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  1. How to remove inactive Facebook friends?

    you can, you just need to make sure you followed stuff above properly. proof: Find a random inactive player and you will be able to send them a friend request( assuming that they accept them of course) no different at all. Good luck
  2. Dragon transform duration

    so that way it's not a case of I just writing a random message, its connected somewhere Also, I have no interest in arguing with you over you getting upset on something that is not important at all!
  3. Dragon transform duration

    I'm not telling you anything. it's more for those that don't know or understand.
  4. Dragon transform duration

    Easy peasy, just keep holding the king on the screen. done. Never said anyone could play the game and I'm sure your a talented player, it is more or less for those that are new to the game that is playing
  5. Dragon transform duration

    Learn how to properly control the Pyromancer and test it out against really difficult bases. Once you have mastered and understood how pyromancers work, you begin to appreciate the visual effects p.s, try keeping your finger on the screen when the dragon appears. this thinking time + animation is really helpful to destroy bases However, I do have to admit, they are a bit annoying when trying to destroy the gate towers. also, I would like to mention a bug that is still around, whenever I use my sonic blast or firestorm when a dragon appears, consider the spell wasted and unusable Could someone please fix this situation, it only occurs maybe once every 5 dragon spawns, but it still occurs and can be annoying when I'm going on a chokepoint or you-turn.
  6. Dragon transform duration

    It lets you know when the dragon appears and also gives you a couple seconds to think, now how i can rush ahead and get max amount of damage with this Dragon on the base. Give that a go and your beating every base in the game. lol Mindset is almost all you need to win a battle. (of course needs level, forges and skill )
  7. So I just got this out of a Golden chest

    It's a weapon It has 3 stars worth of rating. it does 218.1 poison damage It gives you currently 0 gold to sell, however, if you upgrade something, it will have value The item is called Silvered Venom Sword The Sword is level 114 You received this out of a gold chest What exactly are you trying to ask??
  8. Cant connect to Facebook

    If your using a Windows Phone, make sure you click on Drive . As is circled below.
  9. Cant connect to Facebook

    I would just uninstall the game and reinstall it. It should work Make sure your account is backed up on google drive/ Gamecentre or whatever you use If that doesn't work, try and explain in a bit more detail on what your problem is... Like just scroll down, is there anything else?? Maybe try and log onto Facebook by the Wrench button Good luck
  10. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    The Phoebe one is considered the wonderful one Though when reconsidered with pal flute, it's the powerful one Yet as it becomes tamed, and back to masters hand It changes its aim, to defend the kings land Why Phoebe, one may ask For its beauty, is beyond its task. Ign: Strong soon
  11. Welcome Phoebe beast

    Lolol. it is actually 20k crystals to get one
  12. I'm also a free to play player... so like. I'm showing this from a free to play player perspective... Rude. Regardless. don't quote me again plz, its annoying to receive notifications from this. thanks.
  13. Yep. to prove my point, they don't actually have the gem donation ability unlocked. (which can only be unlocked via an ingame purchase Like i said before, easy to get gems. LacunaC is right, you don't even have to work hard to get that many gems a month. I never wrote that I am basing this off most players of this game. For those that want to participate in every aspect of the game, all you got to do is actually play the game!! Let me state my position IN BOLD WRITING as a kind advice to your issue that's not that important (just copying what you wrote, haha) LESS TYPING, MORE RAIDING I won't reply anymore to your complaints, no point, you don't get the point on how to play this great game p.s, here is how you fix your problem of apparently having to wait 4 months to play monthly (which is a bit absurd) - Play the Diamond league or any league in general, and make sure you at least come in the top 5 (lots of gems) - Collect daily gems from the Tavern - Play ninja event in the 3k-4.5k league to get lots of gems + keep treasure chamber full while opening it to get lots of it - Play with luck perks and get lots of pearls, items (pearls when melted) and gems. - Play pro league (if you do well, you get rewarded well)
  14. Think, before you post something ridiculous. lol you win 2x Diamond leagues = enough for 1x pro league ticket if you are really a "pro player" then you can, like me, afford it every single week. A lazy player who doesn't/can't win the diamond league at least enough to participate every week shouldn't be complaining. Money, pff, everything in this game can be achieved if you focus and can do well. You mentioned before something about Free to play players in my alliance (us vs them) and the other four alliances. I can name off the top of my head at least 10 people. and i would be 110% sure there are more. Plz stop complaining, do more raiding instead of typing Pro status comes from your ability to play and understand Royal Revolt 2, not your pocket (as you kindly wrote for me, but of course was incorrect) p.s, not changing anything.
  15. I would say my alliance, but for those that don't want to be biased, i choose the original four.