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  1. It is true that Prometheus tends to have lower-than-average health and physical resistance. Nonetheless, I also already had cases of Prometheus getting 2-hit-killed and then when retrying with same Prometheus and all-same gear on the very same base 5mins later, Prometheus has no issues to beat the very same defender without dying. #Edit: Consequence for me is, it can't just be physical resistance and/or hp, there's some sort of buggy behavior involved as well.
  2. Well Played Granny

    That is my expectation as well. But would just be a nice bit of information to hint FG at, when there is a poll where about 100% of all participants say they never really used granny ever since many years ago or since they started playing. Sort of a "hey, granny really is dead content, not just we say it, everyone says it, here, look at da poll! now plz do something to make her useful, because what you did today was not enough yet!"
  3. Bug with Version 3.8 and gold value of items?

    Can confirm that, just opened a couple legendary chests and none of the legendary items inside were anywhere near their usual value. Here a screenshot of the current content of my meltdown queue: You can clearly see decreasing pearl values (the first items were added before update, the others after).
  4. Well don't get me wrong, I see the very same issue of twinks donating free tickets as you do, but I don't think a trophy-based barrier will be the best way to go about it. Besides, they could just simply prevent donating free monthly tickets at all, and only allow donating purchased ones, for example. Regarding Pro leagues being for veterans only - as a RR2 veteran, I haven't played PL at all so far, and with all the issues about cheaters, bugs, multiaccounting and so on, my motivation to participate is not high for now. That personal stuff aside, though, I currently do not see the Pro League as a competition of the best, most-skilled raiders, but rather something about luck, exploits, bugs and getting alliance members to spend gems on tickets for new fancy boosts. At least to a relatively large part. So why exclude less-veteran players with artificial trophy-based barriers? Also, if the above is wrong and PL indeed is truly about raiding skills, why then tie it to not-skill-based defense progression? The idea for PL exactly is that everyone can raid with same stats, independent of his personal long-term progress, alliance membership and alliance budget for boosts.
  5. Keep in mind though, any legit lower-lvl player that would be below like 3.5k trophies and thus get no pro ticket would probably (rightfully) be infuriated about such a change. And quite frankly, with the whole trophy system behaving very strange for at times, I rather not have any new mechanics tied to trophies. We see for ninja events how ppl strip trophies from each other, dump on alliance members etc, just to get to their desired ninja tiers - or prevent opponents from reaching their desired tiers - and I don't want all of that mess affect pro league as well. Also, many say dropping trophies gets you tons of gold on matchmaker, plus easier bases, while at your "rightful" trophy level you only get crap loot most of the time... and trophy level is rather defense based, not offense based, so not really a good measure for overall player strength, it only covers one half.
  6. Well Played Granny

    @Fii Nami Maybe you could add a poll about how long it has been since one's last granny item purchase for own use (i.e. not for melting)? Must have been sth like early 2015 for me.
  7. Update 3.8 Live.

    Indeed. And also the one for chests.
  8. Update 3.8 Live.

    Please read the posts above your own post.
  9. Update 3.8 Live.

    I think true regular value is 15.6k per hour. Would also fit the 1.5m total daily regular production more, for 15.0k it would only be 1.44m, 15.6k yields 1.497m or so.
  10. Update 3.8 Live.

    Indeed, very lucky... I also thought about waiting before installing the update, but FG generally enforce client updates after a day or so nowadays, so I couldn't really wait long enough for my uber chests anyway...
  11. Update 3.8 Live.

    I hate it, lol! At least one particular part of it... Pre Update: Post Update: In my case, for example, that's 1 granted pal, 1 uberchest, 1 legendary gem chest and some other chests all getting overwritten by some green gem chests. Others who had just started their personal daily rewards table recently will instead have their grey "junk" chests upgraded to green gem chests. @Nikko @flaretara should those affected like me now file tickets for compensation of those "robbed chests"? --- And I saw the announcement regarding taverns just got fixed... used to say hourly production of 1x lvl 20 tavern is 1.5m, now says daily production of 4x lvl 20 taverns is 1.5m... so roughly a 30% increase to before. Initial wording sounded too much to be believeable, now makes more sense... --- For the Pro boosts looking forward to see them in action, although we will have to see how the pro boost and ticket donating stuff works out in practice.
  12. Thanks! The knowledge that this has been picked up by you guys and is being worked on is already a relief and a good news! Good luck with hunting down the bug, may Artemis help you!
  13. Lol sure, but "melt from chest" is not related to CoF, so didn't mention it here.
  14. Bladestorm is the new Firestorm! But...

    Maybe I indeed was a bit cynical there... yes I am aware there were reasons to undo the change for now, and I certainly prefer waiting a day and "only speculating" about the change for now over having server issues. Still, especially after the premature change announcement from yesterday, I couldn't but find the back and forth amusing in some way - independent from the fact that is surely unfortunate, annoying, a cause of frustration also on side of the devs and probably connected with considerable efforts to fix it up again as soon as possible, good luck with that by the way! - also because I saw players spread the back and forth in chat groups and similar places... first yesterday "server update, changes live!" then "fake announcement, no update/changes yet", then today "now server update, changes live!" then shortly after "new update, changes gone again". It just has a bit of unintended comical effect to it, even if the issues were/are all serious and real.
  15. Another 12min added in PL!

    Well, that's why we need a proper CM that knows what he's doing and how stuff works, not just someone posting copy-pasted announcements and then disappear again like e.g. Nikko does for most of it. Someone who can talk to both players and devs, and has some insight into the game - and also not just has to copy-paste pre-given stuff blindly, but actually is credited some importance by the company... when FG see "community management" as a one-way-occasionally-maybe thing, it just sucks, so I guess some rethinking is required there as well.