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  1. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Honestly if you gave it piercing damage, it would be a viable option. I thought it also had the usual normal damage. As the Hammer has normal as well instead of Blunt. Or Trident also Normal instead Pierce.
  2. Suggestion: Ranged weapons

    Well I don't know about that. Isn't that where spells come into play? It's the King's means of range attack. I think range attacks would make offense even stronger. Attacking snakes from a distance with normal attacks beats the purpose of those towers, wouldn't it. Snake are good because of their tankiness and the suprise dps they dish out to unsuspecting Kings. If this element is taken from them. The whole purpose of snake towers is to be a nice decoration on one or both sides of the gate . Range attacks have to be incredibly low to not make it way too powerful, especially with the attackspeed buff on gloves. But would low damage in turn make the weapon useful? I highly doubt it, as the whole idea was to support against enemy archers. As those are practically the only range unit's you can attack with 4.5 range.
  3. Stop Making the Game Stupid!

    That depends I would say nothing should happen. Distilled Water does not conduct electricity. And I assume Magical Water should be pure. So nothing should happen. As for bladestorm. Why it is strong against lightning towers baffles me. One of the chraracteristics of Metals is being a conductor. So imho lightning towers shouldn't be weak to blade Storms.
  4. Normal events

    Ok just seen flotha's Video on the life drain ring. It's absolutely garbage. It only drain from troops. As much as I like bis videos, he used the wirst possible combo to Showcase the ring. Pro cannon wolf. An Army he has to babysit and Kills everything from a far. No troops ever got close. Furthermore with highly perked spells this ring becomes even more useless. Even in pure melee combos the ring wouldn't Shine. Ogres Smash everything Away so fast it's pointless for the ring to Work properly.
  5. Well if you average at 500 a day you can still get bela. Even if you get one item in one of those boxes chances are high that you still are able to afford bela. That's assuming you get 500 on average.
  6. Normal events

    Not sure if lifedrain aura is worth it. If it only works on troops and not on towers it would be a huge disappointment. As spells usually finnish off troops so quickly that there are none left to drain from
  7. Pro league monthly scores

    Exactly, all that matters is the total amount of points. Placement do not influence the monthly Board in any way. Mag's example of Placement in Relation to the points is Spot on. It shows how each league defines it's rankings in different Value of points as some leagues are just more difficult than others.
  8. Pro league monthly scores

    You do realize that it's possible for more than 1 player to have the same Placement in the ranking. E.g. if in league 1 you ranked 400th and the 350th place is used up by lets das 100 people you are still ranked 400th but there are 499 people in Front of you not 399. Therefore it's entirely possible for a Bit discreoancy in the Weekly and monthly leaderboard.
  9. Pro league monthly scores

    Not nessecarily. It depends on the scores of the other participants as well. It's quite hard to determine your own placement on your results alone. As a matter of fact it could be indeed possible that it is true.
  10. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    It really depends. I played for about 3 years and am 111. And that with really inactive play style as of the last 6-8 months. Only ever attacking for ninja and wars. Inbetween I have several 7-10 days without attacking even once. Just in the last 2 months I did not attack for about 30 days just to drop from Diamond to bronze, 3 times lol. If not I could have gotten maybe 115 by now at least. A friend of mine was 108 when i was 109 and he now is 114 and I am at 111. And that was when I switched my alliance a couple of months ago. If you played actively for 3 years it would be easily possible to be at 120 I believe. But honestly only a few have the time to do that. With so many people being busy with work I believe it's already a good thing to get to 110 in 3 years. But with the recent updates it's much easier to catch up though.
  11. About trophy shennanigans

    Sorry but after testing it it doesn't seem to Work at all. After spending almost 200k to find one guy at 42 trophies I lost only 21. After that I found someone at 21 trophies and look there I lost 1! Yeah only 1... And after that yi found someone with 36 trophies and I lost 15. Totally random. Tried someone at 56 trophies and I lost 22. Your Observation doesn't seem to Work for all players. Will stick with my method. At least I get a guaranteed -30 trophies that Way. Without wasting Tons of gold to find suitable opponents.
  12. About trophy shennanigans

    interesting. So the lower the trophies one can gain the more you can possibly lose.
  13. About trophy shennanigans

    The only reliable trophy dropping method I found nowadays is dropping to super low trphy guys. e.g. 500 trophies or lower. I easily drop 30-35 per raid that way. As the matchmaker -60 trophies doesn't work anymore and only -20 is the new standard.
  14. Banning of account

    Doesn't matter why. Because it's against the terms of service. Rules are rules. personally I don't care if you play multiple accounts or share your own, as long as you don't exploit it. But as rules are rules, you either live with it or do it and face the possible consequences when found out.
  15. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    There is a limit. 3 times an hour. But honestly, I attack someone much more than 3-4 times a day, if I want to win a league. Improve your defense and change up your layout. That's about all you can do. Don't get discouraged and just play.