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  1. Normal events

    Last time, yes, we have had festivals and events at the same time. This time it seems the pattern has been broken i.e. if we have festival, there won't be any event. Why? My guess is most likely due to introduction of subscriptions, especially kingdom's. If I am Flare, if I still keep the frequency of events the same i.e. every time after ninja / war, the advantage of those who have subscribed will be lessen. So if I am Flare, I will reduce the frequency of events, like what is happening now. Of course, this is just guesswork on my part as to why there is no event whenever there is festival. The actual reason only Flare knows.
  2. Please !! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Yes, Cromka you are right on this - free players cannot take advantage of this type of offer. But for players willing to part a bit of money, this is significant as it means one can get a pro-pal without even playing in pro-league to earn the necessary pro-crystal to buy the pro-pal.
  3. If I may add to what others have contributed here, first, I think Jack (Dena4) is spot on about the over-the-board probability of failing in COF. If you read his post about the calculation of say 25% failure probability per try, it seems almost rare we can get failure of three straight in a row per COF and we are getting many in fact. It is as if there is another hidden variable in the program which Flare can tweak to increase (or decrease) the chance of failure regardless of how many luck gear or how many times we retry the COF. In order to eliminate this casino element from influencing the outcome of war through COF, Jack has suggested to eliminate skulls entirely from COF or in case of a failure, make it pay only once with 100% success i.e. the max one needs to spend per COF is 15 gems. These suggestions are definitely good for the players if Flare adopts it. But I guessed, to Flare, they may not view it happily as gems spent opening COF during war is indirectly, a recurring income to them. If Flare still intends to keep the casino element in COF during war, may I suggest Flare to be fair and consistent - do not tweak the hidden variable to increase the chance of failure. If it is say 25% failure probability per try, it should be rare to go beyond one or even two tries to get three failures in a row. This is the most important. Also, Flare may want to decrease the chances of failure with each try i.e. say for first try, 25% chances of failure, the 2nd try is say 20 % chances of failure and 3rd try is say 15% chances of failure. This will encourage players to try again if they want to as they know each try brightens their chance to get that skull. But Flare must be fair and do not tweak some hidden variable. On the 3rd try say 15% chances of failure, it must really be 15% only and not some hidden tweaking will change this 15% to some other higher figure.
  4. Alliances dumping players during war

    The solution is simple, actually, if Flaregames is serious to thwart this "loophole". As we know it takes 8 members to join a war. No problem about this. After joining a war, the smart aleck team then kick out the rest leaving the best players in the team and shield them as well. The loophole is here but can be corrected easily. To attack an enemy in War, we go to War Standings and click on the crossed swords on top right to bring up "Attack Enemies" tab. Here the program will display a list of possible enemies to attack together with those shielded (if any). The solution is for the developer to add in a few simple programming lines: when in War Standings and player click on the crossed swords, the program will check to see how many current players the enemies clan has - if it is 8 and above, all is okay and player will go to the normal "Attack Enemies" tab with shielded players displayed (if any) but if the enemies clan currently has 7 or below members, all shielded players will be displayed as unshielded. The programming lines are simple and can be done easily (if Flare wants to). In summary, after the programming is added, if a clan kicks out members and the total members drop below 8 players, any shield on the existing will be worthless.
  5. Please !! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Wow, am I correct if I am saying that the offer above shows that there is a possibility to get Phoebe (one that gives pro bonus) OUTSIDE of pro-league!!! As Phoebe costs 20,000 Pro-Crystals to accumulate (possibly for an average player 5-7 times of playing in the pro-league), buying Phoebe OUTSIDE will save that amount (and time) to buy other pro-item inside pro-league itself. This offer is probably selective only, just for the top alliances to have a chance to have phoebe in their defenses if they willing to pay for it.
  6. Update

    Ninja event is good for gold but hope Flare throws in a month long "Viking" themed Festival too with complete set of Vikings items for grabs along with the Pal Irmgard. Then gold will be aplenty again. This is also a good chance for Flare to capitalize on the gold shortage by offering Gold Digger package every day.
  7. The title says it all, thanks in advance!
  8. Subscription pricing

