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  1. so many hackers in rr2!!

    False accusations do nothing to help. Regardless of trophy or level, anyone can win pro league - that is the point. There may be a hack or there may not be; flaregames can investigate to see if anything is being done but remember that a good score every round is possible, just unlikely.
  2. In my very humble opinion, uber chests are basically a joke. To higher level players, they are practically pearl chests. To mid level players - gold chests. To low-level players, chests that give this interesting belt with double mortar boost on it. More often than not, when people get an uber chest, their uber items are just replicas of what they already have. Their gem output is minute (a bit like pro chests but that's another topic), and uber pearls! Who wants uber pearls? Not only are they terrible, they are also common. They can be found literally everywhere: Ninja, war, daily rewards, blah blah blah. I remember the day when I still had the thrill of opening an uber chest - now, no more. Legendary chests are better because they give GEMS! Many players would drop from the lowest uber chest tier to the higher legendary chest tier because of it. It's pathetic really. And progressing alliance levels to give uber chests in alliance rewards for ninja is no longer a blessing, more like a curse. Something needs to be done. increase the uber gems in chests maybe. This is just what I think though, so feel free to comment.
  3. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Now it's the monthly leaderboard that needs balancing
  4. For me, the rewards have been absolutely ridiculous. I've got every chest that can possibly be gotten and each chest has given 400-500 coins up to now. Probably just my rotten luck.
  5. Boost your Castle event 8 Nov 2017

    Going back to the first post, yes this is concerning. I'm not sure if this is a bug or carelessness or intentional. The related post (for the event) DID say all castle buildings, but did not mention 'including alliance tower', although it didn't say 'excluding alliance tower' either. Ambiguous. If it is intentional, I would be very disappointed. We need an official reply to this.
  6. Converting Uber items into pro items

    Unfortunately I don't like this idea. As you said some pro items are worse than uber items, but their pro-bonuses may make people rethink selling them. This is a good and tactical decision, in my opinion, in the game.
  7. No fire weakness for heal tower

    The heal tower is now weak to blunt not fire. It's now the basilisk tower that's weak to fire, hope this doesn't happen all over again. Would be great if the basilisk tower is weak to poison, going back to the first post, since 1. it's a LIVING thing and 2. it would balance the game; poison would actually be useful.
  8. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    It was a beautiful summer's day in the Golden Desert. Eldrak and I were just chilling in the scorching sun (slightly illogical, but we are rebels). In the distance we glimpse the aggressive combat: Werewolves howling, Monks healing, Vikings bravely panicking - when suddenly, a dracomancer evolved into a dragon. It was a sheer beauty, the dragon, with scales as smooth as silk, and such ferociousness to send an ogre crying. Eldrak was dumbfounded, and the more he stared, the more he started to envy this majestic creature which he saw. Suddenly, he burst into fiery tears. 'What's wrong, Eldrak?' I ask, puzzled. Perhaps I'd forgotten to give him his favourite snack, chargrilled Arblaster. 'Why can't I fly! I have wings, yet I can't fly! How can that ugly creature fly in the air just like that, when I, the Eldrak that has incinerated foes for millennia, cannot?' 'You could try,' I replied. Eldrak agreed, and began running in circles, preparing for liftoff. He jumped, shot a fireball, and promptly fell back to the ground. 'It's no use,' he sobbed. 'I'm useless.' I couldn't argue. He couldn't fly, and that was that. Suddenly, I spied a dusty flute lying near a sand dune. It had a letter attached. I peered and read it: 'Whoever blows down this yonder flute, shalt bring power beyond heaven to thee and thy companion'. This was it! I knew it! At once I picked it up and began to blow. I can began to whistle the tune, 'I believe I can fly.' And then, I felt energy burst through me - almost rage! I felt transformed! The flute was indeed magical. I looked at Eldrak, and was stunned. He had grown to four times his size, with wings the size of a plane, and was swooping up and down the desert, charging into battle. 'I can fly!! I believed that I could fly and I can!' he yelled, breathing fire over his foes, scorching Archers, incinerating Monks. But that wasn't the only thing; I noticed an aura started to glow around him - an orange aura. And deep inside me, I knew the most spectacular thing was about to happen. 'Yaaaaaargh!' Eldark yelled, as the aura grew bigger. I blew harder down the flute, and harder still. He was really getting into it now, the aura became brighter, any moment now ... Suddenly, the flute exploded. In a flash, Eldrak popped out of his giant balloon-like figure, and he was an ordinary, flightless, pitiful Eldrak once more. I looked at the remains of the flute in horror. Only then did I turn over the letter and read what lay overleaf. 'All good things must come to an end.' I sighed and began to walk home dejectedly. The meek Eldrak followed me, crying once more. IGN; YYthebest
  9. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    It is I know, but I think they are doing their best. I'm as annoyed as the next person, but it won't do much by saying it.
  10. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    No problem, we understand that it's probably a system error. However it is quite annoying for us especially since it occurred at this time.
  11. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    I can sympathise; I have restarted as well, I will probably be losing my chests for this war and donation and league and all that happy stuff! Thanks for the halloween gift guys!
  12. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    If you have linked your account to facebook, can you get your account back without submitting a ticket?
  13. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Same here. If any of my alliance members see this, I won't be able to play until this is resolved. What is more annoying is that I've uninstalled and reinstalled RR2, and now far from working, I have now started a new account. Not sure how I can get my old one back.
  14. Changed alliences during war.

    On the other hand, this is meant to discourage alliance jumping during war, in my opinion. To solve this, there are two options, both of them failing: 1. You could make yourself attackable, but also be able to attack yourself. This defeats the point of the cooldown, which doesn't discourage alliance jumping, which would cause many more problems and unfairness. 2. You could make yourself unattackable, and also not be able to attack. People would obviously take advantage of that, for example, without the - 4 members fiefdom loss rule, people could kick out all the members as they do now and allow many more to join, without being able to be attacked. This wouldn't be too fair either. I think we should stay put. Only my opinion however.