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  1. I still think the rewards are way too top heavy which also encourages cheating. Spread out the rewards. Lower it for top 20 and spread it over top 500 or more to encourage more to participate and try their best. For eg,. Ninja #1 reward is not totally unbelievable. Yes it is easier to be first there. But pro rewards are crazy high For the record. I am more of a 150-350 ranked pro player on average. Playing with a single account and honestly. I like the idea of pro league Just a suggestion
  2. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Hope it is blacksmith. Wonder when it will be announced
  3. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Any update from flare about monthly rewards.
  4. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Good to know they rebalanced the pro league award a bit. Will the monthly rewards be balanced too. 2 chests for 500+ ranks for eg?
  5. Flare in Trouble

    I do like this game for it's pros or cons. Good entertainment for 3.5 years. Hope it continues
  6. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    It does not matter what lvl the king is since the options given to us are the same. Just that some are better and worse. But the rewards just need to be spread out a bit
  7. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    I agree fully. In the last 6 leagues. I came in 100-200 two times. And 300-500 the other 4 times. Honestly. The delta between the above ranks is just a few extra crystals. No motivation at all. Rewards have to get better and spread out a bit more
  8. Flare hurting alliances

    Hi Dena. I meant with all things being equal. The perks of top players don't matter like a pro league for eg. Anyway. Never mind. Don't want to digress. As some one else said,. The max bronze cup pro league folks are in the top alliance too and I am yet to be in top 200 in a pro league. Lol. So clearly some of those guys have skill on top of money. 😀
  9. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Well 2 options. 1. Exact proleague setup where 40 alliance members have to attack bases set by flare like how it is today. But the alliance that has the overall better score wins. So instead of having individual rankings,. It ranks alliances which does the best job. That way we know which is the best attacking alliance as a group. 2. I have not given it too much thought. Today for eg, I cannot beat ur base cromka. But assume u and I have access to the same towers and troops at the same level for a competition. U can setup your base as u wish and I can do so with mine and we try to beat each other all things being equal. And this is for 2 alliances that is matched up. So #1 alliance is matched up with #300. But if we all have access to same towers, troops, obstacles, the alliance with best offense and defense wins. But this is probably not well thought out Maybe idea #1 for now. 😀 I apologise if I have changed the topic a bit.
  10. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Well not defense exactly. I mean 2 alliances fighting with troops and towers but without extra perks. More like a proleage setup which is more of a skill as long as u buy the tickets once and play once
  11. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    I posted on the other thread. It would be awesome if we can have alliance wars based on proleages idea. Then all things being same,. All boosts being same,. It is about pure base design and what is available and #1 alliance can still have a war with #400. Wonder if that will work once in a while. I do feel that this is a solid pay to win game. But due to the high rollers, game has lasted so long and I have done my share of supporting flare with the 3$ packages for the entertainment value over 3.5 years. Having said the above. I do feel that there are classes of alliances in rr2 due to who spends more and that class difference just gets larger.
  12. Flare hurting alliances

    And a polite thanks to the high rollers who spend a lot. It keeps the game going for many. I am 3$ gem package buyer off and on. But a fair alliance war will be phenomenal
  13. Flare hurting alliances

    I just expanded on zillah's point. Will be fun
  14. Flare hurting alliances

    Imagine having a proleage like competition but between alliances and all factors equal. Just need 40 folks fighting. Then #1 alliance can be pitted with #200 as long as both have minimum 40 Proleages are great but still individual in nature
  15. Way too many blacksmith events lately!

    Best event. Agreed