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  1. Are you in a Russian alliance?
  2. All high level have use for gems and probably still spend more than anyone else in the game. People still need pal food and Ubers at the top. People also will donate extra to their alliance. In CW I know people that spend a few hundred on cooldown on forging.
  3. I find speed, Morale, Spell perks and leadership the most important.
  4. I don't like life drain.
  5. Thanks for the invite.
  6. Lucky you @MagischerKoenig. Is your health high enough to join?
  7. What boosts do you have?
  8. I think I will pass on that. But to each his own.
  9. What if I don't have red hair? I want to be treated like a Red hair pirate, not a red hair step child.
  10. I understand people are in to different things. But why put a those pictures on a website you are trying to sell stuff on? If I was you I would keep that in my private life and away for my business life. Not judging you just trying to give you some advice.
  11. Why not post that picture?
  12. Probably a little too late for that.
  13. I would like to see the drawing too. PS What is up with the dragons in diapers?
  14. Yes, He won't be able to attack for the other team till cooldown is over.