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  1. New & Improved: Knights who say Ni

    Accepting New Recruits!
  2. Ever since the Server updated today (August 30th), I haven't been able to log on.
  3. Farm Description

    For the first time it isn't Flare's fault... It's actually English's fault. Stupid f@cking language with words meaning multiple things! Sow, pronounced: S-Ou! Is a female pig. Same spell: Sow, pronounced: S-Oh... Means to plant.
  4. Again this simple fix would remove a large number of the frustrations that just keep people p!ssed off at Flare. For the most part we're not asking for big changes we're just asking you to be slightly helpful! Like give use a Get It and Melt It button, F#ckers!
  5. I got to bring this back. With Flare constantly upping the ranges on things via pearl upgrades, elite boosts, etc... We need to be able to see what we're targeting. Currently to effectively use Blizzard in most base designs I'm targeting towers that are off my screen. It's super annoying!
  6. Version 4.0

    Do we actually know there's a version 4 coming? Maybe I missed that announcement? Or are we just assuming cause they really do have to fix so much!
  7. Does the Granny Armor have any Color Scheme to unlock? And if so which piece(s)?
  8. Absolutely, F#ck you Flare if you wanted to Nerf the Cannon do it the right way... Increase it's weakness or increase the strength of units like Pyromancer. Don't make f#cked up odd random targeting patterns. We can only hope Flothaboss holds them to a higher standard instead of selling out (which is most likely).
  9. If they gave us tactics we might even be able to make Gargoyles useful again by making them target Buildings! (Like it's our job to fix their problems, but apparently they're not doing it.)
  10. It's the first F in Flare, F#ck the users (particularly the loyal ones)!
  11. I don't give a sh!t! They shouldn't be balancing it like jack@sses. It's wrong! Fix it!
  12. Flare has really, really f#cked with the game when they added their stupid Necromancer unit. But in particular, Cannons which used to shoot at (almost) exclusively Buildings are now targeting enemy Units randomly (by class). I'm not sure what the exact list of Units Cannons do fire on is. I think it's Monks, Skeletons, and several other units. While most of the units it just rolls on past. I don't know how many times my Cannons stop and try to shoot a mess of skeletons then try to just roll through a Savage Panda that beats them all to shreds! It's stupid. Flare needs to make a decision: Cannons fire on enemy units or they don't. Not fire on some types of units and not on the others.
  13. Lack of basic member management tools has been a huge issue for alliances since they created alliance 2 - 3 years ago! These are just a few of the different threads I found asking for help! There's a very long list of things we need including Data Tracking for all Alliance Members for all Wars and Events, but since that will be longer to implement due to the amount of data storage and manipulation, I'm going to start with this simple list that should be doable without any more than a weekly update. Minimum Requirements for Joining an Alliance (such as King Level and Donation Level. This criteria should also be included in the search so there should be an option to check for the Kings to only find Alliances for which they meet the minimum requirements.) Banning from Alliances (or Application Time-Out) Right now, I have an idiot who's quit our alliance twice and twice come right back. And he is sending us a new join request every 2 minutes, so I want to be able to ban a player at least for a week. There's no reason you should be able to immediately re-apply. Maybe any rejection bumps you off for a week.
  14. Gem stealing from us

    I try to spend them before I lose them! Just sucks when I have to save for an Alliance Tower upgrade!
  15. Gem stealing from us

    Over time I've lost more than 4,000 gems to that. And it's not complete stupidity. Sometimes I just have the screen open waiting for an upgrade to finish, and I reach out while I'm working to grab the phone and hit an instant upgrade button for something still days out.