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  1. Yeah, the first time they ever fix something they are just actively f#cking us.
  2. Flare doesn't fix things. It just create more new content that nobody cares about.
  3. I've been bitching about that for years!
  4. I'm having an issue (still) where if I'm opening an Uber chest, and my inventory is full... I close down the Uber Chest window. I melt some items, I go back to the chest, and the item is just gone. If you would just make a Goddamn "Melt It" button! F#ck sake! Just let us play a game with a decent interface! We are trying to like your game, but you make it so hard for us!
  5. The whole f#cking tower thing is stupid. You're supposed to be penalized for having so much kill power that you just eviscerated the base before you had time to get to the two towers on the side? At the very least you should be allowed to use up any remaining time to clean up left over towers. In Clash Royale (the most successful game of all time, just saying....), when you take down the King's Tower everything falls. Now, I know I won't win this fight, but I just want to bitch with you... I missed a Tower and came in like 40ish... With 2 Ninjas! F#ck me!
  6. The Knights who say Ni Recruiting New Knights! ALLIANCE LEVEL: 53 Storm Cannons, Blazing Knights, and Power Archers are always Boosted! During the War Season All Defenses are Boosted and the Seasonal Boosts are prolonged, along with boosts such as Storming Ogres. Minimum Requirements: KING LEVEL: 75 / DONATION LEVEL: 100K
  7. I'm not going to have enough Crystal to buy what I want out of the Pro Shop. If I don't spend them do they expire by the end of the pro-event? Or can I save them up for next time?
  8. I like the payoff of the Ninja event, but just like the War Season it's boring and it's a grind! I actually play games to be entertained. Make the game fun and I'll play with 0 payoff. I do that all the time with Clash Royale! But Royal Revolt I only ever play if there's a good reward. They need to make it fun again! And long, repetitive, and idiot-proof is not the solution for fun! That's homework!
  9. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    I have to object to this cause it kind of makes it sound like Flare is trying. You tell me what they are doing with Gargoyle, and then maybe we can discuss how they are trying. They're not!
  10. Viking Gear Color Scheme

    What piece of Viking Gear do I have to get to unlock the Viking Gear color scheme?
  11. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Um dude it takes at least 6 months for them to implement a small change. We are no where near judging the implementation.
  12. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    These are good points I've been posting about and emailing Flare about directly for 3 years. Do you have another idea how to get these points noticed? I got 2,000 views on my points. Read my earlier posts, I used to be nice and polite until the jack @sses at Flare Games made me this way!
  13. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Yes, probably only 30% of my suggestions ever get used. Cause they are f#cking idiots! So we'll see.
  14. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Honestly, they never gave any indication they were listening on any thing else I wrote. But about 6 months to a year latter my suggestions did appear in game. I'm assuming I'll have to wait and see whether they are listening. They certainly won't fix it right (F#cking idiots). They never take my good ideas like making the War Season map like a Risk board with different territories effecting the strength/damage of the units in the battles for that territory. (So it's not the same f#cking battle 5 sometimes 10 times in a row!) But yeah, 6 months from now they'll have implemented something new I suggested.