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  1. What do the new pals do?

    I heard the bat is very good also called as Bella. Drains life to give the king energy, has blunt and poison damage.. and converts enemy troops like the Zombies. It's a true pro pal.... Any confirmation?
  2. What do the new pals do?

    bela in particular

    How about a Flare Tower which has a face of the boss there? It's main job will will be do what Aska does. The unknown.

    For that, they will do maintenance

    Where is the game headed to?
  6. Accumulate festival crowns also

    The conversion rate is horrible. I would recommend taking the crowns to the next festival whenever it is. Could a space in the Voucher Bazar like a Crowns Bazar.
  7. Accumulate festival crowns also

    Nothing, automatically the extra crowns gets converted to gems 42=1.
  8. Accumulate festival crowns also

    or they can increase the gem conversion.
  9. "Free" Pro Tickets in Subscription Not Free

    I guess the 5 tickets for 2800 gems is much better option. You will get you free one too.
  10. Today when my brother asked what to take in festival event, I thought of this new angle and probably your support for FG to implement it. We have this item accumalation feature in the pro-league. Why not have this feature in the festival events? Forget the non existent gem conversion. It would be great if the crowns can be accumulated and carried forward to the next event.
  11. Update 3.6.1

    These bugs are killing the game.
  12. Hi, I guess the topic says it all. We currently have Wardrobe for different items. Thank you, FG However, I noticed that (some of you might have reported it earlier, but nothing happened) we generally set up the wardrobe slots with items we will be using along with the spells and Troops. Till here good. But what's happening is when we change from Wardrobe 1 to another, the items and perks change but not the troops or spells, and then you have to change those again physically. Can't this be an automatically done, or are we talking about technical difficulties?
  13. No more pals- maybe one last

    Don't think so it is real. Nothing official about it. Maybe Photoshop.
  14. No more pals- maybe one last

    True, there ain't new perks. Few new spells will be more than welcome along with new Troops. I'm not in favour of new Towers because you already put your everything in building up your defences. The spells or Troops should be out of the blue something different. Let's hope people put in more ideas for FG to look into it. I would also like if FG good once again start up with there one time offers. Those offers a very good, although I am not too much into it.
  15. No more pals- maybe one last

    Blizzard pal is a must, especially with Sonic ring and aura coming up. If luck is added to it,,😍