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  1. Weird, this has never happened to me. Maybe Ajax wasn't facing the right direction? Did you aim where you want him to attack right after tapping the button?
  2. I usually find it easier to hit 2 towers which stand next to each other by not running too close to them. The area in which Shield Slam hits is a short but fairly wide cone in front of Ajax, so you should have a better chance of hitting multiple towers if they are a bit further away but still within range. Hitting 3 towers with a single Shield Slam is harder though but you can pull it off sometimes, depending on your opponents defense.
  3. But wouldn't it be boring to have two different poison powers which basically work the same? While both do poison damage, Hydra is a more focused burst damage power with low cooldown while Pandora's Box is rather slow but has massive damage potential and a longer cooldown. We think that both powers are in a pretty good spot right now. Especially after Hydra was buffed recently.
  4. Well, the Hydra only ever spits its poison where there is no poison yet. When fighting against units you can see that those small poison puddles will never be on top of each other (or overlap). When fighting against towers, barricades and the Gate the Hydra will spit directly at them, poisoning them for a short time. The Hydra will not spit at a defensive structure again as long as it is still poisoned. This also applies to any other Hydra nearby. The conclusion is that Hydras are most effective when there are many enemies around so they can effectively switch between targets. And it's probably best not to have too many Hydras at once, so better mix them with other units. As they do mainly poison damage they wouldn't be much more effective against the Gate anyway. They were always intended to be good against enemy units, although now that the Boreas Hydra Blessing exists they can also be good against some towers because of their additional ice damage and the slowing effect.
  5. @doomlord786 Pandora's Box takes 10 seconds to do the full 33k damage while Odysseus' Hydra only takes 1 second to do the full 14k damage. This means that the damage per second of Hydra (14k per sec) is way higher than Pandora's (3.3k per sec), so it drains the enemies' health much faster. But in the end Pandora's Box has the potential do do more damage if it's placed in a way that it constantly hits enemies over its 10 second duration.
  6. Another example: Imagine you found a cape with 15% Cooldown Bonus at Ascension Level 20 (which is very good). If you now level up and the item would stay at 15% you would probably never find a really good upgrade to this item. At some point you reach Ascension Level 100 and are still using your level 20 cape with bad Leadership value but high Cooldown Bonus. All those levels without finding a nice upgrade! Some might say, why not start with lower values, e.g. 2% Cooldown Bonus at level 20 and then go up to 15% at max level? Because 2% are barely noticeable, as is an increase of ~1% every 10 Ascension Levels. We always want the stats to be meaningful, even if you just started playing the game we want you to notice the difference of having an item with Cooldown Bonus equipped or not. That's why players of all levels have the chance to find items which are powerful on their current level. And as Cpt. Morgan said, when you level up you need stronger items with higher values to keep the same percentages. The problem with raw percentages in general is that they theoretically scale without you having to upgrade anything. Example: You are Ascension Level 10 and have 25% Physical Resistance. A warrior hits you for 200 damage but your resistance mitigates this to 150 damage, protecting you from the remaining 50 damage. Now you have levelled up to Ascension Level 100 and have the same 25% Physical resistance. A warrior hits you for 2000 damage but your resistance mitigates this to 1500 damage, protecting you from the remaining 500 damage. As you can see, the same percentage has mitigated 10x more damage on a higher level, which means that 25% at level 100 are way more powerful/valuable than 25% at level 10. This is why you need higher resistance values (as well as values for all other stats) at higher levels to get the same percentages. I mean it's the same with damage and health values. Your enemies get stronger as you level up, so you need bigger numbers to be able to survive and beat them.
  7. Hey @MoonlightWolf, can you tell me the name of the account this is happening on?
  8. Don't worry, heroes which are already at war will not be chosen as the Honored Hero for new Adventures.
  9. Hi, This is not a bug. If you are in an Adventure which features one of your war heroes as the Honored Hero you should try to finish this Adventure before the war starts. If this has happend to you, you can still finish this Adventure with any your other heroes but you won't get the +3 Fame bonus.
  10. Hi, You can skip an ongoing Adventure in case you chose a difficulty which is too hard for you. This way you won't get stuck in the middle of an Odyssey without being able to advance. It's a way out and allows you to complete the other Adventures. It costs Gems because you should pick your difficulty wisely and failing to do must have a consequence. We deliberately decided not to let players "reroll" the offered Enhancements over and over again by spending Gems because this would lead to some players (who can afford it) to always reroll until they get the specific Enhancement they want instead of choosing from the ones which are offered to them. Imagine fighting against someone who only ever chose to enhance their Barricades and nothing else, stacking e.g. +50% HP on them within only a few weeks. There is a red warning message which informs you that you will miss out on the ongoing Adventure's Enhancement just before you confirm to skip it and when you do so the number of completed Adventures counts up (e.g. from 2/5 to 3/5). Still, we are very sorry that this has happened to you and will discuss how we can improve how this is communicated in the game.
  11. The Enhancement Bonus is reset with every new Odyssey.
  12. Hi davsar, You will get your Sea Chests at the end of the Odyssey, so either when the time has run out or when you have completed all 5 Adventures.
  13. With 5 Adventures per Odyssey and 5 battles per Adventure, you can get up to 3 * 5 * 5 = 75 additional Fame by using the Honored Hero. You need Fame not only to get the chests but also to increase your Enhancement Bonus. Your Enhancement Bonus further increases the percentage of your chosen Enhancement. If you play at difficulty 8 and have an Enhancement Bonus of +0.5% you will get a total Enhancement of +1.3% (instead of 0.8%). I think they look nice But apart from that, they DO have something to do with the bases you attack. Every player now has a portrait frame which improves the more Fame they accumulate through completing the Odyssey. The more Fame a player has gained the more Enhancements they have. This means that you can see how much stronger your opponents are (because of their Enhancements) before you attack them.
  14. Try upgrading your Harbor. A level 8 Harbor allows you to get up to 3 Titan Chests each of which has a high chance to contain a unique item
  15. Hi, You can only complete 5 Odyssey Adventures every week. Every Adventure requires you to beat 5 enemies. It seems like you already finished your Odyssey for this week and have to wait until next week to start a new one.