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  1. That red light representing an ultimate card. db
  2. All good, man. A good battle is always welcome.
  3. Let me ask, did you battle for the card pieces up to the point you ran out of opponents? If you think those who battled for your piece didn't had to battle higher level opponents, your in for a long ride. Some of us just toughens up. Perhaps some are built for this game, some just aren't.
  4. I see you, man. Good defensive deck you have. Got me a couple of times. Though it wasn't the initial one I battled, I guess you worked some of your cards up? I'm working on a few cards myself.
  5. Will you believe me when I tell you, you will have more chances at the legendary cards later on in the game? And that at some point you will even wish someone will take away your legendary card pieces? Its true, man. As ridiculous as it sound. Sometimes starting out with simple cards and climbing your way up is what the game is about. Hope you can hang around to experience and explore the game for what it truly offers.
  6. Unacceptable. 😁v
  7. Wish I could tell you more about token drops, but it's just wasn't for me. What i can tell is that this game appreciate effort, at some point.
  8. Just weird. There is a storyline, so... I guess we will know in the next coming days.
  9. Did you guys also noticed how the next portal being advertised is dark beyond instead of dying Dreams?
  10. Maybe you're just not grinding long enough? Or could it be that you're expecting too much on tokens?
  11. 1 every 25 is 4% which is quite low. But does that make the current portal less enticing to grind? Not for me. Cards in this portal are interesting to play with. Lava toad and minotaur fits a reflective deck. Easy to built and collect as a beginner. Djinn fits a healing deck; so fun to watch on replays. Leviathan and Colossus may not be ultimates, but they are easy fit to any deck, at the same time there's no need to rely on tokens to catch them. For players like myself who struggle getting ultimate cards, this portal present an opportunity to build solid and / or fun combos. The trick is to complete the card pieces and just have the token as a side bonus.
  12. Wow, thanks for posting. I didn't even recall there was one last year.
  13. Just so many good cards in the divine peace portal, yet relatively accessible. For a reflective deck, lava toad was a bargain. Not the best stat, but used get the job done early in the game. There is no ultimate card, but colussus and Leviathan are both above most other legendary cards. Kinda threading between legendary and ultimate.
  14. Seems pretty normal. And yes it goes through some stages that the game slows down a bit. For one, we know that the higher the level, the longer it takes to level up. Plus the opposition gets tougher. But isn't it that the initial part of the game is also difficult... Specially when we don't have the right cards? The pace of the game is fine. The question is, have we invested enough in resources? Like life, cards, gems and potions. Cause that's what makes the game sustainable, imo.
  15. I've stated it before, I respect your body of work. Being consistently on top for such a long time. And we have to realize that when the game started, no one has yet reached level 200. I guess it was a race? You made an amazing achievement and lead the way. A pioneer in this game. I think now, the approach to the game has evolved. You showed us that level 200 can be reached. Some, like myself, would like to just take the game rather slowly. It's a different kind of enjoyment. Knowing I'm not rushing my game, something like that. I like where my mana and stamina stands, and that's why all 12 points now goes to hp. It would be great to see the game expand in all aspects, including adding more levels.