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  1. You know the defense cannot be effectif before level 100. My defense started to become enough hard and allow me to gain gems only around level 98. At your level you shouldn't care about your defense too much. Focus on the other thing like max farms,silo,taverns,unit,spells,etc.. they are more important that the defense
  2. For new player who start to play in War Season. This topic will help you to understand how skulls perk work and how calculate skulls point :
  3. Because that's not like that how it works The Skulls Perk only up the number of skulls you gain against a player By example you are level 90 and you have no skulls your target are at 1,015 the maximum of skulls Suddenly you find 15% Skulls Perk you up the number of skulls at 1,175 you can earn. If you forge a little your 5 skulls perk you can up at 17% with 1,187 Only the the first 3 count full. With 17% you gain 1,187 X 3 = 3,561. If you get 90 bonus skulls X 3 you must add 270 = 3,871 skulls after 3 attack the 3 others attack it's only 2% of 1,187 + Bonus in chest = 600 or around for a total of 4,452 If you say you have 12,7% then : 1,025 x 3 = 3,075 + Bonus Chest let's say 90 = 3,345 after 3 target Your 3 others is only 2% of 1,025 = 20,5 + Bonus Skulls in chest let's say 90 20.5 X 3 = 61.5 + 270 3,345 + 270 + 61.5 = 3,676 your formula is wrong it's the number you can get by example I take your number 1,025 X 3 first target = Full Skulls number = 3,075 + 2% of Bonus What you gain in COF are brut you add it directly in your skulls number by example 90 X 6 = 540 After the 3 others attack you do is only the % you have in War Season in this case the 2% of 1,025 = 20.5 (21) Skulls X 3 = 63 Then 3,075 + (90X6) + (2%X6) it's (63X6) It's the way to calculate your Skulls at the end I give you a another example if your Alliance lose many Waves and up the War Season % at +5.2% at 1,025 X 3 = 3,075 + 5,2% Bonus 90 X 6 = 540 3,345 after 3 attacks the 3 others is only 5.2% for 53 Skulls 3,345 + (53X6) + (90X6) = 4,203 Skulls after 6 fight Sorry lol it's can be hard to understand. I will describe it and try to make it more clear to allow you to understand very well Situation in details The War Season start and the War Season % is 2% You choose your target at 1,025 you attack him and at the end you gain 1,025 + 2% (20.5) and you open the chest and found I don't know 81. After 1 attack you are at 1,127 You choose your second target at 1,025. You gain 1,025 + 2%(20.5) .5 is rounded for 21 and you open the chest and found this time 93. After 2 attack you are at 2,266 You choose your third target at 1,012. You gain 1,012 + 2%(20.24) rounded at 20 and you fail to open the chest so no bonus skulls. After 3 attack it's 2,266 + 1,032 = 3,298 You choose your four target at 980. You gain 980 for only 2%(19.6) rounded at 20 and you open the chest for 75 skulls. Now it's 3,298 + 20 + 75 = 3,393 You choose your fifth target at 950. You gain 950 for only 2%(19) and open a chest for 77 skulls. Now it's 3,393 + 19 + 77 = 3,489 You choose the last target for 930. You gain 930 for only 2%(18.6) rounded at 19 and fail to open the chest. 3,489 + 19 = After 6/6 you finish at 3,508 Hope it's clear and that help you to understand how that works Good luck in War Season
  4. It's that I thinking but I was not sure thanks
  5. LOL you talk on the wrong forum. Cannot be Non stop Knight. I guess you talk about Zombie Gunship. You should post your question there
  6. Hi All!!! I have a little question for you. I have 500 gems and I need only 100 gems. What will make Perseus stronger? Unlock his 4th spells with 2 unit troops or unlock 3rd unit slots with 3rd spells? What unlock first unit or spell. During Odyssey what you need the most to beat better hard difficulty?
