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    Here you can share your Invitation code! Do not spam the codes in other topics, they will be merged there.
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    that was a real pleasure to discuss with you all. You are awesome. Don't change anything. Some of you are a great players with a huge skills. I leave and stop to play Royal Revolt 2 for good. I have pleasure to do video on my Youtube Channel and help you out during the time I was here but Flare have go too much far. This morning they have nerf Necromancer too much and make it useless like all the other stuff they have nerfed like. Necromancer was my prefered unit and they scrap it. I don't see where is the fun anymore if you need to have all boosted to able to play this game. Now Flare force us to join a Alliance level 57+ to able to use Monk,Lightning and now Necromancer boost and maybe other stuffs. It's ridiculous and it's not the way i want to play this game. That was I real pleasure to meet you all. I have fun with you. I think about all alliance I have join like : Blade Storm, Lord of the Lords,Warrior Assassins and Genie and Master the last one I have visited. Thank you Dena,Momo,Morgor,Edward,An and Neverangelic, thank you opelle you offer us a wonderful wiki for this game. Special thanks to all of my follower who follow me and everyone who support me on my Youtube Channel I don't think I will come back. With what Flare do to RR2 I don't think I will replay this game anymore. I will continue Olympus Rising because CaptainMorgan do a wonderful work there and keep the game on top. About RR2 is going worst to worst each update and each server update they do Thank you all and good luck in RR2 PS : before my account become inactive. with all the gem I have I will give them to everyone who support me. I have with my Dark099 maybe 600 gems. If you are attacked by me it's because I give you my gems
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    This is my attempt at drawing the RR2 Knight!!
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    Hello everyone Kings and Queens ! if you are getting trouble and you need new members for your alliance, this thread is for you ! I will set a simple guideline that everybody can follow to make its Alliance Recruitment Thread as clean as possible! Please, read this before go ahead: For the title of your thread put as follow to be more comprehensible to others: [Alliance Name] - [Alliance Level] - [Main Language] - [Hero Level Req: 55] Example: Gods of Destiny - Level 38 - English - Hero lvl req:55 Remember to make only 1 thread per alliance ! Guide: ► The main thing is tell to other people your alliance name otherwise they can't join your ally... Alliance Name: Your alliance name ► Alliance level is important most of time to recognize at what point is the alliance... Alliance Level: lvl 30, lvl 42, etc ► Another important thing is tell at what rank is set your alliance... Alliance Leaderboard: Your alliance name top 100, top 500, etc ► Short description of your Alliance will let know to the new people what they'll have to face... ► Every decent Alliance has some requirements, so the better thing is set yours... Requirements to join: ​​Minimum donation of 50k, 100k, etcWe recruit people only over 2,000 trophies, 3,000 trophies, etcHero levelOthers...► Gifts as Elite Boosts or War Boosts are important for the loyalty of your members... Gifts: We give a permanent boost, we have multiple Elite Boosts as Blazing Knight, Power Archers, etcWe give the rank of General who has been loyal for a long time, we give "champions" or "shields" to members according to...etcOthers...► Set some rules for your Alliance so people will know immediately with who they are dealing... Rules: We don't tolerate bad wordsAfter 3 warning you will be expeledOthers...► (Optional) If you have a "motto" of your alliance is always good share to others... Motto: Your alliance motto► As last you can always liven up your thread adding images or similar things... And now what are you waiting? Go to recruit new people ! They are waiting you ! Regards, oPelle
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    Thanks for participating in this contest and writing down some great content with some awesome pictures and few posts tickling the funny bone. I'll go through all the posts and pick the most deserving winners. Stay tuned! Regards, KK
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    I am playing this game nearly an year now. To be honest, I must say that I like the concept of the game and it is addictive. Because of the game, I got to know many players all around the world. Apart from that there is nothing else I (we) have achieved in this game. It is acceptable to buy gems during the play and I understand FlareGame must have a source of income. But now, FlareGame has intentionally push us to the point we have to buy gems most of the time whether we like it or not. The reason is everything cost a lot in the game. As examples : to upgrade an alliance, to activate a blessing, to upgrade the ithican harbor, to start an Oddisy it requires hundreds of millionsof gold which is unaffordable with the limits of current daily donations. To get rid of this situation the FlareGame has to consider about the amount of gold which requires for above mentioned cost centers. Reducing the powers of heroes is another unacceptable thing which has done by FlareGame recently. I personally know almost everyone work hard to levelup their best heroes and when they get closer to the max levels of the heroes, FG reduced the heroes strength. Example : FG has reduced the strength of Athena around 50% which makes players disappointed. Though FG said that they did it for the balance of the game, we all know it's because of the players who use Athena don't use invocations most of the time and FG doesn't like that because they do not get any income. So they are pushing such players to the point to use invocations. As a full-time Olympus Rising player, I kindly request FlareGame to be fair on your pricing and the cost of activities. I suggest FG should consider on these points. - Increase the limit of daily donation. - Reduce the cost of gem packs. - Reduce the cost to activate the divine blessings. - Reduce the cost required to initiate a game in Oddisy. - Leave Athena as she used to be. Dear FlareGame, consider this game is a goose which lays golden eggs. Please don't try to kill it.! King RAWANA (රාවණා)
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    NO GEMS JULY! Let's remind Flare Games and Klass Kersting CEO and Founder that we pay the bills and they work for us! It's time for Dry JULY make no purchases for the entire month of July! If you want to have a voice and be able to effect REAL change then support this endeavour. Or Flare will continue to take your money and continue to scam you. All those who are too broke to pay to play continue to STFU and do nothing. Generals let your blessings run out for the entire month of July. Power to the People!
