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    Oye Oye brave Kings & Queens! It has been 3 years now since the beginning of our journey. Your loyal soldiers, devoted workers and merciless mercenaries have helped you in ensuring supremacy to protect your Kingdom from repeated invasions. In our quest for power, we’ve met the most unexpected partners: the Pals! Don’t be fooled by their cute look, they have many tricks in their fur to support you! Which one will become your companion? The peaceful Tammy, sweet dedicated partner who will do her best to keep you alive in battle by healing you! Archimedes the Wise, flying pal who will use his mind to stun his enemies, allowing you to quickly get rid of them! Howl, as per his name, he has one job and is very good at it: howling gives you and your troops strength against even the scariest enemies! Choose wisely but no worries, you can freely switch between your loyal companions prior to battle. You can find your Pals by upgrading your Throne Room, battling in the Festivals and within Pal Chests! For your Pals to feel like valued companions you’ll need to help them grow in strength. This means feeding them Pal Treats to make them stronger! You can find this much-needed food in the Pal Chests. From the depths of the Kingdoms outer forests, comes a new fighter willing to join your side. You will need to accept her attraction to the dark arts: resurrecting the dead! The Necromancer will join your army and raise skeletons to fight by your side. Your troops will not have to perish anymore thanks to this undead army. Let these bone heads do all the heavy lifting. When accumulating energy from her -and her minions- attacks, the Necromancer grows in power and then unleashes devastating magic at your foes. Make sure you don’t upset her or you might be her next summoning… In order to stop the rise of an undead army, you’ve now been granted the possibility to build a new tower in your Kingdom: the Heal Tower! The Heal Tower will help you in keeping your defensive units alive thanks to little red orbs placed on your defensive path which will heal them. More health, greater survival odds! Some balancing changes.. Ninja events: Some of the higher levels now feature Pearl-upgraded towers, obstacles and troops The Scroll cooldowns in Ninja levels are longer compared to all other battles (x2). You can only revive 2 times in the Ninja levels. This is to make the event more competitive amongst the top players, so getting 1st in the top Tier will be a greater challenge. Economy: The maximum upgrade-time for any Troop, Tower, Obstacle or Spell is now 7 days. The Gem costs to skip timers in the game has been reduced. We’re hoping this reduction will help all players with enhancing their Kingdoms! Gameplay: Every Unit, every Tower & Obstacle and most of the Castle-Buildings have received an additional Upgrade-Level. A few balancing modifications have been necessary to account for the addition of the Heal Tower, the Necromancer, the Pals and the additional Upgrade-Levels. Defensive Troops Increased HP and Damage for Knight, Archer, Paladin and Monk Increased Damage for Froster, Pyromancer, Mummy and Werewolf Increased HP for Ogre Offensive Troops Increased HP and Damage for Archer, Paladin, Froster, Arblaster, Mortar, Gargoyle and Ninjas Increased the Damage for Mummy Reduced HP for Monk and Werewolf. Towers and Obstacles Increased HP for Barricade, Spikes and Bomb Tower Increased HP and Damage for the Arrow Tower, the Frost Tower, the Gargoyle Tower and the Firebolt Tower … and MORE changes! 10 new challenging Dungeon missions: keep digging deeper, nothing can stop you! Additional Alliance levels: upgrade your Alliance to unlock more levels for your old Elite Boosts as well as a new one!! New Elite Boost for the Necromancer: more damage and more skeletons! A new Festival will start on the 16th March. This is your chance to unlock the Pal “Howl”! New sigils and new sigil color for your Alliance: be creative! Pearl Upgrading Values are now displayed with 2 decimal places Account transfer is now limited at 1 time per year, be careful when you transfer your account to another device. Don't forget to check our FAQ! Be ready for a new story as your quest continues and prepare your Kingdom to welcome new Guardians to protect your Gate from the invaders! Who else will come to your rescue? Jump into the battle and discover more now!
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    Greetings all, I'm Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces alliance, We had a long road to reach high (My team is 2nd on the World in both rankings) and we have seen it all. After a conversation on a global chat we have make recently with some other generals and the top 100 teams also some brainstorm I had with our 50 members on line, I gather some problems and some solutions that seek immediate answer from the game company and the dev team or the game will die prematurely. First of all let’s talk about the major problems we have identify. 1. Game online time 2. Timezones 3. War duration 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 1.GAME ONLINE TIME Let me explain how troublesome and how needy war currently is. The Math: Starting fury: 3 heroes x 3 furies = 9 furies to spend If we take an average for each attack is 3 minutes (more like minimum, because it’s more there like choosing enemy setup the hero for each fight etc.) its: 3 minutes per attack x 9 furies = 18* minutes on start (put that on the side now) After that it’s 3 more furies every 3 hours 3 furies need 9 minutes to spend them 9 minutes every 3 hours for 72 hours so you get to attack 16 times (3x24=72) 24 times for 9 minutes each time So we have: 24 times per war x 9 minutes each time = 216 min +18* min for the starting = 234 minutes spend So ... That’s almost 4 hours (240 min) only for strictly attacking enemies per weekend. Adding on that ..strategy ..enemy picking ..weak enemy reporting ..line conversations ..hero gear & units changing ..and playing the game outside war ..well it’s a hell lot of time. All that for a simple mobile game player... If you consider an officer that has to organize a hell lot more and watch the course of the war to act.. well its hell on earth. If I add all these hours on the equation, you should not able to sleep, work or even make sex, sorry darling we wait to make a mass attack stand by and put some cloths on. For someone that is officer like me is devastating, and of course without officers and order you can’t have good teams and game in general. Conclusion troublesome because of the huge amount of hours you must invest, but even more is... needy …because you can’t spend your free time and play for some hours, you need to be online every hour of the day or you lose the war. 2.TIME ZONES Another big problem is time-zones Our team for example like many, is multinational meaning there is NO ideal start time for war. Always someone will be sleeping losing fury at least 1 or 2 out of 3 regenerating slots. 