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  1. The ostrich technique Dena! Looool. So true. I expect that's what will happen. Congrats to the FG person who came up with such solution and thought this would be great and fair to add 12 minutes of comensation to: a) small majoriy of players who were online during that 1 hour and b ) mostly to players that were not even affected by the beast change and didn't desrve to receive any type of compensation.. Also congrats to the rest of FG people who knew about it and supported it and made this 'compensation' happen. Sorry to say this but you guys suuuuuck if you really thought that's the right way to do. Also people who should balance those PL levels should do their job a bit better, unless having +90 winners is something what was planned to achieve. You are a failure on so many aspects.
  2. Confused by the number of 1st spots. Ridiculous number, it is huuuuuuge. Ridiculous that this even happened. And more ridiculous is what happened later with +12 min.
  3. pro league

    Contact FG support team and ask them
  4. It is a joke. FG should finally learn to stop making any changes to ongoing events. There is 24 hr window between each PL, why not use that time to implement any changes ? Whether to rewards, to beasts or whatever. Congrats to those who were able to benefit thanks to additional 12 minutes. FG, start thinking next time please. First implementing reward changes during PL, them messing up with beasts, then giving 'a compensation' of 12 minutes 1 hour before league ends. It makes no sense. Only extending the league and announcing the change/compensation properly would make sense and be somehow fair to everybody.
  5. Pro ligue !!!!

    Of course you can get your crown, just perform well in the PL to earn one!
  6. Why??

    Got in. Still no event
  7. Why??

    Also there are reports from those who can connect to the game, that they keep getting disconnected here and there. Also some of those who can connect see old war conditions, some see brand new war conditions. Also event seems not to be on.
  8. Why??

    @PaSte @flaretara Can you guys check what's going on. A lot of players cannot connect to the game, some can with no issues.
  9. Why??

    I was in game a few minutes ago but now also cannot contect, neither on wifi nor mobile data, connection is good anyway.
  10. My zombie events score is wrong

    Ah, thanks! Still irrelevant
  11. Alliance merger

    Think it would create only a mess and could be unfair to the rest of players who upgraded their alliances as one alliance, not a merge with another one with their resources.
  12. My zombie events score is wrong

    Just noticed that the picture "of you waiting for your cannons to arrive" is taken not from ninja but from testing yoru own or alliance mates' defenses. What that supposed to prove ? Nothing. Next time make sure to see whether towers are going down or not, you cannot be certain anything if you don't see it with your eyes. Good lessons for the future ninja events
  13. Windows Subscription

    I don't know what Flare could do, if a platform itself doesn't support subsciriptions at all then not much to do I guess. Personally I like it, I'm not bothered by all the additional subs buttons here and there
  14. Thừa hưởng Quyền làm Thủ Lĩnh

    Please translate it in English
  15. Inheritance of the leader

    General that has been in alliance the longest but not sure