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  1. Amber - Active and Growing!

    We have 3 slots! We have just hit level 35 Apply your ign here. or apply in game.
  2. Hello! We are looking for new LOYAL members! We offer defence beasts and are growing super fast with a daily donation of over 19 million! 24/7: Wolf, Cannon, Knight, Ogre, Archer War: Barricades, Bomb Tower Requirements if you want to join: 250k+ donation Hero Level 75+ Active in war seasons + Ninja events Come join Amber Strong soon
  3. No more pals- maybe one last

    Wonder why..... lol Oh yeah! Imagine if we had Panda + Bucky = Really bad idea
  4. Account problems

    I would recommend deleting rr2 from your fb + changing passwords on both email and also fb account. if your really paranoid about it and wanna keep your account secure, delete your facebook account assuming that the other person hasn't already transfered the account. That is what i would do.
  5. Cannot buy one time offer

    5000 gems for $1.99? Sure thats correct? 500 gems sounds more plausable.
  6. i find quite amusing as well, however, i don't see any problem whether or not if they are green or not. It is one of those bugs that the Zombie has. I have the assumption that Flaregames just copy pasted last years code. However, forgot to add into account the new stuff like Beasts and also the Necromancer Otherwise people wouldn't have noticed these bugs, though i prefer this one not be fixed, cause its more beneficial for raiding. ex: insta kill beasts
  7. Over 30 enemies

    Wow, Nice!
  8. Over 30 enemies

    Thought about your messages, no sense. lol Everyone here is trying to figure out what your issue is... and assist... be gratefull... not accuse people of being a failure Try and explain it a bit more clearly please, So like in detail. that way we can help respond
  9. How to remove inactive Facebook friends?

    Hello there follow these steps to unlock the ability to "unfriend them" (read the entire thing first before doing it so you know what you have to do) 1, go to your facebook account and click on the royal revolt 2 game settings. disable it allowing it to read your facebook friends list, hence not updating your game's friends list this will mean when you connect with your facebook account to rr2 next time, there won't be any new added facebook friends 2, go onto your game, and make sure when you start, you are connected to facebook. Disconnect from facebook, and then reconnect, this will result in your friends to dissapear, however, in time, they will begin to re appear. 3, to stop them from reappearing and have completed the two steps above, make sure you have book marked the players that are inactive or search up those that you want to unfriend, and then what you do is click, add as friend (so send them a friend request), once this is completed, you will be able to unlock the unfriend option on those facebook friends. Once you have unfriended them, both sides will not be able to be "friends" with each other unless sending each other a regular friend request or re-enabling facebook allowing rr2 to read your friends list. I have done it myself and most people in my alliance Hopefully this will help you out Strong
  10. Emails with no response.

    i am more than patient enough to wait longer. hehe what i don't like is, i same read the same message. however, no one was told that unless they are like me looking through the forums for ages. lol
  11. Emails with no response.

    Hey flaregames I have sent you many emails regarding the same thing. yet have not received a response for nearly 2 weeks now! (trying to get your attention) @flaretara Someone, please work on responding Thanks if anyone else has a problem with this, feel free to comment down below your issues.
  12. r.i.p my uber chests. they all dissapeared :/
  13. How to earn gems in defence?

    have someone scroll on your base, because it was too hard for them. if i were to die and resurrect on your base, you would get a portion of the gems i spent, for example. You don't just unlock an ability to gain gems on defense. Hope that helps
  14. p1ggyw1ggy lv 32..50k donate...

    come join Arabic revolt 24/7 knight boost defence beasts lvl 1 are: tammy and archemides (panda and owl) no need to do war yet, dropping fiefdoms.