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  1. In new pro league hero has sword with double blade perk but when you check blade stats it in 7739 normal damage like it is for blade without this perks. Also for heal and fire. Can you correct that? Just want to know how strong are spells in this pro league...
  2. Update

    o great. I am not far away from that. I use WOK and fire blizz shield.
  3. Update

    As everyone has a lot of skull towers and necro I think blizz is must have spell. Usually I use fire and blizz (3rd spell si shield or TS ili blade) but I would like to here your spell combo for raid...
  4. Update

    But for sure after we upgrade throne room we will need to upgrade troop academy and wizard tower :(. And again this Viking has weakness on ice. Nothing without blizz spell.
  5. Update

    Update few hours before war!? I hope everything will be ok...
  6. You cant use better spells or troops on pro league or resurrection. I dont know how they made this score but i think its not made on fair way. I hope someone will check their score. Thats all i want...
  7. About pro league and this results in current league. I think its impossible to have 2083 or 2077 points like current leaders has. That’s only 107 points less that maximum and that’s mean they get more than 60% on last stage. I came on last stage until Pheobe and he/she killed me in second and I earned 90 points (103 points lees then leaders). To get 193 points on last stage probably you must kill Pheobe and destroy all towers except gate. That is impossible without scrolls and with this troops and spells. Maybe I am wrong but I think I am not J.
  8. Heal Tower weakness bug

    Thats bug? HAHA. Biggest bug is for Necro and his ice weaknees. My non boosted Necro has 5670 health and cant be killed with 7k blizz. Necro has resistance on ice and please correct this. Maybe ice resistance 500%
  9. 1,000,000 Likes Festival

    Haha. I got aki in free chest during last CW in howl event
  10. New festilval, old items... But without any info from flare...
  11. Range for fire ring is higher. I can reach FB tower behind obstacle...
  12. Fire Aura vs Slow Aura Vs Poison Aura

    Question about fire aura or any other aura. What is better if you fogre it? I forged fire aura and now is 30,2% but i am not sure what is better now? Range, damage or something else...
  13. WHEN Does the Festival Start

    Probably for 45 min festival will start...
  14. No gems in CoF

    Since treasure hunter event started i always open all 3 chests (with or without gems) and found gems 4 times (130+ gems in third chest). I dont know how many gems i spend but i think its almost same number i got but i play with 94% luck perk.
  15. CW what's next ?

    Finnaly. THX for BS event