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  1. Indeed. Depends on luck. If he gets 50% of your army it's practically game over when you only have like 1 minute left.
  2. Honestly Aki is strong. Currently my Alliance only has Aki level 1 and I have to admit, it's weak. His Confuse ability barely last 3 seconds. And afterwards you get them back. The Aki's I have faced in the festivals were much much more difficult to beat than my own in defense. Probably Aki starts to get significantly stronger with higer levels, but at Level 1 not so much of a threat like Tammy. If Aki gets a nerf don't nerf Aki level 1. But it would be a much better move to just buff the other Beasts to have them perform equally well. But with their respective strength in mind. It's probably too challenging to do so but it would be the best move imho.
  3. Yes if you don't do those 5 one after other right Away, then yeah. Actually you only need 2 forges for 100% success rate, but it has to be done right after the first Time fails. Not sure how much Time you have to do so, just do it right Away. Like within 10 seconds. Haven't tested how much Time you can waste between the first and second forge. Maybe someone with was too many pearls can test it 😂
  4. The question is, whether he is a developer or a content creator. Afaik he proclaimed himself to be a Content Creator on his channel, not a developer. Therefore I don't think he has access to the codes. If by any chance he has knowledge about the excact layout and excact number on of enemies for each wave for each level. Than I consider it to be an edge over other players. Now the question is, whether he truly has any. And I am 100% sure he doesn't. Furthermore memorizing every level layout + 9 waves + troop composition 12 times is a little over the top . The question is what better ranking? The point of the Pro-League is to measure yourself against other players. If he get's his own league this whole concept would be pointless. And if his score wouldn't influence the ranking he is in, It also beats the purpose of sportsmenship and the spirit of a competion. The only fair way would be for him to be part of the Pro-League, but FG has to announce whether he has an advantage or not. If they do give a statement about him not getting any advantage everything is fine and dandy and the whole concept of a competition would still be there. As everyone is equal then. But if by any chance he does get an advantage, every player should be ranked +1 for every past pro league as well. And he should be forbidden to take part in it until he either gets treated like everyone else or they change the concept. Until that is clear everything is unfounded speculation and should be treated as such. Calling him out on it in this way was low, epsecially if he is wrong. TO could have approached it in a more neutral way.
  5. Just to make one thing clear, neither do I admire him nor do I hate him. I just don't agree with the reasoning behind this complaint. Only speculation and frustration is prevelant in TO's posts. I totally agree, that people have their own opinions, but having an opinion just for the sake of having an opinion in an argument is counterproductive in a discussion. I have yet to see one argument, that is based on facts. If it is about personal preferance then, yeah, opinions are all that matters, people like different food, bewerages, styles etc. I don't like chocolate, others do. That's an opinion, or rather a preference, to be more specific. But this complaint should have a foundation. Otherwise it would be. One side: Flothaboss is a cheater. Other side: No he isn't. That's childish. And concerning the PS4, that was the whole point. They weren't allowed to but they still did it. GameStop never forbid them from taking part in their event. The only thing is, they should have abided to the rules like every customer, which they in fact didn't. My point is, as long as he abides by the same rules as you, me and everyone else. It's no problem. If everything is the same for everyone, why should he then be forbidden to take part in pro leagues? So far there has been no proof of him cheating in any way. His videos show that he has to fight for his points and his ranking. He uses the same combo as everyone else. Just as Richard Dawkins would say, "the evidence is massive". So far TO couldn't back up his opinion(claim) with one evidence. As long as there is no evidence all he does is ruining his reputation. And therefore an unfounded opnion. Edit: There has been one thing that's been mentioned quite frequently. "The fact is: The moment he has insider information, he has an advantage." Elaborate please. In what way would insider advantage help him? You think if he knows the Combo in advance he is better? You think he gets different stats and has a better combo? Or what exactly is your claim with this. So far, knowing the combo in advance gives you no advantage whatsoever. Tell me, if you know you get poison level 5, unperked, stun level 5, also unperked, and heal level 5, also unperked. Troops, knights, archer, paladin, all level 7 unperked. So now tell me in what way is that an advantage? You think he can raid with that combo and practice? If that's what you are going on about, I can say it's absolutely delusional, as he has everything maxed and perk. It would be impossible to train with that combo outside of pro league. And if by any chance you still think knowing what the pro league combo is, is important, just ask in the forum or someone in the game, before you join it. There are countless helpful people out there. As far as stats and combo are concerned. You can see in his videos that he has the exact same set up and stats.
  6. On Point. Nothing to add. Haters will hate him no matter what. Btw, giving him his own league would be kinda stupid. Why? Because he would be 1st place anyway. Is there any reason to do so then? And furthermore supspious peole will always find a way to accuse him of something, just as royalding2 stated.
