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  1. When I was new, I lost often in pvp battles. I was only after the quests back then. But yeah, losing card piece is frustrating. I was happy to see a win or two when I visit the replay. And then I learned a combo - reflective damage. That's when it hit me. This game is also about card combos. I liked it. And before I knew it, I started winning. Then the game became difficult again, but I kept playing. Maybe I just haven't found another game that fits my time the same way that Evoker does?
  2. That was comprehensive, man. Appreciate you. I got it now. This game drew me into a loop along time ago, and it's my choice to stay. I'm a combination of both, but more of a Person A type. For me, grinding is fun and gives me a better chance at training my cards.
  3. The month long version for portals.
  4. 1. Correct for both. 2. Find or develop yourself a system that you can rely on. If not PVP, then go with the quests. Use stamina. You may get lucky with some tokens. Then, temporarily use mana just for levelling up your cards. If you find a legendary card piece you want, battle for it until you ran out of opponents. You can then decide if you want to complete the piece using your gems. Play through and the game usually equalize at some point. Then it gets harder again. But that's why you want to have yourself a good system.
  5. Np, man. You raised a valid argument. For example, cards like colossus and dwarf judge has their target determined after combat, and shortly after the ability takes effect. We know this happens in the second round. For the dungeon casino cards with random on their ability, I would guess the cards targeted are determined before combat takes place, and the ability happens after combat. That's my explanation on that. The difference is when the target for the ability gets determined. Pre, or post combat?
  6. They may, they may not. That's the way randomness is. How will you make it work in your favor?
  7. You got the gang right there. They're the only ones so far.
  8. Which is quite awesome, man.
  9. Idk. In my case, I'm seeing lots of competitive decks filled with cards like dark Mage and bone dragon. That to me, made the game more interesting. Makes me ponder more on how to build and align my deck.
  10. How's deck building?
  11. Offense / Buff - Wizard apprentice, with a twist. Randomness - Goblin Thieves, except that it's a card rather than deck. Wow, it was foreseen.
  12. I'm a patient guy. But double xp hasn't come around for a while. Anyone else have cards they want to level up?
  13. That red light representing an ultimate card. db