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  1. i just top up in webcash, but in game show me this message ,please help me thanks.


    1. Malefica



      Sorry I do not speak much English but I will try, I was in a clan for that reason the name of my alliance but no longer, how can I change the name of my alliance and also my name because I do not want to take amir before my name not to lose everything I've done, and I already have 2 generals and 6 soldiers.

      Thanks in advance for your prompt reply, regards :)

  2. I made a purchase for a bank slip and I did not drop anything into my account and it was debited in the bank ..
    What should I do about it?

  3. On 19/07/2017 17;31 Imade a debit card payment for One Time Offer £7.69 but I did not get anything.

    Wat can be done to fix it ?

  4. Since the new rr2 update i cannot get connected to the game anymore. My application button doesn t make the game launched. It did happened to me once with the previous big rr2 update and it lasted 2 days. I ll miss the build castle event too. Pls set up the problem as this is not fair at all for me!!

  5. recupera conta


  6. me ajuda



  7. Hola solo una duda, quisera recuperar mi cuenta ya que me la quitaron,pero no se como y quiero saber si tiene una condicion.




    Captura de pantalla (5).png

  8. hey guys why can't I post in game forums?

  9. hola como consejo seria bueno que entre participantes de la alianza se pudieran donar pan


  10. disculpe queria saber si el juego maneja alguna zona horario o el horario de algun pais??


  11. Hi guys, been having that connection issue i read about, started playing game 2 days ago 3 connection issues sais it cant connect takes an hour or two, just uninstalled and reinstalled when i uninstalled it was worming when i reinstalled i get connection issue again, samsung tablet, nets fine all other games work, any suggestions? Love the game but waiting an hour or two every hour or two to recconect?


  12. I was wondering. will it be better to have a global chat room in the game because it will be much easy for us to recruit members. Please let me know if possible. thank you

  13. I apologize for bothering you guys with this issue. My characters name is April Dawn, I am the leader of the alliance DevastationX. We placed 2nd in the war, but I've checked with a few guildmates, and none of our boost have been activated(the rewards from the war). If you would please check into this for me, I would really appreciate it. We all really enjoy the game and been looking forward to the boost rewards


    Strengthening does not work after the season of wars

  15. When are you guys going to have the game for kindle fire .apk file,thx.