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  1. Recently I've noticed that monks don't seem to sense troops with low health in a parallel path, both defense and offensively. I haven't been playing for a long time so I don't know if this is deliberate or a bug, but monks can still heal units over a parallel path, but only if it senses a unit with low health near it. For example, my king is running down an L-defense with little to no health, and a monk comes along the other path. I expected it to heal me, but no matter how many times I screamed the monk ignored my orders. I died. Meh. Aside from this, I've also noticed that players with clearly no beasts (most being without an alliance) have a beast icon displayed when attacking. The same applies to my defense, which doesn't have a beast. This is definitely a bug .. just pointing it out
  2. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    Meh ..... Next: You one-shot a whole wave of gargoyles with your blizzard.
  3. Buffing Un-Elite Boosted Werewolf

    The Werewolf's attack is quite weak against towers, and against anything in general. That's probably why it is hard to notice. I also believe that the Werewolf will automatically go towards units in range even if there is a tower nearby.
  4. I believe, in my opinion, that a werewolf without an elite boost is as about as much use as Granny's "classic wind boots" - useless. It comes with the highest morale of all units, 16 morale points, however basically does nothing. It is not useful offensively, its howl practically boosts itself, giving you more useless normal attacks, and scares a few units. I for one don't believe it's worth it. I suggest buffing the Werewolf by making the howl range bigger; perhaps not as big as a raging wolf, but big enough to take an effect. The current range, 0.1, isn't effective. Perhaps make a level 1 Werewolf's howl range 1.0, going up by 0.25 per level reaching level 5 at 2.0 range. This would help those without an elite boost as the elite boost is very expensive, make the Werewolf slightly more worth it both offensively and defensively and balance the game.
  5. Beginning is looking for members!

    We now have Blazing Knight activated until the end of the war season and 26 spaces for any members willing to join! Only one more day left until war so if you are active, donating reasonably and regularly and can fight for us next war, join us now!
  6. No more pals- maybe one last

    They are also implementing scrolls in beasts: Apocalypse - Voracious Eldrak; Blessing - Celestial Phoebe; Battlecry - Primal Howl; Summoning - Awakened Aska; Portal - unnecessary since it's too weak in defense (imo); Armageddon - Also Celestial Phoebe; Time Warp?? ---- That's why I suggested the Snake/Toad that does poison damage with time warp special ability as a beast
  7. Boots of kicking

    You could always have an intimidate aura boots, maybe making attacks within the aura (including bombs) do less damage, like Growl's attack, maybe? Instead of simply kicking them back
  8. Important News without announcement?

    Chronos is also the lord of the time in Greek Mythology. Pity the mummies aren't wrapped right. I wonder what's inside them?
  9. More flags

    I believe that Australia and Canada are already on there, along with many more. - 41 flags in total.
  10. No more pals- maybe one last

    My ideas: Ice Archimedes: Ice Damage with special Blizzard Power (could also be an Iced Eldrak) Twisted Ice Archimedes Beast: Ice Damage with Slowdown as special power, maybe? Serpent: Poison Attack with toxic cloud attack Serpent Beast: Poison Attack with special rain of Poison Bombs (like the Doom Gate ones) Just my ideas, hope you like them
  11. Thanks for nerfing Blacksmith

    Sorry to say this, but it doesn't seem to have worked. The chat is still laggy, once in a while, even with the new update. Hope you can get it fixed.
  12. Beginning is looking for members!

    Hi guys! I'm back from a long break and once again we're looking for alliance members! We have many spaces so anyone who is active, has reasonably good donation (i.e. over 50k) and can fight for us is welcome to join! - We are OPEN! Our Alliance is: Beginning - level 31. We may not have that many members but we are sure that we are able to grow into a strong alliance again! Feel free to contact me, IGN: YYthebest or any other generals in our alliance, for more details.
  13. Beginning is looking for members!

    We have reduced the requirements to 1,500+ trophies and 50k+ donation until the war season starts only! We also have Blazing Knight, Power Archer and Storm Cannon activated permanently, along with Uber Lightning Tower, Nimble Mummies, Surprise Mummies, Dragofrosters and Gargoyle Nests, and will have Raging Wolf and Tough Barricade activated very soon! If you were considering joining but were too low according to the previous requirements then now is your opportunity! We have 5 spaces and are OPEN so don't hesitate to join! We look forward to seeing you guys!
  14. New Year Raffle

    IGN: YYthebest Happy New Year everyone!
  15. Beginning is looking for members!

    Back to winning war seasons! Dragofroster, Surprise Mummy and Gargoyle Nest are back on!! Join us to get Nimble Surprise Mummies guaranteed in a few days! We have 3 spaces so don't hesitate to apply if you meet the requirements! Have fun!