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    Greetings Queens & Kings! We are celebrating our One Million Facebook likes with a special in-game festival that will run until July 3rd, 2017! Collect the festival bundles and use them to unlock new special items as well as two Pals: Bucky the Bunny Pal that was introduced with our Easter Festival and Aki, our brand new Fox Pal! Have a great weekend and fun in Royal Revolt 2! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
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    Areas listed on the Watch List are under active consideration for rebalancing. This list will be updated as necessary. Aki Beast Primary attack range Howl Pal Unit movement speed after howl Damage Howl Beast Unit movement speed after howl Jesterbox Movement speed Skeletons Damage to Hero Really? is a kind of joke or what? a april fool late maybe? with all the problem, the nerf,the bugs,the crash and unbalanced stuffs in the game since many months. It's only that you have found necessary to discusss and to improve in the game? by what to start there is too much stuffs to talk about it's crazy Not only that proof you don't care much about the game but you proof you don't care about your professionalism to have a company. Try each game in the world on mobile or all PC online game and a real company will be able to add,test and solve problem themselves Here we must work for you. It's a joke really. I don't expect you gonna start to act like a professional company but wow it's impressive how you think all of this is funny since 1 year or more by what start? * TC who need to be unnerf * on PC Flare need to fix the Queen problem in Quest Rewards. The Queen hide and don't allow us to perfectly move quest. ( problem we have since 1 year or more) * The same problem of Quest Rewards for Wave. When I want to change my units the screen are switch to the other one. Very hard to add and remove troops properly (problem we have since 1 year or more) * Crash in dungeon (maybe there since day 1) * Jester who are useless. Maybe make them blow on the moment and not 2 or 3 seconds after * Paladin who are useless since day 1. Reduce their weak percentage and give them boost or something to make them useful at level 100,110+ * Necromancer defense HP too high. Maybe HP depend of level of Hero. A low level player face them at 10k, mid level 15K,high level 20k, very high level 40k. * Skeleton of Necromancer too much overpowering. * Problem of loots at 4000 trophy and more * Froster who don't have range. Make us able to forge Range * Archer is useless. at Max up them at 5.50 and Up the range in forge after +30 at 6.20 * Mummy in offense a little useless. Make us able to forge HP * I think Lightning Tower need to be improve. 3 charge is useless. Maybe up the charge at 4 when unboosted and at max. When boosted up the charge at 6.At the cost the Lightning Tower demand is normal to make it more useful in defense * The taverns don't produce enough gold. Maybe improve them a little. It's very annoying to search during 30 minutes to find someone who have gold maybe if the taverns can give more gold per hour. Can fix the problem of loots. The maximum is 550k but need like 2 days to fill them. Maybe if the maximum can be something like 700k and more like 20K per hour. Gonna make taverns more useful for everyone * On PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the cursor. The cursor is not visible and we lost it often * ON PC we waiting again to have the possibility to change the keyboard shortcut. it's not everyone who like use 1,2,3 for troops and 4,5,6 for spells. * Put in option the function to up and down graphism for everyone who need it: low,medium and high each details in the game : Shadow,how far we see,troops details,tower details,etc.. * Video Ads : Many of players still cannot use this function. Take 1 week or more in start to investigate to fix this problem once and for all * CM present on the forum 24/7 * Start to work during weekend and answer us in weekend like every video game company * If possible hire someone to fix the double post problem on this forum * We want the old scream button back with HP and Shield Bar * Maybe add during the raid a minimap (of course optional in Settings On/off) that show all units,towers,etc.. * Change the War Season. We want something more fun * Add a gem button to stop us to waste gems on misclick I don't remember all the problem in the game there is too much. The list is very very long. That what happen when you don't fix stuffs during 3 years Now you have a lots of work until 2018 for this game
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    The extra two tiles on the path might be a good one, I only don't understand why we once again must upgrade the castle gate for getting those extra tiles. Why not just add them to the current max gate? It's just a lousy extra upgrade indeed, not even worth a complaint, but we already have too many levels on everything, don't you think? This is one of the reasons why most newcomers stop after a while, it's a never ending upgrade story. Before they are even close to see the light at the end of the upgrade tunnel, the mountain on top of the tunnel collapsed.
