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  1. Many reporting video rewards not given

    That's not the issue here.
  2. Tapjoy not paying rewards

    I write to Flare support and they reached out to TapJoy and convinced them to resolve the issue. Thank you Flare for stepping up to the plate and helping out. @flaretara @oPelle
  3. Videos are offered and watched, but at least three members of The Great Jimingos are not getting rewards.
  4. I want an official statement

    I also use the fire aura ring ... it can take out a lightning tower if i have no spells to do so. Takes longer but worth it.
  5. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    1) Build your base to make it stronger. Perk, perk, perk, perk. 2) Raid them back. If they are losing to you they will stop. 3) As someone else said, join a higher alliance with stronger boosts.
  6. Flare hurting alliances

    As long as there are only 40 raiders counted, alliances can get as big as infinity for all I care.
  7. I want an official statement

    If you use monks then Bucky is awesome. Monks heal and Bucky shields for a ton of protection.
  8. Filter for alliance application

    Oh, goodness yes. This is definitely a must have. I lose a lot of game time reviewing applicants who have level 3 towers.
  9. How can there be a major update with no communication, and then we find it is only half an upgrade with no ability to use the new "features"? And still no communication? This is not good, @Nikko @flaretara @Flothaboss
  10. Update

    Has there been an update?
  11. Tapjoy not paying rewards

    @Nikko @Flothaboss @flaretara Once again, TapJoy is not paying out on a significant offer for over 6K gems. I joined Wag, let them walk my dog, and got no gems. I filed a request, got the automated response, answered their questions and forwarded the email from Wag, and got nothing. This is not just a TapJoy issue, but a Flare issue. You offer their service as part of the Royal Revolt 2 game, and I am sure get paid by TapJoy for the offers we fulfill. TapJoy is making money, Flare is making money, players are getting nothing. I have followed the proper process with TapJoy, and when I got nothing filed support tickets with Flare and got nothing. I've done everything right, and it's time for Flare to show whether it respects and cares about its clients. It's time to do something about this. I have paid for gems a number of times because I did not have enough, but should not have needed to based on TapJoy and Flare's offers. Between the Mobile Strike and Wag and other offers, I have done my part to earn about 12,000 gems which is well over $50 worth of gems. Please do something about this.
  12. "Free" Pro Tickets in Subscription Not Free

    Anymore on this @Nikko?
  13. The "Discord Server" notification at the top of every single page that takes up tons of space on mobile phones has been there over a year now. It's time to remove it and maybe pin a post in Official announcements. It makes using the forum on the mobile phone less useful.
  14. Please stop with the tease. Give us a timeline when the new update will come, and then meet the deadline.
  15. Update

    Is that when it's happening? I would like to start the upgrade as soon as possible.