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  1. I'm not really into Knights kamikazing off the Tower, but if you made it a simple building almost all Tower Defense games have this. It's usually called a barracks and either spans are set number of troops or continuously spawns troops. And honestly, it's almost always a very useful building. I'd rather not see if be exclusive to Knights. Why couldn't you choose the unit much like choosing your Instant Troop request. The higher moral you request, the fewer total troops you get. It would make the "building" more versatile.
  2. Among many many other things that Royal Revolt absolutely must be tracking, probably most important, when any Alliance Gold the name of the general who spent it must be noted. Currently when any unit is boosted it will say something like: Storm Canons have been activated. But it should say something like: Maerique has activated Storm Canons.
  3. Fair enough.
  4. You clearly don't play Clash Royale. The idea of these game is every team is unique every battle is unique. You couldn't possibly max out every unit. I don't think in a human life span you could max out every unit in Clash Royale. You're supposed to just pick your favorite 8 unites and level them up as far as you can. You still might not even max 8 out.
  5. Exactly, so why are they making features that are actually handicaps! Can't they give us good stuff that actually works. I think the only unit who's unique feature actually works is the Mummy! And you could argue the Necromancer, but they had to juice the stats 4 to 1 on offense to defense. That isn't really working that's just a cob job.
  6. Why is it when Flare creates something unique they make it worthless or a handicap? Gargoyles, they both fly and jump the lanes, totally unique, and totally worthless! Werewolves they can jump barricades and run ahead, but any instructional on using the Werewolf will tell you to use the Hero scream to keep him back with the group, so his unique thing is really a handicap! Flare, why?
  7. Personally, I don't care if they add anything new. I've hated every new thing they've added. But I'd like them to fix the stuff they already have in the game! Like the Gargoyle you have one cool unique offensive unit that's only good in concept and totally worthless in execution!
  8. Clash Royale has 47 units... 46 on this list, but they just added a new one last night. And I just went through the list and not one of them is an irrelevant unit! I've see everyone played pretty much daily. Royal Revolt has 12! And it can't keep 12 card relevant! Gargoyle is obviously an offensive unit, and is NEVER used on offense. The Paladin far too weak, don't think I've been attacked by Paladins since I was like a level 30. Total junk on defense, I maybe see them like once every few weeks. The Mortar is really only any good during the seasonal boosts so like once ever 4 months? After level 50 the Arblaster is only used with the War Boost, actually most of our units and towers are just sitting around waiting for a War Boost to be playable. If you want to branch the discussion into Towers, the Arrow Tower is completely irrelevant starting when you finish the tutorial (maybe). Flare is clearly not trying with Royal Revolt, and this is there best game! I really want to see a comprehensive rebalancing and a wholehearted attempt to make every unit relevant!
  9. Well maybe now Flare will notice and do something? This Event/Festival tumor is growing!
  10. But the issue is you're not playing the game right if you play less, it's designed to be too demanding.
  11. Agreed it is a choice. Honestly, I really only play in the morning (when I'm waking up). Or when my computer freezes, and I'm restarting it. :-) But still it's design is to be too demanding.
  12. First off, Royal Revolt has to back off on being so time-demanding. Games like Puzzle and Dragons only let's me play about once every 3 hours! Royal Revolt clearly wishes I was playing at least 8 hours a day with no weekends or holidays off. They started with Just the base game, then added the War Seasons, then added the Ninja Event, then added the Festivals... When/where does it end?
  13. I've seen them comment on the dumbest posts and then they completely ignore the most core problems.
  14. Like they'll ever update the Wars? They'll just add another type of event... We've been trying to get the War System fixed since before the Ninja Event, and before the Festivals....