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  1. Wednesday and the question arises again

    don't worries Nico will announce it after the event start like each time. I see nothing have change.....
  2. Flare added 12 minutes in pro! Extra!

    Since i have stop play this game few weeks ago. I come to read what happen since. Interesting lol so Flare continue to do mistake after mistake and continue to mess completely. They have never learn. Ask for proper compensate? yes its the first thing a true company do but Flare its not a real one so don't wait too long for that. probably no chance that happen. 12 minutes extra? What the hell is the goal of that? of course only a few player have use this benefit during the Pro league. Lol what a joke really. what they expect? everyone have the same time zone and everyone read the announcement and all. I see nothing change
  3. Olympus time zone

    Only two option : Time zone of the player or the time zone of Flare (Germany GMT time) If its like RR2 good chance for all stuffs its player time zone and at which moment you have collected your last daily chest. Like Wars its player time zone. My Wars start the morning at 10 am (UTC -5) only server maintenance work with Flare time zone but the rest Wars,daily chest its player time zone
  4. Recent upgrade

    i have the same problem. Thank for the solution. On PC my windows store don't find the 3.8.0 and on my Ipad since I have upgrade at 11.1.1 don't find anymore update. So i will check your link Edit : your link don't help much just that say its Apple fault and a bug with OS 11. The app bug completely. Interesting to know that but don't solve the problem. I have check on google about this but no info nowhere. So if someone use OS 11 and know what to do, can be cool to know how to resolve this thank
  5. Heroes' progress

    in July lol I am curious the change I have do since Hercule : Maxed Prometheus : 18 (stopped to use him since 8 month or more and since Nyx + Helios hell no) Perseus : Maxed Ariadne : 18 ( don't use her. I don't like her.Since Nyx+Helios no way) Odysseus : 18 (don't use him anymore since many month. Since Nyx+Helios no way) Helen of Troy : 19 (60%) close maxed 9 ( I have stop to use her but since the forge in 3.7.0 I use her non stop) Ajax : 19 ( i stop use him because i don't have forge if stuffs for now) Cadmus.Jason,Achilles and Athena are low because I don't them (not because they weak but I don't have unlock them at full power) Only Hercule,Perseus and Helen of Troy are maxed because since Nyx + Helios + Phoenix + lapedos Tower combo. You need huge power to defeat those base and if you want to do winning streak you need Hero with 4 power and Titan items. So just few hero can do it Ascension : 100 (+25) Trophy : Last time I enter in the game yesterday morning. 5,540 ( +1900) Dominance : Last time I enter in the game yesterday morning. Around 205K not bad after 1 year. Far to be impressive but not bad lol
  6. The Griffin Warrior

    not active anymore. All new player who join have stop playing. Since 1 month I have kick maybe 20 new players. They stop after few days. something don't attract them in the game. Sadly my alliance is close dead now and will be totally dead in few days because I am stuck at 3.7.0. My Windows Store don't find the version 3.8.0 so probably the day i will be able to go in the game i will lose everyone I will see later what I do
  7. Version 3.8

    Sorry Hellslord yesterday I have write my comment fast because since few weeks I have a really slow internet and my page don't appear correctly and I have just enough speed for 1 post or 2. So I don't have time to change my post and change the way I have write my post. Sorry for that. I wanted to say if someone don't have upgrade Artemis Tower at level 20+ if you are at Ascension 100+ then blame yourself. I mean CaptainMorgan have announced Artemis since 1 month or more. Look her name ''Artemis'' and what is the name of the tower? Artemis Tower. So you see the link? that was obvious something was something to do with Artemis Tower. And I can add if you are at Ascension 115-120 and I have read 128 here you should be have all maxed so if you have decided to ignore Artemis Tower its your own fault I use Artemis tower since the beginning and with blessing and if you place them correctly then they are really good. Mine are like Ataide or close really well enhanced at 6% or around. Mine are in level 19 so I need just one more upgrade to unlock Artemis to come back to the main topic well there is many categories of player on a forum 1st : People who will always complain for a yes or for a no. that means never be happy whatever the developer do. So always speak negative in all post and each day. I don't need to write some name you will recognize yourself. Always the same who complain and don't like each update whatever Flare do 2nd : People who are neutral and more objective. They can like all update but can take time to describe in detail what wrong in the update in a good way and not just said negative stuffs for fun without any reason valable 3rd : People who always say no valable reason of why they don't like stuffs and always talk negative about the developer job. The majority of time they don't like something because the person cannot understand the mechanics or the reason of a new features by example Artemis why you need a Artemis Tower level 20 or why Ajax need Titan Point or why you can receive worst Titan items,etc.. you can explain them but still don't want to understand why that work like this 4th : People who always say positive stuffs whatever the update because they like what the developer do, really love the game and understand all the mechanics and each change and why the developer have do what they do,etc.. I wanted to say more about the version 3.8 but I don't have 3.8.0 because Windows Store don't find 3.8.0 and same if I try in manual and search Olympus Rising. I have only a Play button so I'm stuck with version 3.7.0 and probably will lose so many trophy because I cannot enter the game anymore
  8. Version 3.8