3.WAR DURATION We want it or not war is the main feature of this game and the one that keeps it alive, there is a lot of ideas for war but the most important is his duration. When war is ending logins on the game drop drastically we are like a ghost alliance literally and not only us as AF. Since the game doesn’t have another Event running or New content & interesting features is something that we must take seriously for development. That's the main reason i don't agree with the idea of making the war every 2 weeks..the game will just die ..less rewards, less interest, less activity. 4. Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update Since guardian update with nyx is introduced a lot of problems remain unsolved. Nyx along with Guardian had as a result the excessive use of gems and invocations, Something that a lot of people that were on low budget didn’t like and especially near the top on competitive teams that the need is even greater the situation is heartbreaking. - No new players to join* teams (that’s also because of the gaming declining we will talk later about it) and more so players quit because of their ideology (though of it as abusive) or just because they couldn’t keep up on that level spending gems. - Yes we get more gems by our defenses also, but the gem sink is overwhelming, less than 1/3 we get back more than 2/3 goes to company. - Another issue is that this update also make unit weaknesses to be more visible, for example the trebuchets: this unit has no defense against the majority of the defences that are based of fire (archers, minos, prometheus with 2 blessings, iapetos etc, is also slow, is kinda bugged because it’s getting stuck due to vector size and movement, and usually ends up hitting units instead of buildings with a miniscule damage. And that’s the major problem with nyx, if you place it right no real counter, except lvling for war Athena and Ajax to have successful attacks. And I could keep going. "Its not in my nature to nag and complain but I had to do it before the game dies, after all it was the huge amount of people pushing me to do something, me and other generals." So let’s go to the real interesting part: WHAT WE PROPOSE Changes in red Due to our experience and heavy brainstorming I will propose some things that will help the game and the players, and all these are signed up by 50 members of our team and the majority of our community outside the team. This game is one of the best I have played ..and I was professional players and leader in more than 15 teams and 20 popular games, like cs:go, dota, LoL, call of duty, wow, gw2 etc. with sponsors over 10k euro winnings, 1st Europe places, multi-teams, sites lans etc. so trust me on the following: 1st of all a request that is the heart of the problem for all problems, hard to archive but we must mention it. This game deserves MARKETING. Deserves to BE included on the future plans of FG. I will not explain the reasons and the ways this can and must be archived, there is wall of text already. 2nd Ingame changes: A. WAR: Game online time, Timezones, War duration War needs a lot of changes but none major, just simple tweaks: 1. Fury slots must change to 4 or 5 and starting fury to 2 or 3 so you don’t have to be online so often and so you don’t losing fury if you sleep or not available when the war starts. 2. Days of war must be a lot more like 4 or 5 days because the game needs more war it’s the only feature/event available and the one that keeps it alive. 3. Regeneration time must be increased a lot…and I mean a lot like 6 hours or more depending the number of fury slots. These changes are simple and archive more days (more interest in the game), less hours of game activity (less suicides, and more sane people), no more timezone problem (you can login when you have free time to use your available furies). 4. Another change would be similar to the skull system, if a team attacks again the same team gets a 5 or 10% increased difficulty in islands, one more skull in all islands. 5. Also the skull system must change in regards of the VP increasing on multiple skulls islands, only thing this does is help the big teams to get even bigger aiming small teams with many skulls (yeah I know I have a big team, but its unfair for the rest), and plus divides the members that prefer to attack the multiple skull island, than the island that is strategically best to hit. B. General stuff: Units, Nyx, gems & leftovers from the last big update 6. Trebuchets are not realistic, these are machines that demolish buildings, they must hit a bit more slowly but target ONLY buildings or increase their damage on buildings a bit and on units a LOT, and i mean a lot.. hitting once and you have an archer massacre. 7. We could use a bit of bigger range on Nyx so the building is more versatile and don’t force people to have specific formations on defense only for 1 tower. 8. Also unique items drop percentage must increase, last war none of the 50 members got anything and their majority hits 2 or 3 titans at least …i won’t mention the small teams... And now let’s talk about the juicy part… Gems, Prestige & Ranking system - Prestige system is annoying right now, you get huge prestige bonuses in every chest, the game pushing you to max prestige so you give the maximum amount of gems for activation and that’s removes the option from the player to decide in what level wishes to stay. - Gems are needed in almost every aspect but the war aspect is out of hand, we have players that use 150 to 1500 gems per war, Also doesn’t prepares the small teams, What I mean with that, I mean that you spend thousands of hours to get on a certain level and then realize you can’t spend that much to continue to play. Its free to play on small lvl and p2win in end game, this doesn’t protect the small/new players neither the big players that quit, and every game depends on big teams, also doesn’t do good to company ..having few of the top team paying or leaving and not fewer gems from many people. - And last but not least the Ranking system: -Trophies pointing out activity and torches are pointing out luck & strong allies of a team. -Total VP would be a real rank or a mash up of all these 2 or 3 ranks would be more accurate. -Why we need 2 rankings? The important part is what do we need the ranks?? Most of the people I talk are disappointed from this aspect, Ranks offer NOTHING ...many teams/players drop their trophies/torches and stay low because as a team or individually offer COMPLETELY nothing, quite opposite low ranks offer easier enemies on map and more gems gaining on wars, this removes every aspect of competitive spirit from the game and ruins the mood of the community that searches for other things to bother or just lose interesting … and no 5 points for Ajax are not interesting. That's the most important and fast we can fix before is too late... This is the last effort of our community to save the game we love …so please take this post seriously or we will all quit very fast …and no its not a threat …we already doing it in, already fast rhythms. Most of these are very simple to change. Thank you for reading all this huge wall of text. I hope I covered as many as possible... And also thank you for your contribution of new ideas. Best Regards, Shadow Scorpion, General of Ancient Forces 50 Members of Ancient Forces Alliance Generals and Officers of Top 100 Alliances Unity