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    Most Realistic Story (x2): 1000 gems - AJ 420 Your story was indeed true, it take a lot to become a holy monk. - @CEZARXXX I require your IGN. Btw, great story. A really touching one. Funniest Story (x2): 1000 gems - Dena4 Really fun to read the inverse version - Areisp It was tough to choose, but the story, rather sentence was just too straight and there was no way it couldn't have been awarded. Best Picture (x1): 750 gems - hulk_vivek The picture showed your affection for knights, I wouldn't spam so many of them on a ninja island. Best Poem (x1): 1000 gems - Katniss142 The perfect poem, everything well-explained and the structure was flawless. Even the pic was cool. Random Entry (x4): 500 gems - majestic0046 - Luk Muxer - me king me - ïÿ_h__l I hope you all have received the gems and it was a pleasure to host this contest. The rest, don't be sad, there will be many further opportunities soon. Regards, KK
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    I like to take this initiative and reveal as much as I can and unraveled some of the misery surrounding this unique rare items. Bare in mind that most of what I post here are not mine, I make this videos from what my alliance members discover, and of coarse you can add what you have uncovered as well, even send me links or videos to edit and post here. So here is what I have to offer so far. Later I will edit more in. The stats are related to the ascension level of the player and may vary. Here is a complete list of all Unique items before the 3.3 update Hercules: Nemean Claws Prometheus: Fire Bringer Perseus: Mirror Shield Ariadne: Aegean Thread Odysseus: Bow of Odysseus Helen: Gemini Cadmus: Curse of Ares Achilles: Shield of Achilles Jason: Golden Fleece Athena: Medusa's Head Ajax: Great Shield of Ajax All: Apple of Discord The incomplete list for unique items after the 3.3 update Helen: Nemesis Perseus : Talaria Hercules: Erymanthiam Jaws Athena: Victory Odysseus: Scylla & Charybdis Ariadne: Aegaean Tread Ariadne: Asterion Cadmus: Dragon Scale Ajax: Madness of Ajax Please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel >>GAMMAL<< like and comment
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    How to sail on an Odyssey? The maximum level of the port, used to sail to an Odyssey, is 8. At level 8, the highest difficulty which can be selected is 10. The higher the port level, the higher difficulty you can select, and the better are the rewards. At port level 8, the maximum difficulty is 10 and the rewards are the following: At port level 6: Starting the Odyssey. When you want to start an adventure in the Odyssey, you can select the difficulty, and the enhancement you want to earn when you succeed. Each difficulty has a different Gold cost. The enhancement also increases depending on the difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher the amount of Fame you can earn, which means you'll be able to reach higher chests. Note: Reaching Celestial Boosts level 27 unlocks the possibility to choose among 3 enhancements instead of 2. Once you selected the settings of your Odyssey, you can start fighting. The map displays 5 different islands. You have to defeat them all to earn the enhancement. When you select an island, you can see the defense layout and the rewards, like in any normal battle. If you play with the featured hero, you will receive additional Fame. Fighting in the Odyssey costs Wisdom. The limitations are the same as in normal battles. You can resurrect up to 3 times and use invocations. If you lose, you can try again. 🙂 Depending on the difficulty, the opponents will feature different Blessings, and potentially some enhancements! Warning: if you skip an adventure, you will keep the amount of Fame obtained until now! You will not receive the amount for the islands you didn't beat. You will NOT be rewarded with the selected enhancement. Rewards. Once you finished a battle, you will earn Fame. Fame will unlock further chests, but also enhancement bonus. You can see all those on the Odyssey Progress screen. Once you successfully conquered the adventure map (beat all 5 islands), you will be rewarded with your selected enhancement. You can find a list of your enhancements (units, defenses and powers): Note: You will not receive the chests when you reach the corresponding amount of Fame. What is the new symbol on my profile? The trident represents the amount of Fame you accumulated across your Odysseys. You have to complete all adventures in a limited time (see the timer). Once the time is over, a new Odyssey will start. Hope it helps answering some of the questions.
