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  1. Freez bug

    Thanks for reporting. This will be fixed in a future version!
  2. I also CAN'T REPLY TO THREADS. I joined yesterday, posted 1 time, and now there's nowhere for me to click "reply".



  3. My IGN is BATTLEHOUSE. I still have not received my PRO chest, but the ninjas are back.

  4. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    For everybody not having their IGN listed here in the forum: Can you please give me your IGN and alliance name? @PicklePete @BATTLEHOUSE and @mss73 you should have your ninjas now. Can you please confirm that the ninja fix worked for you?
  5. New update - lvl 20 tavern 1,5m p/h

    yup, a mistake. i updated the post. " At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Tavers now is 1.500.000 per day" is correct. Sorry about that
  6. Another 12min added in PL!

    The first maintenance we executed today unexpectedly caused connection issues for many players, so we decided to revert it, to have the game run smoothly again. Unfortunately this reactivated the additional 12-minutes for the Pro-League again. This wasn't intended, but necessary to at least have everybody connect again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Why??

    The event will follow later today
  8. Why??

    We're restarting the server now. Please let us know if you run into the same problem afterwards.
  9. Conect Game

    Yes, but it would help us narrow down the problem, if you could tell us the specific phone model and the firmware (android version) on it.
  10. Conect Game

    What's your device and firmware please?
  11. Yes sounds like it, we're looking into it. Thanks for your help!
  12. Subscription issue

    Yeah my bad, sorry. I didn't know the date of the purchase, so i assumed that he might have activated it around the time we released the feature, which would've meant, that it had expired now. Can you give me the player's RR2-name, please?
  13. Subscription issue

    The daily gems will be granted at the same time every day. So probably the other 5 activated their subscription after that day's chest has already been granted. The fact that one of your members now has a white font means, that he has no active subscription anymore (this happens e.g. when manually cancelling it, which means it will not be prolonged automatically).
  14. -4000 gems

    solved. <3