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    Hey there In this thread you will find community questions answered by the dev team. These are the first questions we collected from players, if you have more questions or if you want to say something about them, you can answer in the "Frequently Asked Community Questions - Discussion" thread. 1. How does the Luck Perk work? The chances to get the skull trap WITHOUT the vault luck bonus perk are the following: When none of the chests have been opened: 25% Otherwise: 100 * ( (3 - number of drawn traps) / number of remaining chests ) So for example if you had a trap in the first chest and are attempting to open the second one, that is: 100 * ( ( 3 - 1 ) / 5 = 40% Now the vault luck perk will lower the chance to get a skull trap in each chest opening. For the computation we consider probabilites in the range [0,1]. So in the above example for the second chest the probability to get a trap is 0.4. If you have one item with a vault luck perk of 6% ie 0.06, the probability will change into 0.4 * (1 - 0.06) = 0.376 -> 37.6%. If you have multiple items with the vault luck perk these are multiplied in the same way. Let's say you have an additional item with vault luck perk 11% (0.11). Then the chance to get a trap in the above example with both items equipped is 0.4 * (1 - 0.06 ) * ( 1 - 0.11 ) = 0.33464 -> 33.464%. For the very first chest it would be 0.25 * (1 - 0.06 ) * ( 1 - 0.11) = 0.20915 -> 20.915%. Obviously by lowering the chance to get skull traps the chance to get something else rises. 2. What are the odds of opening all 3 chests in CoF without luck perk? The chances of getting a prize in the first chest is 75%. If you have hit the first chest, then you have a chance of 40% to get the second reward. If you have won the first 2 rewards, then your chances are 25% to find the 3rd reward. 3. Is there a Werewolf Howl cooldown and how can I trigger it? The Werewolf Howl has a cooldown of 10 seconds. It also requires one enemy target in range for it to be performed. 4. Is there a way to see the ability range of a pet? We will include the range of the Pal's special abilities in their stat view in one of our next versions. 5. What is a Beast Boost and how can we get it? The Beast Boost is explained in the Beasts & Beast Boost Tutorial Video (Link in Beast Menu) 6. How do levels in pal differ, a top player had a better lvl 1 pal than me, how is it derived? The strenght of your Pal also scales with your Hero Level. That way an appropriate support by your Pal can always be ensured. For more info on the Pals make sure to watch the Video in the Pal Menu. 7. Are beasts permanent once unlocked? Beasts remain unlocked for an Alliance. If players leave an alliance, they will also lose access to that Beast. 8. Is there a set for the stats of skeletons spawned by the necromancer? The level of the Skeletons scales with the Necromancer's level. HP: 1000-1730, DPS: 382-1292, DMG:450-1520 9. Is it possible for a heal tower to heal a nearby tower? Heal Towers are able to heal allied units and towers/obstacles. They cannot, however, heal themselves or other Heal Towers. 10. Why are medals so low in a particular stage for the mid level player? In general, players will receive more medals the stronger the enemy is, they are attacking. 11. Are there infinite shots from a skull tower or bombs are limited? A Skull Tower will provide hails of bombs for as long as it lives. 12. Is there a concrete limit to forges? There is currently no limit to forges. We are planning on setting one in the future, however. 13. Is there a limit on workers that can be bought or there is a cap of price at a particular point? Players can buy a total of 20 workers. There is no price cap. 14. Is it possible to get values on gargoyle spawn range from a gargoyle's nest? The lowest level Garygoyle Tower with the lowest level Gargoyle Nest Boost has a minimum range of 3m. The highest level Garygoyle Tower with the highest level Gargoyle Nest Boost has a minimum range of 7m. 15. Doom gate bomb spawn values are given as a %, so do they correlate with the mortar/pyromancer level or they are independent? The %-value indicates the Doom Gate HP-% at which the Gate will fire a wave of projectiles. The power of its projectiles does not reflect the Mortar's or Pyromancer's projectiles' power, as they are independent. 16. Can we have a minimum gold reward based off say king level for war fights. Adjusted based on normal offering. We will increase the amount of Gold earned per war-battle in one of the next updates. 17. Can we get more wardrobe slots? Yes. We are planning on adding more Wardrobe Slots in one of our next versions. 18. Can we have daily events like at Christmas, these even if average gold provide a opportunity and regulating feature for players. To be able to play get a reasonable reward for attacks in times of very low gold not only introduces more non player gold but provides a opportunity for people to always play. Right now many just stop fighting till things improve or wait for event. Festivals will be part of the game much more often. 19. How is XP from a base calculated? The XP earned in a battle depends on the type of troops, towers and obstacles and their level. 20. Videos... this is a major problem for many. If no videos are available then there is no revenue for flare until they are. We try to support as many players as possible by constantly adding more Ad-networks. Unfortunately the frequency of ad-offers are not controllable by us. 21. Blunt damage can be forged on bladestorm, is the blunt damage spread over 5 seconds or happens completely upon casting or it deals that damage per tick for 5 seconds? The complete Blunt Damage is dealt right upon casting the spell. 22. How long is the cooldown between 2 legendary chests obtained via video, or does it differ? It differs. 23. The scrolls, Apocalypse and Armageddon hit a fixed number of targets or everything within that range? Apocalypse and Armageddon hit everything in their range. 24. Does the effects of a spell diminish as it gets farther? (Will a blizzard casted near a skull tower in a range of 1.00 deal more damage compared to a skull tower 5.00 away) The effect stays the same, regardless of the distance. 25. What is the range of each path tile? The range of a path tile is 5m. 26. Is there a lower limit on fiefdoms? An alliance with a fiefdom count of below 3 will be given the needed fiefdoms to participate in the war. 27. Why does damage of cannons decrease when boosted While the damage decreases, the attack rate of boosted cannons increases considerably. So while they don't deal as much damage, they attack much more often.
