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  1. ***Flagged as annoying***
  2. The legendary chests you get from the Ninja event are not the same quality as the free ones. I usualy get more gems in them than I spend on ninja event. Keeping gems for the event is a good idea. Enjoy your pearls.
  3. Well maybe it's for Uber boosting your castle or something... Anyway, good news is that I have a lot of free workers available. I just came back from a four week break. Tons of stuffs to upgrade.
  4. If you look at the icon they used, it looks like it has something to do with workers and upgrades. My guess is that everything will cost 20% less and will have a max building/upgrade time of 3 days.
  5. Count me in on the "I like this change" bandwagon. Lazy alliance members are always a problem. This will fix it for the wars, no more "Let's wait and see if they will fight this round". It's not a perfect fix, but I welcome it.
  6. If you reduce the gem cost, you reduce Flare's revenue. Ain't gonna happen. If you don't want to spend too much gems, just don't use them in the COF for skulls.
  7. Tammy is also extremly usefull when you have a big army of low health unit like knights. It helps you to keep that army alive and you eventually end up with a huge army at the gates.
  8. Not all alliance... Most of the top 150 are full of active players andyou can clearly see it during wars. We are still receiving a lot a of application from players. The game is three years old, depreciation is expected and as long as the top players spends more then it cost to run the games, it will stay alive. The top players are the one who give Flare the majority of their revenue. Flare could'nt care less for a player like you or me. It's a pay to win game. 1% of the players make for 99% of their revenue. When never got big monthly updates. We usually have several month between them. The last small update we had was 11 days ago with minor fixes and two extra tile path for defense. I honestly don't think that Flare invested money developping the pals, Necro and new towers/obstacle if the game is doing that poorly. The time/money invested in those last updates must have been calculated and a return on these investment is probably expected. Still, their communication is way too poor these last weeks.
  9. Yeah, now I can't read... The first half of your post is condescending, rude and unnecessary. You could just have kept you bottom half and everything would have been fine. As I said, you didn't need to be a dick about it.
  10. Uber Granny Days, as per FB post.
  11. Geez dude, we don't have to read all the topics in the entire forum before asking a question. If you don't want to answer it, don't. But if you want to answer it, please do. Just don't be a dick about it.
  12. Man, I get these boots like 25% of the time in chest. This and the goddamn Reaper's Girdle. It's like I always get the same items over and over.
  13. Best of luck.
  14. Where you see an overpowered boost I see a challenge. Raiding should'nt be easy. The apocalypse is easily avoidable if you control your army.
  15. And this is exactly what Flare want. The less ready a player is, the more chance he will use gems. The more gems a player use, the more money they make. Same thing with the TC nerf. It became too easy to raid thus less gems were spent. I got about 9K pearls right now and I postponed most of my upgade until the event announcement. It wasn't that hard to wait a bit. Players that started forging right after the ninja event only have themselves to blame.