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  1. Just for your info, there will be NO "Boost your Offense" Event this Wednesday.
  2. You see the updated values in the attack-windows (just click on the spells there) but not in the tower-window.
  3. I would also recommend to open a Admin Shell and type in wsreset
  4. Too many currencies

    I would remove the vouchers completely.
  5. POLL: Granny purchases! (Dec 2017)

    6 - 8M a week? Which level you are? You should get this in a day or two if you raid a few strong bases ... Or do you mean just by farms?
  6. Blockade +700 HP per Forge, Barricade +200 HP per Forge. It's up to you, invest in what you prefer. Try to one-shot Blockades with ice and the try to one-shot Barricades with fire.
  7. complane for pro-boost not activate

    Stop keeping the support guys busy with answering this posts. Let them fix the issue first.

    There are hundred of topics saying the same ... please read before open a new one. They are working on the already known issue ...
  9. Ok my statement: take Blockades and ignore Barricades Clear now?🤣
  10. But this is exactly what I said ... The question was why they prefer Blockades ... Because the can be forged higher I said.
  11. Because the are better to forge - more HP gained per level.
  12. Phoenix pal

    Nidhoqq, Aska and Ceres already "summon" troops.