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  1. Pro league 6th october

    they are strong, dont worry...still wont kill a FB but only like 5% HP left
  2. Update

    i can understand your point but you seems to have all the alternatives figured and doing well, so...keep doing that cuz even if we complaint, theres not much FG can do except giving a need to rush anyway, just get the basic offense done, the rest can wait! Plus raiding 30 levels of ninja coming, thats enough to keep 3-4 workers busy...
  3. What do the new pals do?

    the bats drains life, the bear pushes waves like Viking does and Eris the Pro version of Archimedes do fck all like regular Archimedes
  4. Update

    just farmed 17mil gold using luck gears lol easy gold
  5. Update

    nah it will be -5 secs from before update but they should not have make the old max goes to 45s 😡😡 whats wrong with leaving it at 25s and then new max make it 20s ?
  6. Update

    @Nikko explain new elite boost and alliance level (how many more new level and its cost+what boost we get for which level)
  7. Update

    I will pass the new AT level like I pass the level 14 not worth it

    nah just the Viking to return petrified u ig to normal...and possibly a pal that can do that as well 🤔
  9. Update

    so basically we're getting a wtf unit, a wtf spell and a wtf tower in a wtf update and then its gonna be lots of "oh dear god" moment when we see all the cost in time, gold, pearls and gems
  10. so I was clarified about this guy ScarlettKing and hes such a freaking genius (and skilled as well)
  11. Base design suggestion for....

    well its putrid you know...just make as many parallel path you can and use only mortar in waves...
  12. Way too many blacksmith events lately!

    yeah i forge all my tower spell and unit 3 hours before they announced the event 😕 so 3 days of forging only ring and glove sp for me...
  13. Update

    yes im very brave, its the internet after all 😂 but like I said, first world problem and adding to that...the problem was self created 😂😂😂
  14. Update

    its Florian, im sure he reads it...its one of his specialty you know...