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  1. hey guys why can't I post in game forums?

  2. hola como consejo seria bueno que entre participantes de la alianza se pudieran donar pan


  3. disculpe queria saber si el juego maneja alguna zona horario o el horario de algun pais??


  4. Hi guys, been having that connection issue i read about, started playing game 2 days ago 3 connection issues sais it cant connect takes an hour or two, just uninstalled and reinstalled when i uninstalled it was worming when i reinstalled i get connection issue again, samsung tablet, nets fine all other games work, any suggestions? Love the game but waiting an hour or two every hour or two to recconect?


  5. I was wondering. will it be better to have a global chat room in the game because it will be much easy for us to recruit members. Please let me know if possible. thank you


    Strengthening does not work after the season of wars

  7. When are you guys going to have the game for kindle fire .apk file,thx.



  8. good morning. i have videos blocked by a month with royal revolt 2. can anyone help?i have already reported once.and corrected in part!now video total block

  9. Good Morning. I Game ROYAL REVOLT2 I would like to know the draw criteria for alliances in time of war, my alliance has the capacity of 42 members and we are taking alliances with capacity of 55.54. And up to 60 members before was by feudus now is not anymore and also the alliances that we are picking up in the wars have much more feudus than us.
    My relationship is FURIOUS BRAZIL
  10. Gostaria de trocar minha conta (dudiddlovatic) pela minha outra conta (dudiddl) que acabei perdendo o loging

    Eu estava no nível 17, havia criado uma aliança chamada warriors lovatics e criei esta conta (dudiddl) 14/11/2016

    Se possível a recuperação, aguardo retorno, desde já agradeço.

  11. hello, what can i do if my account lost, where i find the answer about my problem, my king Name Adhie The Great, level King 68

  12. i need save my game evoker , other acc lost , safe this ok tks

  13. hello admin and guys.

    today, alot of account that bought gems from doinnovation have been banned.

    but, here are accounts didn't buy gems from him but still have been banned:

    1. cuong108

    2. PK Liều Lĩnh

    3. Phụng Vũ Phi Tiên

    4. King ginseng

    5. OneNightOneLv

    6. Linhnguyentruong5

    7. Amunhan

    8. Lollollollollol

    9. nho luc

    10. Lonely108

    I know , the accounts is prohibited by the package purchased gem hero hack through road , but it 's my accounts do not, I just complete the task to get the gem Tapjoy . so I suggest you return me to my acc continue gaming.

    Please help and solve for me soon. Thank you FG

  14. Please help me out....

    It's happening for the past one week....

    I'm not getting any offers...

    It's frustrating me...

    My king name is HUSAIN2710

    Screenshot (7).png

    1. murph6


      me too!!!!!


    2. SeabassTheGr899


      Same but mine hasn't been working since August. Also, according to one of my alliance members, they disabled videos everywhere for the time being to make some fixes.

  15. There is fake ROYAL REVOLT 2 FREEBIES page on facebook, please look into it.