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  1. Well, the Alliance's total VP is only being used as a tie breaker. A bigger Alliance will indeed have a better chance at winning when they are tied with a smaller Alliance, but if the smaller Alliance manages to conquer more islands than the bigger one they will still win.
  2. Once you have all 5 Mastery slots filled you will have to replace one of them with a new Mastery every time you reach the required amount of Fame. The Masteries get better the more Fame you have so it's usually worth it.
  3. Do you think that the Helios Monolith is too weak? Is it better to place another tower instead? We know that battles are a bit too easy since the release of the latest version, but I doubt that the Helios Monolith is the reason for this.
  4. Hey MoonlightWolf, I'm glad that you were able to resolve your decoration problem. I suppose you are using different defense layouts from time to time? Was the decoration placed in your defense? I also had a look at your account. All your Barricades are currently level 14. You upgraded each of them exactly once (from level 13 to 14). This means there was no accidental downgrade, otherwise I would be able to see that you upgraded one of them twice. I guess you just forgot one of them.
  5. Potency only increases damage and healing. So yes, healing done by Asclepius and Jason's Fleece are increased by it.
  6. Hey, Every time your hero attacks with their weapon, additional damage is dealt to multiple enemies in front of the hero. The hero must face the enemies in order to hit them with area damage. A higher number means that more damage is dealt to enemies in this area. The hero's main target still receives the full regular damage which is higher than the "additional" area damage.
  7. I actually like the idea of being protected from fire by having waves of freezing water around you.
  8. What doomlord said is correct. Every Adventure can have easier and harder battles. Some of the defenses are very well designed, others are not. Some have a few more Enhancements (but nothing drastic, as you can see from their portrait frames) or have other Blessings active. It's actually similar to the opponents you get on your normal island map. Some are harder to beat than others. Sometimes it might make sense to use another Hero or a different combination of troops and powers to beat a particularly difficult battle. If this doesn't help, try to stick to a difficulty you are comfortable with beating and try to take your time. You will get there sooner or later Why would you lose the Enhancement tomorrow? The week has just begun and you have until Friday to complete all your Adventures.
  9. Hey Warriornator, It's actually the other way around. We recently reduced the upgrade costs of many things in the game, especially for lower level and mid-level players. If you haven't upgraded your Harbor yet you can check its cost again in the game and you will see that it costs 2.8m Gold and 20.5k Wisdom. The other screenshot is older and shows that the upgrade cost was a bit higher some time ago. Regarding your actual question: No, the upgrade costs don't change automatically with your Ascension Level.
  10. Hey there! It's because all powers do triple damage against towers and barricades.
  11. Hey Triarius, The amount of Prestige you get for building or upgrading a decoration not only depends on the Gems it costs but also on the time it takes to complete. Upgrading the Hedge to level 2 costs 10 Gems, grants you 25 Prestige and takes 1 hour to complete. Upgrading the Flowerbed to level 3 costs 15 Gems and grants you 200 Prestige but it takes 8 hours to complete. It costs ~25 Gems on average to skip 1 hour, whereas it costs ~165 Gems to skip 8 hours. So if you have a spare worker and are patient enough it's generally worth it to build decorations which take a long time to complete. Bonus info: Upgrading the most valuable decoration in the game, the Cerberus Statue to its maximum level takes 30 days. You can get a lot of Prestige for your Gems if you're willing to occupy a worker for 30 days.
  12. Levelling up Pyrphoros is definitely a good tip. It's one of the strongest powers in the game. You should also get comfortable (if you aren't already) with switching to Defense Mode and back often. The Griffin's Swoop attack (when it flies up into the air and crashes down onto your army a moment later) does a lot of damage which will kill a big part of your army if you're not in Defense Mode. The same applies to other devastating attacks such as the Iapetos Tower's fire ring, Hydra Tail Slice, Minotaur Dash or hot spots where a lot of towers can fire at your troops simultaneously. Keeping your army alive is extremely important.
  13. Ah yes, Damocles is indeed a bit too powerful right now, especially at lower levels. Its damage was increased recently because it wasn't very popular among high level players. I agree that it should be adjusted.
  14. Weird, this has never happened to me. Maybe Ajax wasn't facing the right direction? Did you aim where you want him to attack right after tapping the button?
  15. I usually find it easier to hit 2 towers which stand next to each other by not running too close to them. The area in which Shield Slam hits is a short but fairly wide cone in front of Ajax, so you should have a better chance of hitting multiple towers if they are a bit further away but still within range. Hitting 3 towers with a single Shield Slam is harder though but you can pull it off sometimes, depending on your opponents defense.