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  1. New event

    A 30 day event would be great =)
  2. Shortcomings in the War System

    The problem is in the rewards, alliances drop fiefdoms so that next war they get an easier battle and get the boosts, but dropping fiefdoms makes those boosts worse. Getting from 60-120 fiefs is hard work (and I've done it twice in two different alliances) and you have to take the good with the bad, but the boosts, when you win them, are great, or were great, necro/monk/LT boosts are much more important than the war rewards now, and Viking/basilisk will probably be similar. An alliance should never be incentivised to drop fiefs. The top alliances (120 fiefs) should have their excess redistributed to the losing alliances. There should be rewards for all positions, with 6 boosts for #1 and 1 boost for #6, you should be allowed to select which boost (so you don't end up with doom gate), or completely randomise the rewards with the random boosts, but keeping the OP ones out (uber LT, putrid prowler), or allow alliances 3 tower and 3 troop boosts (for example), or give boosts for fiefs won, and a gold reward for the alliance that finishes 1st/2nd/3rd etc.
  3. Make Ninja Event Fun!

    Ninja event is good, it's difficult, but not impossible, and the rewards are great, yes, there could be some extra themes, but then there will be complaining when Flare mess up the implementation (the Yeti's being absolutely useless in offence, but, randomly, block a whole army when defending). A third game mode would be good, but leave the ninja event alone, and refresh alliance wars (no new boost type in 6 months+.....).
  4. Update

    Did they fix the monk healing across paths?
  5. Update

    So the bs upgrade gets it back to where it was before the update? That's a cynical change to make.
  6. Please Talk to Us About This Half Update

    They did this for the last few updates, it makes sure everyone can get the patch before the new features are enabled, most modern services ship new features these days this way.
  7. Update

    Hopefully they update/refresh alliance wars a bit and set a definite forge limit.
  8. Base design suggestion for....

    Gem give away seems to be getting fixed, they still haven't fixed Monk not healing across path, yet fix the gem issue within minutes!
  9. Base design suggestion for....

    Any design, just all mortars, maybe a few necro, everyone is dying, portal ogre is as useless as a chocolate teapot, lucky Flare seems to have given away enough gems (probably a bug) to enable heavy scrolling in this war =) Flare don't do balanced design. Next will be Uber LT and fast mummy....
  10. Update

    Problem is still 3 spell/troop slots and 1 pal slot, no point having a million options, it just benefits defence and keeps attack the same/worse (even worse was necro/heal tower update which was just 2 defensive boosts, never see offensive necros).
  11. "Free" Pro Tickets in Subscription Not Free

    It's worse than that, it's always a 7 day counter, so if you have the pro league subscription, and get your ticket/start playing on the last day of the pro league, you also won't be able to start the next pro league till the last day (and every pro league after that for ever after, until you're busy and miss a pro league that you've paid money to subscribe for). I logged a ticket for the problem, but just got directed to the suggestions/ideas section of the forum.....
  12. Add Royal Revolt 2 on Steam

    Well, for one, they can support subscriptions...
  13. App subscriptions for Windows is still in preview, despite being announced as coming soon over a year ago: The subscriptions that are available on Windows (web add-ins, Office, Xbox etc.) are being provided from a different back end service stack.
  14. You need to have the item
  15. You get a vanity slot where you equip the items that you want based on look (it still shows their perks, which is a bit silly, but they don't do anything). You then activate the vanity slot with another slot selected and you look like the vanity slot. Take a look at me, I'm really wielding whammerhead and corpse cape with rabbit robe, but instead I look like Granny.