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    Dear Flaregames, Thanks for unearthing Wayward. Xo, LBH ps. I kind of agree. Just with less... passion?
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    OK...so all of you who are much higher players are complaining about the rewards of the festival this time around. Last time around it was the difficulty level. I know there are people who will be happy with the items because they DON'T get them in chests, and others who have the opportunity to upgrade the items they already have. Is it possible that the people who are always complaining are people who are never happy with anything? Personally. I have most of the rewards, but one or two of them have a perk upgraded by a little bit. It can save me some forging time if I choose to get those rewards, but most likely I will just let things go till the end and turn into gems. Stop all the complaining already.
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    How about this, as a player you need gold to be able to upgrade. Say you need 5M and now have 4M. You start a raid and get 1M. You think you can upgrade, but in the meanwhile other players raided you and stole 1.5M in total. Instead of making steps forward, you will fall backwards. So instead of being able to upgrade, you need 1.5M extra. That's why. I know it's annoying to find players with tremendous amounts of gold and to see time after time that they are online, but since we raid multiple players while being connected, this would seriously bring players to madness. Say it's even worse, you want to max a building. You can only hope to get close to the 15M plus that nobody raids you while you want to upgrade. An attack could be ongoing already, so you might already losing gold. That's why players online should not be able to be raided. And I don't want to use a gold shield every time to prevent players from stealing gold from me, while I try to upgrade something. Flare could do something else, build a time limit online in there. Say you didn't raid for 15 minutes, then your base can be raided. Flare already added some kind of mechanism in there to make sure players don't stay online 24/7. It's not only the player being online as a reason why you can't raid. When a player already is under attack, you also can't raid. I would also like to see that a player is online, so that I don't need to check time after time and be disappointed that I can't get a tremendous amount of gold. But that isn't sufficient. Remember that when you check a base, it's a view of that particular moment. A fraction of a second later, another player can start a raid, also the player can come online or just has gone offline. And that is verified as soon as you press the raid button. Your idea with construction is great, but that is covered by being online. Instead of it, give us multiple designs, just like the wardrobe. Select the one active and construct the rest like you want. Especially changing your base during war season is a big no.
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    IGN: Dena4 Game :RR2 Favorite unit frenzy frost blaster. Oh frenzy frost blaster, shooting from far away, destroying anything within your range is giving me a lot of fun, you are the one who makes my day. Firing your frost arrows with tremendous speed, that's why all other troops fall down to your feet. And when you go down you even save others with your generous war boost power called heal, I come short on words to tell you how good you make me feel. With your second ability to slow down opponents and make them frozen, I know for sure why you are my favorite, the one I have chosen. In a group all favorites troops of others you easily shoot down, that's why you are my favorite, you definitely deserve my number one crown. Now I end my frenzy story, a poem about your endless glory. And now a funny one, based on the original. Oh frenzy frost blaster, a bomb tower shooting from far away, destroying you in a blink of an eye, that's making me frustrated, that's definitely not going to make my day. Even when you fire your frost arrows with tremendous speed, one simple bomb is enough to bring you down on your feet. That's making you go down fast and even with our special power called heal, it's making me sick to see that my army is completely wiped out, I come short on words how bad it makes me feel. Even with your second ability to slow down opponents and make them frozen, you don't slow down ogres and ignore the ninjas, so why on earth I have you chosen? In a group you easily go down, I wonder why you are my favorite, are you even worthy my crown? Now I end my frenzy story, do you even deserve my endless glory?
