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  1. I think I ended up with about 6000 of the baseballs. I had to choose between the shoulder pads and the Growl pal. I wanted them both but settled for the pads with blizzard perk. More time would have been nice so I could get them both.
  2. If that person already fought in the same war season with another alliance, a 60 hour cooldown may be applied. It won't show up on your side unfortunately so you won't see it in the war screen.
  3. Necromancer- Likes walks on the beach under moonlit nights but you better not get fresh with this one! She packs one very nasty taser and her own private security detail. Pyro Ninjas- Great help at BBQ parties and with starting bonfires but you better watch them around the keg as they will stealthily dash in and empty it faster than Granny empties your wallet on Uber Days. IGN: -Beavis-
  4. Just got another opening, join now as it will go fast!
  5. You lack proper representation. Allow the offices of Beavis & etc to take care of it
  6. How can merc be prevented if any alliance can take any member in during war season? I bet 30 sp get paid very well these days.
  7. Alliance membership should be locked at the beginning of war season, especially with cap set to 40 member skull count. Boots should be allowed but accepting another member shouldn't. If you want to visit another alliance, decide this before war season. This will help prevent any manipulation.
  8. Are the units and the spells the same in this Pro League as the last one?
  9. What more proof do you need? You want him to film a video showing his hack? Come on. The next 3 are tight on grouping which suggests this is the limit of human ability.
  10. Let's call a spade a spade, come on. Flare needs to fix this, period. This is bogus to #2, 3, 4 etc
  11. Well over 700 points over #2? Something is fishy and I'm not smelling caviar.
  12. Incorrect information, deleted
  13. This Pro League sounds like a great concept and I'm very much looking forward to it. Now with that being said, I thought I heard mention of a Pro League "currency" at approximately the 5:53 mark in the video clip. I may have heard it wrong but somehow I doubt it. If there's a level playing field here with no revives and no scrolls, there must be a way for Flare to monetize such a massive update. I only briefly tried out RR1. Does anybody know how the currency system worked there? I imagine the model will be similar.
  14. Level 42 reached so we have room for one new member now
  15. Looking for a couple great fighters who are interested in an active, committed team of knowledgeable players. All others may apply elsewhere.