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  1. Haha, wasn't able to read it without singing it in my head xD
  2. It is true. The rest of the team still can get skulls in order to get chests.
  3. Obviously you cannot be sure nowadays who plays what account anymore :-) Congrats anyway to the winner, Nikkolesq, bekon or whoever played that account. A win is a win :-)
  4. Festivals do not come in a cycle so honestly, no one has no idea when next festival comes. When it happens it happens, we might get a short time notice at one point though.
  5. Really seems strange, indeed. There must be some kind of a bug
  6. You should semd a ticket to flaregames support team. They will help you.
  7. What's spell perk in uber cape ? Myself I would go for higher leadership at this stage of a game so would stick to a blue one. I can see you forged or changed perk on your uber cape, a piece of advice, don't do it yet If you are a low level, you will level up pretty fast, what means you will start getting better and better items, not worth investing any gems or perls in them before you like level 80 or so.
  8. oh wow. It didn't change even after restarting the app ?
  9. No one knows. When it coms it comes.
  10. Right, I might have missed that part. Then it depends what value those special attributes are going to have. Still, don't think it's going to give someone a huge advantage over me.
  11. Better late then never ;-)
  12. I can see your point, indeed. However, there are not even any spectacular items (maybe it will change with future leagues though). Current pro-items are basically same items we were able to get till now, yes, they have better starting stats but that's it. Even now out same gears have different stats because of our king levels and stuff so we are not equal and we will never be. In my opinion gear doesn't even play a huge role in raiding, of course it does but whether you get +100 lds or not, won't change much. In my opinion, many players have similar opinion on this, paying 2250 gems monthly is not worth it at all. I'm sure many will not do this, most will rely on a free ticket and maybe from time to time will buy a gem one. If someone is willing to pay so many gems to get those average items (that can give him a small boost) that's their choice, they will not get any huge advantage over the rest of us without those items so not sure why we should worry about it. Rich players already forged their everything and somehow we (not rich ones) can still beat them, and they (rich ones) can lose against us (not rich ones) ;-) I'm also sure, that FG soon will notice that either tickets are too costly, or the tendency of getting free ones should be reduced. It's a matter of time when they adjust it. Many bought tickets 1st league out of curiosity, many will fight 2nd league because of free tickets, next 3 leagues will be a real test in this whole pro-league - how many players are willing to join at that cost. Yes, rich ones will join and maybe those who at all cost want to get a new pal. I'm not worried too much, maybe that's why I'm rather cool with how this league looks right now cause I am sure it will change soon.
  13. We all have different opinions. Don't blame me if I do have a different opinion than yours, if you have somethings against FG or their game, blame them, not me for not sharing your opinion
  14. What do you mean ? I do see 9 and none of them is new
  15. Good you can know who's a real video game player and who's not :-) You might not agree with my opinion, that's your right.