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    Dear Kings & Queens, Today we had a server update with the following changes: Alliance Wars: We reduced the maximum amount of battles you can fight per attack in the War from 10 to 6. Better Personal War Rewards: you can even earn a random Pal! Fight hard and grab your well-deserved Rewards! Ninja Event Scroll Cooldowns have been changed back to normal for this event. More Rewards: 50% more Pearl Rewards. 25% more Magic Chest Rewards. Balancing Corrected upgrade times for the Blockade Enjoy the rest of the day! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Hi all, Thanks for the detailed posts and discussions in this thread. I'd like to respond to some of your concerns, questions and suggestions, and tell you a bit about what we are currently working on and what is planned. Please note that we will be monitoring the results of any changes we make very carefully and adjusting them as necessary, rather than making large, sweeping changes which may have uncontrollable consequences. Firstly, with regards to the Alliance Wars and the need for change for some users. With the next update, at the end of this month, we will be introducing several changes, which should help resolve some of the issues you are having. Here are some of the main points which will be of interest to you (obviously we are still working on the update and other changes and improvements will also be included): We will be introducing a "Skirmish" War, which will be a shorter War and is planned to occur every second week. This means that the amount of dedication needed on those second weekends is reduced (as requested by many who would like a break each second week), without completely removing the War (as requested by many people who like to fight each weekend). We will be increasing Fury Cooldown times of the regular War to reduce the amount that players are able to fight, and therefore reduce the pressure to fight constantly. We will be increasing the amount of Fury you have, but you will still start with only 3 available (so if you are a few hours late to the War, you will not lose out on using your Fury as it will still be regenerating the additional points). We will be moving the War one hour earlier in the day. In addition to these and more changes in War, we will be adding improvements to the following areas: "More coming soon" Attacking/defending balance Earning Hero Experience Working on and improving defenses Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of what will be coming in the next update, as we are still confirming, refining and polishing content. As a final point, I would like to talk about the issue that many of you feel that there is nothing to do between Wars once you reach a certain level. We are planning more major updates within the next few months which will address this issue and make the time between Wars more engaging for players of all levels. We do not currently intend to have one-off events, rather a more long-term solution, however I cannot yet confirm exactly when this update will be released. We hope these changes will strike a good middle ground between the two extremes of players who want more, and players who want less. As always we will continue reading your comments, so please continue the discussion. Thanks, - Captain Morgan
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    Hi everyone! The trivia event is back as your gem chamber is craving to be filled, so here is the opportunity. We've had Maths for the last two times, so I've selected a different topic which needs some application. Let's recap the rules again - Rewards 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Special Reward: 50 extra premium currency (Something which sets your entry apart from the rest ) Deadline 22nd March, 2017, Wednesday. 12 Noon GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. In the MCQs, select the most appropriate option, also clearly specify the correct option, failure to do so would result in being marked wrong. So these are the questions listed in bold (MCQ choices are listed in normal text) - 1. Identify the name of the Airline by looking at the photo - 2. Identify the name of the Airport and its location by looking at the photo (both must be specified to get correct) - 3. A plane travels at 400 km/h on sector A to B. This happened due to a malfunctioning engine. Since, the flight was delayed, it returned from B to A at night at a higher speed to cover up for the delay. The average speed to and fro was 600 km/h. Calculate the speed from B to A. Consider the distance between the airports was exactly same and the time stationery at the airport was ignored. Your answer must be expressed in km/h. 4. The horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft is located near the turbine engine of the aircraft. State True or False. 5. All engines on an aircraft fail with airport nearby and the aircraft has high altitude. What should be done (Select one option) - A. Point the nose exactly down B. Slowly decrease altitude and glide C. Yaw towards one side and keep flaps open D. Maintain altitude 6. The flaps in an aeroplane are used to (Select one option) - A. Correct the direction B. Rev up the engine C. Use it during an engine failure D. To increase drag 7. How do airplanes go in reverse direction (Select on option) - A. With the help of a pushback tug B. With the help of a reverse gear C. With the help of engines rotating in the opposite direction D. With the help of an aerobridge. 8. In a two-engine aircraft, the left engine fails, what should be done (Select one option) - A. Turn towards the left side and go lower B. Turn highly towards the left side and increase altitude C. Let the aeroplane manually create a yaw towards a side and decrease airspeed D. Tilt towards the right and maintain some speed and altitude 9. State the full form of INS. 10. State where the green light beacon is situated on an aircraft. Good Luck! Regards, KK Star - The Nooberator
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    Hi there, everyone! I, Karman, will host the trivia this time. Math is back, but don't worry, you won't have to calculate anything, because this time the questions are more about the theory than the practice (for example, history). Maybe you're tired of math, so these questions are not hard. The rewards will be the same as before, so they'll be like this: 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Honorable mention: 50 extra premium currency The deadline will be on Monday 27th February at 17:00 (GMT+1). Remember to write your game and your in-game name. The questions: Why is the symbol “=” used to express equality? Where did the sexagesimal system come from? Who made the first set of rules to deal with negative numbers and when? Approximately how many proofs are there for the Pythagorean Theorem? How many years did it take the world to proof Fermat’s Last Theorem? Specify the years and who finally reached the proof. A very curious question, explain why a pizza’s volume can be calculated with the following formula: Pizza. Explain each part and why it works. Who was the first one to fully document the binary system? Where did the decimal system come from? Where does the word “geometry” come from? When is the Pi Day and why? Remember only one answer per person is allowed. Good luck and see you later!
