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  1. The difficulty of the next pro leagues have been rebalanced so such situation is avoided in the future.
  2. Beasts

    We will implement something to fix this issue of "useless pals you can't donate" in a future version, thanks for the feedback!
  3. Dragon transform duration

    Okay I think I know what you mean, when I have 2 dragons at the same time the animation is really long, but for me the time is slowed down so it seems like more than 3secs but the ingame time doesn't change. If you see that the ingame time is changing by 3secs during a dragon animation, then yes it is a bug, and we could test it. To make it clear: can you confirm that during the dragon animation (the camera move to the dragon, the dragon appears), your time is not slowed down and you lose more than 3secs?
  4. I can't choos the bronz eyle color

    Hello, we indeed need your device and plateform to test it in the same conditions
  5. Dragon transform duration

    When the dragon appears, the game timer stops, when it starts again you can gain control of your hero and use spells as well, take a look at this video for some dragon gameplay:
  6. "Heal" ring %

    Topic moved to bugs and problems + Yes this will be fixed soon!
  7. Cry effect on my king and my units

    Yes it can, you can even see some real tests here:
  8. Nerfed

    Just to confirm, nothing has been nerfed. You can see balancing changes that are made in the game in this topic as well:
  9. Someone who just joined doesn't have all the advantages of active alliance subscriptions for 24h. This is working as intended.
  10. Thanks for the idea, we will discuss it for a future update!
  11. We looked into this issue and found that this is only a display bug in the alliance donation menu for the player that does not have an alliance subscription active for himself. The gold donated is actually taking in accou the increased tax bonus, no worries. We will fix this display bug in a future update so you can see the increased tax bonus in the future.
  12. Pal Flute not working

    Hello, we are aware of this bug and it will be fixed in a future update, we can only recommend to not use the Pal flute in the ninja/zombie levels for now until we can release the fix for it.
  13. add more quest in the duengon

    Thanks for your suggestion, we will discuss it for a future update!
  14. Major attack bug

    Hello, this is a display bug, he is not actually earning skulls with his attacks, this bug will be fixed in a future update. The exploit that you can attack endlessely will be fixed as well.