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  1. You should also post it in the right section.
  2. Yes, I'm sure Cromka and many other Russian Royal Revolt 2 players ordered the invasion. Ukraine also should have never gave up their Nukes.
  3. All the information I could find on add costs were Apple was charging a extra 25% in the UK do to Brexit and a 6.5 Value add tax in Europe on apps. I still find it crazy prices have went up so much there.
  4. I think Flare makes different amounts per region. In the USA it's a hundred dollars (99.99) for the 20k gem package. With this Google, Apple and Windows is still gets paid. With the euro preforming about the same as the dollar (9% higher) I don't see the stores raising over 60% cost and Flare still making the same.
  5. Americans won't spend more on gems. If Flare raised the price few would buy the 20k gem package.
  6. I would like a pal with Black Magic. I was thinking Snake , Bat or cat. But I really don't care about what kind of pal it is.
  7. @Lisa @flaretara @Nikko This is a awesome idea that would make life a lot easier for most that play this game. I play this game to have fun and this would let me play around my schedule vs a clock. Would you please consider this? You could still have 100 gems for a extra donation.
  8. Give us some time. We will get there soon :-)
  9. Are you named after the1981 cult classic The Evil Dead?
  10. Welcome to the forum. You can enter your code under Voucher/ Friend code at the top of this section. We try not to create new topic for codes because we want to keep the forum clean.
  11. I have never been in a top 10. But I am in a top 20 and we have most 24/7 boosts (plus war boosts extended) , I get around 120 Ubers every Community week, 9 Ubers in Ninja event and a 54% gold boosts. We have earned and paid for this being in a top team. At the same time Medal boosts are bases on the individual trophies and that person has worked hard for that too.
  12. You need to turn in a ticket with Flare. I heard Flare is not forgiving on cheating. Hope it's not that and good luck.
  13. I've gotten rid of most of my stalkers by upping the level of crazy. I had one where I ask him to stop and he told me he was "King of Raiding". I turned my friend request off and raid him 30 times a day for around a month. When I turned it back on he send me a request asking me to stop and that he had been stressed out the whole month.