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    I've never thought to say goodbye to this game. I've been playing RR2 for one year and half. I grew up as a rookie up to become a decent player. But i'm 23,i study at university,i have friends,social life,real life. I'm not rich but i spent a lot of time and money just to be competitive. Just to be at the top 300. Just to be something important in a game. A player,proud of helping its own alliance,available to improve himself and the alliance to make it better. Looking back at it,this make me laugh. But now i'm figuring out that i spent money for just a game,a game that i've loved a lot but it won't be the game for me anymore. Maybe i should have spent them in a different way. Or maybe i should not have fallen in love with RR2. Everything started when Blacksmith and skull perk was introduced. Then uber chests were like a cold shower. I noticed that something would have changed negatively for the players. And update after update the problem increase more and more. I pointed that out but as usual every kind of issue is wiped out by the wind so quickly. Now here we are with a new update,with new levels for everything (except for spells),new dungeons,new AT level,new alliance levels,the introduction of puppies and beasts,new tower,new troop and new difficulties originating from ninja events. I'm not saying that new stuff is not appreciated. New stuff is welcomed since the boredom after everything maxed is major. It's not a complaint towards the update in itself. But you know,everything has limits. Balance has never existed,it is something i wished. Flare has never listened to the players and even now, behind the curiosity and interest due to a chance to see the defense improved,hides a shape of greediness. A game is something with pure fun,rules,values,honesty and fairness. I don't see any concept of game in RR2. Now the point is that you can't be competitive just a bit if you don't spend real money on this game. Everything is tending towards a little spend of gems. This is not a fun even for those who have always played free. I can confirm right now:Royal Revolt is a pay-to-win game. It won't allow all free players to play peacefully,i can't imagine what it will be at the top. This game is kept alive just for those who spent real money. Those who don't mind to spend salaries. Those who want to be competitive and to be at the top 100. When someone will look at its own wallet maybe will think that all didn't worth it. For me that time has come. Fairness is something that don't exist in this world,in this world full of selfishness. You have to be careful or someone can make fun of you. A big thank you to everyone that helped me to share tips and improve as player. A big thank you mostly to Bad Musketiers which helped me to grow up,Genie&Master,Gods of Destiny and Italia A.K. The only positive thing i've realised, is that this game is full of honest people. The honesty within the alliances is something that overcome any kind of negativity. Flare i thank you as company for the game in itself but not for your attitude towards all the players which has increased negatively update after update. Someone else will leave you soon. Fairness is something you've never learned. I've always said it. After one year and half,i prefer real life and health rather than a virtual one. That's what i think. Goodbye. TGM
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    Hello everyone, Today it has already been 3 years that Royal Revolt 2 has been released! Your Royal Revolt 2 Team is happy to celebrate this occasion with all of you! We are looking forward for the next years with you guys! Check here for a special raffle: https://www.facebook.com/RoyalRevolt Cheers!
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    This is a question asked by many but not in here. War is more like a job and playing the game feels more like a habit than fun. So I recommend we slow down things a bit. War every week with a matchmaking that is annoying and considering that more and more people quit the game, maybe a break will stop burning people up. We all have personal lives and a weekly war maybe has gone far enough. What do you guys think and recommend? It will mean less activity (money for FG) but a peace of mind for players. I guess I should make this a poll but I thought a yes or a no wouldn't be best feedback from us.
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    please add a link to collect pal treat chests to the same screen as all other chests - by clicking gift icon on main castle screen
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    He is an alliance jumper and a boost whore. He will left his alliance as soon as he got entry in another alliance with more boosts. That's why he didn't setup base according to boosts available in his alliance.
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    This event does not appear to have been tested at the 5900+ tier. First off, all towers, obstacles, and troops are upped 1 level. This is a little over the top considering we just got the update a little over 24 hours ago. Second, the beasts are way over powered after board 20 and they're on every level. I know others wanted it harder, but there are plenty who thought it was hard enough without adding max boosted beasts that are very difficult to kill. I often died and used a portal just to move away from them to save time. If you say you tested this at the highest tier, I simply do not believe you. I would like to be credited back the gems I spent scrolling and reviving for a half baked attempt at making the ninja event harder. Some may pass, most will fail (imo). I almost passed... I died on purpose to revive so I could scroll again only to barely miss 1 tower. You've heard 1 person applaud the change, I give a definite two thumbs down. Make it harder, sure, but this was too much.
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    I'm playing 5500+. I got 1st place in the ninja event, full reward, so you might think I have nothing to complain about. Complete super-amazing ultra-uberjob from me, right? All the new ninja event does is shift the gem-use burden to getting your king KILLED INTENTIONALLY so you can scroll again immediately since they put the new scrolling rule in effect. They tried to limit this to two revives, but it's still extraordinarily silly, because just one or two more rounds of scrolls is usually more than enough for any decent player. So instead of just using 1 more scroll to beat the event, if the worst-case event happens, I have to get my king killed. That's WONDERFUL NEWS. For Flare. TERRIBLE NEWS for anyone who needs just 1 more scroll. So the event is a GEM EATER for no good reason. Ways to solve the problem: No scrolling or revives allowed. That way, it's not just an event for those who can revive. And then it's not a "Flare is greedy and wants us to use gems" event, either. Put it back the way it was. With the new beasts and levels and boosts, it's already significantly tougher. Why did we need a change in rules? Make the prizes much better, with more gems, so at least folks get a few hundred gems minimum for reviving like crazy. At my level, that means 20,000 pearls, 500 gems, and 20 ubers to make it worth it. Give away real prizes, like giant diamonds, to anyone who wins the event. 5 carat minimum. Word on the street is that people don't want to try hard on this event anymore. Well, what fun is it to not play at all? Hugs and bruises, Adju
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    @popsalot Hello, can you give a different title for your posts, so people can understand more effectively of what you're talking about? I take note that you're new to the forum which is fine, but after 8 threads i believe you should know already where to put a title: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36273-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36941-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36943-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36959-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36462-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36465-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36549-popsalot/ http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36686-popsalot/ In case you don't know where put the Title of your Topic take a look here when you're going to create a topic: Thanks for understanding.
