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  1. Why my diamond is gone...its scare me

    It is probably because you spent them to upgrade something using gems, or maybe prolong your Celestial Boosts.
  2. Alliance War: Island Marker.

    Good idea... Reading skills are overrated nowadays, who knows how to read anyway, and what is the use?!
  3. Eitaaaa you guys write so much.. I don’t think wars are fair in their current format, but wars are not something fair anyway. Having a different, more entertaining format, would be fun. I don’t think wars being in a strict 1v1 would be of any fun. There would be no -or little- strategy involved, while Olympus Rising is a strategy game. Having allies is normal, then at some extent it becomes ridiculous (having 10+ allies is ridiculous, when they all end on the same map the result is funny too). The brotherhood was a completely fucked up system, especially for the weaker alliances being part of it. When ending on a map with 3 alliances of the brotherhood, unless you were weaker than them all, it was possible to defeat them by strategy especially if you focus on one with the same strength as you, or lower. It would be hard to get 1st and maybe 2nd with such map depending on the strength of each alliance, but 3rd is not impossible. You can also focus on defense only as the alliance on the other side of the map has to take islands from your neighbors to reach you. You can also stay out of reach of the opposite alliance by losing some islands on purpose while focusing on some others. A few weeks ago, with @PanicMind we had a war map with 3 allied alliances against us and we ended 1st. The ones next to us: one was much weaker, one was slightly weaker, and the one on the other side was a bit stronger than our first neighbour. By focusing on some islands while saving fury and having everyone active for surprise attacks, we made it through as they didn’t have a good strategy, even by working all together. By focusing only on the alliance much weaker than us, we were guaranteed to get 2nd. By switching and taking on the other neighbour, we tried a fight for 1st and it worked out. It was also fun and intense to have such last minute attacks, where we needed to turn 50k and 110k behind to 10k+ ahead. 🙂 Having a 1v1 can be fair only if both teams are of similar level. If one is stronger, then the other team will have a hard time, while they could fight the stronger team in 2v1 and it might be challenging and better for all. Having allies and and diplomacy are part of the game, and this is for various reasons, each alliance has its own motives. It’s possible to fight against a group of allied alliances, but yeah sometimes you’ll get unlucky and have 3 allied alliances against you (especially in campaign or skirmish), but sometimes these alliances will also end “alone against the world” and you can get payback. There is not so much left of the brotherhood now and most of the remaining alliances are not very strong. With strategy and motivation from your players it should be doable to win. Though most of these alliances got all members with 3 heroes level 20, and quite active too. So if you have lower activity and floppy strategy, it will not work there. If you got a good team working together, you can make it through. So from my side: - Yes for different war format which is more interesting, more strategic, more fun - Yes for the return of faster fury regem when losing islands - No for a strict 1v1 format especially if alliances are picked and have no chances to fight someone else. It still wouldn’t be “fair”.
  4. The faster fury regen was great, would definitely be of help, at least during campaign war. The skulls don't help much, it is much more a way to gain more VPs nowadays, than a way to fight back against a 2v1. Might be good as well to not match an alliance which got for example 4th, with two other alliances which beat it in the past war.
  5. This is also a problem mostly for the 3 days war. During the 2 days war, only one attack can be made on the alliance of the opposite side, unless this one wins islands and gets closer to you. But you can avoid this by using strategy to attack islands further away, which is easier if one of the alliances is weaker. If you cannot defend against any of the two alliances next to you but could win the one on the other side easily, it kinda sucks but you’ll have a better draw as well. Allied alliances have an easier time when together on map, but they’re not always together. And many in the brotherhood are really weak, be it for the firepower or the strategy.
  6. Celestial Boost not awarded & Game Crash

    For the 1., the Celestial Boost award means that you get one extra item from this chest, and it is thanks to your Celestial Boosts level 5 (+1 Reward in Chests). You need to gain Prestige to increase your Celestial Boosts level. If you hadn't earned some during a few days, then yup, your Celestial Boosts level remains the same. Regarding the disconnections/crashes, it is true that it happens much more often since 3.8.0/.3.8.3 (iOS), especially on phones.
  7. Game crash happens more often

    Yep, I confirm MANY more crashes on iPhone. iPad seems to work fine, but I often get crashes after starting the game for only a few seconds even.
  8. Her last power is unlocked at 5k fame so yes. When standing at 3k fame all powers besides Hail Storm are unlocked.
  9. Version 3.8

    445 -> 333 So around 25% reduction
  10. New invocation cooldown

    Yeah this is why I wonder if it is intended or not, as it is not useful so far..
  11. Hey @CaptainMorgan, is it on purpose that the new invocation got a cooldown of 600 seconds? It is not even really strong to justify such high cooldown in my opinion. 🤔
  12. Recent upgrade

    Did you try to go from the store to the game page to update it manually? Or go to the "updates" tab of your device, swipe down to refresh?
  13. Artemis Hero Fail

    She just teases them and taunts them to lead them to their death... Or hers.
  14. Bribesystem?

    No it doesn't appear in the battlelog. You just pay, and the hero you had selected will move to this island. There is also a confirmation to spend the gems. This means you do not lose anything, but the person wins the island to get the resources. No XP, gold or so is gained when doing so. (This is written in the patchnotes) The old cost at lvl 30 of Celestial Boosts was 445, now it is 333.
  15. Version 3.8

    Artemis towers are good, even with lower enhancements than on the screenshot. You just need the blessing for it and they are really nice towers. It sure is a bit disappointing for players who don't have it, but it is also an end game hero, same as Athena was to be unlocked for 200k dominance.