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    Is that weapon you just picked up any good? Better than the one you're using? Want to see what you have to look forward to? Look no further. Zombie Survival Gunship Weapon Comparison Just a little something I threw together to help me keep track of what was what in this game. Would love to get your help to fill this out! If you find this useful and you'd like to contribute: Take a screenshot of any un-boosted level 1 weapons not already on the list Upload the image to a free hosting service like imgur.com, where you can create an album that contains ALL the images at once Send the links to me either by sending me a private message or posting the imgur link in this thread ...and I'll get them uploaded! That should give a baseline to extrapolate stats, since boosting every weapon and rarity seems to follow roughly the same formula. Enjoy!
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    I thought to consolidate some of the posts for new players (hope if this is useful it gets pinned). I will edit based on comments and feedback, so feel free to bring them on! First off, enjoy the game! Don't sweat it if you don't get amazing weapons or can't beat certain levels. Starting out: Link your account to Game Center or Play Store to avoid losing everything if something wrong happens with the device or app. SAVE YOUR GOLD! Right now, imho, best use of gold is to buy metal to boost a legendary AC. Don't buy crates with gold unless you check the other threads about crates. You want to reach level 30 as fast as possible to unlock all weapons. Grind the fastest mission (in terms of time) that you can. This is usually a 1 building mission on the highest map/tier you achieve, even if it's not the highest difficulty level. Bear in mind that crates may drop ANY weapon you unlocked, just because you are level 30 doesn't mean you're getting an AC 30 on your next box. Do each and every mission you can every day on every difficulty level. After the first time, the loot will be reduced to 20% until reset (8pm EST for me). WATCH ADS! You get 12 ads in total for each day, they refresh every 5 mins or so. Click on the + next to your gold and look to the right for a box labeled "Free". Keep upgrading your main buildings to unlock more gunship slots and troop slots. HQ & Hangar first, then supplies, metal and armory, then defensive towers/mortars, then everything else. Don't worry too much about base defense, they are completely optional. They basically award you common crates which you will get from missions as well. They may also award epic crates. The epic crates (8 hours) have been notorious for dropping green weapons while the common ones have dropped higher rarity weapons consistently, so you're actually better off on the common (3 hours) in terms of odds as you also get more weapons, metal, supplies and gold). Boost your highest tier/rarity AutoCannon (That would be the highest number you get, in order of worst to best: 5.56, 7.62, 20, 25, 30) to keep going and beat more difficult maps. It's your best all around weapon. Don't fret too much about this though as the difference between them is marginal. Example: don't switch to a green AC20 over a blue 5.56. If you get a legendary AC of any type, treat it like winning the lottery and even invest your gold (hope you saved it) on metal to boost it. Second favorite: boost a gunship sniper, they're essential for titans. Third favorite (jury is out on this one, but I like it): A missile. Earlier levels have a lot of shamblers (basic zombies) that a missile will wipe out as they cluster. Don't overboost this one, you want just enough damage to kill the zombies, any extra damage would be wasted. General strategy: Pick a deployment point closest to a building as possible, preferably away from ground defenses so they can provide some support before you have to take them out. If you can't loot all buildings, deploy closest to the one with the resource you need most in case you need to abort. If there are 3 buildings, choose a deployment point closest to the leftmost/rightmost building, don't go for the middle one first, your troops will waste time and you won't be able to finish the map in most situations. The number of zombies on the screen is constant at a certain point of time. However, that number increases at regular intervals and events. When you start off, say there are a total of 10 zombies that can spawn. As you kill them, 10 more will spawn immediately. If you don't kill them, no additional zombies will spawn. As you loot a building, time passes by or wait for evacuation, that total will increase exponentially. So, generally speaking, you want to hold off as long as possible before killing zombies and only take out those in the path of your troops or attacking the building they are looting. Shamblers (basic zombies) are so slow, you can ignore those behind your troops. Focus fire on the faster zombies. This way, slow zombies far from your troops stay there and you have less risk of new zombies spawning in your path or closer to your troops. DON'T STOP! Scouts give you a loot bonus that might help shave a second or two from building looting, but, more importantly, they will stop less to shoot zombies. That's essential to have them keep moving. Destroy the barricades in the way of your troops as early as possible, but leave the rest to keep zombies busy. The worst thing is to have your troops "pinned down" even though their path to the next building is open, but they are focused on what is coming from behind. As they kill them, zombies will spawn everywhere and you will have a hard time managing the horde coming from all directions. If your troops stop and zombies are pouring from every direction, focus fire to create a gap in the pouring horde. Your troops would kill the closest zombies while you kill those behind them, if done properly, this should have them moving again in no time. (Slight variant of the above point) Your troops aren't entirely useless though. In a pinch, they can clear a path while you focus fire elsewhere to ensure they can move again after they deal with a certain group of zombies. Your ground troops should be used for the last 30 second stand, you