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  1. If you get all 14 chests and average 500 pumpkins per chest you will end up with 166 gems. (7000 / 42)
  2. Pro league monthly scores

    The number of participant and the total of crystal is different each week. You can't expect that the same position will have the same "value".
  3. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I can confirm that slot #8 remove 1m20 (80s). It was 1m40 before the update. The unboosted max BS with 7 slot is 100s.
  4. Blacksmith meltdown time

    @Dena4 I will take a look later, but I think that the data on the wikia are indeed off.
  5. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Now that we all have upgraded all our castle buildings to max again... How about a Boost your Castle event !
  6. Blacksmith meltdown time

    The 33s is ok. The real value is 33.3333333333333.... I'm at max too with 7 slots. Before that we had 42s when boosted. Your 29s when boosted was when the blacksmith event was active.
  7. Update

    Thanks for the review, I will start building one tomorrow.
  8. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I'm slowly getting to the 8th slot. I can't wait to get there. The +200% pearls value will definitly help too. BS will be at max in 2 hours, can't wait to start melting. I had to sell too many items in the past 5 days. Dammit !
  9. Argh! How to stop incessant attacks???

    You could look for an alliance that will accept your whole group. I'm a general in a top 100 alliance, and if an active group contacted me to join I would make some room for them. Active players are hard to find. There is always a few bad apples in every alliance.
  10. Filter for alliance application

    Also an reputation indicator. Like how many time the player has been kicked out of an alliance in the past X months or such. Oh and a way to ban players preventing them from applying.
  11. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Gold problem will be over by ninja, not because of the gold form the event but because mostly everyone will have already started their throne and wizard tower upgrade. I expect a boost your castle event next week tough. The gold drought will be massive then.
  12. Wednesday and the question arises again


    Its officially Basilik Tower

    Petrify Tower ?
  15. Problem

    You can get skull perk on ring, belt and cape by forging. You can only get skull perk on weapon and gloves with uber items.