    Cannot be unlock? just upgrade your artemis tower and that its! what the problem? why everyone want all for free without any effort? its the problem of many here. You want all for free. Like in RR2 its the same problem here. Everyone want stuffs for free. When they do the festival and complain they cannot get any items. You want it buy them that its. Here in OR its the same. You want Artemis work for it. Your Artemis is low blame yourself. Take 1 month or 2 month or 3 month,etc.. to unlock Artemis blame yourself. You should know in every game like this one you must use all in the game and not upgrade only stuffs you use. that was obvious one day they have do something about Artemis Tower. So I guess I must say blame yourself if you have put those tower out of the game and not use it and for Conquer island what the problem you don't like this feature then don't use it simple. Nobody force you to use it
  9. Artemis in Oddessey - please no

    I don't understand the worst logic behind this? what change? When you unlock new hero like Odysseus or Helen of Troy of whatever those hero come in the Odyssey same if they are low. So why Artemis should be out of the Odyssey? No valable reason. I have unlock Athena 1 week ago and I up her around in Mount Olympus. Already Level 10. and when I got her in odyssey I don't do level 6 but level 5 just drop of 1. I don't know where come from all the complain about Artemis honestly
  10. Version 3.8

    I think its personal. Some will continue to say each update its disapointing and dev don't do their job and other like me will continue to enjoy it and say thank you developer. Really great job!!! I love it so much. So impressive. Really awesome thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you. Keep your good work You give us a perfect game each time wow i'm impress. Thank you
  11. Collect Button on War Map

    Cannot agree more. just annoying to leave the War map and collect stuffs and return to War map,etc... good idea
  12. Please banned cheat players

    I am pretty sure this one cheat and use a cheat engine its very weird. Honestly I don't see the goal for him to do that this guy just join me by the name of jacobyeager9663 but what is very weird, when you click on his name a another name appear Jason Morris? strange and the cheat engine is like you can see on this screenshot, he have just started the game probably few minutes ago and got already 600 trophy and when you look on his name his trophy continue to up 600,627,640,etc.. you can see 600 trophy and no defense,no building nothing. So i don't take a chance and I kick him Edit : (Update) I have no clue of what happen. Now when I see his name its clearly write jacobyeager9663. Hercule level 7, some defense and 607 trophy. So its very weird. I don't know what to think about this. A visual bug? or something else?
  13. Wifi incompatibility ?

    Depend of different factor. For me my Wifi work really fast on my PC and never got a problem but on my ipad the wifi is slow. In Art of Conquest I have a Error internet connection each time I enter there. A pop-up appear and I must click like 50 times to enter it but no problem in other game so I think its depend of what device you use and what ISP you have and the speed of your internet
  14. Version 3.8

    This game become more and more awesome each update. New Heroine,New troop,etc.. few update ago new tower,new mode,new power,etc.. Great Works CaptainMorgan. You listen people here and thanks for that. Very awesome
  15. Alliance Base

    If that kind of stuff is adding in the game. Olympus Rising will become the best Tower defense of all time. We have try many time to do the suggestion in Royal Revolt 2 but without success. Anyway they don't listen nobody there. We talk in the void. So I really hope to see this in OR one day. That will make Alliance more fun and probably solve the problem of player who play lonely same in a Alliance