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  1. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    The issue with increasing alliance member counts is that decreasing them afterwards is hardly acceptable for all alliances that would be force-split, as well as those that mainly upgraded for being able to house more members... I remember in the early days, at some point there was a bug that affected all alliances with a member count greater than X, which at that point was just one - either VL or SK:UR, not sure anymore - which forced them to temporarily kick 1 member to not exceed X and thus be able to get rid of the bug... it didn't feel particularly satisfying, despite it only was 1 member of 1 alliance that got kicked out then... imagine you now kick half of the members of all major alliances and many intermediary ones... that would be a recipe for disaster. #Edit: Let alone the financial implications... even if, let's say, a VL agrees to split into VL1 and VL2, this would require founding and upgrading a new alliance from scratch... which requires $$$. Same for any other larger alliances... I agree that smaller alliances have some benefits in terms of social interaction, I witnessed myself back in 2014 as the Todesritter alliance chat got more and more busy as we grew bigger, competition got tougher higher up, and the amount of relaxed non-game-related chatting and bantering around decreased a bit as some old members quit the game and new "unfamiliar faces" joined, who obviously didn't initially know each other as well as the old core group did. Still, force-shattering all major alliances is not a good idea, it will break more than it would fix. You cannot just turn back the wheel to before any alliance grew "large".
  2. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    If I recall correctly, I remember having seen you in top10 back in 2014 already, in the early days of alliances (then in VL, I think)... I'm indeed not entirely sure about having met you in Todesritter, though. I agree, give lower alliances a small taste of the boosts (not the full strength ofc, but a taste of it). Given that the new levels beyond 70 already contain additional levels for some of the boosts suggested there for swapping, I would not necessarily pick that exact implementation though. Upgrading alliances twice for a total of 2 billion gold for receiving 2 more levels of holy paladin would probably feel even more ridiculous than the new levels feel already. Anyway, introducing a new first level of those boosts in question should be doable without swapping around other boosts, to be honest. Just add them in appropriate places - it wouldn't be completely horrible to have 1 alliance level featuring 2 new boosts / boost levels instead of one, and the newly introduced lowest level for those "highend boost" could be made slightly weaker than the current level 1, to keep it balanced somehow... --- #Edit: Kind of, yeah. I'm no FG employee unlike Flotha
  3. Forging

