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  1. low players in low clans without boosts have advantage they are use to raid without boosted troops and weak spells as well . For top ones is a bit tough since we cant leave our troops to stay alive since king stats are change everytime low health means we have to raid and stay with troops and move them with us as well to keep them a live as well . Top base raiding are different we move forward hit towers and troops with enough dps to take them down or to give them enough damage to deal with them easily when we reach them again .I like pro league because its a fair league . I remember a player name "Fii Nami" asked like 2 years ago for same thing on forums to have a new leaderboard depend on raiding and not on how many dumps you can get from secondary accounts .
  2. Thanks Dena and yes I am really happy I feel proud 😘
  3. Thanks
  4. Hello , I am waiting for tomorrow league to start as well i am sure there will be many great riders ot there espcially free players mostly as always . Now everyone in this game have 1 ticket to for tomorrow league . But problem is ho flare will decide monthly and yearly winners ? i think they will add new scores in old scores ay be it works like that not sure atm but that is only way i can see it going . so about the leaderboard if the current players keep on joining league every event it will pretty much remains same . To be on top of that leaderboard you not only have to win and stay on top but you also have to play each and every league and win all . so it will be tough and epensive still
  5. merci drum
  7. I had same screenshot 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Agree also not sure what happen to defense now even if flare take toxic cloud away it still sucks all bases are easy now rarely get loses . There are many players who spend fortune on their accounts seems waste now. Flare needs to rebalance game again we probably need new update for defense only apart from all things now it is nearly impossible to get in top tier of ninja 28 player last time in top tier . Defense sucks doesn't matter if your towers and troops are above 100x forged . No challenge now in normal raiding seems everyone can beat everyone now . Doesn't matter how much money you wasted in your account .
  9. 160$ for 20k gems is not fair at all even when it comes to exchange rate but at least flares knows what is going on now
  10. Eots is not on the left side
  11. Be careful what you wish for buddy
  12. And smarter
  13. I didn't mean literally I mean hard to kill
  14. Agree but that still depends on combo of spells u use to take down gate towers I didn't found any difficulty on that tho the problem was the beast after island 24 they just don't die lol .