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    This is efficient work, but it looks like it went by really fast. For the result.

    I'm sorry to hear it affects your life so deeply and at such an intimate level... Maybe we can go through a quick examination to determine the damage! - Are you able to eat without thinking about how much % of health you'll lose if you eat too healthy food? - Can you read the instructions guides of a product without adding all the % of the components? - Do you think of Isaac day and night? - Do you keep thinking how unfair is life with this issue, impacting the health of your beloved heroes? Good luck, I hope you'll find the answers you're looking for... Somewhere.. Over the rainbow..

    Liar! You just suck at maths! And wtf is this poor Isaac doing here? It might be Halloween soon but don't wake up the dead, come on man... I'd assume the % is added to base health. It'd be useful to know, before picking such mastery, how it would actually be after selecting it. (As it's hardly/not possibly something that can be calculated.) I hope you won't have too many troubles sleeping at night with such mystery unsolved... You can always call "the" doctor for help!
  4. New type of war

    I like the idea of having a different format of war, even a "mega war" like this. Maybe people would interact more with each other, especially with people who would normally be "enemies".
  5. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    There is already quite a good amount of things to do, including many powers, units and towers to upgrade, let's enjoy this and not rush through things already. Good job
  6. Warning

    Yeah, you kinda have to drag the defender to the bridge now to make sure trebs and other units don't destroy the gate before you kill the defender. Perseus was already a great defender, it'll make things trickier for some defenses. Though, it would be good to have a fixed % for the defender... 23:48 Prometheus I find the % to be horribly inconsistent and a far cry from 5%. I had one raid against a very low asc/trophy base where I got 62% for not killing the defender and didn't even get the island afterwards ... and yes, the gate went down. 23:49 Prometheus On other islands I get 99%. 23:49 Prometheus I think I've seen everything thus far, except the expected 95%. lol Tried it on my own def as well: Destroying gate but defender had around 50% hp left -> 99% Not destroying any of them -> 45% Destroying the defender but not the gate -> 50%
  7. Version 3.7 is AWESOME👏👏👏

    It'll come
  8. ithacan harbor

    If you mean that some of you towers/units/powers have not been offered as options for upgrading, yes it is normal. You have "more chances" to have them offered as you got 3 choices instead of 2, but it is still kinda random which are offered. You'll definitely get some that you want later on, just be patient.
  9. Defensive Waves abnormal

    You can try it in offense too. If you summon "one" spearman to attack, two are spawned.
  10. weekly missing titan item,3.7

    Yap, can confirm it still happens, with any kind of chest.
  11. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    Chris already said that, so they will fix it.
  12. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    This is still available. I think if you got your alliance hall maxed, for sure you will have the option.
  13. Apollo bug

    They need some time to recharge after having fired, and it can take a few seconds. I didn't have this problem when I attacked you during war, they fired properly.
  14. Login with all platforms.

    With Royal Revolt 2, another FG game, it is possible to use FB login. With OR it is platform linked, it is true that it would be convenient to have only one way to login on all platform, instead of contacting the support when you change devices. @Hellslord Windows is possible, but annoying as hell... Same for iOS..
  15. Chest video issue

    When it happens on Android and you use multiple accounts, check one of your other accounts. Chests oftenly arrive on them, and not on the account you planned to.