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  1. Looking for a couple great fighters who are interested in an active, committed team of knowledgeable players. All others may apply elsewhere.
  2. Just reached alliance level 41 and Tammy beast level 2. One slot open now, come join us for a great ninja season!
  3. Yes! I would like to see the drawings too
  4. You have some great ideas, excellent suggestions! If only we had somebody from Flare listening anymore but they hide in their cave.
  5. With sonic blast, you need to factor in that it has a 3 second duration. The numbers listed in the stats are damage per second. So, for example max sonic blast unperked has 10,174 damage per second which equates to approximately 30,500 damage over the course of 3 seconds to a target immediately within its range. Now take a tower which has 100% blunt weakness and you can multiply that number x2. So that equals 61k damage to any tower within range that has such weakness. Towers that have only 50% weakness to blunt will sustain 45k damage if within immediate range. Towers that are out of range will sustain less as the hero touches them with whatever duration is left.
  6. This topic suggests waves but then you talk about a player jumping ship? I can't address the wave issue as I could use more details. Regarding the jumper, that's poor form but unfortunately par for the course sometimes.
  7. Best wishes to you Warriornator! I may not have always agreed with your posts but I always did enjoy reading them and did learn quite a few things from them. Your dynamism will be missed here!
  8. Looking for one more member before war starts, apply now!
  9. Thanks for the bump! Was just about to say we have one slot open right now. Come join us for ninja season where we have a 100% success rate on securing ninjas on defense! (Not you Knight, I know you already have a great team 😉)
  10. A couple times in uber chests, I have won gear from previous festivals. Unfortunately, I don't know of any other way.
  11. I'm not about to quit the game over this but I will be joining the ranks of free play from now on
  12. TC Email, name and email info only blackened out
  13. I did the same thing although I did get a response and it was lame. Guess maybe it's time to start sending tickets every other day.
  14. I didn't intend to diminish the attacks in that thread. They were unfair and mean-spirited. Its just that since Alysea left, I've been getting the vibe that any thread that is negative towards Flare gets closed for any reason that they can justify. Too many threads there is indeed but I'd rather see thread merging than closures and editing out personal attacks as well as temporary bans on those responsible for them.
  15. You're right, I stand corrected. Great idea there!