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    If I was a new player, I would quit after playing a little bit, just like the voucher friends I recently had. Highest one reached level 43 before giving up. The game has just become too complex and overwhelming without help from a veteran and it takes too long to reach the top. With my current knowledge I would follow next scenario. Start by saving gems for unlocking third troop plus spell slot. That will take a while, but in the meanwhile focus on upgrading throne room as fast as possible and ignore defense at start. Higher throne room gives better opportunities. But that's not the best advice, it's mistake number one. Whatever you do, keep upgrading waves, that's top priority. Never scroll, never resurrect and don't continue opening chests in cof. Save all gems. So upgrade throne room, followed by castle guard. Then troop academy plus wizard tower. You just have to keep upgrading waves, unless you need to upgrade castle guard. Remember that you can only upgrade one wave at a time and with 45 morale possible per wave, this will take years. That was my major mistake for a long time, I just ignored upgrading waves, thought it wasn't important. Wrong... towers don't follow you, but troops do. And the more morale you have, the stronger your waves will be, waves makes bases hard. I have seen bases with only troops inside it, still giving players a hard time. So whatever you do, work on castle guard or wave. Higher guard gives more waves with less time between the waves. This makes your defense strong, but troops need to be upgraded for that. Never put just released new troops in there. Upgrade those troops till at least level 3+, before even thinking of using them in defense. For spells same rule, first upgrade them a few times, before start to use them. Practice against your own plus friendly bases with them. So second priority is throne room. When workers are free, work on castle guard and buildings like troop academy and wizard tower. Then treasure room to unlock new throne room. Remember that you can't upgrade a wizard tower while upgrading a spell vice versa. This also is true for waves plus castle guard and for troops plus troop academy. So spread workers to upgrade different buildings, while at the same moment upgrading a spell or troop or wave of buildings you don't upgrade at that moment. Plan these things and hold reckon with the fact when an upgrade is finished. Planning is important here. I did upgrade a building, then upgrade one or two troops, spells or waves, then once again the building. This keeps you growing stronger. Every now and then, upgrade or build new farms, they give you bread to raid. Your hero is still very low so needs not a lot of bread and upgrades are pretty low in cost. Still bread is needed, so a good level of silo will help. Keep doing upgrades to all main buildings (including inventory towers) and don't forget to upgrade farms. When you feel you have difficulties getting the gold, make a step at the place and upgrade taverns plus farms. I used to max them all the time when I started. Not really required now, but keep an eye on food. You should have enough of it to do your raids for gold. I noticed that watching a video directly finishes upgrades, don't do this unless you really have no time! Save those videos, you don't want to run out of them, you need them later more than ever. Also there is no need for chests for videos, you can do fine without them at the start. Unlock better spells plus troops and upgrade them. When you unlocked spell plus troop slot, it's time to save gems for a third worker. Try to get some gems by completing quests, but realize you need to play on a daily basis, get your daily chests. Now focus on making troops and spells stronger, defense is not yet important. When your trophy level is around 1000 (that's what the defense waves will make sure of, also keep attention to add better troops in waves) it's time to go for dungeons. There you will find gold and resources like gems plus monsters. when you did progress somewhat and see that you can't upgrade buildings as fast as you want, since gold is robbed a lot, it's time to use those workers for defense. Remember, always keep upgrading waves. Now, since you have higher levels of all buildings, start to build towers that help you, like firebolts, snake towers and bomb towers. Skull towers you probably won't have unlocked yet, but if you did, build and upgrade those. Most important in defense are the waves, second is castle gate. It unlocks longer path, more towers plus fences. Start upgrade that till you need a new throne room. Since you probably have not a lot of workers, I suggest to use saved gems from dungeons plus missions to buy worker number three. Also tournaments can help you with this. Try to get gems for new workers. Like you have noticed, I didn't mention a single word of alliance tower and blacksmith yet. Those come later. When you have some gems in reserve it's time to change path. You should check ruins and try to create a path that doesn't need to clear those ruins in the beginning. Later you will have to remove a lot of them, but that's problem later on. Joining a team is important, but start by having a good offense plus defense. Now you need to build alliance tower and add some daily donation. Then join a team. Be a good team player and do your daily donation. So don't raise your donation too high yet, it must not become a burden. 5k is good enough for lower teams, later you should increase it to 50k+. To give you an idea, when you reach level 80, your donation should be 250k+. Let's stop right here. This already will take you months and we don't want to overwhelm you with knowledge. I can only say that later on blacksmith will become second important building. so later whenever you have gems to unlock a slot, do it. The pearls help you to forge everything stronger in offense plus defense. But like I said, that's info for later. When doing this quite well plus play a lot, you could make it to the top within a year without spending a dime. We helped a player from the start (lost his account) and now within less than a year he already is hero level 100+, has a good defense and knows what to do.
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    Instead of 20 battles, a champ has 16 battles. This as well yes. The rewards (chests) are overall better, not only the Pal chest.
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    LMAO I understand why people are complaining about money and not being heard by the developers. But here I am, living proof of the opposite. I have only spent $3 on this game. I do not regret it, and I may very well do it again. However, I don't feel pressured in the least to continue to spend any money. I am not in the top 100 players, I am merely top 3k at best. However, I spend most of my time at 3.9k trophies due to my busy schedule (for example, I have never won the diamond league). However, I am heard. I was the one who suggested Uber chests. I was also - to some extent - the one who suggested the mechanism for ugrading/earning pets. Either the developers are listening to me, or I am very good at predicting them. Either way, they like the ideas. Perhaps I should go into game design? What makes the difference, I think, is what I am asking for. Most free players are asking for more handouts, more free stuff to help them get an edge over the paying players. Would y'all please think about what you are asking for? You are asking to be made VIP's without spending a cent! See, when I walk into a plane and pay for Premium treatment (a.k.a. first class seating), then I am given the privileges that a Premium would normally receive. I do not expect to receive these privileges unless I have paid for them first. Now, I am not saying that the game is not designed in such a way that the non-premium bums like me are pressured into spending money to become VIP's. However, this is to be expected! This is the way the world works. If you don't pay for privileges, you will be seated as far away from the airplane restroom as possible, etc., to make you want to pay for the privileges. However, since I am a cheapskate, I will continue to spend very little money on this game. I am willing to take the long walk to the restroom, rather than go premium. If you are not willing to patiently walk with me, then find yourself a different plane. Sincerely, smiles!
