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  1. Defense waves are vital. Always have one upgrading throughout the game. It doesn't take a worker, and is vital to a proper defense. I am not sure what is happening, but you should send a ticket in using the SUPPORT function in the forums. @flaretara @Archimedes
  2. What are the troops and spells?
  3. I know we compete against each other, but anyone have advice for the pro-league?
  4. Interestingly I got a non-proshop pro item in my chest this week. It was armor with gold boost and knight boost -- completely useless.
  5. Why do Jester boxes still not indicate their range like towers do? I know the other traps don't have the circle, but they don't have range.
  6. I love the idea of doing this as a special event, like the pro league. This would be a fun occasional change to break up the monotony.
  7. I have gotten 4 or more chests daily in the event and have 0 pets found. The XP wasn't implemented properly ... could this be an issue?
  8. Then I probably still prefer monks. I use monks for heal (and damage) and Bucky for shield. Between the healing and shielding factors, it usually keeps my troops alive.
  9. How often does Tammy give heal?
  10. @Archimedes This cursing post gets a response, but my polite request for help with TapJoy not paying out is ignored? Should I start dropping f-bombs, violating forum rules and cursing Flare in order to get a response?
  11. Zombies are easy to kill. I like the fire ninjas better.
  12. Kick them.
  13. Having that problem with TapJoy too. They have not paid out thousands of gems for my reaching level 10 in Mobile Strike and joining a ride sharing or renting service. Flare should step up and explain their vendors lack of response.
  14. CROMKA1 only needs Tammy for success. Other people like to play differently than you, or use different combinations. For me, Tammy is overkill since I run with monks who are already doing healing with normal damage similar to Tammy. Having two healing aspects is often redundant. I like to use Bucky and Monks so that I am constantly getting heal and shield for the troops near my king. It's a nice combo. But as noted above, I'd really like to have nidhogg for extra black magic.
  15. 1) What don't you have? I don't have Aska, Nidhogg or Phoebe. Aki, Growl are level 1, so I pretty much don't have them, either. 2) Which of those pets do you want most? I want Nidhogg to supplement my black magic and get 60+ morale stolen every 20 seconds. I guess I like Phoebe, but since I use monks it's really not that necessary. Two heals is not as good as two BMs.