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  1. This is intended and here to propose different ways of gameplay and new possible base designs to counter them.
  2. Hello, 203 + 206 = 123 because there is a multiplier applied to the 203 and 206, please refer to this post:
  3. Unit transport

    Exactly what you described is already in the game ^^:
  4. Hello, the current pro league is called Blessing Cup, it is all about Blessing/Heal. You will notice that the levels have more Monks, Holy Paladins and (as you already noticed ^^) Heal Towers to fit the title of the Pro League. The levels are now changing every Pro League, so they are not the same as last time, and more original fun levels are coming as well in the next pro leagues We are trying to propose levels fitting to the title, so every pro league is unique You are right for the Shield boost it doesn't make sense, this kind of issue will be taken care in the next pro leagues, sorry about this.
  5. Yes true, we are aware of this bug and will fix it in a future update
  6. Pro league ~ change ally?

    If you reach the level 3 of a pro boost for example, at the end of the pro league this level will be locked. You can't downgrade or upgrade it after the pro league ends, you can just prolong the boost until you can win it again. Hope it helps
  7. Could be exploited if an alliance invite a lot of players to score and then kick them just to get the pro boosts.
  8. This beast doesn't have any particular resistance or weaknesses:
  9. Pal Flute

    Okay it looks like the current values displayed ingame don't represent the real balancing of this offensive beast, we will release the fix as soon as possible so it displays the real value that it should be for you, sorry about that.
  10. We managed to reproduce it on windows 10, we will fix this issue in a future update
  11. Pal Flute

    Minimum for a level 1 offensive beast is 7 morale for a hero level 100. You are describing the level 1 of a pal for a hero level under 100, when there are 9 other levels after, it is normal to not have the full potential of a pal with its first level
  12. Pal Flute

    Hello, The amount of Morale for the offensive beast is intended, for this reason: You can get 2 powers for every offensive beast. For a hero level 100, if you take a level 10 Ceres Pal, you will have 19 spirit morale. The offensive Beast will be level 10, with 16 spirit morale... that you can have 2 times using the trick above = 16 +16 = 32 spirit morale in total! So yes it is intended
  13. Pal Flute

    Hello YYthebest, all the bugs (1, 3, 4, 5 and side note) will be fixed and released in the next version Number 2: Upgrading the spell has no consequence on the power of the offensive beast, so it would be confusing to add a button here. Upgrading Pals does have an effect, that's why we chose to put the button in the pal's menu.
  14. Thank you for forwarding so many info, we are investigating on this and will fix this issue in a future update