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  1. Unnanounced Event does not work

    Flare made a mistake? How rare.
  2. It is annoying to have an offer we don't want constantly announced and flashing. Please let us decline ones we don't want.
  3. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    I have been able to generate more stone dragons than ice dragons. I prefer fire dragons.
  4. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Greedy? So if you rent a car for two weeks but only get to use it for 13 days, you are greedy to ask for what you paid for? UPDATE: Not only is Cromka insulting, but wrong. At about 10 a.m. EST (US East Coast) FlareTara posted in Official Announcements that they are still working on the fix for people not having their ninjas anymore. The "fix" isn't complete yet, but I am glad that Flare is working towards one.
  5. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    I have ninjas again but do not consider it a fix. It does not give me gold or trophies lost before I realized I was raiding and defending without them, nor make up for the gems I spent to purchase 3 ninjas I did not have for the whole time I paid for. Flare needs to realize that when it fails to deliver on promises and sales it has to not just restore to the original state, but compensate for lost time,play and in game value.
  6. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    @flaretara this is getting silly. Now with the fix you've taken the ninjas away? I paid 270 gems to get to 5 ninjas, and now they are just gone? Please, get it together.
  7. Rewards pro league

    That's really not good enough, @flaretara. Giving one chest is nice and all, but the ring I received -- heal aura and ice damage -- was significantly better than any ring I had and is not available in the store at this time. It's not like it showed and disappeared, but I was given it, finished opening my morning chests, put it on in my main wardrobe, calculated my new powers, went to perk it -- and it was taken away. A single chest is not an exchange for that. I earned the first chest, and the ring. It was taken away. Giving me a lesser chest is not compensation, especially since the ring is worth at least 6,000 crystals and I could get three chests for just 7,500 cystals. At least we should get multiple chests, and even that's not worth the use of a really good ring. Were this an occasional thing, that every once in a while -- a few times a year at most -- things went wrong, maybe it wouldn't be a big deal. But it is happening multiple times a month and is getting to the point where the game is slowly becoming unplayable.
  8. Rewards pro league

    Same here. Not sure of the name of the ring, but it had heal aura and ice damage. I want my ring back. This is a big deal @FTB @Archimedes @flaretara and needs to be addressed.
  9. All morning I have had issues connecting to the game. I finally got in and got my daily chests, pet chest and pro chests. I opened them all and was really happy to see a pro ring with heal factor and ice damage. I went to my castle, put it on my main wardrobe, tried to perk it and the game disconnected. When I got back in to the game the chests we back and when I opened them I did not get my ring. Please give me my ring back. And, yes, I will submit a ticket.
  10. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Funny, but I did not get that on Android
  11. My guess is that letting people attack while the opponent is online would create situations where someone is changing their base or waves and are very weak. Not fair to the players. Other idea is that it is seen as a gold shield.
  12. Blacksmith Meltdown Button

    The game already knows how many pearls an item will give when melted. Why not just tell us instead of making us do math?
  13. Bladestorm

    No, thank you.
  14. Longer paths

    Yes. Double click on the tile you want to clear and pay gems to clear it.
  15. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    Time to close the thread, I think. @Archimedes