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  1. holiday chest

    Various things: pals, pearls, pal treats, gems, etc
  2. question about petrified units

    Yes they receive also other damages.
  3. Kaiser offense stats

    It is actually true, since Kaiser has both ability and special ability almost identical you don't notice a difference. Primary attack is blunt damage attack like a normal attack, the special ability is quite easy to recognize because you hear and you see a sonic blast effect on your units and hero. When a spiral light-blue aura turns around the pal/beast (growing of size and intensity accordingly) means that the pal/beast is going to cast the special ability.
  4. Never before thought of idea for pro league!

    He said a boost to shield, not a shield boost.
  5. Pal Flute

    Just in case you lose gold while running...
  6. Monks hit spikes in the opposite line from day 1.
  7. How to get more exp?

    1) Does destroying for example a lightning tower give more exp than a skull tower? You can find everything here in the wikia: http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Obstacles http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Towers http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Units 2) Do clan boosts, war boosts and pro league boosts give you more exp? No, a base gives the same amount of xp with or without elite, war and pro boosts. 3) How about forging upgrades? They aren't counted the forgings you do. 4) And same about troops like ninjas, all defense troops including gargoyles coming out of gargoyle towers, beasts? Yes all of them give XP. 5) Does summoning a dragon give you exp? No, Dragon can't be killed ,he is immortal (offense and defense sides) so you can't gain XP from dragons. 6) What's the most exp you can get from a base? This depends on your XP perks how much high they are. if you have 280% XP you can get 700K XP from monks bases, and 900K XP in mummies bases approximately. Out of the most a base with many jester boxes can give a good amount of XP for a brief cost time to upgrade to max lvl 7. For towers Lightning Towers but also the latest Heal Tower gives a very high amount of XP, Basilisk Tower is still unknown.
  8. The Skull Bonus Pool is stupid itself, it should be removed.
  9. Gods of Destiny

    Gods of Destiny is looking for active players. You need minimum 25% skull bonus. It's important for wars. 1M Donation is welcome. Boosts don't run with air. if you have 750k donation but with the requirements above, i may change my mind.
  10. Just to clarify to all that the points you do in your alliance are removed from the total pro-score if you leave the alliance during a pro-cup. We recently went from lvl 4 pro-boost to lvl 3 pro-boost because a guy left without reason bringing with him all his Pro-Points. You should implement a rule where the points you do in the alliance remain there, so no alliance risks to have instant loss of pro-boosts levels because of hidden jumpers. Doesn't seem correct. @FTB
  11. @FTB Celestial Phoebe for now is the only beast that hasn't displayed in its card resistances or weaknesses. Please make sure to include them in a future version. Thanks.
  12. Pal Flute

    With 5 spirit morale offensive Ceres beast can't copy nothing. max 5 knights, 1 cannon or whatever little combo comes out. Pal itself can copy more units even at lvl 1.
  13. @FTB Can you consider this?
  14. In a future update this means i have to live with the freeze for months until it doesn't come out... damn!