  7. 5 days before I can have Shield Slam on Ajax. I am impatient to test this spell
  8. Like suggested in the past give the daily donation with the daily chest problem solve
  9. Well in theory the game not taking long. Level the hero level 1 to 80+ you can do that in 1 or 2 month with XP gear Level up your defense,spells,etc.. maybe 1 year or less. if you use Worker package and unlock like 15 Worker If the player know how to gain gold. It's not really a problem However what is taking longer in this game is the cooldown for forge. +1 each week. You need like 100 weeks for +100. It's like 2 years if you have the 8 melting slots maybe 3 or 4 if you have only 5 melting slots or less What is taking longer is upgrade waves for +2 or later +1 it's 1 week. You need 3 year for level them at 45 each for 9 waves For the rest you can do that in 1 year or less if you have the worker. Flare should reduce the time for upgrade and the cooldown for forge but i guess it's for business and to gain income. They want players skip cooldown the most often. If that was not of the forge and Waves. This game can be done in 1 year or less. All maxed at level 100+,etc.. maybe not for a free player but with a little 100$ or 200$ spend you can easily finish the game in 1 year or less
  10. Yeah absolutely. I don't remember you can look in the wiki. It's something like -1 sec per level. If you use at the start a Heal Tower combined with Monk and Necromancer if you forge them enough. The first wave can resist enough longer to survive and the 2 seconds waves,3,4,etc.. reach the 1st and create a huge army Can be waves with Monk,Stunning Ogres,Werewolf,etc.. Whatever you use must survive enough longer to allow the 2nd waves,3,4 to reach the 1st
  11. Keep your bad logic for yourself lol is so horrible. Because a free player cannot speak about the nerf or tell his opinion? Go hide in a hole with your bad logic. If you think I defend or people defend Flare because we are free player you dream too much and put a finger in your eye. I defend Flare because in OR they do a really good job and if you don't like what they do you are free to leave and quit no one force you to continue play it. Just for you info, just to allow you to see what you said have totally non sense. Same if tomorrow I spend 10,000$ or 20,000$ in this game or whatever it's because I will wanted to do it and nothing else. In contrary of you I understand and I know if I spend money (if that happen one day) I will know it's for virtual stuff on virtual pixels for virtual Heroes and for virtual gems and I will not cry like a baby on forum if Flare change the whole games because they have 100% the right to do it. If you want to continue to think because you have spend 100$,2,000$ or 10,000$ or whatever money that give you some kind of power vs Flares. Good chance lol then continue to dream in the Dream Lands island. You like to think you have all the right and power because you spend money lol Continue like I said if you want to cry on a forum like this one let's go. No one will stop you
  12. and? you have chose to spend money in a virtual game,for virtual content and for virtual gems,etc.. to play pixels. If you don't like how Flaregames change OR you can stop play it and leave. No one force you to spend money or play it. No one twist you a arm or put a gun on your head I don't have like what RR2 become with all the nerf since many months then I leave and stop playing it. However it's not a reason to start complaint and cry on the forum for days,weeks and month in public. but it's ok if you want to continue to rage,cry and complaints on this forum for a another week,month or year let's go. If it's your fun in the life why not? I guess no one will stop you then let's go continue I wish you good luck with what you do and I wish you to have fun doing it
  13. it's time you understand when you spend money in a game can be lost forever and for nothing. By example if I play Seastar Casino and I spend 100$ and 1 week after the game don't exist anymore I will not starting to cry like a baby. You don't earn what you buy. The same thing if you play Heartstone and spend 5,000$ in it Blizzard can delete this game or whatever. If you decide to spend 10,000$ to upgrade your car and 5 minutes after a tornado destroy it. Sorry but it's the life Clearly you don't accept it. We can do nothing about it. What you do with your money can have a consequence. If tomorrow I decide to build a PC at 5,000$ and 2 week after I see I can build even more stronger one for less money it's the life. You cannot do anything about it. You have decided to spend money in a virtual game for virtual content. Accept what can happen You have two choice accept it and move on or don't accept it and leave the game. Now stop all the rage post here and move on
  14. Sock ---> Lost
  15. Awesome ---> Knight