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  1. I use either Nighogg or Tammy. I don't have Aska yet.
  2. You should believe every word. He also knows 39 super strong people with 34+ skull bonus that he can bring to your alliance.
  3. They come in handy. But they're high. Now is a good time to unlock what you can with the Blacksmith event.
  4. Congratulations, I was on the same map and you guys fought hard.
  5. I have enjoyed my visit with Dark Knights. I have been planning to visit Darren team for a while and he has a good team. We had a hard war.but it was pretty evenly matched. It was down to the last day we had a chance at 1st. But it just didn't work out. So far the team looks to being able to unlock Ninjas and has a very active chat. I will be leaving after Ninja and visiting CIA. They are currently in PK. Laughing Coffin. I'm fighting Pyro war with them and I'm looking forward to it. I am visit Alpha Guard after that. I think I will be visiting bigger alliances during Pyro and mid to smaller during Mummy wars. I don't have any preference on Ninja event.
  6. This is a pay to win game like many others. You can unlock them all as a free player if you spend enough time playing.but the advantage will always go to the people that keep the lights on at Flare.
  7. Who said your post was annoying?
  8. I have said it before. I spend too much on this game. I will probably spend 70 dollars this Blacksmith. But some top players will spend 300 or more. If I was Flare I would try to keep these players happy. That's just good business and Flare is a business.
  9. I think I know who you're talking about. But I consider him a friend. Although I have not always agreed with him. I have respect for people that speak their mind and that are honest(sometimes brutally honest). As far as his request, if I was flare I would grant it. He probably buys the Uber chest offer every time he get it and saves them for Blacksmith event. I sure other top players do the same and a option to sell, Keep or melt should be added. Ps. I'm not a top player and I don't have a problem melting my equipment.😀
  10. The game takes time or money. You have to invest one of these if you want to get anywhere in the game. I made a post a long time ago asking for the same thing. I didn't really understand the Blacksmith slots.
  11. Here is another Screenshot of the Blacksmith during the event. Normally time with it boosted is 8 seconds and 600%.
  12. It's actually pretty fast if you have all slots.
  13. I have already said it on Facebook. You lose spin quality putting a light on a Fidget spinners. Maybe a noob might not see it but trust me on this!! You may know RR2 but you're a noob in this field. A light on a Fidget spinner.? Craziest thing I heard today. Edit = LED fidget spinner is like wine out of a box.
  14. I think he will, but it's going to be a top team. Probably only top 50 or higher.
  15. A lot of people ask me about it and have gotten on to me for not having it. But I have never really tried. I could have gotten it twice. Both times I was sent a friend request and asked if I would let them have it. I didn't see the reward as being that great (375 gems) so I let them have it. I drop trophies during war to fool people into losing skulls/gems. Having only 4 stars helps those not wise enough to look at medals.