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  1. Make players hero stats come up

    Since there was absolutely no reaction to your post, I would assume that this change is not what others are asking for... For my part I don't want to reveal my hero's stats.
  2. Now time to focus on allience wars...

    The only thing that I would really like to change is that we could get Sundays off, at least from time to time. I am a family father and want to spend the weekend with my wife and kids, and I'm quite sure that there are more players with the same problem. One solution would be to let all wars start at Thursday (fix start instead of fix end of a season).
  3. Current State of OR

    Really, that was fast! Thank you very much! I can only support the post of @Prometheus, including the 5k steps in gold for higher trophies ;-)
  4. Grinding for gold is boring...

    It's just that this 100k cap is there since the beginning of the game. Since then lots of things have been added to the game plus upgrades are getting more expensive. That's why imo it's time to raise this cap.
  5. IMO the limit of 100k gold per raid has to be raised. With the latest changes - that I really like! - we now need much more gold to play this game, but the max possible reward per attack has stayed the same since ever. For upgrades, odyssey, forgings and masteries I need about 100 million gold per week. Including alli bonus and chests I have to do 4 raids to gain 1 million gold. Easy math: I have to do 400 raids per week/57 raids per day to win enough gold and I think this is insane and boring. FlareGames, please raise this limit to i.e. 200k per raid. This could also be a teaser to play for trophies again.
  6. Version 3.7 is AWESOME👏👏👏

    Upgrade your Uranus to level 10, it's much cheaper in the long run ;-)
  7. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    Many thanks @CaptainMorgan!
  8. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    I have to agree with @LordCieza, this is only theory. Conversion of units, even when they are still far away from a Nyx tower, happens so fast that all not converted units are always busy to kill converted units. Not to forget that there are also waves coming their way which are also to be dealt with...
  9. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    True, Nirolas, now it is more or less impossible to AutoPlay on higher levels, and that is good, but the game has nothing to do with strategy anymore. Just place 1 or better 2 Nyx towers that can reach the troops but cannot reached by them and make a long and difficult way to the other side of the Nyx towers. All decent bases are set up like this and the only way to beat such a base is to go rambo-style with Herc, Ajax or Prom to take Nyx down with Talos. Heroes with not enough power to break barricades fast are of no use and - what is even worse - troops are neglectable. BORING! In a strategy game a hero should never be able to beat any base without troops and it has to be possible to set up other working base layouts. When Nyx towers were introduced they had a huge range by default and many players complained about it. FG reacted and reduced their range. Now - since Helios tower was introduced - we are at the same point again. WHY? @Flare Games: Please change something to make this good but actually boring game a real strategy game again!!! NOW!
  10. Quiz - Day 2

    It is Korea, Royal Lord II. My IGN: myTown1
  11. @Alysea: Is it true that FG will not pay back the missed ninja coins?!? That means that all of us that are in top tier, made 30 fights with 100%, but had crashes in CoF (not our fault!!!) will miss 16 uber chests??? And on top of that many of us invested lots of time and gems, not only during the event but also before it to get to top tier... That's really unfair :-( Now we even support the developers as beta testers and provide you with details devs normally get from (mostly paid) employees. We have never been asked to become beta testers and want our rewards we deserve! I had three crashes in CoF. To make it fair I offer FG to take 3 x 45 gems from my king to open all chests... Not getting the rewards for rank 1 is NOT fair!
  12. Chamber of Fortune Crashes

    damn, third crash in CoF, right now, Ninja event raid number 27 "Krakenarchipel" :-/
  13. Chamber of Fortune Crashes

    New Lenovo PC with Windows 10 Pro, Saturday 11.47pm, 10 minutes (3 raids), xDSL landline (no WiFi or mobile data), very good connection, I did nothing than some raids on Ninja event, crash occured on "Walinsel" / Whale Island (number 18), IGN = myTown1 and a second crash in CoF at 00:09am on Sunday, "Fregatte" (number 20) :-(