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  1. Medal boost for pro bonus too low?

    You can get up to 10% with a full pro gear, and a lot of other bonuses: (you can add the leaderboard medal to it too, item medal perks to it... to have something like 90% medal boost.. double what you can get normally! ^^)
  2. Boots of kicking

    This is a great idea, thanks for suggesting! We will discuss it and see if we can implement that in the game in the future!
  3. Easy way to balance Aki

    That's exactly the point of the confusion power: you need to wait for the effect to disappear to use your spells, so you don't kill your own confused units. It is a strategic gameplay choice to not use your spells instantly For Aki in offense it will be the opposite: you will wait for the aki to confuse enemies before using your shield spell for example.
  4. Display bug boosted buildings

    This might be normal. If your bomb tower (the 1st one) is only 3 day long, then it's normal that the green bar is in the middle for 1d19h. If your Snake tower took 7 days in total, it's normal that the bar is near the end when 1d20h are left. It depends on the total time of your upgrade.
  5. Yes I posted an answer too quickly, thanks for the quick correction btw, I removed just so there is no confusion on that
  6. We will have a look into that, if you have more screenshots please share so we can take action on that
  7. Why can't I buy daily gems ?

    What is your player name, platform and firmware?
  8. limit battle of event ?

    There is a video tutorial available in the game already, explaining that battles are limited, that some islands get you +2 fights, and so on (top right of the screen inside the ninja event):
  9. How to unselect Scroll spell

    We will discuss this idea for a future version and see if it's technically possible to add this
  10. Thanks for nerfing Blacksmith

    Please add the details of your plateform/device/version of software you're using in this topic and your ingame name so we can test:
  11. No more pals- maybe one last

    We will discuss all these ideas for a future version and see if we can implement them, feel free to suggest more I will collect them all We currently have no plan to introduce a Pal that would influence your Skull bonus, so we will leave this idea out (no worries Fii Nami haha)
  12. Twitch Streaming Support

    Thank you for your suggestion we will discuss the possibility of it for a future version
  13. Thanks for nerfing Blacksmith

    Weird, that's exactly the one that was fixed for this new update, if it's still happening for you please simply give the details of your plateform and the version of your software on this topic so we can test it directly with your settings (in this topic linked):
  14. Thanks for suggesting the idea, we will discuss it for a future version and see if we can implement it
  15. Thanks for nerfing Blacksmith

    I linked you to the only chat issue known as of now. If this issue is yours, then it is now fixed with the new update we are releasing right now (3.6). I was asking you because you might have another issue that we don't know about yet, and that we could fix as soon as possible if you can describe it.