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  1. I'd like to see active perk upgrades added to the Current Upgrades dialog. That dialog already provides a one-stop shop for seeing the activity of your workers, of which most people only have a handful. In contrast, there are far more things to keep track of for perks and there's no convenient way to do it. As it is, trying to manage perk upgrades is very painful as you need to individually select each spell, unit, tower, obstacle and inventory item to get its status. If this is too much, can we at least get a notification when a perk upgrade is complete? Perhaps like the big green up-arrow when a building is complete? That way we can easily queue up the next perk upgrade right then, assuming there are sufficient pearls.
  2. I always figured that the primary goal of the uber chests was to increase Royal Revolt 2's download count in the store...
  3. Bela collector cheat

    It's crazy that Flare doesn't simply provide specific start/finish times for events, but it's also crazy that they can't reliably tell us what events are going to be - or even pick a specific time that they will tell us. I wish they'd take a cue from games like Puzzle and Dragons which have many scheduled events every single day (some on rotation, some daily, some last for days/weeks, etc).
  4. I'm still seeing seeing significantly reduced pearl values for CoF items as compared to before 3.8. I use my "extra" inventory slots to save my high pearl value items (>150 pearls or so) for blacksmith events since we get x3 the pearls. Since 3.8, I haven't found a single CoF item worth more than 100 pearls - and most are far less than this. @flaretara - can you confirm whether or not this was an intentional change?
  5. At least they acknowledged the issue and have said they'd fix it. I'm still waiting for them to do that for one of the issues I brought up ~1.5 years ago that showed up with the Win10 Anniversary update:
  6. Update 3.8 Live.

    The Meltdown button in the CoF chests is a very welcome addition, IMO.
  7. Well Played Granny

    And that Boulder Sword for 509 gems would be much better investment than buying a couple inventory slots...
  8. sure, it's not *that* difficult to get your throne room to level 10 but it does take a non-trivial amount of time to do it. It's not like the friend uber chest thing where it only takes a couple mins so folks just make throw away accounts to do this. Having the alliance membership requirement to donate tickets will also cut down on this somewhat. I would hope there is a cooldown period (say, 6 weeks or something) for donating tickets when you join an alliance as that would make it a harder for folks to cycle "donator" accounts through alliances. If they also had a cooldown for receiving donated tickets maybe that would discourage alliance jumping as well.
  9. New update - lvl 20 tavern 1,5m p/h

    The capacity for level 20 taverns is also increased by 181k to 781k, which is nice. Thanks, Flare.
  10. I expect the requirement to have a level 10 throne room to collect pro league tickets will deter most people from doing this, though some percentage of folks will. Developer comment: Since players can only participate in the Pro-League once they have reached Throne Room level 10, we decided to apply the same requirements to collect the free tickets and purchase tickets. This is intended to prevent frustration caused by potential mispurchases of an item, that cannot be used straight away and help reduce confusion for players who are new to the game.
  11. Well Played Granny

    This would actually be interesting if the uber items could be purchased with gold but I expect they will only ever be offered for gems. As it is, I virtually never even look at granny and this won't change that. Feature request for Flare - provide a gem AND gold cost for each item. If a user selects an item, let them choose whether they want to spent gems OR gold to buy it. If I knew I had the potential to get uber items for gold, I would use granny all the time.
  12. That, and how about letting us rearrange the order of the items that are queued up to melt w/o having to cancel a meltdown? Better yet, give us some buttons to sort the order for the queued meltdown items - e.g. smallest # of pearls 1st, etc.
  13. Yep, I can confirm the WindowsNonFatalSuspectedDeadlock event log entries relating to Geolocation.dll as well. Fault bucket 127983441306, type 5 Event Name: WindowsNonFatalSuspectedDeadlock Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: 2 P2: Unknown P3: Geolocation.dll P4: GetGeopositionOperationImpl P5: 420000 P6: Windows::Devices::Geolocation::GetGeopositionOperationImpl::InitializeAndStart P7: P8: P9: P10:
  14. After my Win 10 laptop was upgraded to the Fall Creator's update about a month ago, I started experiencing intermittent freezes with RR2. I've not seen this behavior with any other apps on my machine. There is no pattern to where it will occur while playing RR2. Sometimes is happens during a raid, some times when I'm just mucking around in my castle or doing something with inventory. When it happens, there's always a small initial stutter where it's freeze for a very short (~0.1 sec?) time and then this will be followed by another freeze that can last several seconds. I originally thought this might be an issue with my laptop but I no longer think this is the case. I got a brand new laptop on Monday (which did NOT have the Fall Creator's update) and I was able to play RR2 with no freezes until yesterday after I installed the Fall Creator's update. Since then I'm seeing the freezes when about the same frequency as I did on my previous laptop.
  15. This was the thing I was most looking forward to. So, where exactly will the Meltdown button be available? The Throne Room->Inventory->Item Info dialog? This is ok, but it won't really change much for me The New Item dialog (Sell/Get It) dialog when you open a chest? This would be awesome. I would no longer need to sell items because I'm out of slots and it would save a lot of clicks. The Inventory Full dialog? This would be great as well.