  7. Indeed it's capped at 7 days.
  8. It truly is a shame. The war system as it is right now has way too many flaws. You can find quite a few topics about unsatisfied players, concering the currentwar system. It has bugged the community for a very long time now. But still nothing has changed so far, except the top 40 score rule.
  9. Sadly for you, it is not I that has to prove it. You are accusing him of having an unfair advantage, so unless you are having any proof all you do is spouting baseless accusations. That's a fact. And if we are going by what things are allowed and not allowed in different countries. What you are doing is called "Rufmord" in Germany and that is an offense punishable by law (ruining someone else' reputation without any proof). Not that it actually matters though. So unless you can base your complaint on any proof, this Thread is just you being butt hurt about your own underwhelming perfomance in the Pro League. It's entirely Flothaboss' fault for your placement. Your own raids had nothing to do with it. Congrats! But seriously this thread should be closed, as it is clearly violating the forum rules. Any further discussion is pointless anyway. Just continue playing the victim and keep spouting your conspiracies. Just shows how delusional your reasoning is.
  10. You are are somewhat right there. Aki truly is ridiculously strong. But the comparison isn't quite accurate. Insta killing your army means, you don't get them back, where as Aki actually gives them Back . Non the less it's still a bit too strong right now. Facing it with anything but the strongest gear makes it almost impossible to deal with. At least for me.
  11. Companies that forbid their employees from participating are determined by the type of "event". Take game stop for example. The recent ps4 for ps pro event in germany was a disaster. On the day it should have started they were out of stock. Why? Because employees were taking advantage of their position to reserve quite a number of ps4 pro's for their friends and family in advance, therefore the shortage at the launch day. game stop never forbid their employees from taking part in it, but the only thing is that they had to wait for the official launch day as well. But apparently they didn't. In this case there is no exploitation to be confirmed. Flothaboss has to pay gems to get a ticket and play, so does everyone else. He has to play to get the rewards. so does everyone else. His ranking is determined by his performance, so does everyone else'. You guys are comparing apples to oranges. Those type of banning employees from particpating in company "events" is only done in those cases were an exploitation can be done. As long as an employee has the same rules applied to him, there is no difference. Tell me, why is flothaboss not entitled to be taking part in the event, when he has NO advantage compared to other players? His Pro League videos are proof enough. The only difference between him and me is the fact that his salary is paid by someone else. Tell me what is so significant that he is part of FG? Your complaint is based on the imaginary fact that you believe that he gets an unfair advantage, which he clearly doesn't get. So what is there to complain, if he doesn't get an advantage. As long as there is no proof of him cheating in any way all this pointless accusation is for naught. The only thing you two are doing is ruining someone else his reputation and quite possibly his job. Have you ever thought about it, if FG decided to fire him because of the fact that you think that he gets an unfair advantage? If by any chance FG would state that he doesn't get an advantage, there would still be a bunch of people, don't believing it. If the community gets influenced by your beliefs eventhough it's wrong it could quite possibly mean him being fired by FG as it would make no sense for them to have him at FG then. You would then have effectively destroyed his life. He gave up his job/life in france for this big opportunity and it could quite frankly be the end if this "conspiracy" spirals out of controle. This is quite the dramatisation of the situation but it still is a remote possibilty. As long as you only "feel" unfairly treated don't go running around ruining other peoples reputation without any proof. This is more than just low. THe only thing that you complain about is the fact that you think his ranking is undeserved as he is part of FG, right? So what would you say, if he is treated like everyone else is? If the outcome is that he has no advantage whatsoever, I think you should be apologizing.
  12. This has been posted many times before on this forum. Currently there is no solution about this, exceptaccepting it and hope for the best, that is FG trying to change the warsystem. The best option would be inviting a strong player to beat the crap out of him. But that is another problem. Finding a strong player willing to help you. I don't see anything else that you could do. EDIT: I don't think a change will come anytime soon. As this problem only has merit weaker alliances.