shouldn't rely on them otherwise. You only really need one troop with even 1% health to win. Scouts are good for the area splash even though the weapons don't mention there is one. Add a demo to your scouts for their health to survive longer. Demos are great for their health although the splash isn't what you would expect, but they can take that pounding buying you a few precious seconds to win. Leveling up the weapons will add health to your troops although the number of bars doesn't change. Don't worry about bombarding your troops with your gunship, they don't take damage although they will complain forever. Fire your AC in short bursts to avoid overheating. If you have 2 equipped, you can tap both at the same time for double firepower or you can alternate. If using scouts in particular, destroy sniper towers first, they will destroy your scouts. Soften ground defenses ahead of time, but keep them alive as long as they are helping kill zombies. Use down time such as no zombies in the path of your troops, but you're letting them drag behind to take out the ground defenses. If the building being looted is heavily sieged, abort: Better to finish with some loot than no loot at all. Do try a few times first before you resort to this. There is no penalty to losing a mission. When dealing with Impalers, use a Cannon. They don't work well on anything else, so save your shots for them. When dealing with Titans, use snipers. Make sure you zoom all the way for full damage (tap and hold). Use your AC in between reloads to either take out other zombies or chip away at the titan. Use the snipe zoom time as AC cooldown time. Snipers don't damage buildings. Snipe individual zombies chipping away at obstacles to keep it up as long as possible. Loot buildings NEVER get damaged by your weapons, so don't worry about that! Weapons: Best early game setup: Autocannon, AutoCannon, Missile. (Silencio Heights) Best mid game setup: Autocannon, Missile or Autocannon, Sniper. (North County & Grey Valley) Best late game setup: Autocannon, Cannon, Sniper. (Interstate) Don't bother with green weapons, best use is fodder to fuse with other weapons. The only exception to the above rule is if you only have a green AC. Farming: Additional credits for @mabaeyens for contributing and @TurboTIB for his list of Farming maps
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    I hope Athena wasn't nerfed because the flaregames team objected to the idea of a female character being physically stronger than male characters. it's very striking that all 3 of the female characters lack the attack strength bonus. Athena used to be the exception, but now it feels like a regressive stereotype.
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    Once a game is 6 months old, everyone starts proclaiming it's dead, 3 years on it's still getting developed and getting significant quarterly updates, so can't be doing too badly.
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    I fully understand that we aren't forced to continue after a failure. Nobody puts a gun to my head and says, push that continue button. But do you think it's normal that those skulls inside chests determine a very high amount of your total score? The first three highest successful raids against different opponents determine highest percentage of the skulls, but for the remaining 3 (or 13 if you champ) the skulls inside the chest determine major part of the total. I don't know any other game where the game tries to make customers pay two extra times before any reward is given. After you pay it's normal to get the reward. Here however the scenario of this game. You fail and need to pay gems to continue, since you want the skulls inside the chest. You click another chest and once again the game is making a fool out of you and says, nope we want more gems. And to make it even more silly, after paying twice, that the game once again says, too bad, I want you to pay one more time, before you get the reward that you tried to get. If we had any influence on the outcome of the result between failure or success, I would say you are right, but Flare determines that it's another failure again. And like I said, making a customer pay 4 times 45 gems in a row, with honest statistics, the odds are 1:120.000. Once in a lifetime of this game it will happen to you. Now give me a reason why this happens multiple times to most players who continue opening? Only answer is greed, it's something not done. Now tell me, in which situation you think more players will be tempted to continue opening? The current situation where players know they risk to lose 45 gems or in the situation that players know to get the reward after paying 15 gems? As a bonus, a lot of free players are in the game, so risking to lose 15 or 45 gems is a huge difference. Simple answer, a lot more players will continue opening the chest if they know that losing max 15 gems will give them the skull/coin reward, it's as simple as that. And in which situation players would get frustrated more? In the situations where you need to spend 30 or 45 gems, especially when it happens multiple times in a row. When that happens a lot of players who open chests on a voluntary base won't even consider to use gems after a failure since they realize it's going to be costly. In my situation I lost over 400 gems within 4 wars (actually 500, but I found once 100 gems). Just the knowledge that it could cost 30 or 45 gems per chamber of fortune will prevent players from clicking that continue button, it scares them away. You gave the answer already for this, it's annoying. And that's why giving the reward after paying one time gems won't frustrate players as much as now. Like I said, based on the fact knowing that after paying gems, a reward is given, will make more players spending those gems. So I even think it's a win-win situation. That you agree to everything what flare does, doesn't make it right. Like I said, there are some borders of respect that should not be crossed and this mechanism violates it completely. Some actions are just not done, and this is one of them. I try to make them change that way, by giving a reward after paying gems. The next attempt should be no failure after paying gems.
