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  1. New Pupil ?

    usually yes if there are many troops around that can't hit you fast enough to remove lot of health, otherwise if you are in a big group of troops your health just remains steady for the duration of the life drain ability of bela.
  2. New Pupil ?

    nope i don't care anymore of towers near gate, i just destroy what i can
  3. New Pupil ?

    I use kaiser also for war, it saves you time destroying towers and spikes
  4. New Pupil ?

    I'll do a pal academy video of bela, but i still prefer kaiser for now.
  5. New Pupil ?

    she gives you full health back when the ability is ready very cool, a mix between tammy and phoebe
  6. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Honestly i don't care how much money an alliance invests, the problem is that Flare isn't able to make a fluid recirculation of new heroes and alliances. Adding more levels to everything just increases the gap putting a big trump wall in the middle, not letting growing new opportunities for many. Considering that you can't reach a decent alliance level with some decent boosts to be able to play in many different ways without getting boring fast...if you don't have some solid players that REALLY decide to put some efforts on (money, regular gold donations, etc), there is no way a new alliance can grow up quickly without troubles and without having the consequences of new aggressive levels that just ruin both the fun to play and the trying to keep everything up and stable in the alliance day by day . I dunno what other alliances in the current leaderboard are doing but currently i see unsatisfied alliances because can't get the right players. Most have just to accept what pass because obviously a tiger would fit better in the savanna than in a industrial city, same for a new player can't get immediately to a high lvl alliance but would fit better in an alliance of his availability because for various reasons: skull bonus that is important during war and obviously a newbie has a low one which doesn't help for war gold donation is needed especially REGULAR gold donation, i don't think a new player has such regular gold donation mainly because he still has to understand the mechanics of the game and obviously royal revolt 2 is not his main problem at start but more a game to play during the free time, for example while he is sitting in the toilet. hero items, oh yes, they are very important but at start what you get is just based on your hero level, can you do enough during war with weak items? don't think so. You skipped some festival with some good perks on some items? don't worry just spend some thousands of money before they come out from the uber chests! Because yes perks like blizzard and firestorm are very important, and especially find the right war setup is very important and still many are fighting to get or to light the effort to win a base hard to beat. communication: this depends on the personality of a person but overall is not so open at start. Why should i talk with strangers of a stranger alliance when i don't give a damn of what i'm doing but just spending my free time in the toilet? So leader and the generals what they might think or say for that player? If they are so harsh they could even kick immediately without hesitation or in other cases just leave as it is, maybe one day the new player might say "hi". etc (always the same are and we repeat them over and over again like a punishment) So we can't just accept any kind of player that just want to join, there are requirements that all alliances use and a soldier has to adapt with. Just take an example of the new troop and tower, there are new boosts for them in between alliance lvl 71-80. What i always say is that a thing needs a Elite Boost? so this means it will be weak without the elite boosts, means won't be used. A high player needs boosts to survive and to fight on daily basis, a new player can even fight with viking for example, yes but wait, you needs first to unlock it through various chains (buildings must to be at a specific level that unlock other buildings that needs a specific level, and so on). Can flare fix this? Has flare the "volume" to compensate the gap? Yes we're talking about a "volume", a big volume to fill back again. There are so many holes between the first top alliances and few places after. Even the war matchmaking goes to fuck up every time for that reason.
  7. No more Phoebe

    Tammy Beast in offense does hammerstrike with every punch on the ground and release a heal spell not immediately but like 2-3 secs after few fists. Just like defensive beast...
  8. No more Phoebe

    What i would like to see are the stats of the offensive beast at your level so you can get a plus idea of how much damage your pal-beast does. For phoebe beast i consider it better than eris beast, it does 2 different things (blessing and armageddon) while eris it's just a single type of damage but increased (plus it doesn't attack those towers!) Also armageddon is mediocre as NotYourBusiness said, for example armageddon of phoebe beast remove like 40-60% health on towers/obstacles depends if they are little boosted or not max level.
  9. New Pupil ?

    i really like her (bela) it's too funny the animation of the raspberry
  10. New Pupil ?

  11. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Just a little correction since i'm italian i can help: (Don't want to be grammarnazi ) Cromka on this you have a point. Thanks to you "paying players" that exists this game. But with this update many "free2players" will stop soon. I wish you the best but please don't be a braggart just because you play in VL. if you really want to know how things are going on, go visit "low" alliances as you say. And then you'll see how things are.
  12. Subscription on PC! Only play?

    Interesting question @Archimedes please answer this
  13. Dear Friends, As for the attached screenshots, you can see i lose trophies even with successful raids (98%, 99%) etc. Close and reopen the game doesn't matter because the problem persists. Hope you guys find a solution quickly especially during these days where gold is essential to upgrade all the new stuff. Thanks for understanding. and so on!
  14. An advice is to get 100% scream boost and keep using it, werewolf will stay close to you, if it jumps the first barricade (and right after there is another barricade) it will jumps also the seconds one. In this case don't get close to the first barricade but stay 2-3m away from it so the werewolf doesn't jump the second barricade. (i'm talking about always when hero scream is activated). Let your troops destroy the barricade instead. A tweak for a werewolf could be that if there are 3-4-5 barricades one behind another the werewolf should remain in place without jumping all barricades even if the hero scream is activated and the wolf is under it. In few words just make the wolf more "magnetic" to the hero scream