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  1. New subscriptions

    Subscription for pro leagues makes sense at 4.99$ for what they are offering and 9.99$ makes no sense. The other 2 is not even worth typing about related to price. I must admit,. For semi paying players , the 3$ gem package was the best thing ever. For patient players who would have spent nothing else, that makes sense and even fg gets some revenue. So thanks for that.
  2. Pro league. Ignore everyone but top 100?

    Agreed. If rewards are spread out,. I am happy to continue buying my 3$ gems and try to buy 5 pro leagues tickets. Alternatively. I would buy the pro package at 4.99. Everything is out of reach. The other packages are too insane 😀 For perspective, I have played the game for 3.5 years and spent about 100$ and lvl 109 king. A semi paying player. Don't forget us Thx for ur note Archimedes
  3. Pro league. Ignore everyone but top 100?

    I mean 50k gems. That is insanely high
  4. Pro league. Ignore everyone but top 100?

    Flare should balance the rewards better like they did for ninjas. For eg if u miss a tower ,. U are not screwed. In pro leagues,. I usually fall between 300 to 400 in the 2 free leagues that I took part in. But the rewards in the monthly table is about 300 gems and one chest. Compare to the top guys at 50k chests. The rewards should be spread out a bit to make it more enjoyable for the top 500 ppl if possible . Not just for super elite top 10 If it is evened out. I will buy the pro tickets to take part. Else no motivation
  5. Yes. Really cool of flare. Love the extra treats. Lol. Motivated to continue my 3$ gem deal. Looking forward to more on subscription next week
  6. Pro-League -- No troops?

    I personally like that pro league is same for all and it keeps changing. But I don't like the participation expense and only took part twice for free. Wish the rewards get better and there are offers to buy tokens at half price
  7. The First Pro Winner

    And flothaboss. Thanks for ur awesome videos and congrats on ur new job. It was good to see u at rank 5 😀
  8. The First Pro Winner

    Amazing. No doubt. Just no disputes.
  9. Pro League Thoughts

    What ever we might feel about the entrance fee, this competition for pure skill is fun to see. I am waiting for next week.
  10. What's the purpose of extra tickets?

    But it seems fair that only one ticket per league. So that way paying players or a one time ticket buyer have same chances. Makes sense though
  11. Give My 750 Gems Back

    So if u buy more tickets,. Do u get to fight the same levels longer?. Doesn't that mean a person who buys 10 tickets will do better then person with one ticket? I have not spent my gems. Hence asking this doubt
  12. Update 3.5

    But if we were 20 equally skilled folks with a free ticket and finish our fighting with time allocated, and we are in similar rank or what ever. And then one among the 20 keeps paying and trying more often and goes up the rank, then how is the end result a test of skill amount equals?. Excited with the new update but confused too.
  13. Event

    I love the Wednesday melting idea. Will do it. Unfortunately most of my stuff is in cooldown
  14. Barricade vs Blockade

    I do exactly what reosoul does. Blockades/fire bolts & barricades/skulls. Alternative
  15. Pacifying the players

    The idea above is good. Replying about the entire section once a week or once in 2 weeks will show that they care or even read. Even if they don't implement. Does not matter If I was a game developer. I would be excited to get so many free innovative ideas to atleast think about, process , reject or implement