one of our next versions.
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    The Cooldown perk is (in)directly related to the amount of Skeletons spawned: While it doesn't change the actual amount of Skeletons that rise from the ground (4 on max level), it reduces the pause between Skeleton summonings (which in turn means more Skeletons). Without any pearl upgrade the pause between the waves of Skeletons is 20seconds. The reason for your value to be green at some point could be related an activated Witch Doctor Elite Boost (since it also affects Cooldown and Skeleton amount).
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    Then say bye to it ;-) If that account is not entirely yours (you bought/stole/got it from someone) that means that at any time the original owner can get back to the account and do whatever he wants with it - Flare will not help you because buying or playing someone elses account is against Terms of Serivce. And always the original owner has more rights to his account that you, which means he can ask Flare to limit your access to the account because the account is his and not yours. If the account was yours and only yours from the beginning of the existance of the account (and you never shared it with anyone) I do not understand why you are still on forum trying to fix the issue and not in filling ticket to the support team. You will not get help with such issue via forum. Also, I think I already seen reports on facebook groups about aj commando account (as a jumper). Maybe by your post on forum you want to show that it was not you doing such stuff on that account but someone else who got access to it ? Think you created your reputation already, here on forum and in game. Changing forum ign won't help with it. You cannot hide or run away from it. Anyway, as I said if you really want to fix the issue with your account you should contact support. If you still prefer to do it via forum it only means you don't have any problems with the account or you just don't care abput fixing them.
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    NO. Cheating is cheating, and MUST NOT BE ALLOWED. No exceptions. Please stop proposing the legalization of cheating, and don't try to cheat, or make other people cheat for you, or suggest other people to cheat for themselves.
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    Thank you all for your participation in the trivia event! In case you wonder, @KKStar is a bit short on time at the moment, so I took over to help him out and checked all participants' answers for him so you don't have to wait longer than necessary for the results (and hopefully your well-earned reward gems). Now, as I am afraid to mess with the tables and drawings and other fancy stuff of his original post, and also to keep this concise and readable, here is the correct answer key without repeating the full questions: 1. Answer: A 2. Answer: C 3. Answer: A 4. Answer: B 5. Answer: D 6. Answer: A 7. Answer: C 8. Answer: C 9. Answer: C 10. Answer: D For those of you who wanna see the full questions again for comparison, I quoted the page 1 post from @KKStar right below. Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully you can find some nice amounts of gems in your nests in the next couple days. #Edit: Oh and in case anyone wants to know, for those who submitted several IGNs for their answer ( @willian ), only the first IGN given has been considered.
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! Say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring with our special Easter Festival that has just arrived in your Kingdoms! Bunny Pal! Royal Revolt 2 has a new arrival - “Bucky" the Bunny Pal! Just don’t be fooled by how cute and fluffy this new Pal is since it can cast the Shield Spell during battle which will prove to be very useful while fighting against tough opponents. "Vicious Bucky" will also cast the Shield Spell as well as a new Egg Spell! But some of you might have already picked up on the Bunny Pal hint in the announcement of Update 3.1 😉 Easter Hero Item Set Collect all of the Easter Eggs in order to earn yourself the complete Easter Set of Hero Items that can be obtained during the Easter Festival! Enjoy the Easter Festival! - Nikko
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    Dena, with all due respect, how about firstly building a jester box and then maxing it out to see what it can do and what it doesn't do ? To me it is just another obstacle/tower. Don't judge before testing it. Even if it is OP with conctructive feedback from our side I'm sure Flare will balance it. It is too early to say.
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    I tried to help you after you did contact me by mail, gave you advice to read oPelles wikia and even offered you to visit my team to teach you how to grow stronger fast. I even didn't raid you a single time while you feared me to do so. As an answer you acted like you knew everything already and I was making you angry. In fact you should have appreciated that I wanted to put time and energy in helping a total stranger and what I got for my effort? A rude answer. So I threw away the mail conversation and decided not to help. Satisfied now? Players who act like they know everything best can't be helped. You missed a golden opportunity to really learn from some of the best teachers in the game. The offer doesn't stand any longer, since players who know everything best don't need any help. And now you are complaining that you get raided ? Macamus gave the best answer in another topic. Oh no, you got raided in a tower defense game? A good friend of mine told me a good story about a famous physician. He listens to a patient and gives advice what to do. After first advice the patient says, yes, but... So the physician gives another advice. Again a yes but.... So what do you think the physician aswered? Please go to visit another physician, I can't help you. Morale of the story is that you aren't listening and can't be helped. And that's why I won't help you. You definitely need to change your attitude, acting like you know everything, while in fact you are still are wet behind your ears and have seen nothing yet. Remember that players like me already play this game for almost 3 years and still are learning.