    What exactly do you mean with "forge"? The overview of all running forges? Not sure that would fit well with the resource screen without it getting too long/much (I had like 8 parallel forges going on today at some point)...
  4. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    @KKStar Sure, go ahead and create a "Heroesflorian Abridged" post
  5. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    From not just this post but your general writings on the forum, it seems to me that your mindset is like this: "high level alliance" = top3-5 alliances in the game. All others = "low mid", without much differentiation. That just doesn't reflect the objective truth of the game, and it also indicates quite a level of ignorance, unless it is simply bad phrasing due to different languages. If top teams are on same map with non-top teams, obviously that proves that top teams do NOT have their own war. They share the same war with the non-top teams. Sure, top teams on the map DECIDE the war - they decide who wins, who loses and who gets erased from the map, while the non-top alliances on the map have no hopes of getting any reward boosts no matter whether they try or not. Unless ofc some top alliances ally up against another one and donate fiefdoms to a lower alliance just to annoy the other top alliance on the map. So basically, the non-top alliances who are in the SAME wars as top alliances are essentially screwed from the point the map matching is performed. "Become stronger or u will die, nothing bad here." I wouldn't agree this claim holds true, but if it would hold true, it would be quite some bad there... Also keep in mind it is easy to say "just become stronger, all you lowbies out there!", but it is hard to do exactly that. Both as an individual player, you need a lot of effort, time and money to catch up with stronger (older) players, and even more so as an alliance. If you are a non-top alliance and manage to attract some top-level players, it is in many cases only a matter of time until those players leave for a top-level alliance. But without having top-level players, a non-top alliance can never become a top-level alliance. This is a vicious circle that makes it hard to even stay at your current strength-level as a non-top alliance, and near impossible to make any significant steps in the direction of catching up to the top alliances. Also keep in mind, there are many alliances out there, all compete for players, and with old players quitting the game for various reasons, any alliance requires considerable efforts to stay full - except possibly some top alliances to which players naturally gravitate. But for those, of course, they want only the best players, and finding those requires efforts as well as you probably know yourself. Indeed, VL faced tough times, same as Todes, same as some other top or former top teams over the course of time. As said, even at the top it is not always easy to stay strong. Not sure about XP as a matching criterium... a lvl 120 player might have 3 times more XP than a lvl 100 player, but he won't necessarily make up for 3 lvl 100 players in terms of scoring. Besides, XP is one small aspect of offensive strength, and completely uncorrelated to defensive strength, and mostly unrelated to skull perk %, so the XP and level of a player are not a good representation of those things relevant in wars. For improving the matchmaking in war... well, that has been wished for since when... 2015? At this point, we have quite a separation with regards to war matching... If I take a look at the global alliance leaderboard, I find that #1 to #5 all have 120 fiefs, #6 has 70 fiefs, #7 has 66 fiefs, and then there are dozens of alliances with 55-67 fiefs (even a #51 has 66 fiefs same as #7, and some #75+ alliances have over 60 fiefs as well). There certainly IS a huge gap between a few top alliances and any others in terms of fiefdoms, which makes it hard to beat them: Top players will often prefer going to top5 teams with 120 fiefs over trying to fight with a top10 team to "try and narrow the gap but most probably fail to do so", and without top players, it won't be possible. Stronger war-boosts mean that any player's base and offense can become stronger just by switching alliance, so even assuming a comparable level of player skill, upgrade progression and determination to scroll and champ etc, it is a bit of an uphill fight. And whoever approaches 70 fiefdoms will without a doubt end up on top maps over and over, getting slapped time and time again, making it impossible to really gain more fiefs, or keep your own members motivated to try and fight and lose and get no boosts, resulting in fief dumping, players leaving or other stuffs. So yes, the matching sitation is a but shitty right now. But doing what many ppl might think "hey lets just put top 6 on one separate map all the time!" - is no good either. As you may have noticed, there's no 6 similarly strong top teams, not even 6 top teams with similar fiefdom counts, so if you throw #5 and #6 in with the big and mighty top4 alliances, they will lose until they are no longer #5/#6 but #7/#8 and get replaced by other alliances. We had this when alliance wars were first introduced back in 2015, and it wasn't brilliant either. Furthermore, even for the similarly-strong top4, always fighting the same opponents again and again 1. gets stale and boring over time, and 2. winning one season along with the boosts gives you an advantage for the next war (unless everyone has truly endless gem-spending potential and can just scroll their way through any base anyway), which magnifies power differences within the already-small group of top4 alliances, which doesn't make the game more interesting, more fun or more enjoyable either, and will most likely result in an increased amount of fiefdom dropping, alliance switching etc to break out and re-gain boosts on lower maps, rest and regroup, etc... Given you get the right gear (depends on luck or $ investment, or requires a very long time), yeah, a skilled player can grow strong and beat most bases... but best players often move to top teams, even when they spent a long time in a non-top team while growing strong. Even more so, if the non-top team keeps losing wars against top teams. And then the non-top team has made an effort and helped those players grow strong and then is left without the strong players, as they went to top teams... it's an issue, really. Not meaning to blame top teams for that, ofc, but it is a problem for non-top teams for sure...
  6. Forging

    Wow that is a big jump in stats! Congrats on that one!
  7. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    So you wanna say nobody from VL uses any barricades, cannons or bomb towers in defense? This argument is a bit too short-reached... if you say those who are willing to pay the most should undoubtedly be strongest in the game, then the game as such is pointless. Besides, without all free players and low-spenders, you would have nothing to compete with, nobody to attack etc etc. All players in RR2 serve as content for other players - content that is created with many hours of valuable real-life time by the players, and served to FG free of charge. Ofc paying players are important for the game, but free players as well, let's not forget that.
  8. Forging

