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  1. They don`t care..... The only think they want is to sell Gems... Else they would already do something.... like.... RESTART THE FRIKING WAR!!!!
  2. nice... we lost 2 of 3.... for less than 1k... we couldnt even add champs....
  3. nice... we lost 2 of 3.... for less than 1k... we couldnt even add champs....
  4. No help at all??? WTF???
  5. Event completed and i finished 60th!!! Flare do something!! You have proof of the bug!!!
  6. i did
  7. Hello. On the last 5 stages i currenlty am (9-14) i win the stage, i have 3 stars but after that it shows that i have 2 stars, no xp or gold rewarded and it dont let me enter the CoF. I send you some pics. Please help me!
  8. Hello. Since 28 of April i cannot receive ANY GEM From any offer. Tapjoy or free gems. ANY OFFER!!! I have contacted with your support but no luck! Please do something about it and soon please...
  9. yes! please fix that!!!
  10. I opened all the chests in COF and i didnt get ANY gem....
  11. i am a free player and i have maxed ally tower 3 months now
  12. same problem here... (android, ios and windows pc..) no ads and no boosts. FIX IT!!
  13. When was the Alliance feature released in Royal Revolt 2? Answer: 27 NOVEMBER 2014 ==> The Alliances have officially arrived! When have the Alliance Wars been introduced in the game? Answer: 21 APRIL 2015 ==> War is coming…
  14. Love them all 5 !!! IGN: GeorgeChania
  15. 1. Windows PC 2. Windows 10 Pro version 1607 3. Before the CoF 4. Not even a fight 5. LAN 6. Perfect 7. Nothing. 8. Ninja event battle. I have lost 2 CoF till now. Im paying real money to buy gems so please give me my coins back. Not the gems. Just the coins. IGN: GeorgeChania