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  1. *rofl*
  2. Guys, please stop the ranting against each other, and stop repeating yourself... I mean, no offense, but not much use to repeat the same stuff again and again... you both have made your point of view clear, so if you want to add more to the discussion, rather list (more) arguments than repeating the assumption (nerf is fine / nerf is not fine).
  3. Hmm... that kinda makes sense, thanks for the reply. Would have still been nice to have multiple hydras attack the gate for the extra ice damage at least, I guess, but anyway, good to have a reasonable explanation for the behaviour, and see consistency there.
  4. *Gentle bump* @Chris @CaptainMorgan ?
  5. I see... missed the leadership part I guess, I had only read about morale...
  6. That's not a good excuse for knowingly spamming the forums with redundant topics, though... If one of the mods or admins would mute you, and then say "well, I was kinda bored so I muted you for fun", you would probably be like "what the heck, that's no valid reason!", right? Anyway, please just continue in the main topic for your alliance, found here, rather than opening new ones again and again: Thanks.
  7. Now, it was just a suggestion... But I didn't say "reduce leadership" but "*slightly* reduce leadership and in exchange buff her attack strength again", i.e. not just nerfing her again, but re-balancing her towards more hero attack power, slightly less troops power, seeing that many seem to be most concerned about Athena's hero attack power.
  8. Reading that, on thing coming to my mind is - maybe increase her damage bonus but in turn slightly decrease her leadership values... after all, when Athena doesn't show emotions, chances are she might not be a charismatic leader, thus lower leadership value?
  9. I actually had the very same thought...
  10. Please keep your tone civil, everyone, and especially avoid personal insults. Discuss with arguments, not swearwords - and discuss the game, not the people. Thanks.
  11. Thanks @Chris for the tip regarding defense mode. Though, I have noticed since quite a while now, that the hydras still seem to not attack the castle gate properly. Similar to what @Warriornator, mentioned before... ...my offensive hydras just stack in front of the castle gate slightly out of attack range, sometimes pushing each other around so that 1 of them manages to attack the gate, but generally failing to attack the gate. If someone uses hydras on attack regularly, this can be a pain, when you have 5 hydras (= 50 morale) sitting there and doing nothing to bring down the gate, and possibly even blocking other units from getting through as well. This feels kinda bugged/broken... could we get any reply on this weird behaviour please? @Chris @CaptainMorgan @flaretara Thanks in advance!
  12. Just saw this reply being "unapproved"... might need attention unless resolved already... @flaretara.
  13. Moved to suggestions. Some thoughts: - Tower of Ra sounds like a firebolt tower to me, basically... shoots at enemies in range, deals fire damage, and has damage over time (burning) while enemies are in range... thus, I'd say it sounds a bit redundant. - A Flood Tower emitting water sounds similar to the frost tower emitting liquid ice... and a tower that can buff frosters and heal specifically savage tammy, no offense, sounds a bit weird. Would make savage tammy too OP in comparison with other beasts. - For the Sand Tower, I am not sure how I should imagine the "pouring out tons of sand"... sand piling up on the path could be pretty weird and hard to get right, and especially on e.g. winter environments it would look completely out of place... and when its only use is "physically" slowing down attackers, it feels a bit redundant (frost towers, hint, hint!)... although, this suggestion, if modified and transformed a bit, may hold some potential. Lemme present: The Thoth Tower The main visual feature of the Thoth Tower is a large, sand-filled hourglass. While attackers are in range of the tower, sand starts pouring down from the top half into the bottom half of the hourglass, and when no enemies are in range, the stand stops flowing. Proportionally to the amount of sand that passed so far, the Thoth tower gradually slows down time for the attacker (similar to a timewarp scroll or toxic cloud spell do for the defender, but considerably less intense!), until the bottom half of the tower's hourglass is filled with sand. At this point, after reaching maximum slowdown effect strength, the Thoth tower will emit a shockwave that briefly (1s) stuns attacking troops in range and slightly knocks them back, as well as spawn a mummy. After the shockwave and the 1s stun duration ends, the Thoth tower's hourglass will turn around, removing the slowdown effect, and start filling up again, to gradually build up slowdown again... The range of the Thoth Tower of course needs to be balanced with its slowdown intensity, but I would suggest a range of about 5.5, and a maximum slowdown effect (when hourglass is full) of maybe 35% at max level (or maybe a bit higher or lower, needs some testing and tuning, obv).
  14. I think we're going a bit offtopic here... this is about @Mag's great announcement of recent changes to the ninja event, not about the progress delay of blacksmith slots for free vs paid players, or about different gaming philosophies, if I recall that correctly.