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  1. What about all set of festivals lul
  2. If you want to see 4.0sec you need to forge the slowdown 57 times but actually it's a rounded number. the real number is 3.95 sec
  3. It will end on 18th August
  4. I got lucky today...awakened aki was going to bury my troops... thanks zombie to have killed it instantly
  5. I still have to find a pal since when the Pal Collector event is started in the free pal chest of every 4h.
  6. Only 6 will be chosen? Not big "Community" Event then
  7. I think the following should be fixed: Necromancer charges its yellow bar every time she hits someone or its skeletons hits/kills troops/towers/obstacles. When its bar is full, the lightning shoots everything (troops, towers,etc) but if your Necromancer has already filled the yellow bar and she is in front of the Castle Gate, it doesn't release the Lightning shot, rather she keeps it full without releasing it.
  8. I agree with Mag, the healing effect, of troops (monk) and towers (heal tower) for example, nullifies any kind of damage while it's activated. That's might be the reason you see sonic blast doing nothing.
  9. Explain better your problem please.
  10. As title says, XP Bonus of the 3rd event (Pal Collector) is not applied during raid! Please fix it, i wanted to raid 24h non-stop @PaSte
  11. I remember they did an event where food cost half and more gems in cof? I don't remember the name though
  12. Not a big fan of Bucky as pal collector, i'd have prefered Aki (we still have to unlock the beast ) As for the 4th event, can be alliance party or uber granny days or i hope they can surprise us with a total new one event never done before
  13. I play on Windows 10 me too, never happened so far such problem. maybe your keyboard is misconfigured? Or some connection problem with the USB port? Just suppositions.
  14. Yes they did 200% still very good, i can go up to 423% , hope to do 1M exp per battle
  15. Every 10 seconds around as almost all pals' abilities.