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  1. why can't I add any friendcodes

    Friendcode is some kind of invitation for the new players. (player can enter it at hero level 8 or less, as I know) You already playing? Enjoy!
  2. Date of game creation
  3. I complete all Quests :)

    Ok. I has not a goal to raise trophies and play hard. Goal was another just said that at 4200-4400 you can feel comfornable with stun
  4. I complete all Quests :)

    No. I already removed it But up to 4200-4400 Trophies, you can use it very well (depending on other spells&units)
  5. Melting

    If I make 100+++ attacks a day with 130% luck, it is really annoying to manage melting that hundreds of items ( not to mention about different chests) Melt small items first, so that inventory do not overflowing. It mean I open BS. open slots and skip middle and high price items, waiting for low. Melt. Repeat Now, if I want to leave a game for a while (or go to sleep) open BS open slots and scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll-scroll to find expensive items again. 8 times. You call it gameplay? Not to mention when you open slots and something distracting you. FUCK!
  6. I complete all Quests :)

    Topic is not about stun itself Stun was just the longest. New level/cooldown of Stun helped a bit - Cooldown 12.95s (remember 20s initially!) now forged 92+ 7+ months for that all, after having decided to do so (used the Stunning with priority from the first day)
  7. I just completed the last quest Has someone already done this before me? :)))
  8. Add confirmation button in cof

    I wrote it to support long ago (not once!) And there are ALREADY! several topics in forum about it. Couple days ago spent 500 gems again. There is NO such menu still
  9. lol. they make it intentionaly. It mean you can spend 25 gems 'you CAN now request insta-troops again' ! what's wrong??? not free? but you can!
  10. Luck system flawed of changed?

    Give us full formula of Luck, for pro-item perks
  11. hmmm... I understand the difference! Those who signed a month ago - suddenly found that they had another month's money transferred automatically
  12. Subscription on PC! Only play?

    hmmm... I understand the difference Those who signed a month ago - suddenly found that they had another month's money transferred automatically
  13. monthly 50 gems a day, IS NOT A SUBSCRIPTION???? heh Another great LIE!
  14. Subscription on PC! Only play?

    lol, you can make "50 gems a days" monthly subscription, but cannot make another? LIARS again
  15. In COF it never ask too, 500 for new item slot Instead of corrreting old errors, they make new with update!