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  1. You miss the point. I made choices on what to perk and where to place towers based on the range circle reaching a certain tile. However, when opposing units hit that tile within the circle no skulls are launched. I could have perked another tower a full 2 percent for the half percent o got on this tower and had a stronger base, but did not because of the range circle. In other words, decisions on defending my castle were made on bad data, and therefore were wasted and ineffective.
  2. This is more than just a small bug since it changes how people perk towers and lay out paths. I had two skull towers that the circles say were close to reaching a new tile, but the range perk was lowered. Still, I spent the pearls to get the smaller range increase a few times until the range circle got into the other path. That means I spend hundreds and maybe thousands of pearls on the game's promise that it would help my defense, and I did not receive what was promised. Not asking for my pearls back, but nothing that the bug or design error impacts perk and placement choices, and therefore impacts game play.
  3. I have seen this too. It seemed to me that when testing a base the slow function of ice traps is either delayed or nonexistent.
  4. I identify a real issue with the game, where the presented impact is not reflected in game play and am ignored. Not happy.
  5. @PaSte? @Archimedes? @flaretara? A week and no response? This is the new communication? Feels a lot like the old communication.
  6. It's Thursday. I posted this on Saturday. Would be nice to get a response.
  7. You wrote, "So the event is no more and no less than wait for a pal chest to be available? " which I misinterpreted to mean the wait was "no more or no less". Again, my apologies. I just wanted to help clarify the event for people.
  8. You quoted his whole comment and said it was spot on. Not part of the quote, but the whole quote. If you only meant p2p and f2p you should have only excerpted that part of his comment. No biggie, and apologies.
  9. Pal chest time is cut in half ... four hours with Facebook, 12 without.can easily get 4 a day.
  10. Who Is "they"? Different people complain about different events, yet any complaint is seen a a continuation of old ones. There is no THEY which always complains, but there are always complainers. And then there are the people who always complain about complaints.
  11. @PaSte? @Archimedes? Any idea?
  12. Interesting to see an event start during the war. Don't remember that happening before. How long will it last?
  13. And ANOTHER misses the point. You're an outlier, like me. I've done these things, too. But most people ignore vouchers now, and will soon ignore pet food. What is the point of creating game functions that are useless to 90% oir more of your players? I find trying to get these things amusing. But if no one else plays the game then it's not fun for me, either.
  14. No, not at all. I have luck gear and I grind to get things that are realistic in a time frame. You are either intentionally or congenitally obtuse. I will ignore you from not on.