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  1. Questions about Ceres...

    How about Fritz?
  2. Make possible building in "pocket"

    Yup, this has been brought up on my threads. Either alternative Realm or upgrading inside the inventory is a good choice.
  3. Questions about Ceres...

    Then better is Aska..
  4. Update 3.8 Live.

    Ceres can only copy 11 morale only or it increases with upgrade?
  5. Not to much in the game... Just keeping with the forum up by posting... Thanks by the way for pointing at the right post.
  6. My brother was telling me he is 108% luck and the first CoF he opened was a this a bug or any explanation for such a behavior?
  7. They will compensate with extra pearls once they resolve the issue....I hope.
  8. what is this?? 🤔🤔🤔

    And there will be people to spend and play.
  9. New Realms

    But it could add new dimensions in the game.
  10. New Realms

    Hi All, I was wondering how about if FG introduces new realm concepts? Rather than introducing new characters and always increasing levels of Towers and spells in the game, It would be very good idea to start having new realms from the start. For example Ghost Realm, futuristic Realm etc. Everything needs to start from scratch, however the gems, the gold and other attributes remain the same. Rather than just spending the gold on immaterialistic thingd now, you can start building the new Realm.
  11. so many hackers in rr2!!

    I heard the cheat engine shortcut was not working. After the edit, the change would happen on the screen, and you could do the required alterations, however, as soon as the game got reconnected you went back to the original position where you applied the cheat.
  12. How to make the war interesting

    Join G&M, and you will not regret it. You will gradually become a strong player. There are many players like Dena (actual name Jack), Edward, Mogor, Karman (now retired, hah he is only in his twenties), Momo. They are all good and great players.
  13. Hi all, after a long time. I am not been active lately on the forum or even playing. However, I feel that the aspect of war (which interestingly has been discussed numerous times and no updates made) is worth another discussion. I feel even 6 wars sometimes is more especially if you have 3-4 attacks. Are now the wars been limited to 2 per day? I suggest the following: 1. inject system gold in the war season while attacking players. 2. Give rewards (apart from the boost) to all 40 players who come on the list. This is will help more active participation. Rewards in form of gems/uber chest can be considered. 3. Make war a festival event but for 4 days. 4. Allow special achievements to be attained the war. suggestions are welcome!.
  14. Is Eris worth buying?

    Or maybe the mutant panda!!
  15. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    Hope we all get good beast pals.