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    Pals in Pro Leagues

    Why doesn't flare add pals to the pro leagues, this way it's a little easier in some of the battles. If it gets to be too easy then flare should change the difficulty and upgrade how the defenses are in each of the battles. With a new random pal, it can give us the ability to play with a pal that we haven't played with before
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    Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Seriously, you thought I hadn't suggested this by now? http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/7324-weapons-for-the-king-swordhammer-bowcrossbow-and-wandstaff/
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    That's fine Awesomest, by flare mail 5 players can be participating, it's not ideal. Second, not everyone is having discord and... When my tablet would crash I don't know the passwords by heart. As an extra, I don't share my facebook or other media accounts, even when I would, he is not likely to know any of them. When you want to contact others by discord, you must be a member of the group, it's as simple as that. Awesomest was visiting is, so it's not likely that he would be member of our group. So I do understand that he in the chaos uses the most simple action and that's by his account on this forum. It was war season, so the fastest way for him was this topic.
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    Luck system flawed of changed?

    I love my luck gear. Do a lot of runs and Will hit 100% on gear soon. But since a few days something is wrong. Most of the time I open 0-1 chest. Was talking to some friends and they noticed the same. Maybe something changed?
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    Odyssey quest timer issue

    Why is there an arbitrary time set to start an odyssey adventure? You can complete 5 quests in much less than 50 minutes, and even if you only completed 1, that's better than nothing. Why does this exist?
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    This is a fairly simple suggestion, but might add a lot of complexity and creativity to the game at all levels. I'd like to see at least one weapon given to heroes with an attack range boost. Let's say, max about 4.5 range, like a ramped up archer or wizard. Enough to shoot across paths but not hit towers, enough to support troops against poison towers and enemy arblasters, without outclassing canons and mortars. I'm order to provide a tradeoff or two, you could reduce the damage amount or completely change the type to piercing, fire, frost, etc. Implementing this with bows would take more time to do animations, so I'd suggest first making a series of scepters which would use the same attack animation, and give them various types, like fire, poison, frost, and lightning, for starters. If you like the idea feel free to add details, but obviously there are complications with strategy and other damage boost items that should also be considered. Thank you for reading!
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    Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Well I don't know about that. Isn't that where spells come into play? It's the King's means of range attack. I think range attacks would make offense even stronger. Attacking snakes from a distance with normal attacks beats the purpose of those towers, wouldn't it. Snake are good because of their tankiness and the suprise dps they dish out to unsuspecting Kings. If this element is taken from them. The whole purpose of snake towers is to be a nice decoration on one or both sides of the gate . Range attacks have to be incredibly low to not make it way too powerful, especially with the attackspeed buff on gloves. But would low damage in turn make the weapon useful? I highly doubt it, as the whole idea was to support against enemy archers. As those are practically the only range unit's you can attack with 4.5 range.
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    First Time Buyer's Pack

    There should be a First time buyer's pack! Upon your very first purchase, you should get some exclusive rewards, like the following: > One of the special version of the starters pet of your choice with same stats as original but with special graphics, for instance, a pet wearing a hat or glasses; something like that! > Special landscape! > Building boosts for a week! > and many more...MOAR! ...and those who have already made a purchase (before update - if implemented) should also receive such pack. oh and...to Flaregames: this will encourage people to make a purchase atleast once! huhuhu
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    Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Here's what happens: Every time you get a new hero, they kinda suck for a little while. You don't have any good gear for them, they're level 1, and their power is unleveled. It's not helen, it's every hero from right about the time you get her. You're facing tough enemies now and bringing a level 1 hero to battle. You just have to tough it out for a while. Level her spell up,. It's not broken, it's balanced very well. Helen doesn't suck, YOUR Helen sucks. Buy some item chests to give her some gear. Fight easy enemies for a little while. Give her your most powerful other spells so she has some kind of power.
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    pro tickets

    dont bother with the stupid pro league, it was only good when it launched, currently its full of multiple account users
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    Uh, oh. It's derailing a bit. Well basically what @FedUpWithFlare said is having discussions about the alliance in an open thread seems a bit perplexing. Most top alliances, that is top 100 or even 200 for that matter use some form of social media application to communicate with members, since a house can't be in order only via alliance chat or on forum thread or PM given the large no. of members alliance can hold. It was only a 'suggestion'. Hope you're getting my PoV, as it seems like you're reading the newspaper and there's an article about the editor's personal life. I believe this could be moved to the alliance's section, there's no harm as using forum as a platform to communicate, but seeing the way this thread has gone, it may be better to shift it.
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    Live Server Update - 19 October 2017

    Hello Kings & Queens! Today we had a live server update with the following changes: Fixed a bug that prevented 3 crowns and rewards in perfect Victory-battles for some players Thank you, Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
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    Please make sure the tower you are upgrading is in one of your defense slots.
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    Major attack bug

    TRUN TRUC found this bug long time ago) like a year i think)
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    Thank you. Good to hear there was no hacking involved. @flaretara Mistakes can happen everywhere. It is not that bad, as long as you are communicating it!
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    Major attack bug

    Hello, this is a display bug, he is not actually earning skulls with his attacks, this bug will be fixed in a future update. The exploit that you can attack endlessely will be fixed as well.
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    As @Maerique said long ago, we should be able to name our pals. I agree with this heavily, but I also think that we should be able to customize your pals. Maybe give them special armor or something with a special boost that can shorten his pal ability meter down
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    Increase the level cap

    Flare should increase the level cap from what it is now (130? Somewhere around there?) and modify the up curve a bit so that players can level up quicker. Of course, getting to the cap should not be any easier. Leveling up gives a good sense that you're progressing and right now, at the upper 90s, it's really slow and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere. I would definitely play more and be more interested in the game if I had a better sense on how I was progressing. Also, since leveling up doesn't seem to do much except grant a bit more leadership/health/attack it won't break the game at all. Item levels would change too, but they could use the same scale, or, quite frankly, they don't have to change at all (just downscale the player level to the current system). So it doesn't change many systems except making players feel like they are progressing more, meaning they'll likely play more. Seems like low-hanging fruit to me.
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    ^This armor could also be available on the hero. A new perk! Or you could get this armor for the pal and be lucky enough to get it for your hero too, then you would have a double perked pal ability shortener
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    Luck system flawed of changed?

    Hey Parasite, there were no changes to this gear bonus, please rest assured. Must be a slight streak of misfortune. Best of luck!
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    Pro-League - Friday 20th, October

    Greetings Queens & Kings! The new Pro-League will start on Friday 20th, October at 9:00 UTC and will end on Thursday 26th, October at 9:00 UTC. You can register to this Pro-League until 12:00 UTC on Wednesday 25th, October. This week's Pro-League is called "Horror Cup" and your unit setup will be Ogre and Surprise Mummy summoning boosted Blazing Knights: The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week, featuring some of the Ares items and the Pro-Owl "Eris" Each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on their final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get from the Weekly Pro-League Leaderboard based on your rank: With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.