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  1. Cant seem to "buy" food anymore in the bazar. Running latest RR2 version (2.6) on iOS (iPad), with latest iOS version. Normaly when silo is NOT full, you can trade vouchers for food. This is not possible anymore! Reported to supportdesk already. Pls fix asap!
  2. New Mini Update

    Can log in now, but upgrades on buildings and obstacles are not possible. The +1 level for all is not available
  3. New Mini Update

    Crashes on iPad Air, iOS 10.0.2, RR2: 2.5.4. Pls fix! game closed during maintenance break
  4. NO!!! PLEASE NO!!! war, where is the war?!

    Finally someone who knows how to pinpoint this....flare minimizing costs (makes business wise sense btw), but players are left with a bad expierence because of that :-(
  5. Excessive CoF Crash

    Same within our ally, at first glance it looks like Windows related only. Pls fix
  6. Open bases?

    Semi open base, only waves (has boosted mummy)....always a decent lot of loot, even for higher players. ign: gamename:-) Closed now!
  7. Open bases?

    Open base, no towers, no troops IGN: gamename :-) Base is closed now!