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    Particularly now that we can have a 31 tile path, the map isn't wide enough for me to build the path I want. It's currently 11 tiles wide, and I would love to see it expend to 13 tiles wide.
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    Odyssey is a enormous grind considering the buffs are permanent its understandable, its design to shut us up and keep us busy, I wonder if anything new will come up after this, the costs are absurd and its another copy paste of the same game play. Get creative and innovate soon before is too late. Where are those programmers that made this, call them to trow at us something good, there are good ideas on forum also. The game has 20.000 active players, I approximate, listen to us before this cash cow will stop spitting out money
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    At least you get gold plus free gems when you convert the presents.
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    North Hills, 4th Stage on Hard, "Scorched Earth". There's only one spawn tree and I move the troop start point to the top corner of map and don't break the fence to slow them a bit more. Loadout: Green 7.62 lvl 25 Blue 80mm Rocket lvl 20 Purple AGM114 lvl 18 There's a small point right in front of the tree that they all converge on before spreading that I focus the gunfire on. Only 3-4 titans spawn and all together so it usually only take 1-2 AGMs to drop them then rockets for further crowd control. Getting ~1500 kills per round. There may be a better level but this one I like because of the one spawn point making it a simple win. Let me know if you have better EDIT: Also wondering if the reward boxes open immediately or have to go into your inventory because i'm usually stuck with a full armory and don't want to miss on the better crates just because im stuck with 12 hours of crates in my armory.
  28. 4 likes
    Someone asked for an Aki festival and he got it. For me it's ok, loot was noticeable decreasing so a festival is good news. I am interested in the whammerhead for sure. Finally three speed gears. It was the item still on my wish list. Only... 17 days to collect 7.2k+ presents? Either first day we can earn double crowns, but still it's at least 400 presents per day, otherwise no whammerhead. I think we will manage to reach that amount of presents. I am this time positive. I know it's old gear plus old pets, but still I raid in first place for the gold plus my missing whammerhead.
  29. 4 likes
    I agree with the above. We pay to upgrade and have good gear for Athena and Ajax. Athena is a godess and is now no better than a normal hero....
  30. 4 likes
    I fully agree with @Wayward and @KingRAWANA. Dear Flare Game, Please consider this in serious!
  31. 4 likes
    6/6 takes no time at all even if you have several fronts. Maybe it's time you quit the game.
  32. 3 likes
    IGN: Der StrickStrack Language: English, German Hero level: 55 Alliance Tower's level: 10K (I would upgrade it soon if I get a good ally) Availability: Very Active! Trophies: 1268 Because my actual alliance is not very active, I search for an alliance where i can become a useful and better player. I am donating daily and fighting in every war and ninja event as much as i can. I am very motivated, but my actual alliance is slowing me down very much. Im looking forward to find a new team
  33. 3 likes
    I spent more than 10k dragon claws in the Dragon Festival to unlock Eldrak and now Flaregames gives it to everybody for free!!!! C'mon...this is totally not fair. I'm really disappointed ...
  34. 3 likes
    Warrinator...thanks for all the help you gave when it was asked. You will be missed. Best of luck on your other games. Do stop by and give help once in a while
  35. 3 likes
    Always good to have good MG/ACs as they are the only weapon you cannot play without. Hopefully there will be more types of missions that require different stats and all those boosted or maxed weapons will have more meaning. And as for the rifle never ever scrap a Legendary. Not yet.
  36. 3 likes
    I am still looking for the new special Items Nikko just announced. Also the "brand new Aki"... Once more he shows to us that he has no Idea what is happening in the game.
  37. 3 likes
    Hey @Zeus01, thanks for bringing this up. Before 3.4 there was an issue with the production boosts - it appeared you had more resources than the cap, but if you collected them you didn't actually get more. The Production Bonuses only increase the speed at which you gain resources, not the maximum cap of the islands. We have fixed the display error for version 3.4, and your resources still increase 20% faster with the boosts on. However, we agree that it's better when the caps are actually increased as well as the speed, and as such we will soon be implementing working caps which are 20% higher, and refill faster. We plan to deploy that with an update soon. Hope that helps.
