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  1. Banned from Pro League - No reason

    The makers of the game will not give you any details on how they caught you, they will keep the information to themselves and continue to catch other people. The reason they don't unban people will be because they don't want to rather than because they don't have the technical ability to do so. If you really have a dispute, bring it to their support team. It's hard to know what level of evidence they have, or how sophisticated their detection is, but I'd guess on file hashing, or a particular signature from your network traffic that doesn't happen during normal gameplay.
  2. Update 3.8 Live.

    So, they're encouraging alliances to lose more fiefs to have more chances of winning boosts.
  3. Make possible building in "pocket"

    It sounds like that bug should be fixed first
  4. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    RR2 is a puzzle to solve, the more goes at the puzzle, the more chance you have to solve it. It's move king, press buttons at right time for most impact. I lost all my Vikings at one skull tower that I forgot about, if I used multi accounts, I'd remember it for the next go and probably finish the level instead.
  5. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    I think the problem is Flare's fear of affecting a top paying alliance, ban Rev and all his accounts, and Apoc falls, ban Viet, they pop back up the next day spending again. But Cromka is right, it should be one rule for all, either ban all the players that were (as they'd unlink once they knew they might lose the account) linked back to same facebook account (maybe give them an option which one to keep), or just let everyone use multi accounts without fear.
  6. Update 3.8 Live.

    Put the melt button beside items for the inventory as well, that's usually where I find my long forgotten duplicates.
  7. Basilisk Towers = Perfect Gate Tower

    And what's with the 1 second damage delay after the face shows? Are we to believe it's some sort of magical face that decides to take damage after 1 second, why even have the animation, just show the HP bar once it's ready to commit hara-kiri.
  8. They're OK in the field, but really their main use is to prevent 100% attacks on a base, I don't think I've been killed by a single one yet, even on the highly perked bases. Is there any play testing of these things? I mean, they must have been designed from the start as gate towers, you didn't plan them as useful on the path? The joke is that gems don't really help here, so Flare shotgunned themselves to the face with this move.
  9. They've put a lot more into the server side update than these small changes, hence the problems. Testing these type of changes at scale is very difficult, unless they have traffic replay tech in place, or have a good performance test suite.
  10. I'd guess landmine is the asset name they use for the Jester's Box in their code.
  11. Specifically for war battles I hope, where we get nerf'd of 5 bonuses. Outside of war, difficulty doesn't matter.
  12. Upcoming Changes: Community Requests Preview

    Just set the new limits a bit higher than the current ones, e.g. skull perks to 7.2%, but have proper increments to reach it, those who have already perked a lot will just get there immediately.
  13. Upcoming Changes: Community Requests Preview

    A perking limit would be nice, as mentioned by @Lisa 6+ months ago. Also another decimal point so I can see what I'm actually spending 1000 peals on.
  14. War raids and gems

    The game balance has become a bit of a mess recently. Dragomancer is very good, but there's not too many options beside it, Viking costs too much morale on offense to be worth it, and Defence has got another buff in the basilisk tower and extra levels, while the useful spells just got the obligatory 10%, so just keeping pace with defence upgrades. The past updates have buffed defense a lot, but the hero is still basically the same with 3 troops and 3 spells. War just makes it more ridiculous due to skull gear, skull bonus should be a completely separate "perk", but I'm afraid the game has made too many irreversible bad design decisions to be fix-able at this stage (when is the promised limit on perking coming in? Gate towers are broken since alliance wars began, etc. etc.)
  15. No proleague rewards wtf?

    Rewards don't come out till the positions have been verified, however long that may take.