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  1. Or you are patient and destroy nyx with Damocles... But many do not have it that upgraded, though it is a great power. Even Prom with only one extra power slot can make it through, it just requires to be careful. It's true that most of the strategy has to be made around the Nyx/Helios, but nonetheless if you forget about the rest you might end pretty wrecked as well.
  2. Try to use powers like Talos, Siren or Damocles. Damocles can reach from the other side, for Talos and Siren you need to rush ahead. Heroes with high melee damage are very useful, or some with great cooldown and 3+ power slots.
  3. Two Steps From Hell is epicness. Good pick Emmm.
  4. A few weeks ago now, we had a sweet poetry session on OR chat, with @dumpster who revealed to the world his great Haiku's skills. Should he reconvert from fighting enemies to writing Haiku at the glory of his mate, to demoralize the opponent and boost his allies?! 20:42 Jtop How's everyone doing today 20:43 D. Umpster Pretty good thanks! You? 21:19 Jtop Bored and tired at work 21:36 D. Umpster Bored and tired at work I wasted all my Wisdom No more Odyssey 21:36 D. Umpster OR haikus 21:38 ThemisV You still have wisdom in your mind Dumpster 21:38 D. Umpster I thought we were good We were ready for the Clash Forty per cent scored 21:41 D. Umpster Look! It is a gift! Third one down, no, not that one His defense is bad 21:42 ThemisV Clash is not greatest Some teams caught very lucky break While others endured 21:45 D. Umpster A ponderous choice The pyrphorous upgrade? Or cyclops life? Hard. 21:46 ThemisV Dumpster's haiku skills are godlike 21:51 D. Umpster Titan points are full Must replay to level five Trash items await Rotate my towers Agonize over each wave Fuck! Beaten by Cadmus -AT/du
  5. Not any of mine, the ones from my guys.. They don't feel that lucky.
  6. The titan item is the new one. The old item is from when he was level 114. Hey, at least the petrify is better. # It remains a nice increase in cd in the end, not as op as 75% but decent.
  7. Yep, I can feel the difference with what a friend has, which is great gear... And I know I will struggle at 30ish % cooldown for a while. I think it will suck for people who got not great gear, if they try to defeat some higher level defenses.
  8. @dumpster This is my best ring on Free Mind, so in this perspective 28k cd is really not bad now, counting the range for the items everytime. This ring I obtained before the update on Friday. I think many of us also got lucky before and got a few great items, but as @CaptainMorgan said, for those who did not, they still have a chance to get decent gear. Looking forward for the changes in the future update too.
  9. I leveled up to 115 with my main account shortly before the update (due to upgrading the Helios monolith), I had two useful items so far. With my alt account almost 107 I still got good stuff every now and then. One of my alliance mates got the unique boots for Helen, with 28k cooldown, not so bad at lvl 114.
  10. Hey, If you reroll the masteries, you can replace different ones as well, in addition to have different masteries offered. It can be quite expensive, but you can also save up the wisdom and gold to do this later on, as nothing forces you to directly select the mastery when you started replacing it. 2) What do you mean exactly by this? Like if you already have a mastery at 3% and you get the same type offered, it can be cumulated and become for exampl 6%, without replacing any other?
  11. Each time you level up, you require better items so ya the cooldown decreases. By leveling up 4 levels since the update, I lost around 6/7% cooldown while using the same equipment. Without leveling up the % remained the same. On lower characters I still get some new gear which is better/slightly better than the one I had, so I can keep on progressing there.
  12. Don't have this issue on PC. Only issue is that the pointer is hard to see sometimes, but it works well once I located it...
  13. It is also possible to stay at lower ascension level but collect bunch of dominance from the islands, just by slacking around or attacking regularly with heroes to level them up, without upgrading anything else.
  14. You kinda have to if you don't wanna spend gems or fail now. It is far from being the most subtle playstyle, but it works decently against most bases now. Also, if you select one particular kind of unit, you will notice everything becomes much easier... I leave up to you to figure out which one.