    I like the idea of some international / united nations flag, but please keep in mind this topic is about FORGING of items, not flags. Feel free to open a topic about flags if you want, but let's try to stay with forging here in this topic. Now, I like this suggestion. Would help getting an overview of what items are good candidates for forging. Also, I noticed that there seems to be some sort of strict line separating items into "good" and "not that good" in terms of their increase effect on a forged item when chosen as sacrifice. Specifically, I chose to forge a ring, and about 6 items (left of the list) all gave the same increase, and all other 10 items (right of the list) gave the same lower-than-left-group increase. So, I wonder what exactly plays a role for this... is it only ascension-level based, or also based on the number of stars (and possibly previous forges) the individual sacrifice items have? Do cursed items make for better or worse sacrifice items in general? Also, the splitting line - is it based on ascension level difference of forged and sacrificed item, and thus possibly different for different forge items, or based on your own current ascension level? @CaptainMorgan Would be great if you can enlighten us regarding questions like this. Players can only make informed decisions and strategize if the rules and mechanics are known. For example, may it be a good idea to forge existing 4-star godlike items once, to easily/quickly turn them into 1-star titan items that can be used to forge other titan items? Or better start with new 1-star godlike items and forge those 4 times? What would yield more effective sacrifice items in the future? Two more questions: Can a 5-star titan item be forged any further, or is this the end of the road for an item? And what happens if I forge a cursed item? Does the curse also increase, making the item harder to uncurse? (For both cases, increasing stars and increasing item tier.) I know that's quite a lot of questions, but I think they are all relevant for using the new forging system properly. Looking forward to your answers, @CaptainMorgan!
  9. BUG: Losing Trophies even with successful raids

    Indeed... but even for regular raids, knowing flare, you might end up without any sorts of compensation for all the trophies, food, gold, time and opportunities you lost due to that bug. And not being able to raid makes the game incredibly boring and empty lol... horrible bug.
  10. Please Talk to Us About This Half Update

    Uhh... let me tell you: Nope. At least not all of them. I've seen a number of issues with rushed or badly-prepared updates over the course of the past couple years, so I would really NOT slap them for taking care to do an update properly. I mean, there might be several reasons to be skeptic or voice concerns, but taking care is definitely not one of them. In fact, taking care is something that often was missed in the past, so I'm happy whenever they do it.
  11. Update

    I hope so... but looking at the past, it wouldn't be the first update before war and weekend, not even the first buggy update... Hoping for the best, though.
  12. Well to be fair, there is a thing called youtube where some very high lvl players regularly upload videos. And without looking, I would guess there's a Flothaboss video about eldrak somewhere as well. Or an oPelle video about eldrak. Or simply raiding videos on bases or dungeons or ninja islands with eldrak beast. So it is very well possible for a lvl 73 player to know about eldrak. And facing beasts in general... well tammy beast is still decent and available even in some low lvl alliances. Anyway, unless the same player has another (higher lvl) account, it may indeed be surprising for that player to legitly deal well with all kinds of boosts (not just beasts) indeed. I also noticed, though, that many pro leagues so far had unboosted combos for raiding. Lower level players might even be more familiar with unboosted raiding combos since they are more used to raiding with unboosted troops than high lvl players are. And even at lvl 73 you certainly face boosts every now and then. I spent half a year in a very low lvl alliance and I experienced this myself #Edit: That is not to say he must be legit, as I have no idea about who he is and whether he cheated or just plays well. Just saying that the equation "lower lvl = noob" just doesn't cut it always.
  13. Update

    Now I don't see how that contributes to constructive discussion. Please avoid comments like this in the future. Not only do they not contribute to discussion, are against ToS, insult others but also discredit yourself and thus the value of your opinion on future posts. Or repeat comments like that and face the consequences.
  14. More Secure Login Method Required

    It saddens me to see how little response this topic received...
  15. Helios could not boost 2 Nyx towers...

    Ok let me summarize your reply... you repeat things you said before and that have been proven wrong or irrelevant already. You fail to properly use citing, you contradict yourself, you show a lack of knowledge about the game, as well as acting like a hypocrite in the same post where you claim you dislike such people. You ignore valid arguments and contrasting opinions. You make wrong claims about my opinion (such as claiming I have huge issues with the nyx and suck at raiding and don't know common tactics, to name but a few wrong claims of yours). Last but not least your opinion obviously contradicts the opinion of the devs that you regularly cry out to for help when your arguments fail (guess you missed the fact that Nyxes just got nerfed?) but still you claim they would agree with what you said. Well then, I guess we can do without further input of yours to this discussion for now.