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  1. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    The only requirement is to have a level 10 throne room
  2. Spend crystals to refresh pro shop

    I think it refreshes very rarely simply because there really isnt that many different pro items total
  3. No proleague rewards wtf?

    I always got rewards instantly on all other pro leagues. Got connection error for a while but after that I got my beautiful chests
  4. No proleague rewards wtf?

    Its always over the day before new one starts. Timer shows time until next one start not until the last one ended
  5. Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

    No rewards for that pro league
  6. I was 1st and got nothing at all
  7. Buff level 10 Pals

    Better if they make a pet with luck bonus and work it same as kaiser has gold and maybe a xp pet
  8. Flare in Trouble

    Commentators subscription pack
  9. Buff level 10 Pals

    I dont bother getting any of them to 10 the way it is now, atleast not until I'm completely sure I don't wanna try use any other pal (level it to 9) and I happen to have crazy amounts if pal food spare. I got 3 level 9 pals and didnt buy a single chest and concidering the rather tiny 9-10 difference I don'tsee the ppint
  10. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Its not the players real spells and troops. Everyone has same level of everything lol
  11. I complete all Quests :)

    Hmm what? I use stun on 4.8k+ bases in only gold & xp gear it works very well. Just need to time it perfectly. With 7.32 range its sexy
  12. ares shop products

    Are you able to read? That sir, is the answer to your question
  13. ares shop products

    Stay on topic or my brother will ban you people
  14. ares shop products

    Haha well said and agreed
  15. If I buy pal chests during a pal event with a condition like 4x more pal chance and 4x howlie (or some other pet I don't want to get tons off the same on) If I opened these chests after the event ended would I still be haunted by this horrible bonus?