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  1. I would say it was pretty dead for a while but just got resurrected for good No time to think up a really good idea for a belt right now, but maybe... hmm... "Conveyor Belt" might be a fun name for a belt with some interesting perks...
  2. @AlexJark I usually do just that, picking my troop/spell combo and (especially for war) thinking about what hero to use for a particular defense, and how to do the raid (unless it's an easy base where simple stupid automode is enough). But with helios-buffed nyx bases becoming very common recently, I don't think "just don't use Prometheus at all" is a good solution. That would mean accepting he's powerless against something that anyone could put in his defense. And even if I might be fine with just not using him much on my regular island map - what if he gets featured on an Odyssey adventure? Using a different hero will cost me lots of fame (and thus less reward chests and possibly weaker enhancements). And for raiding those bases with Prometheus, I haven't really heard a good way to go about it that would get me anywhere near a "90-95% success rate" so far. I fully understand certain layouts or combos are easier or harder to defeat with different heroes, and I like that. It just shouldn't come down to "please use scrolls or accept defeat with hero XY". And remember, both Nyx and Helios just got +3 new levels, making them stronger, while Prometheus still has no counter. So things won't get any better in that regard...
  3. Complaining about complaints is also complaining though Anyway, I see Nyx (low regular range) profitting a lot more from the fixed-value range boost from Helios monolith than most/all other towers, this certainly made Nyx more powerful, when Pheme is not an option to counter it. One issue I see is some heroes with very few spell slots, e.g. Prometheus with just 2: His Porphyros cannot touch Nyx anyway, and for 2nd slot you kind of need to equip Bia. And then your troops are the only thing that can possibly bring down Nyx - with good placement and range boost, that can be difficult beyond what feels fair imho. #Edit: Right, just to make that clear, I basically like the idea of having Helios monolith in the game, I just currently see the issue outlined above that should be looked into imho.
  4. To be honest, I did never even bother even equipping or trying the Pheme power in the first place, even during its short phase of "OP glory" at the top end of the trophy ladder. Why? Simply put, I was ascension lvl 103, at slightly over 6k trophies, and my Pheme lvl 17 had about 2.5 times the stats of my Siren lvl 2 (which has completely uselessly low stats at lvl 2, ofc), and 2.5 times the cooldwn of Siren spell... i.e. "per time" same stats as Siren lvl 2. That alone made Pheme a no-go for me, as it simply was useless - again, being at 6k trophies. Meanwhile, at the top level, Pheme had like 8 times the damage, nearly double the range, double stun duration, double damage duration - making it like a gazillion times more useful, along with the fact that top players with awesome cooldown gear could cast Pheme more often. So much more useful that it was in fact way OP at top level, while it was unusably weak at my level - which certainly is not top level, but not thaaat far off in terms of offense - I had all troops maxed, and some spells fairly close to max, yet my trophy-based Pheme was just like a lvl 2 Siren spell... and this despite my trophy level is perfectly normal at my level. With that in mind, I would say Pheme as such wasn't OP at all, just the value scaling of the spell was completely insane, with way too large increases per level, making its strength OP at top lvl and useless below. --- And then came the general nerf, with less damage and different damage type, making Pheme now more like a weird shadow of its former self, and rather similar to the Damocles power, potentially being redundant either way. Also, the original damage type was way more appropriate for the trumpeting fame that Pheme is supposed to represent, if you ask me. With Pheme being nerfed so much that the former-OP top levels aren't getting used anymore (by many, at least), the lower end of Pheme is even more useless now. --- Meanwhile, some heroes like e.g. Prometheus get annihilated by Helios-range-boosted Nyxes and cannot do anything to really counter it - Prome only has 1 configurable spell slot, and that is reserved (and required!) for Bia without a doubt, so all he can do against range-boosted Nyx now is "first solo half of the base with Prometheus himself alone, then try and throw more and more spearmen (decoy) and trebs (damage) at the Nyx" pretty much. And even that isn't really granted to work if the Nyx is set up properly, let alone it requires soloing half of the base with Prometheus alone in the first place, which is not viable against tough bases. But there's no real alternative, when your troops get converted by unreachable Nyx, it just does you more harm than good having them.
  5. Well, you can try. but then please edit the first reply, and not post new ones.
  6. uhh... @CEZARXXX are you aware the only descriptions wanted for this event are Piro Ninja and Necromancer?
