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  1. Top alliances😎

    Might as well try on a normal legendary gear with leadership instead if wastinf a good pro gear 😕 or just keep one sonic perk
  2. Top alliances😎

    Why though ? Why reforge a double sonic PRO GEAR?!
  3. Cromka dear, you dont seems to understand the concept of loser bonus, the old or the new one, at us a favor and leave this matter to those who understand and have experienced both the old and new LB system pros and cons
  4. Banned from Pro League - No reason

    Omg this just got funnier 😂😂
  5. Rewards pro league

    Then quit imo
  6. Rewards pro league

    Quit RR2 imo, play new game
  7. Banned from Pro League - No reason

    Still funny reading this
  8. (past) pro players

    You wont see most of them even in top 30 now some of them are legit but can have bad day while most are bullshit player who did shit the early days but suddenly doing 2k+ week in week out...I was surprise to learn of the bug last week! But this week PL seems so much fairer at the top...although with these people you never know, they always exploit in a new way! And not to be racist or anything but cheaters tend to come from the same country/region in whatever game I play 😒
  9. Gem discount offers after update?

    I have 25% offer 2 days ago, my last 50% was 4-5months back though...havent drop below 700 gems since then...
  10. Hi Flaregames.

    My alliance won Pro Boost Palladin on the level 1...but boost was not activated?????  

    Please check and fix the problem.

    Alliance:  Raiders of the Tail

  11. That'll be down to luck, plus now chest are given more as well (2 chest for top 500) so in 4 tries if you dont get any tix, your luck must be shit lol
  12. If you wait long enough and collect 4 tix to play a full month, then do well, you be getting shit load of free tix lol so then joining top ally is more possible but I think overall they only care for war related requirement
  13. Armistice Bundle

    Bruh it is basically a donation to charity... If anything its too small amount surely?
  14. Well Played Granny

    You crazy ? Most would say they never bought, only the veterans like us ever spin and purchase from her