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  1. I guessed there is no other logical explanation to this weird Flare's no answer (as usual) to us wanting to have a confirmation button for ages other than Flare does not want us to have too many gems lying around waiting to be spent accidentally by a click. So we all know what to do ya - don't have too many gems in case ...
  2. Absolutely disagree. By your logic, if someone digs a big hole in front of your house and you fall into it and break your leg, that's your fault right? Wrong! The fault lies on the person who dug that hole. We have told Flare many times and in many topics all over the forums that we need a confirmation button in the upgrade windows as accidents do happen. Does Flare listens and make the confirmation button immediately? I guess no. On the other hand, Toxic Cloud nerf is immediate though. Well, Flare reads no doubt but to do the confirmation button means to lose another potential gems revenue so they don't do anything. Flare, we are waiting to see the confirmation button in your next server maintenance. Just do it. It is been long overdue.
  3. If we look at the past precedence, the last event of every community week is Alliance Party. Just hope that Flare adds in something else instead of just Alliance Party. Maybe add 50% to the gold from raids i.e. if one normally gets a million gold, it will become 1.5 million this time AND/OR add 50% to the gold found in COF AND/OR give a huge discount (say 75%-90% off) on Gold purchase from Treasury using gems.
  4. To Flothaboss, the adjustment on the position above is brilliant I must say. Like to add a bit that it would be great if you can come out again to mention to everyone that prior to participating in each pro-league you have absolutely no chance to test the pro-league beforehand. This will clear the air for everyone. And my congratulations on topping the league. Am looking forward to the video of how you did the impossible by getting a perfect score in pro-league.
  5. Agree with Cromka. Excuse me Flare, when are you going to fix the time taken just to melt pearls? Take an example - Flothaboss. He has 202 slots. Imagine the item he wanted to melt is a useless boot right at the end - how many times he needs to scroll right to melt that useless boot? How much time would he or other similar player waste just to melt one item after another? You tell us. The solution is very simple: Have two buttons in the melting window of the blacksmith. One, to toggle the view of items with the current settings (for those who like to maintain current view) and another to toggle the view of items sorted by number of pearls to be melted from lowest on the left to highest on the right. The players can choose whichever view he or she prefers. Flare, do you know that more and more players are leaving and one of the reason is this game is too time consuming. You just look at how much time needed to do the simple routine tasks like melting pearls! Please step in immediately and get your developers to make melting pearls a breeze rather than a long torture, okay? Thanking you in advance!
  6. Good suggestions above. Flare most likely will not lower the entrance fee but Flare can and should spread slightly better rewards amongst the smaller players to encourage and maintain interest from a broader selection of players other than a handful of usual top players. The top players definitely deserved what they should be getting, please don't lower their rewards - just asking for slightly better rewards for thousands of smaller players than the current rewards.
  7. First of all, thank you Flare for this Festival ! This will be quite a relief for some players as other players can focus getting their gold from Festivals. The shorter duration this time, in my opinion, is short and sweet as I guess Flare does not want to engage players into a too long event. I have a small suggestion to Flare: in future Festivals, why not offer pro-league ticket as one of the prizes?
  8. Aha, an unexpected crash means good business for Flare If this is correct, my heartiest congratulations, Flare! Unfortunately the crash happened right in the middle of on-going war season. No doubt this crash is rare but it has inconvenienced many alliances - strategies are thrown off right just before the start of round two and some players who can only play at that particular time in 24 hours cannot get a fight in thus no skulls from these players for the alliance. Players are frustrated, again. However, this is a golden opportunity for Flare to fix things quickly and decisively. Since the likely server crash is caused by the Pro-League, why not be magnanimous, Flare - give everyone another free Pro-League ticket. Take it as a good marketing strategy as the more one spends time on something, the more likely chance one may buy. It can be a big Thank You to the legions of loyal Royal Revolt fans who has supported Flare all this while. If the free Pro-League ticket is a bit too far fetched, at least compensate everyone who participated in war (at least 1 skull won) with a minimum of 1 uber chest ... ideally 3-5 uber chests - thank you! If there is a compensation, this inconvenience can be turned positive for everyone and I am pretty sure players will be looking out for the next server crash.
  9. One solution to make everyone not "play for free" is to ask Flare to eliminate entirely any possibility of a free Pro-Ticket in the chest. I don't think this is good at all. Think carefully. If we get even one chest, now, there's still a possibility of getting a free Pro-Ticket in that one chest. Of course, the guys who got top and won more chests simply increases the chance to get a free Pro-Ticket by opening more chest than the guys who got one chest. What's stopping us to get top our self and get all the goodies? Everything is the same for everyone who participated in the Pro-League. No complain here. I believe not all top ranked players uses computer to play and not all who uses computer get top ranked. Skill, experience and a level headed, quick thinking mind matters more than the medium used to play. Just my opinion.
  10. Would suggest to Flare to post at least 24 hours in the official announcement before a new Pro-League starts - the King statistics, the three spells (whether boosted or not), the three troops (whether boosted or not), the insta troop (how many) and any other additional info that may come handy like maybe they let the king take a pet this time into battle (what's the pet and level), any special items equipped, etc.
  11. My suggestion to Flare is to give more combo alternatives for the purchase of a single Pro-League ticket to encourage more players to participate. You can still stick with 750 gems for one ticket and at the same time, offer alternatives like 50% off gems cost - 375 gems (= 1 diamond league win) + XXXX vouchers or 375 gems + XXXX pearls or XXX gems + XX mil gold or any other combo that allows more players to buy the Pro-League ticket. You know the saying - the more, the merrier. You still get people to use gems in combo alternatives and people get to play so it's a win-win.
  12. Heartiest Congratulations and jolly well done to all top winners and also those who participated in Pro-League #1 ! However, the REAL challenge to whom the BEST players in the world will only begin COMING pro-league where the Free players joins the party! I am sure it will be an explosive battle for ultimate supremacy!!! And Best of luck guys! Can't wait to see the results of Pro-League #2 P.S: Thanks for inserting the video about the Pro-League Chests, Cromka - some of the rewards like Pro-League ticket, Pro-League item, high-valued gems between 150-200 are quite cool
  13. Above are some very good suggestions to further improve alliance mechanism! Unfortunately for us, the players, I don't think Flare will bother unless it can directly impact their bottom line, like what happened over the green stuff business (wink wink).
  14. This is an excellent suggestion!
  15. Thanks for sharing, whatsa. Every info helps the community here. Thumbs up!