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  1. @PaSte this is great news. Do you mean 4.0 or 3.1? Also, is there an ETA? Also, too, will all cut scenes ... beast and dragons... be removed or just beast. If not for the dragon, will that be returned to the old way?
  2. @PaSte Thank you for the response. I appreciate the answer, but it is only partial. Every other perk for every other player item has an associated entry in the attribute screen, but this one does not. Only those who come to the forums and find this answer will understand what has happened. In particular, we are trained by the spell cooldowns to expect to see a time limit on the attribute screen. Please consider fixing the notification on the screen so all players can understand, not just those who come here.
  3. @Nikko and @flaretara --- please, could you address this?
  4. Benefit would have to be a lot better than that. Wars as a top alliance are awful.
  5. Thanks Hulk. I guess my issue is that for every other perk there's a listing as to its impact, while here there is not. The 4.0 used to be green, but is no longer.
  6. @Nikko @flaretara please answer this. There is a perk for "cooldown" on the necromancer but nowhere is there any indication of a timed action. The screen with all the attributes is full, and has an identical icon, but it is stuck at 4.0.
  7. Verxx ... you must have something they want .. xp or gold or whatever. Get rid of that and they will stop.
  8. Interestingly, the offensive cannons attack defensive necromancers.
  9. No. I have seen the beast launch at 2:15, 1:30, etc. In fact, when hitting open bases sometimes the beast launches when the king is at the gate. If you have 2 equal strebgth bases -- same towers, same barriers, same levels, same perks, same gate -- that have different layouts 33% will come at different points in the path. If one has all their barriers and towers up front and the other has them all in the back, the former will spawn much earlier than the latter. Simply put, there is no way to accurately predict even within 10 seconds when the beast will spawn, because it is determined by the base.
  10. Yep. I lost 500 on an unneeded slot this weekend. It really sucks, and I hope @Nikko and @flaretara will take this to their leadership.
  11. After how many perks are necromancers helpful? Right away, or do you need to do some perking? What should I perk first?
  12. @Nikko this is not a recent issue, but an ongoing issue. There have been connection issues whenever a call to the server is made -- get food, down a gate, spin the matchmaker, open the leader board, collect gems, etc.
  13. @Nikko could Flare weigh in on this? Giving us half the equation is useless.
  14. The three perks on the necromancer are Health, Cooldown and Damage. However, when you click on the necromancer and her stats come up Health and Damage are listed so you can see the change if you perk, but Cooldown for spawning skeletons is not. How do you know the impact of the perk if it is not listed? Is this an oversight, or is there just no room left on the screen since she has so many attributes?