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  1. New type of war

    Me too don't like such type of war .
  2. My ascension level is 90 and i m playing OR from last 5 month and open more than 50 titan chest and still did not get a single unique item. Is there any method to get unique item. Because many player are have 2 or 3 same unique item. Plz make game fare for everyone . This is so much frustration for a player if he did not get such item.
  3. PVE Mode

    When the update is coming. And this pve adventure started.?
  4. Max level of buildings

    Thanks for info
  5. Max level of buildings

    It did not have information which I need like how many workers , max donation
  6. What are the max level of building e.g. heros temple, gate, silo etc. And how many worker can I have. What is max donation for alliance and level?
  7. Me also stop spending money in this game.
  8. Why no event like RR2.

    Thanks for reply
  9. Hi flare , why u are not have any event in between wars like RR2 . That would make the game More interested. More players will attract to the game.
  10. Not received any Yeti event prizes

    Me to did not get reward
  11. New year is coming . Then flare should added a new type of chest Happy new year chest in next ninja/ yeti event .as a reward. Thanks
  12. i cant play

    What is this flare again it's 1 hour and I cannot connect when my Iceland is ready.
  13. I start hating my videos still not visible. Loosing the intrest as many are taking advantage of this but i cannot. Flare please fix it. I m Android user. My IGN purwa. Thanks
  14. Update 2.2

    Hi Aether, After update I cannot able to watch video. Video button is grayed. I am android user. My IGN purwa.
  15. Me too cannot watch video. Ign purwa