    Flare, to promote the new subscriptions and to get players possibly "hooked", why not do a "grand opening" lasting one week for a special 50% discount on all three packages? I am sure you get a lot of subscribers.
  9. Since this topic is discussions and feedbacks regarding the newest update, like to suggest to Flare developers - why not give the choice to the players themselves i.e. have somewhere in the game a button settings where they can choose the minimum gem purchase amount before the confirmation button is being triggered. Reason is some players can live with a 50 gems "misclick" or even 100 gems or some even do not want to have the confirmation button at all (i.e. they can have so many gems anytime, it does not bother them and they actually find confirmation button a nuisance) while to others, even a 5 gems "misclick" in the COF is too steep. So this is subjective. Since it is subjective, it is better to let the players decide for themselves. However, I understand that there are certain areas in the game that Flare still wishes to keep it free of confirmation button such as COF and scrolling. Suggest either Flare mention officially that the confirmation button does not applies to these selected areas so everyone knows i.e. even if player sets the minimum gem purchase as 0 gems, it is not applicable to these selected areas or Flare sets a minimum 20 or 25 gems in which no confirmation button will be triggered. Also, the confirmation button should also apply to speeding up pearl upgrades in spells, units and buildings.
  10. The Granny Festival (pals keep pilling up)

    I am with RoyaleDing2 here. There are some pretty amazing items for grab in this Festival plus a NEW Pal. If we add in the potential to make Good Gold Hauls per day for each of Festival days, I must say this is pretty GOOD event. I like the look of the items - hope that Flothaboss or oPelle or some other avid RR2 fans can get the complete set and show us in the video, how Granny looks like in her dress. And love the dentures gif - opening and closing crackling all the time - very cool man. THANK YOU FLARE! GOOD JOB HERE!
  11. Gem stealing from us

    I guessed there is no other logical explanation to this weird Flare's no answer (as usual) to us wanting to have a confirmation button for ages other than Flare does not want us to have too many gems lying around waiting to be spent accidentally by a click. So we all know what to do ya - don't have too many gems in case ...
  12. Stop your gem stealing scam

    Absolutely disagree. By your logic, if someone digs a big hole in front of your house and you fall into it and break your leg, that's your fault right? Wrong! The fault lies on the person who dug that hole. We have told Flare many times and in many topics all over the forums that we need a confirmation button in the upgrade windows as accidents do happen. Does Flare listens and make the confirmation button immediately? I guess no. On the other hand, Toxic Cloud nerf is immediate though. Well, Flare reads no doubt but to do the confirmation button means to lose another potential gems revenue so they don't do anything. Flare, we are waiting to see the confirmation button in your next server maintenance. Just do it. It is been long overdue.
  13. Community Week 4th event suggestions

    If we look at the past precedence, the last event of every community week is Alliance Party. Just hope that Flare adds in something else instead of just Alliance Party. Maybe add 50% to the gold from raids i.e. if one normally gets a million gold, it will become 1.5 million this time AND/OR add 50% to the gold found in COF AND/OR give a huge discount (say 75%-90% off) on Gold purchase from Treasury using gems.
  14. Flothaboss' Score in Pro-League

    To Flothaboss, the adjustment on the position above is brilliant I must say. Like to add a bit that it would be great if you can come out again to mention to everyone that prior to participating in each pro-league you have absolutely no chance to test the pro-league beforehand. This will clear the air for everyone. And my congratulations on topping the league. Am looking forward to the video of how you did the impossible by getting a perfect score in pro-league.
  15. Making Pearls

    Agree with Cromka. Excuse me Flare, when are you going to fix the time taken just to melt pearls? Take an example - Flothaboss. He has 202 slots. Imagine the item he wanted to melt is a useless boot right at the end - how many times he needs to scroll right to melt that useless boot? How much time would he or other similar player waste just to melt one item after another? You tell us. The solution is very simple: Have two buttons in the melting window of the blacksmith. One, to toggle the view of items with the current settings (for those who like to maintain current view) and another to toggle the view of items sorted by number of pearls to be melted from lowest on the left to highest on the right. The players can choose whichever view he or she prefers. Flare, do you know that more and more players are leaving and one of the reason is this game is too time consuming. You just look at how much time needed to do the simple routine tasks like melting pearls! Please step in immediately and get your developers to make melting pearls a breeze rather than a long torture, okay? Thanking you in advance!