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  1. and if it freezes at the start of the game, you lost the raid and lost food and the trophies.
  2. any solution from flare about this?
  3. Upcoming Changes: Community Requests Preview

    hey horkos! long time! many of us now are in different alliances and many quit the game, but check the message that i sent you.
  4. so many hackers in rr2!!

    again what bug?
  5. 3 festival chests in the first day of Viking festival

    and if you buy the chest, means more chances to get those items?
  6. 3 festival chests in the first day of Viking festival

    you can get items from those chest?
  7. Fail Festival! Many won't be able to get Bella!

    what do you mean the first two chest? i had one chest
  8. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    i dont know who need him, but i do care about flaregames words " Disclaimer: With Florian now being a member of the Royal Revolt 2 team, we understand that there might be concerns about his Alliance potentially gaining an unfair advantage over others. In the spirit of fair play, Florian will be joining new Alliances periodically to make sure that more than one Alliance has a chance to benefit from his expertise." but it wasnt true then.
  9. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    you wont have any answer from flare about that. i have other question too, i thought that flothaboss would jump into diference alliances in war time, but he is always in apoc now.
  10. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    flare wont do anything, they just dont care about this.
  11. Lockup during combat

    forget what i said, it just happend to me again. trophies and food lost due to this problem.
  12. Lockup during combat

    i had the same problem, but i unistalled the game, then i installed the game, and that problem dissapear.
  13. time ago....

    yep i knew the response thats why i expect that flare finally fix the bug on this new update.
  14. time ago....

    time ago flare said that there was a bug that monks didnt heal from the other side of the path, they said that they will fix the problem, now with the new update coming, we can finally have that bug fixed?
  15. UBER chest vanished.

    it happends too to a member of my alliance, but in the last ninja event, and he still waiting an answer from flare.