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  1. when will the free Christmas card gifts start?

    Last year the tokens were gifted from December 24-26. My guess is it will be the same. Should be a nice treat to end the year.
  2. The game is ridiculous

    I totally agree. And it's sometimes easier said than done. One of the things I like about Evoker is that the advertising is hardly noticeable, can be even considered none at all. Guess that reason alone is enough for me to keep the app? No matter how challenging the actual gameplay is. I've been at it since late 2014.
  3. Expensive and un fair, evoker game

    From a fellow player, I feel you. The experience will only make you wiser for sure.
  4. Lvl 113 - not one Sentinel Card

    Ty. My Scorpion rider or lightning spirit loses to Sentinel easy , one on one. And she compliment a lot of cards... I pretty much have an idea on how good Sentinel is. I'm past 3/4 of the way before level 200, and I only have one copy... Think I was also past level 100 when I got one. So, it's a long way for me, I know. But the game hasn't disappointed me overall. I will worry about the other cards, including Sentinel, later on in the game. I got a few cards keeping me busy. Several portals have been good to me. Dragon quest and divine peace in particular.
  5. Lvl 113 - not one Sentinel Card

    Apologies for the confusion. Maybe I should, but I've long since stopped dwelling on opening packs. Specially when there are plenty of cards worth the time. Good to know.
  6. Lvl 113 - not one Sentinel Card

    I did initially. But then realized there are 8-9 specialized portals rotating and over 192 different cards. I hardly took notice since.
  7. ??? Why i get green card

    Given the chance, I let someone else pick the card for me during random booster opening. It makes the card drawn more memorable. It also help ease the pressure a little bit as card opening is always going to be random. I just make up for it with my card combos and by being active.
  8. Cards that hit multiple targets

    Low mana deck, which mean more round of pvp battles. It comes down to choice as there are other cards from the same tribe.
  9. Question about Fuzing cards

    Yes. Max train them and you'll have better cards at your disposal. Kinda depends. Often, you'll still have enough time to do a perfect fusion. Other times, regret is overwhelming.
  10. Help with current deck

    Growing cards have kept me going for about 2-3 years in this game, and a lot about it still surprises me. I'm patient with my approach as I usually save potions and gems. Occasionally on good portals, I then spend them. Got to specialize on something. Sometimes it's luck, sometimes it's will.
  11. Help with current deck

    Nice. For players vs player battles, I construct deck with 3 things in mind. Train current cards, win card pieces, and get tournament points. Order varies from time to time. I also wanted to note that, I am good if I can achieve any one of them, win or lose. I don't mind losing now, for as long as I can build and train card experience. It helps in the long run. So playing with as many games as possible is my goal. I'd say your deck is as good as you can build it. But for me, you can make a smarter one. Smarter in the sense that you consider long term. Your current deck would need to use between 110-120 mana points for pvp. You battled twice, that's 220-240. For a deck that's 70-80 mana points, that will be 3 pvp instead of just 2. More battles means more card experience, and a higher chance of winning card pieces and gaining tournament points. The key to a low mana deck is green cards. I try my best to include 2 or 3 when given the chance. Their easy to overlook, but in a properly constructed deck, effective. P.S. It works for me because I have a good number of card pool available.
  12. Help with current deck

    I would push the 14/24 Chimera into a ++ as much as I can, so I will put him as the main consideration if it were my deck.
  13. best green cards

    Oh, yeah. My initial deck was a reflective one and a star seer card piece was hard to come by. I would grind lower levels of divine peace to complete a ++++. Gets the job done.
  14. best green cards

    Agreed. I can see the value of cards like lightning spirit and moon dragon getting maxed because of them. The way they compliment each other. And stamina points get stretched as well. I'm glad green cards exist.
  15. best green cards

    Not sure which one is the best, but I've used quite a few.