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  1. Level 48 reached!! 🍺🍺🍺
  2. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    😨 Didn't know they could do that , crazy f*$!# Defense better than ever! πŸ˜‚ Next: Granny offers to sell you her Kaiser beast permanently so you can use on offense or defense!
  3. New event

    I'd definitely be into that. These last ones with only 7 days just aren't long enough, especially with the amount of gold needed right now. Those who don't like the length of long festivals dont have to participate as it won't hurt your alliance. I missed a day myself last festival due to a busy day but glad for the days that I can do it!
  4. Comience su propio post para su alianza y no use la nuestra
  5. Looks like we have a leading candidate- *None at all! 😏
  6. Level 47 now reached and Stunning ogres are ON 24/7 now! Looking for qualified, loyal members and also small teams that may be interested.
  7. time ago....

    There was a response to this in another topic, check it out
  8. Level 45 reached after a great war season πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ†πŸ†πŸ†. We switched war season boosts from paladins to range bombers and frost traps. Come on down!
  9. Welcome to the team MM, just in time for hopefully a great war season πŸ’ͺπŸ†
  10. The Granny Festival (pals keep pilling up)

    I've gotta say I really like this new pal Kaiser, gold boost + sonic blast special ability. Its going to be hard to choose between him and Tammy from now on. I don't buy much anymore but had to have this one and don't regret it. The added gold boost for festival and ninja event were worth it. Thanks Flare for making a worthy pal!
  11. Level 44 reached and closing in on 45. Could use some more reliable members for next season.
  12. Fix Festivals...again

    I think I ended up with about 6000 of the baseballs. I had to choose between the shoulder pads and the Growl pal. I wanted them both but settled for the pads with blizzard perk. More time would have been nice so I could get them both.
  13. If that person already fought in the same war season with another alliance, a 60 hour cooldown may be applied. It won't show up on your side unfortunately so you won't see it in the war screen.
  14. Special Wikia Forum Contest

    Necromancer- Likes walks on the beach under moonlit nights but you better not get fresh with this one! She packs one very nasty taser and her own private security detail. Pyro Ninjas- Great help at BBQ parties and with starting bonfires but you better watch them around the keg as they will stealthily dash in and empty it faster than Granny empties your wallet on Uber Days. IGN: -Beavis-
  15. Just got another opening, join now as it will go fast!