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  1. Forget the topic. I just remember right now its a bug which has never been fix. Yeah its true there is some topic on that in Bug section i just forgot sorry. This bug happen with Uber Chest. When you are full there is no notification and the last item is automatically sell and don't allow you to keep it. So like 2 week ago in the Pyro Ninja Event I lost the Fallen of The Boon pauldron because of that. Still @Nikko @PaSte @flaretara if you can talk to the team to fix this bug can be great. Thank You can close the topic. Sorry for the disturb Edit : For everyone who are like : What he talking about? Here its the bug in question : the others chest don't have this problem. You have the notification and can take your time to melt it,sell it or expand your inventory slots but with Uber Chest be careful there is a bug who can auto sell your items. This bug is present in the game like all the others since a long long time
  2. 2 time that happen to me. Last time I was sure its because of my internet who was too much slow with lag that make me lost a really awesome Uber Item but right now I know its not the case again I open a Uber chest and the last one was sell without any notification : Your inventory are full Since when Flare have change the rule of chest and remove this notification? Before we can be full and got : Your inventory is full and after the item was still in the chest and allow us to sell or melt items to free slots or buy gems to expand the inventory slots. Not anymore Flare are you try to screw us again with hiding change? @Nikko @PaSte @flaretara I want a answer. Flare have change the way of the chest? Now we must be sure to have free slots available or the items is automatically sell if you are full. If its true?
  3. Anyway the bug help us during War Season. that save a lots of precious seconds in raid. You encounter the beast and poof disapear. OK let's go
  4. Well the trophy system sucks in Flare games. In Olympus Rising its not better. When you are close to destroy the gate but left just a little centimeter or millimeter and reach 0 second its so frustrating lol because you got a -16 because the system give you a 50%. Actually we have discuss with the developer to change that. To have at least just a -3 if we fail the gate in RR2 I got that only on open base when they give only 5 trophy or less and I score by mistake like 85% and got a -3 trophy because I left 2 towers The fact too sometime in defense I lose trophy when you receive 50% or 75% I don't know how they have thinking of the moment of the trophy system when they have create their games
  5. I don't know why lol my problem is gone. LOL PC hein we have problem and sometimes problem gone themself lol.
  6. Better invest in items or in Pro league chest the 20k of Crystal
  7. Yeah good point. With defense preset that allow too to trick some players in War Season but also use all defense towers. Sometimes I would like to try to build a base full of Lightning tower or try more with I don't know see if I can do something with Arrow Tower or Frost Tower,etc.. Preset will give us more choice to build a good defense
  8. Whatever the color we need something better than that
  9. I don't know what they can lost to add a confirmation button? lol. I am sure that will bring more benefit from them. Because with a confirmation button player will accumulate gems without any problem and maybe that means more gems package from players who know
  10. I am not a fan too of this color very hard to see and the overview its not great. Same on PC we don't see much. Maybe put the number in dark black or in dark grey and the font maybe in dark blue or I don't know which color who can match well. The text in white is ok but the rest need a little improvement
  11. Thanks for the explanation. That answer the question why same in RR2 we don't have a custom cursor maybe for the same reason. Make sense. Sometime we suggest some stuff but never know behind this is so complicated for the developer to impliment the idea. So its cool to know why sometime. Very appreciated
  12. this one make me laugh. Nice one
  13. That why I like Ajax yup. If you use autoplay but find the computer play horrible and kill all of the troops or die then you retake control and play yourself and win. You can also try a hard base and destroy all alone during the time you rebuild your army if they all die and in worst case if you are just in middle and still just 50 seconds or less. you can go in hurry reach the gate and destroy the gate for victory. Ajax is this only one who can allow you to do a lots of mistake but fix it during the raid
  14. a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse yeah
  15. can be my PC but its strange that start to work strange since 3.6.0. With Ajax if I use it manually I lose totally the control of him when I use Whirlwind and cannot do anything I must wait like 5 seconds to retake control of him and of my mouse. So I don't know where the problem come from. However I see my PC start to freeze so I will start to fix this problem and I see my HDD is fragmented at 15% so I will take time today to do a defrag but all of this is normal my PC was always like this and never add problem in any games. I will see after If that solve the problem. Like I said strange never happen to me before 3.6.0 and never got a problem in others game where my mouse work perfectly fine. So I don't know I will check that again if that happen