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  1. Pro-League -- No troops?

    I've fought in 4 so far, finishing no better than in the 200s (I'm improving though!). The vast majority of us finish outside the top 100 and get lost in the masses. Would be nice if Flare could create additional distinction/separation/rewards so that it matters more whether you rank #200 versus #1000 versus #2000. Maybe the monthly rankings will help? Or maybe having football-like divisions, Champions league, premier league, 4th division, relegation, promotion etc.
  2. Thanks for nerfing Blacksmith

    Congrats, you win the baby of the month award.
  3. Pro-League -- No troops?

    I like the continually changing parameters. Provides variety and a fresh challenge. One of Flare's best features to date.No spells, no troops, whatever, it's cool and everyone faces the exact same challenge.Yes they are hard, which helps you appreciate the skill of those who score much higher than you. Pricey though and reward tiers could be improved.
  4. NEW TC

    Flare's heavy handedness and lack of customer relations expertise makes me think their management took their customer relations training from United Airlines. Textbook example of how not to run a business.
  5. PAL chest craziness?

    I don't do Facebook. But let me see if I understand the "deal" Flare offers. Log in with Facebook and get a PAL chest every 8 hours instead of 1 per 24 hours. Or pay a WHOPPING 7500 gems (!!!!) for 20 PAL chests? So basically log in for a mere 1week with Facebook and you get the same number of chests as spending 7500 gems? Wow, almost as good a deal as spending 8000 gems for a mere 250k increase in daily donation. To me such stupid ideas suggest Flare is having big problems.
  6. a player who has indecent manner

    Utpal, thank you for that very valuable post. Big man no doubt....
  7. Not received any Yeti event prizes

    Same here. A bug. Flare will fix it. No alliance rewards, chests, yetis.
  8. Why I stopped buying gems

    1500? Chump change. Wait until you accidentally click upgrade King level. You'll weep tears of gold.I lost 8500 gems.
  9. Zombie event = Ship Raids

    So you are bitching about people bitching Kii97? And now I'm bitching about people who bitch about people bitching. Hope nobody bitches about me bitching about people bitching about people bitching.
  10. Lazy programmers and some small percentage of RR2 players think that having the hardest part of the "ninja" event being to not destroy the gate before the gate towers is fun. Most players find the concept of not winning too fast to be silly, and having to manage poor unit AI to not destroy the gate before gate towers an irritating exercise.
  11. Happy about the community event

    Good event. Important to acknowledge the good and not just the bad (like the gate tower event . )
  12. Agreed, shouldn't be called the Ninja event, but the "Don't destroy the gate before towers event." Very lazy coding by the developers. 3rd time for the event and still the hardest thing about it is not winning the battle too fast. Ridiculous. Like telling the allies don't win WWII too fast. Makes no sense, isn't fun, but is irritating. Does Flare think people play games and pay money to be irritated? Rather than come up with something original and challenging about the event and spending time coding it, lets just plop towers by the gate. How about a island or two where no player boosts are allowed? Or islands where you can only fight with certain types of troops? Or islands where you have 90 seconds to take the gate down? Or an island where you can only fight with your king? Do something different! Towers by gates is just lazy and lame.
  13. Can you put more towers at the gate in ninja event???

    People in our alliance who missed a gate finished in top 20. I got all gates I was allowed to fight, missed one tower and finished 63rd. So missing a tower but beating the gate with 45 seconds to go is worse than getting all towers but failing the gate? Some of you don't seem to understand that you DO NOT have the option to sail on if you don't get 3 crowns on +2 battle islands. You ship won't move without 3 crowns, so you HAVE to refight. And then you will never have a chance at the last 4 islands because you'll be out of battles. My big reward was 500 pearls. Drinks on me!
  14. Can you put more towers at the gate in ninja event???

    Missed one tower on an island that gives +2 battles. Results in you not being able to do the last 4 islands. I'm currently 53rd in my group thanks to missing 1 tower. Come on Flare, come up with something more fun and innovative than a contest to see who can get all the towers before the gate falls.
  15. Ninja - Reward System and more

    Mermaid archipelago, a tower is hidden behind a tree at the gate, plus the sneaky preattack map makes it look like its not by the gate. By the time I realized it was there it was too late to stop from taking down the gate with 1 minute left. You get two crowns and because this is a plus 2 island, you can't move on to the next island without refighting. Ship wont move. Because you have to fight it over, you will then not have enough battles left to reach the final plus 2 island. So event ends for you long before the final island. All because you missed one cheesy tower because a cheesy gate can't be stopped from falling with 60 seconds left. If you get two crowns on a non +2 island, then you can sail on without being forced to refight and your score takes a milder hit. So the hardest part of winning first is making sure you take down the gate towers before the gate falls? That is the big skill test here Flare? Reminds me of the early dungeon games where crazy designers thought tons of mazes were good ideas.