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  1. Flare in Trouble

    It looks like there is some kind of "hole" in the german insolvency law, which can be used to get rid of on average 50% of debt, also let the tax payers pay for the salaries of the employees for a few months, and continue afterwards like nothing happened. So: nothing to see here, move on
  2. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Nothing interesting, i can't even remember Stargazer and Thaboss froster iirc ...
  3. Buff level 10 Pals

    At first sight this sounds cool, on second sight not: Because i know what will happen: Paying players will buy that last level, their offense will become overpowered, they will whine in the forum that the game is too easy, offense will be nerfed for all players, not only the paying ones, and the fun will be removed from the game for 99%+- of players. Remember the green disaster? This would be fine though, not changing offensive strength ...
  4. Melting

    Just add melt button in CoF in addition to sell and keep, also from chest if inventory is full. Easy
  5. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    It's the frenzy dracomancer doomgate season ...
  6. How to make the war interesting

    I strongly advise to stop at 500k donation and then max melting slots. That was the best decision i made Also start collecting luck items, as much as possible. You can do fast CoF runs on open bases and get lots of items for melting. You can get 10k or 20k or 30k, even 40k pearls per week by that, just depending on your time. Then you can afford to forge your defense and i can tell you from my own experience: the difference is HUGE. I don't get as many gems as Jack, but i don't dive that deep in trophies like he does Anyway: now i'm set to upgrade at to 1250k donation during next alliance party. Max donation after that maybe 2 months later (i will get 2000 gems for vouchers "soon", mostly also from CoF runs).
  7. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    It's the last day of war today, we will get 1st place in dot
  8. Genie & Master

    To give a little bit more information on this, i'd like to add: Your defense should be "worth" about 3000 trophies and your offense should be good enough to beat bases around 3000 trophies. On average players of this strength level have around level 90, but some "focused players" already at level 85. If you are lower, you would be the preferred "victim" in wars and get beaten down heavily by our opponents. You wouldn't get many skulls for chests, if you can't beat the lower players of the opponents, too. And as a team we would lose wars because of you. If we can't accept you now, you can of course come back to us after you have grown a little bit more
  9. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    I have a laptop from 2014, the CPU has 4 (mobile) cores. So it's i7 mobile which roughly translates to a lower version of i5 desktop. Version 2 was way more demanding than 1, that's probably the reason why i can use it in a VM
  10. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    I'm using Bluestacks in a virtual machine with low resources But: version 2 was very demanding and i kept using version 1. Meanwhile they have version 3 out, i don't know if it needs less resources or not. Hopefully i can use version 1 a bit longer
  11. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    You don't need to play in the emulator, just try to get some ads there. Good luck
  12. That is exactly what you want to achieve: getting access to the unsecured gold in chambers. The game generated gold is only a minor part, e.g. 100k + 600k from chamber = 700k base before gold boost. BUT: you are assigned a hidden strength indicator, which is roughly translated to a trophy amount. Dropping below this "minimum trophies" doesn't have any effect. Your troops, spells and forges etc. are taken into account. Your defenses are also raising your strength indicator, which lead to the following situation for me: I had around 3100-3200 trophies and targets at around 3600-3700 were giving me 700k+ gold. Then i started to heavily forge my defense and also raised my trophies, because CoF runs did get me all the gold i needed. After the update i needed more gold and got to ~3100 trophies again. But this time even after waiting enough days i didn't get access to the chambers of my old gold targets at around ~3700. Obviously my defense forging raised the hidden strength indicator for me. Now i get only access to chambers of players beginning at 4000-4100.
  13. I use colours for that, e.g. blue are items to keep and white are those i want to sell. Of course all non uber items i also want to sell, no colour needed
  14. No Video Offers for Windows 10 PC players

    What you can also do is installing an Android emulator on Windows and get the videos there. E.g. Bluestacks (Youtube videos don't work, but there are enough other ones). Works for me, but you need to have ads for your region in the first place ...