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    I would make wars less intense in terms of not having to wake up at night to strike and shorter wars starting as it starts now but ending sooner maybe 2 days ! Which is enough. So sunday night to monday peoole can relax ! It will be more fun. So there 2 things that have to be addressed in my opinion waking up at night to be able to get good vp and win island should somehow be stopped or made possible to avoid and shorter war.
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    Hi Flare. We've been waiting for this new version for very long, thank you so much for making it happen. I started this game years ago, same time as i started our team «Petite Alliance». At first i was playing for free, but i have to say that this game was great, really addictive, so I started to pay for gems. After some time I eventually spent way above a thousand Euros, and you kept entertaining me. I loved RR2... But... For some time now, people have been commenting on the game. Don't need to discuss everything again, but many talked about the alliance wars that would need a deep change. As I see, nothing has changed. Some asked for more flags to represent their alliance. Maybe it's important for some players to show the langage they would like to recruit, and not have to choose between USA and UK when they are from India or Danmark. It's a very little thing, so why don't you just do it? We were asking for a «confirm» button before spending thousand of gems by mistake to level up or finish a useless upgrade. I will not list everything that people are asking, almost constantly, every time there is a thread on what people wish for... It would not take you long to just add a «Ban» option on a player that is just spamming applications on one alliance, so why don't you just fxxxx do it? We were hopping that the new update (so called v3 lol) would bring some deep changes, other than just new levels for eveything, plus one tower and one unit. I was hopping to find the will to look at new features, discover something new, be a newbee again... But really, you are so disappointing... Lately I was only connecting to do my duty at war and for ninjas. I don't like the game any more, I find RR2 borring, I have all kind of max towers, max units, max spells that I never use, I don't see how adding such small features can change anything. I don't like to play this game any more. I LOVE OUR TEAM :-) Thank you Petite Alliance. We've had a great time togethertogether :-) Sorry Flare, I un-installed. I wanted you to know why .
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    Oh no someone attacked you in a tower defense game?
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    Good that it got cleared up, I banned the according accounts yesterday, as multi-account is not allowed on the forums. Also the question has been answered so this topic got closed, chill out everyone.
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    Moderator or not, he is a player and plays the game. He must have a purpose in attacking your base and there is nothing wrong with that.
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    FG it has been mentioned a few times on here that the dragon animation is annoying when raiding as you can waste, time and spells when it activates, there have been requests for it to be removed/reworked. Not only have you ignored that request, you have now added one for the beast as well, why? Is the animation actually another aspect that can be viewed as an advantage to defence? If you use a spell like toxic cloud just as the beast animation comes on, the whole animation slows, if at that point you and your troops are entering/exiting a nasty tower strewn U full of garg or lightning towers by the time you come back to your troops, they aren't there any more? Is this how its meant to be? Did you actually play the game and test it? Can we not just have an icon flash or something when the damn thing comes out to play, the animations for both dragons and beasts pretty as they are are not creating fluent gameplay.
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    If flare games consider its community has over 10k players who love to play this game. Then they should also listen to medium players. Upgrade for top players and to us this is end of game. Many are deciding to quit game. No surprise that the upgrade is all about more investment in game. And without spending we r not going to enjoy it. So kindly listen to our request and do some changes before only top 500 players are left to play this game.
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    To the RR2 team at Flare Loving the game! Loving the present update. When I first saw those massive pet bosses charging at me, I thought "woah! WTF!?!" Very cool. I loved it when you introduced yetis, ninjas and zombies and uber chests. I've never played a game with so many intricacies at so many levels, and I've played a lot of games. Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next development (but take your time of course). Please never stop. The day you stop will be a dark, dark day for me. All the best!
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    Totally agree.4 days war is already long time for 1 week.And every week different war means too much focus.Does it really worth it? No..
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    Yes this is a good step , but if they introduce a new war concept then it will be a superb & delicious step to rise RR2 .
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    1. Why do you refer to the video of one of the players? I can also write anything in the video Flothaboss is official representative of FG??? Does he get a salary? Real money, or gems? 2. Now say, there in this formula can 80+% work/not work 0.4 * (1 - item1) * ( 1 - item2 ) * ( 1 - item3 ) * ( 1 - item4 ) * ( 1 - item5 ) * ( 1 - item6 ) You just in FAQ explained that luck from different items does not add up. What does the total amount cap 80% mean? And how it may work??? Why 80% not mentioned in FAQ?
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    Why do we all have to play by the same war system rules at the same time? Make 3 different war system formats and let each alliance choose on Thursday which one they want to play in by war start on Friday. Maybe one will have a different map format, one will have no loser bonus, one will not allow players to players to change alliances during war etc. It would be nice to have some choices please.
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    The game has a lot of adults. Who have family, children, work. They can't set the alarm to Wake up in the night and to help the Alliance... this is nonsense. Accordingly, if the player does not Wake up during the night, the Alliance will lose the war.. I have heard a million stories from that game for arguing the family (this is also the reason of leaving the game), the game before was fun and we have invested their money in entertainment . The game now became a duty
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    this dungeons very easy, i did them with WOK. May be wolf and ogr will be harder, but i doubt. Btw its nice event. in each tiers 3-5 players did perfect. Its mean- they skilled others not. And its mean- its not insane event. If some one can- other need try better. Thst all
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    I fully concur with what other players have said, I have been playing other game as well and never saw a situation that a war would take almost 4 days. The length of the war is as ridiculous as it gets in its design, who in their right mind can expect players to spend most of their full week engaging in high intensity play for more then 50 percent of their lives. That and mindless "matching" where all top teams face the same and the same people and teams again and again. How much more boring can it get? Perhaps flaregames totally doesn't care anymore but it is a certain way to kill the game and product line. The biggest issues with the game at the momement which are not addressed are as follows: 1) wars too long, either make them less frequent or even better reduce it to 1 maximum 2 days. No one is going to play such wars month after month especially where top teams are concert where we face the same teams again and again. The concept of designing wars in such manner are ridiculous and absurd. 2) change match making for top teams, surely there are mechanisms to ensure a teams does NOT face same team weak after weak after weak. I and many other players am sure are sick and tired even to see the names of same adversaries again and again even though we love to battle them. 3) remove ten ability of other players to see the map in wars. The amount of copying of the same defence is ridiculous and absurd. Some teams have worked hard and put countless hours into designing defence only to see it been copied by other teams. Why would someone need to see defence in war? Every player and his dog/cat knows by now which heroes go with which magic. The defence is players/team's know how and is not some cheap trinket to be displayed by the game to all and sundry for no apparent reason. 4) stop ratcheting the game so fast that even items bought same weak from the chests are becoming obsolete the moment the leave the box. It makes game not fun and leaves the impression Flaregames only want players money as fast as possible. Good for short term boost t bottom line bad for player loyalty as they keep leaving in droves.
