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    If you forgot to extend the boost it's your fault and not a mistake. You have to go without the mummy boost until you get it again. That's the only way. Just be more careful next Time.
  2. But it is, Blazing knights deal additional damage to Barricades.
  3. Hordes of knights, will kill a Barricade in about 1-2 seconds and they take significantly longer for Blockades. And as for Blunt I think it's about the same, just that a Blockade has more HP it takes longer for a SB to destroy it.
  4. Kaiser offense stats

    Maybe they are just display bugs? At least I hope they are
  5. Banned from Pro League - No reason

    You may have nevr shared your account, but what about multi account? That's also bannable. Just a heads up.
  6. Bela collector cheat

    Indeed, I don't think it's a big deal. As FG is a german company, e.g. if people say they go on a 3 day vacation (like school trips) it's usually: 1st day you meet up and go. Later on that day you arrive at that location. 2nd day is full day at vacation location. 3rd day is wake up, get breakfast and go home. Still it is called 3 days and it never actually spans the whole duration of 72 hours. Same logic applies other trips as well. The day it started with is counted and the day you go home is also counted as a whole day. Seriously, no big deal. Could they have made it more specific? Sure, as people already mentioned by using the dates. But the way it was mentioned is not wrong. At best a little misleading. Honestly 100% of my alliance got it as "it ends on friday". Probably only a few people misunderstood it. This really isn't a topic to get so worked up over. I think FG probably got it and will most likely not use "days again".
  7. Bela collector cheat

    It depends on how you count. Going by actual 24h cycle it is probably 2 days. But counting days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday is 3 days. I don't see anything wrong with the statement. It's just nitpicking. E.g. If I say I am gone for 3 days starting today (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), it by no means translates to excactly 72 Hours. I go on Friday and come back on Sunday. Everyone understands it that way, this way is commonly used. Not so sure why you are so angry about it. I don't think it was misleading in anyway. Well, it's my opinion, if you feel, misled I think this thread will make FG aware.
  8. Bela collector cheat

    but didn't it end on Friday (today)? As mentioned in the announcement.
  9. Loosing trophies

    Perhaps you are online for longer than the game acknowledges as "online protection". And I think attacks do not show up in attack history unless you close andstart the game again. Only the small attack icon is shown in the top left IIRC. If this isn't what happened, you are probably attacked by a cheater, or so. But don't take my word for it
  10. Basesically what I meant. Just didn't put it into the right words as you did. With percentage based, I meant as you described a steady increase of the bar as you progress. That is not the case as there will not be 75%-95% as about 30% is taken by one objective (Gate), therefore you will never see e.g. 80%. unless you miss a bunch of towers and somehow still manage to kill the gate. And I think it's appropriate to wheigh the gate with ~30%, as it represents one Crown, 1 of 3, which makes sense.
  11. The battle progress seems to have been fixed, but the green bar doesn't correspond to the percentage based battle progress, but rather to the crowns that appear on screen when raiding. Just observe it. And therefore it is accurate as it is. The Gate takes 1 whole crown and only if you destroy it you will get that Crown. With the other 2 crowns it's progress is distributed by the number of obstacles you destroy, observable (destroy something, green bar increases). As the Gate is only one object, there is no distribution, so miss or hit. Therefore only by destroying it you will get that last crown, and your last third of the bar. I think it does make some sense. But easiest would be, as mentioned by Jiggle, to show remaining obstacles on HUD.
  12. It should be 98% if you miss 2 objects
  13. The question is, is it really only implemented partly? I never really pay attention to the progress bar, so I don't know whether there is a difference in Ninja Events, War and normal raids. EDIT: Now I get it, I think as the official statement only says "towers and obstacles" isn't it normal that the usual 40% (or whatever the Gate is worth) has been left untouched? Meaning, as many others pointed out, the rest (~60%?) has been distributed to the maximum amount of possible defense structures on can have, instead of actually used defense structures. Therefore I think there is nothing wrong with the changelog.
  14. No his complain is, that he got 99% on the 1st Island. Even though he says that he got everything. It has nothing to do with this thread (battle progress bar), he just reposted his complaint in this one. His first one was in Bugs. My point is that he puts the blame of his failure (very probable) on the game just because he had one non perfect Ninja raid. His only source of proof to his complaint is his friend, which I just don't see as reliable. Remember the time when people got 3 Crowns 99% bug? Or Jester box not detonating and causing 99%? The forum was flooded with complaints. But this time it's only him. Therefore I think it's highly likely that he just missed a tower. Anyway if he really feels that it was bug he should also file a ticket. Which i recommended to him on the Bugs sub forum.
  15. Wouldn't that prove my point? No one noticed that they didn't have perfect score in Ninja Event?