  7. True, dungeons should get you some reliable (as they're constant) medals if everything else fails.
  8. Personally I really like the option to unequip scrolls So far I used scrolls 2 times in OR so far, both times accidentally, so I really appreciate it Hmm... resizing the icon might indeed be worth thinking about as well, for when you wanna have them equipped for "emergencies" without them obstructing the view too much or having a high chance of accidentally hitting them...
  9. Lol... dat FB post... either no care or no game knowledge - or both. I mean, the server crash as such just shouldn't happen, but - assuming FG did their best to prevent such issues in the first place - if it does happen once, then well... it sucks but shit happens, what can you do, right? Even for compensations/rollbacks, I could live without or with a very small compensation, if I get a reasonable explanation for the crash at least, as well as the feeling of FG caring about the issue. Just saying "hey, it crashed for everyone, so everything is fine" afterwards is simply not okay, though. That answer is just plain stupid. Let alone the fact that this is just not true, as not all players experienced the issues the same way, some could connect again sooner than others or had issues with disconnects over a longer period of time, etc, it is pointless to say "crashed for everyone means it is fine", as the crash simply distorted the war outcomes (and gold farming / gem league competition, pro league results, dungeon tries, etc as well) in various ways, which means it certainly HAD an effect - even if everyone would have gotten kicked out simultaneously and prevented from logging in for exactly the same amount of time.That distortion is a matter of fact, and denying it shows a severe lack of general understanding / willingness to understand.
  10. What about ingame announcement popup referring to forums for "more details" with dead link? Anyway, kudos for the wording @Mogor!
  11. @CaptainMorganand @Chris indeed do a great job on the forums. But I agree, there is a lack of overall flare presence. It has been months we are waiting for this new dedicated community manager, and still nothing. Will this change "soon"? Tara answers my messages as moderator, but on the public community side there is not much going on indeed. Please try to improve the communication and involvement with the other players too. Or just bring back Alykitten, I am hopeful she'd do great as she did in the past and would happily take care of OR. #Edit: forgot to mention @flaretara
  12. With slighty different words... the range of a tower is generally-speaking "distance between the tower and the target of the tower's effect". For damage-dealing towers, this target usually is the king or attacking troops, for the jester box, this target is the king only, and for the heal tower this is any own structure (tower*/obstacle) or own unit. As king / attacking troops are no targets for the heal tower, their distance to the heal doesnt matter for the heal tower. (*heal towers can not heal other heal towers)
  13. Hi there, for now, there is no way to change the hotkeys for RR2 in the game itself. One could probably use external programs to re-purpose certain keyboard keys to act like different keys, but that's not all that comfortable I suppose. I think something like this has been suggested already - and a bunch of other controls-related suggestions as well, like game controller support, etc - but at this point in time we have no reason to assume anything like that is in development so far. On the phone app, I think you can only switch all RR2 notifications on/off, but I am not 100% certain on that (especially across different OS/Platforms).
  14. Pyro ninjas have a ranged attack - and their stealth-invincibility-mode to ignore any sort of incoming damage half of the time - and on attack they possibly are shielded... frosters on the other hand ignore the ninjas, so are easy prey for their fire attacks, frost towers are weak to fire same as frosters, and aren't used a lot for they're not too useful in larger numbers, and pyro ninjas won't change that. For the general situation "fire vs ice" you need to keep in mind 2 concepts: Matter vs Energy, and Size. Because, size matters. If your fire is large enough, all water you pour onto it might very well evaporate before it even touches the flames or the burning material. If you pour a metric crapton of water onto a tiny little candle, obviously the candle's flame will be gone in a second. Plus, fire as such is energy emission caused by a chemical reaction, and as such you cannot freeze fire. Also... ice will melt over time in fire/heat, then it is water, which in turn might evaporate, then it is steam. But the matter of the water is still there, just its state is different and it has more (not less!) energy in it... on the other hand... fire will go out as soon as the chemical reaction causing it ends, which will sooner or later be the case even without any sort of interruption, simply because there needs to be flamable material to burn and create a fire, which will eventually run out. This makes comparing the strength of "fire" and "ice" pretty much pointless, it is like comparing food flavour to sound - two different concepts, uncomparable.
  15. With less levels / less expensive final levels, the issue of alliance hall levels might be a bit less important in OR than it is in RR2 (where it is quite essential to many/most alliances), but certainly it is something that can decide whether you keep a newly-joined/invited player, or kick him/her again... certainly, seeing the alliance hall level in advance will save both alliances and players quite some troubles and time. Also, in general the planning would be a bit easier when you know how much a player will donate daily.