  38. 3 likes
    old items, but some really unique...like the whammerhead sword (the most rarest uber item in the game probably) An why not also the chance to unlock Aki beast for many
  39. 3 likes
    Is a fact of honor, flargames reduces attacks to force us to use invocations and consuming unnecessary gems and does so by changing the rules, acting in a non-serious way Why should we give our money to those who are not seriously behaving? I give my money to those who behave correctly
  40. 3 likes
    Gear has definitely been nerfed. Since hitting 115 nearly all gold gear is significantly worse than the stuff I got at earlier levels.
  41. 3 likes
    Yes, me too.I have also spent 10,650 dragon nails to get that eldrak pal and I also have to avoid those other gears and now every weak players are now getting eldrake very easily.I'm too unlucky.Now I am thinking that I got eldrake through dragon festival.I better to get those other gears.
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    If you want to see some of my sketches for Royal Revolt 2 and other games, go here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFh4wQHlOfe22U2BGKCbJ_A
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    I agree 100% what you say Dena4. I think a very strong argument can be made that this is a casino game where everything is based by the roll of the dice combined with a glamour gaming theme. The way Flare treats the gamers suggest that they see it as a casino game: Flare did not put a yes/no on any upgrade button. Flare use huge amounts of luck on every levels of the game. Flare do not answer to complaints on this forum Many complain that their support calls are ignored. Flare changes any part of the game at will - specially the parts no one complains about Almost everything is based on gems and Ads - this game is 100% not about fun for Flare but all about money. The extreme frustration that is evident in 80% of communication on the forum added with the fact that people seem to go on and on playing - suggest a strong addiction behavior. When the CoF broke down, the right thing to do was to remove it from the game until it was fixed. This did not happen and for more that 6 months we had to play with a broken game. You can open your base completely and you will loose maybe 2Mil gold - but no more. And finally, there is no other game that does things the way Flare does things in this game except in the casino games. The house (that is Flare) always win. We can complain as much we like - Flare do data mining on how the game is played and things are changed to manipulated the way the community play the game. What we say here is irreverent to Flare. What does make a difference is the great community of RR2 players. In spite of all the bull I have listed above, you still find ways to enjoy the game part of RR2.
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    i think the best can be only 6 battle max per fief and 12 if you champ, because sometimes an alliance can face many fronts. and a solution with loser bonus , and also when a war starts nobody can change the alliance to go to other alliance, ( i dont know if i explain this well, my english is bad)
  45. 3 likes
    i dont think is a good idea, because i think there are paople who share the account, so can be worst.
  46. 3 likes
    The system encourages leechers. Not fighting in war, but getting all boosts. Could be done like ninja alliance rewards: Who is in the alliance at the end of the war and fought enough during war (has to be defined, e.g. by number of raids and skulls), gets the rewarded boosts on a players level. Only stored as a yes/no flag in addition to the boost activation in the alliance itself (as it is today, including being able to prolog it). The player flags are reset at the time of max prolonging possibility of the boost. So the condition for a particular player having a certain boost "B" would be: is the boost "B" active in the alliance and the player has earned "B" during last war: activate "B" for him. In all other cases he doesn't have the boost for offense and defense. E.g. a player has earned a boost in one alliance, but moves to another alliance without the boost: he doesn't get it. A player not having earned the boost would never get it in any alliance.
  47. 2 likes
    Yours isn't a bug. It is very well intended. Necromancers in defense has 40k hp ++ originally. It has been nerfed to 20k++ when it is unboosted. It will definitely still survive a 7k blizzard even with 100% weakness.
  48. 2 likes
    I wish there was some new items :/ already had these for a long long time
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    Hello everyone! Nonstop Knight is celebrating first Birthday! We want to thank you all for the amazing support! To celebrate the anniversary, we prepared little something for you. Just visit the game between today and Sunday (16-18th of June 2017), join the Boss Hunt and receive special gifts! Happy celebration! Your Nonstop Knight Team
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    @Tomaxo yes, you are right, they are usable, but the disappointment is that you have spent real money and time to have heroes able to face all the challenges now if you encounter a good gate of caos and 5 divine blessings you lose have some problems and lose 15 trophies for nothing