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  1. better to just give us extra stats slot on ring belt and boots, where you can find more spell perk which will help a lot in war raids
  2. my froster have 9 forges, spawn at least 4 dragons per raid my pyro have 42 forges, spawn average of 9 dragons I think you doing it wrong
  3. dunno why anyone would complaint bout this festival since you lose nothing from not participating...I dont play it, I have all the gears and zero interest to buy Aki pet
  4. most seems to favour Tammy...I personally prefer Bucky and think both Archi and Howl are shite
  5. Only Fii Nami get account unban 😌 others cannot
  6. This was kinda suggested before, that is to 100% restrict direct attack and only allow matchmaking attack but idea was rejected for they want players to test themselves against the best Yeah right create new account and die 0% after 5 scroll and revive, great test of your own level 3 king power which is what most top 10 get aside from trophy stripper
  7. From the IGN, it seems these hacker are from VL and Todes 🙄🙄 obviously no proof to that but theres no other logical explanation either.The main account need permanent ban! I agree with the suggestion to ALLOW PLAYERS TO CHOOSE WHICH TIER THEY WANT TO COMPETE IN although with a restriction that they only have 3 option, the tier they are in at time of choosing, or the tier one level lower/higher than that. It will save players so much time than to waste being online just for the sake of keeping trophies.1 click on the screen every few mins is big distraction in life. And Cromka please, you cant just come out and say VL not involved lol did anyone know all that were banned before were actually hacking ? Nah, even in RL and Apo, they dunno some of their members hack and suddenly 3-5 players got banned.Its very easy to lie on the internet 😂😂 dont make such joke agaib
  8. How is this FG's fault ? Price is different by country according to what is set by the store.For example recently iOS raise price for IAP in all country that use Euro plus a few others.Company I think get the same amount of money, the rest goes to the store itself, google playstore windows store app store whatever.I dont think FG can do anything.
  9. This rule or whatevet was added on players request about a year ago, communicated via this forum
  10. So you saying huge gold boost and 24/7 elite boost for both offense and defense is not enough of an advantage ? Not to mention the amount of chest the members get from other members buying gems
  11. Cannon knights monk, cannon pyro monk and as well wolf pyro cannon.Each need different spell and different play style but this is only for me ofcourse.I have seen people raid successfully on consistent basis with froster as well, I cannot do the same.
  12. I'm afraid Flothaboss is not relevant.Firstly due to his superior power level compared to 99% of the players and then as well because it is a Youtube videos.You only see the succesful attempt on 1-2 bases, never see the failure on other bases. I have raid many player with monk only and knights only and all that, I think this kill the purpose of having 3 unit slot and 3 spell slot as well as insta and ninja along with defense forges and other gears that were introduced. I think overall theres like 5 consistent reliable combo at top level which is enough variation imo and WOK/WOM are the easiest, least expensive forge wise to use.
  13. It does not work like that in the higher level because everyone copy the best base, so combo to beat it also limited to 1-2 only.The only variation you will get is when there is a war boost that force those changes during war period.
  14. Nerf WOK/WOM = kill the game
  15. It cannot be a risk if you purchase because you have the receipt and you can reclaim it from support team But maybe I ruined a joke here