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  1. spam monks and rush ahead, hope you can run back to heal before dying...repeat this till stage 10, stage 11 and 12 I cant say, pretty tough
  2. mortar doesnt give necro a chance to hurt your ogre
  3. if you reach far enough you get decent amount of crystals from the battle itself, add to the 1100 crystals guaranteed for participation, then I think you can get 10k+ crystals per month without ever finishing in top 100 or above but atm most pro items doesnt look very good anyway, so for me personally its only about pushing ranking and having 35mins of fun
  4. good move, fair play to you and just need to give you a developer device for video tutorial purpose instead of spamming gems to your personal account and max everything out in a flash! This shouldnt be happening on a personal account of an employee, back then its fine cuz you are just a fan making video but now you're hired and paid monthly...make no sense to still supply your personal account with gems and stuffs, cuz in the game you're suppose to be just a player, who either play hard or pay money or both at the same time
  5. Cromka please, I dont even have 2k gems right now and offensively you have to remember I left the game for 7months 😌 it is a lot of forges time lost and I missed 2 community week...insta is how I play and how many will always play 😌😌😌 dont put great expectation into lower level people's mind, time and effort is not cheap to spend the hacker also use all my 10k gems, sell my all good gears and waste my pearls...i rebuild again my king since 3 months, still not good... offensively you need gems, you melt pearls during event so you can forge...the best of free player do this too...why you think people like flowerdance and ciang keep breaking league record ? free gemsssss end of discussion
  6. hahaha speed up 3 tower forge 15 times = not many gems...tells everything you know about the community! have fun being the rich 1% or less, the rest have totally different experience regarding the game...imagine thinking raid is about forge alone lol
  7. each insta slot is donated by specific player, so say for slot I donated, that player will use instas according to my troop level
  8. yeah not you
  9. yeah just need to forge a lot which still need gems 😂
  10. just scroll 😌 you rich
  11. just scroll 😌 you rich
  12. this is another one of my point as well but I dunno how to explain it haha thanks for mentioning it
  13. I want suggest Flaregames to make changes to the insta troops...instead of only able to request one kind of troop, I think its better that we can just request insta in general and then choose which troop to bring into a raid before entering a base.Ofc a player can only choose insta troop that they have unlocked only! This way it is easier for us to change raid combo.For example now, I use wolf ogre monk but still have insta monk because 10mins before, I was using another combo.So thats a problem because I already bring monk, so I want other insta troop to compliment my current combo.Right now I will have to either not change combo or wait few hours to request a different insta troop (or pay 25 gems ofcourse 😒) but the problem is that some base need different combo than the other bases.Especially with the OP OP heal tower now! I think paying 25 gems to change insta is just stupid.That is for people who want to use more insta after using it all in 2-3 raids! I'd like to know what others think of this suggestion (which ofc I didnt post in suggestion section cuz barely anyone read there) and hopefully it is accepted and we can see changes in future update
  14. yo, someone lock this topic and ban this guy please...hes upset about everything but came up with nothing worth taking seriously about...what a clown!
  15. this is my pro bonus with the 2 pro gears...i believe theres also food bonus ? not sure, but I finished in top 10, maybe top 5 or top 1 have more bonus 🤔