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  1. Update

    The upgrade was really a downgrade as all things were just nerfed ... so basically you can just your ass to get your path back where it was before the upgrade..... kind of disappointing
  2. Nerfed

    Everything was nerfed for the upgrade.. my towers i just paid to boost range on now no longer hit target.. The upgrade was basically a downgrade so you can rephrase?
  3. Subscription pricing

    I was really looking forward to the alliance subscription until I saw the price tag. THE price is insane? So..alas the big allies will get even more powerful and the rest of us will just get more bored....should have been 9.99 for the alliance package too. Major bummer😞
  4. The needed amount for defense ninjas should have been reduced by what is usually gained in the COF. Even with 100% participation we are still going to be short I believe. I like very much that you got rid of the COF ninja coins, but the price for the defense ninjas should have been reduced at the same time. Please adjust this appropriately before event ends?
  5. Sonic Blast glitch

    I just reported same type issue... Sonic blast not working almost at all.... wouldn't even take down easiest towers.. mine is maxxed and mega pearled... now almost completely useless? What's going on?
  6. Ok..... my sonic blast which is maxxed out and a zillion pearls spent upgrading it, can no longer even take down an unboosted barricade? Is something wrong? Or did you nerf it? I just ran a dungeon that I run all the time for medals and have had no issue... now sonic blast does zero damage to anything? Why did i spend all my pearls to upgrade it if it's now useless? I have huge range on it, which use to destroy troops on other side of isle.... now does nothing? Please have a look? Or explain if you just made it useless?
  7. Has anyone else's noticed something wrong with sonic blast during this week. I [and several team members] , have reported that it only seems to be working about half the time. Was the spell adjusted or something? Mine is maxxed out and well boosted but now only seems to discharge and do damage properly about half the time [has never been a problem until this week]. And my range is boosted well suddenly its like it's back to normal range? CAN you guys have a look and make sure all is well, or notify if you have changed the spell? It was almost useless during this week , causing death to player when you cast it but it does 0 damage ?
  8. Cannot extend our war boost?

    Yes !! Finally fixed!! Thank you!!
  9. Cannot extend our war boost?

    Me too...I submitted a 2nd support ticket... and still nothing😢😢
  10. Cannot extend our war boost?

    And still not fixed???
  11. The only response they have made is on twitter? Why? This is suppose to be their forum?
  12. Connection issue

    And now for more maintenance... lmfao... how ridiculous... and no info on forum.... just twitter?
  13. Server maintenance during war????

    There only response seems to be on Twitter? How about responses in your own forum first? I thought the only human using Twitter was Trump?
  14. Server maintenance during war????

    More maintenence? And only announcement is on Twitter? How about your game forum before some stupid twitter thing...I don't use Twitter and i dont want to... that is why you have a forum?
  15. Cannot extend our war boost?

    Isn't that special for them....along with the disconnect issues and players unable to finish battles at end of war...😠