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  1. Red Skulls

    First of all, do not do it, that player is shielded so you will be offered like half of its skulls. It is just inefficient.Unless there is no other option and you are forced to attack such player ofc. It will have impact on your personal score (you won't get as many skulls as you could have) in the front you attacked such players but also it will affect your overall war score (counting towards reward chests).
  2. If there was a message that "he got kicked", not that "he left" I strongly believe someone must have really kicked him although no one admits it.
  3. New Chests

    Selling towers is not a good idea. Why ? One day FG can add a new boost, buff or nerf somethings and unused towers can become useful. Plus it's not like you have limited tower storage space or whatever, it doesn't cost you anything to have them there.
  4. Requirement for alliance war

    They joined a war with at least 8 players, after the war has started they removed a few members. In current war system such situation is possible, once alliance joins war, it cannot just disappear from the map like that.
  5. Firestorm damage bug

    Not a bug
  6. There have been discussion about it just after it was nerfed, it's been a good while, there have been mixed feelings about it when it was introdcued. Now, after all this time I can say TC is still very useful, it does its thing and I don't even remember how old one used to work Totally forgot about any change.
  7. Yes, it might be the issue, I can see many shared accounts of unknown owners in top 10
  8. gem package

    You should contact FG support team, they will help you.
  9. Alliance gem donation

    Ah, you were asking something completely different that we all thought yeah, it is normal, you can donate more buy skipping cd of daily donation than gem donation, only difference is that gem donation doesn't take gold from your chamber unlike daily donation, that's why.
  10. Alliance gem donation

    I think 900 gems option was available at 13th AT level, 14 level is relativly new, though maybe after adding that new level some rules have changed. For sure you don't need to buy biggest gem pack, I've never bought one but have 900 gems option. Question is what gem packages Gabi bought, if only once the smallest one for example I guess that is not enough.
  11. Alliance gem donation

    I'm not quite sure but I think I've seen someone asking about the same a long while ago and I guess the reason for that is that you didn't spend enough money to unlock 900gem option but I'm not entirely sure, maybe someone else can confirm it.
  12. Alliance party

    No one knows
  13. New subscriptions

    Yes, those subscription might be valuable to some players but it's not like they will get any advantage over those who didn't buy it. We are still equal. As I said earlier, it is not P2W feature and it is not milking players ... Also, don't forget those subscriptions are only a part of the update, the update where we got gem confirmation button, removing ninja coins from CoF and adding monthly pro leaderboard with quite good gem rewards. Those who have a nature of complainer will complain no matter what. It's like complaining that gems are sold in game - because rich playerswill buy a ton of them and will donate them to alliance or they will spend them on cd of upgrades and they will upgrade faster than free players blah blah blah. Actually those subscriptions are no way different than just buying gems. Both gems and subscriptions only help to achieve things easier/faster but they are not putting anyone in advantage or disadvantage. But yeah, selling gems is a P2W feature and it is milking players, yeah, right ...
  14. New subscriptions

    Warriornator, you need to chill out, you always complain no matter what is introduced in the game. I have a feeling that those who have never spent any money on this game complain the most whenever a new money option is introduced in the game - about "milking players" like they are the ones that get milked the most, lols. Subscription option overall is not a bad idea. Both for the company and the players. Everyone benefits in some way. Yes, we can all argue whether those three subscription packages are worth the cost, if the content of each package is enough to satisfy us or not and so on. Everyone has their own mind, their own expectation from the game and their point of view, we either buy it or not. It is not a P2W feature at all, it's not like those who get those subscriptions will get extreme advantage. Not at all. It's more for players who are kind of fancy and they are willing to pay for it. 1st pack: vanity slot ? - if you are a fancy guy, 3 item preset slots ? - if you wish to have more and pay for it= sure, pro tickets ? - nothing special, many players buy them anyway. 2nd pack - all goes for an alliance .Many players have been buying a ton of gems to donate all to the alliance for months, nothing changes here. If someone wants to support the alliance why not, it happens currently anyway. This pack doesn't put in an crazy advantage an individual player or the whole alliance. 3rd pack - insane production boosts and supporting upgrades - only for those who still have a ton of work to do on their bases. This package only will help to achieve the goal (of maxing out base/kingdom) faster. It also doesn't give any huge advantage. We all can achieve it without that pack. I do not understand the statement of P2W or P2P feature added. Where is it ? Or about milking players ? How ? In what way ?