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    Nobody uses Arrow Towers, and Eagle Towers are Awesome! Make the Eagle Tower the standard Elite Boost for Arrow Towers!
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    I'm thinking of a different thing. Let wars be as they are now, every week for 3 days. BUT: The same idea should stay, like alliances vs. alliances but every second week, there could be a war, where you don't fight for VP, but for prizes both individual and for alliances. F.ex: Most scoring persons like first three in alliance: recives gems or item (godlike or titan). Or can construct or upgrade a structure for free or for highly reduced cost. Or can upgrade a spell or unit for free or for highly reduced cost. Most scoring alliance wins: certain divine blessings until next war. Or can upgrade alliance lvl. Or recive serious amount of gold in treasury. Or something like that. The main idea is that every second war is not about maintaining alliance position on the leaderboard, but having fun and fight for valuable prizes for individuals. It may help people to feel like staying in the game and participate for the common good without getting stressed out about "loosing islands". Must say that I would love to sleep like 8-9 hours in weekends again...LOL😉
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    So why you entered a topic of Pal summary in the first place ? ;-)
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    Take some time to play and discover the version by yourself.
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    Here you can share your Invitation code! Do not spam the codes in other topics, they will be merged there.
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    Kkstar is in my alliance and we are saving gold to upgrade. We really don't have that many boosts going now. That said if your team all start attacking a member of my team. Be prepared for retaliation.
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    And 3 different people with same IP address like you also are this forum users and for some reason they support you, like your posts and al that stuff ? And 3 random people also seem to have similar command of English, attitude and speak the same way like you do ? Only you could attack me for a mistake the way "Kraken" did. It is attitude and way of speaking only you have. I know you will deny it. Just hope you will never use those 3 accounts and you will not create new ones. It is really pathetic and I would be ashamed if I were you.
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    Not going to lie I didn't read all of that, but if you write 12 paragraphs on any post I think you deserve a few likes 😁
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    What was the message about? I got 20+ PMs per day and many of those are about account restore as well, so it might happen that some get missed. I think many concerns were regarding the Alliances Wars which remain a problem for players. We got something in mind to improve the situation with the Wars with the next version.
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    It's funny, a few weeks ago, most people loved the ninja event (apart from the gate tower crap) and were sick of wars. Now people are hating on both, Flare managed to turn the fun event into a crapfest and alienate players even more by not even tweaking the war system with their birthday update.
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    Choka has a good point. Once you get to a certain level, war is the only thing left to do. You can play around with your defense (which can be annoying because you can't lock/save different designs), you can grind heroes (until you've ground them all into dust), you can watch a counter tick on a tower upgrade and resist the urge to pay for it....and you can wait for war. When you first start out you have stuff to do every day, multiple times a day. It was fun, exciting, it felt good. Ok, this really sounds like drug addiction now. But maybe there could be more stuff to do? More unit upgrades, or SOMETHING. I had the stupid idea in the car today about combining units so that individual players could have unique troops. Like you could squash together a griffin and a hydra to make a flying hydra with a beak. Or minotaurs and archers to give minos a bow. Or warriors and cyclopses to make smaller cyclopses with 2 eyes but one of them isn't very good. Just something to do, maybe.
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    Everyone could predict there would be a lack of gold. It's very simple to explain because there are new levels which cost a huge amount of gold. For example throne room upgrade which most players will start with. Let's say you have no gold at this moment. You need 12M for upgrading the tower. Players being fortunate who got the new release first start to raid They raid a lot of players who have gold. Let's say they are fortunate and need 12 raids. This means 12 players who already got less attractive The player upgrades, has no gold and is no attractive target any longer More and more players upgrade the game and start to raid for the needed gold. They find less targets and need already more raids. even more players get less attractive and the ones who had plenty of gold are raided more and more, so the gold protection mechanism starts to do his job to prevent that player will lose too much gold. --> Even less gold out there And they also are no attractive target any longer After several hours most gold targets are gone Gold out there is horrible You find targets with gold, only... 95% of them are online since they are also struggling to get enough gold You are lucky to find targets over 300k gold and extremely fortunate when you find a player who gave up collecting gold. Instead of 12 raids, you need 30+ raids to get enough gold. It's just because a lot of players now suddenly need gold. Then gold depletes fast. This will get a little bit better during the ninja events, but we can hold reckon with it that it will happen again when throne room is ready. Then we need to upgrade a lot of main buildings and require even more gold to start those upgrades as fast as possible. And then we aren't done yet, then we need to upgrade our troops once again to max plus our defensive structures. So there will be lack of gold for the next period.
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    So true, with less battles in war it gives players the option to spend time with family etc, and gives others the opportunity to get good gold out of war.
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    Hey y'all, All rewards given except for the following players who should provide their exact in-game name: Queens Susy BB - Henrry ( Mrscarla ) Have a nice weekend!
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    come on man , everyone wants gems for specific reason , its the main currency people use real money sometimes , no one will waste gems on u , and this topic u created isn't for help its called begging. I apologize if it hurts , but truth is always bitter to swallow. Thnx.