  13. First and foremost flothaboss is a player and as such he has to be allowed to take part in this event. As long as he doesn't get any advantage he is entitled to participate as everyone else is. And furthermore 1 fail ins Ninja doesnt mean 50th or below, maybe before they changed the ranking system, which was quite a few months below. It the most recent Ninja event I only made it to Island 28, as I forgot to change my equipment, and still placed 34th. The only thing you do is overdramatisize. Show me evidence where even 1 player that missed 1 cof ranked 50th or below. With the changed rankning system it's highly unlikely, I would go as far as saying it's almost impossible. Everything stated is a baseless accusation. You say Flothaboss takes away 1 spot from a paying customer. This reason is hilarious. You know that Since the addition of the Pro League there has only been 1 Free ticket so far. So As he has participated in every event until now, he as everyone else had to pay 750 gems. So as he payed his gems he is allowed to participate. Do you seriously say that, he is not allowed to get the corresponding rewards for his achievements eventhough he paid the participation fee? Ridiculous. He paid, he deserves to play. Furthermore you imply that he isn't a paying customer. Before he joined Flare Keen he was a customer just like everyone else. He is being paid for his work at the company and not for playing this game. He is getting paid for making content about the video and not playing it. But for him to do his work, he has to play it. In this regard he is a customer and player like you and me. You two are just hurt because you couldn't place higher in the leaderboard. Therefore searching for a scapegoat. If you want to win, play better, don't make mistakes. Just because you, I and a majority of other players couldn't get the rankings we wanted doesn't mean others, including Flothaboss can't. The top 10 is not occupied by flothaboss alone, you know that right? There are 9 others. The others were better than you but it's ot right for Flothaboss to be? You see your inconsitency in this? You just picked him because he happens to be part of flare keen. Nothing more and nothing less. When he didn't get 1st place it was ok for Flothaboss but now it's suddenly not? There is neither rhyme nor reason behind your complaint. It's base purely on your feelings, and there is no consitency behind it whatsoever. Neither have you given proof of this baseless accusation. You are ruining a players reputation without proof. This more than just low. And to repeat myself. Pro League is fair. Everyone has the same set up, 35 minutes and is able to choose when and where to play.
  14. Some people seriously need to understand what Content Creator means... Lacuna what you are describing is a beta tester not a Content Creator. Back to topic... All those Complaints are based purely on jealousy. No reasonable Argument has been delivered so far. He has no unfair Advantage, he Posts all his pro league fight, that's proof enough. If you can't live with the fact that someone can Score higher than you, why bother playing in a competition? You are accusing him of something you have no proof of. In fact there is proof against it. And knowing the combo gives him the Edge? No it doesn't. As it will not help you if you know. If you are given troops and spells all at level 5 it won't help you even if knew it beforehand, as maxed out players that is. And quite strictly if you are argueing like this, I could also just tell you to test the combo in normal raids. You have 6 days for 35 minutes. So you can test it outside of pro league. As easy as that. So far Complaints still haven't had any real Substance behind it, besides personal Feelings being hurt, because of ones own Failures. And tarnace, if you don't even bother to read Things which don't Support your own standpoint why even bother posting in the discussion section, or a public forum anyway. Strictly speaking this thread should be closed. As it is against the rules to accuse someone of Cheating. Quite honestly, you have been making a laughing stock out of yourself. Calm down and try to be reasonable. Maybe you will see it then.
  15. You don't make sense at all. They pay him for him being an employee of their company. So he shouldn't be paid for his work? It's just that his work requires him to play the game, otherwise he has nothing to make a video about, which is his job. As he is recording all his Pro-League fights you can even see his stats, which is identical to everyone else's. Going by your logic game developers and the companies (their employees) owning the ip's are a sad bunch of people. You forbid them to play their own companies games. So for instance, a Blizzard employee is not allowed to play any Blizzard game. That's ridiculous. As long as he is treated like every other player there is no reason to do so. As I see it, your complain is based on the fact that you are not satisfied with your own achivements in the game, be it Ninjas or the recently added Pro-League. But who is to blame for that? Your Placement is entirely dependent on your own performance, be it Ninja or Pro League. If you couldn't get a perfect 100% on every Island in the Ninja event it's all the other players fault, who got 100% and not yours, eventhough they have no way of influencing your raids in any way? The same applies to the Pro league. If by any chance someone placed higher than you it's not your own fault, for doing all the mistakes that earned you that very spot on the leaderboard? It's easy to search for faults in other people but difficult to accept ones own. The only thing that you convey with your Thread is your frustration at yourself for buying (i guess?) a Pro ticket and not getting the achivement that you wanted and felt it was a waste of money. Therefore searching for a scapegoat for your own decision making and gambling which didn't pay off. Secondly this Thread just shows how jelous you are about people succeeding where you weren't able to, e.g. Ninja event. But at the end of the day, who is to blame if not your own performance? If you perfom well you get what you want, if not you will get the corresponding reward. That's it. If your fail is due to techincal issues your complaint would be justified and perfecly reasonable. As long as it isn't this complaint is just based on your jelousy, as your core complaint is just that you can't accept that there are a bunch of players infront of you in the leaderboard, especially flothaboss. And just to remind you of something. Accusing someone on this forum is not allowed. I get that you are frustated, as am I, If I had waited one more week I would have had the easier Pro League (going by combo). But only I am to blame for that, as it was my decision to take part in it.