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  1. For me even now with festival and ninja ongoing there is no money via matchmaker nor via manual searching.
  2. A year ago I was eager and used trick with manual searching inside different alliances but nowdays my flame burned out.
  3. Do not now about you but for me without festivals events loot algorithm via match maker gives me opponents around 100k or worse. Algorithm gives me decent amount of medals (from 34to 400) but no gold. Even with gold gear I need eternity to collect over 10M. btw I have been on same LV of trophies for over a week.
  4. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    win phone user, same thing
  5. Cannot connect via wi fi

    on facebook chat team members had same problem Now issue is solved close topic admin
  6. Is there a problem with connection via wi fi or it is only my phone doesn't wanna connect? I tryed with pc via wi fi and has same issue.
  7. Open bases?

    semi open buuks you are welcome to time warp!
  8. War Season 0 fief and no elimination?

    One word: Timing
  9. First day of festival in 2 chests I have got around 1800 teeth. When I open them I knew right away that is not normal.
  10. Open bases?

    buuks base is under construction! sorry for any inconvenience caused
  11. SP - How much do you have?

    Anyway when you attack opponents in war they can see how much you get from them.right? ok.they do not see % but they see amount of skulls without CoF so they can easily get your skull bonus if they ever finished elementary school. we are bit paranoid?
  12. This could be worth topic if you are looking for players with high skull perk due to fact that now SP is even more valuable in game. 27,3%
  13. Alliance jumpers cooldown period?

    I was not meaning about war participation cool down. Thinking about entering in alliance and then after 10min going out jumpers cool down.
  14. Maybe it is not so bad idea that FG implement cool down period for jumpers. 24 h cool down for joining new alliance is enough?
  15. My current war situation

    No i did not have pleasure to encounter that situation in war so far. As far as I know it is not allowed to have more than one account in this game so this is clear violation and abuse as per FG "Terms of Service"