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  1. Wrong game? Not sure what you mean
  2. Not sure how often you have to forge that perk to get to 1000 not even considering all the slots you are sacrificing. It's a stupid decision to do it. The usefulness of that perk is questionable. If it is only useful against super weak opponents, than isn't gold gear or luck gear much much much more suitable. At least you get something out of it, where as using Lifesteal gives you nothing.
  3. AFAIK, Lifesteal numbers are the real lifesteal numbers, e.g. 100 means 100 health. Could be wrong though
  4. Probably 2 different Developer Teams working on the games. Just like Ubisoft. They have several Teams working on their games. E.g. Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Paris (?, in France).
  5. The only way to get max skulls and max gold is to fight against top 100 Alliances. There everyone gives max skulls and the Gold is also pretty good. But it's stupid, because having a top 500 Alliance fight a top 100 Alliance just to get more Gold is unreasonable. FG has to redo the wars gold algorithm. In our current wars there is a weak alliance, strongest player is barely over 3k trophies. other alliances are top 30 with 5k trophy players. I can get 2m-4m per tile. We just had a round with 4 wars. I easily got 12m gold on that day. On our first day we fought against the weak alliance. The highest amount I got was 18k Gold. I think this shows that it also depends on player strength somehow. But then again I also had enemies that only give 34 medals in wars who gave me 800k. Those are weak players but give huge amount of gold. I don't understand that. In one case weak players = no gold, and in the other it's weak player = jackpot. So confusing.
  6. Didn't you leave the Game? But back to topic. Check the others of his Alliance. Most of the time in low ranked Alliances it is only 1 guy that give much gold the rest only 15k. Do screen shots of the other guys. Not the same guy. In the last few wars I noticed that there is always 1 guy that gives a good amount of gold. And the rest is quesitonable. I don't know why though, because in both cases they only give me 34 Medals. Flaregames should give us the correct Gold algorithm. It's a mystery how the Gold loot works.
  7. I get enemies with 300k or more only :D, sometimes even 600k. (Excpet for the weak alliance, those fights gave me 15k lol) I think it depends on the enemy you attack. The more medals he gives the more gold you get. Currently we are fighting against top 50 Alliances in wars and the Gold I get is really good 4m to 6m each round. But those enemies are ridiculously difficult. 600 medals upwards with war gear is difficult. I think it's safe to say, that easy opponents don't give gold at all. Therefore those not in the top 100 or even top 200 Alliances will have a hard time getting gold. In my old Alliance (yes I left it after more than 2 years a week ago as it was dead, sadly, everyone left and I was the last one ;( ) Gold was pretty ok in wars. Also got 500k occasionally, but it was only 1 guy from some alliances, the strongest guy that is. Those that only give like 34 medals don't give much gold what so ever. Now that I am in a new alliance (top 50) Gold is everywhere in wars. But it comes with really strong opponents. If this is really the case, then this system is absolutely flawed. You can't expect that only top Alliances get rewarded. There are plenty of strong guys in lower ranked alliance, who in turn gets a penalty for being loyal to their current alliance. Should jump to top 200 Alliances? there is only this much space in top 200.
  8. Did they really do a stealth nerf? If they lowered their Health it's good news to most players. But why didn't they announce it? It would be much better for FG to do so, as it would show the community that they listen to it. Would improve their image. Doing it stealthily doesn't make sense at this point in time though.
  9. If you mean Blacksmith Level, than yes, coupled with slots ofcourse. It's easy to get 1k pearls per day. You just need to have the right conditions, e.g. the ones mentioned above.
  10. Well today is a holiday in Germany
  11. At your Trophy range it's highly unlikely that you faced strong Skull towers. Level 10 Skull Towers can't be compared to level 15 Skull towers, not even close, just saying. I have 3 Skulls at 6.5+ range and they shredd my army at key locations.
  12. Most likely yes. It's been like this everytime, so chances are high that we will get gems again.
  13. I use my Tablet and it doesn't work. On my Android Phone it does. oO Edit: Only get "No Offers Available"
  14. Sorry to hear that, but they don't work on windows for quite some time now. Only other option is to switch to Android or iOS, sadly.
  15. So the Item value is the Buying Value not the Selling one. That's why I had 0.48 instead of 4.8. Makes sense now.