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  1. Developers Alliance Keen HQ hacked?

    Order is restored now, but I find it really sad and respectless Flare / Keen Games can not or are not allowed to say what went wrong. Is hacking possible or was it just some embarrassing mistake someone else gained control? I think we deserve to get an answer. And I know Flare is reading this thread. I dont even need to tag you, boys and girls. Do you find this okay? A lot of players are asking if this will happen again. What should we answer?
  2. Apparently the Developers level 80 Alliance „Keen HQ“ was taken over by some brazilian players. Rumor is, the Alliance got hacked. Fact is, they seem to be recruiting and it is filling with higher players rapidly. Almost all of the dev accounts seem to be gone. Apart from the fact this alliance should never have gone public in the first place, tell us Flare: What the heck happened there? Was it really hacked? And if yes: How do you protect our Alliances if you can not protect your own? What else can be manipulated? Fiefdom count? Number of Beasts? How about some answers for once?
  3. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    I think your post has a lot of relevant points, but mainly from a soldiers perspective. I think it is important to see the bigger picture here in terms of competition and from people spending their time to build alliances and bring them to the top. Maybe not even to top, it is also very important for beginners there can be a fair competition in terms of motivation. In the recruitment area of this forum, there are sometimes low alliances looking for new members. Quite some of them are saying their goal is to get to the top with their alliance. This might sound naive for a lot of us older war horses, but in fact they really mean it and it is important those alliances exist and bring new players in the game and motivate them. So, if we were honest, what should we answer those leaders who want to be at the top some time in the future? „Forget it, your alliance will never be on top. Even if you are doing everything right, you will loose a lot of players to higher alliances, as you can never catch up in beast count or level. If you are excellent and fast and spend a lot of money, you might reach level 80 in over two years. But if the game still exists then, we might see 100+ levels, so good luck. Maybe you should try to take over a higher alliance at some point, if you have the chance, but you will never make it with this one. Have fun with the game, but you should have started when the game was new!“ A soldier never has to take care of those issues. You can jump whenever your alliance is not performing as well as you expect. There will always be slots in higher Alliances, if you are doing a few basic things right. But leaders do have to take theses things into account if you want to succeed, also deal with setbacks, which is natural. But if leaders (and generals) are not motivated any more you will loose a lot of passionate other players in the game. One more thing: Dear Cromka is often comparing VL to top Sports-Teams which are spending a lot of money. Even though this is a kind of stupid comparison by itself as there are no pros, as in „professional“, money-earning players, I do not know of any football club which can gain advantages in one season and take it to the next (aka Beast collecting or levelling). Everybody has to be on top of their game. ...and when people are not, others should have a fair chance to win!
  4. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Sorry Cromka, you have absolutely no credibility here. There are so many threads in this forum where you said you needed stronger bases because it can not be that lower - possibly even non-paying players - can beat your maxed everything bases. Now you absolutely got what you wanted with max beasts and max alliance level on top. I think you are making it very comfortable for yourself at the cost of the balance of the game. When I think of top groups in RR2, I am not thinking about fair competition. Even when money is involved for both the attacking party as for the top groups. It has become a flaw in the game!
  5. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Most of those teams would probably prefer to pursue other strategic goals for the warseason. Why proove it is pssible to win a fief against VL with high loser bonus? It is pointless. All this supports my point. You want better competition, right? The growing gap is not good for anybody.
  6. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Difficult to see "no borders" if you have already lost several battles for high Loser Bonus.
  7. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Agree it would not be done by introducing "low boosts" alone. There would have to be rebalancing regarding the gold needed. Indeed it is a problem, as you described it, demands for boosts are always there and too few players seem to think about how important upgrading an alliance is. Maybe boosts could also be won from events like Ninja or the hopefully upcoming new PvE event, which was spoken about in the live-stream. As for your ideas for war, they sound really interesting. Yet this would be a mayor change and I am not sure if we can expect something huge like this to happen. It could ensure fun for RR2 for the future, but as there already was a survey by Flaregames about a possible RR3... ...nobody knows what the plans are here. I would not want to start a similar game from scratch though.
  8. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Agree with everything said here. Smaller teams would have been a better choice, but it is too late for that now. I know how hard it is (and how much work) to constantly search for good players. Especially for small to mid level Alliances. Not many people can do it or have the time next to a real job. It is one of the main problems of the game right now. I have done it, in spite of that and being a family father. Build an alliance up to level 68 in about 17 months from scratch. I did it against the advice of many people. But now, especially with the 80 levels I would also advise others not to do it. Except for the time and effort you need and good, loyal friends which have the same goal. And there can be setbacks any time, this is an extra risk, especially if you are willing to spend money to speed things up. On top, you try to make suggestions for the greater good and you not even get an answer from Flare, you even do not know if they are listening. This is very dissapionting. Leaders have a lot of influence on their Teams. If they leave or are not motivated any more, other players will follow. So you should make it easier for us, not more difficult. This is crucial for gaining and keeping more active players. Paying as non-paying. I have seen too many good ones walk away already. Look for solutions, Flare! After all, you can be very creative! You can find solutions! ...and be smart and listen to the part of your community which is willing to help.
  9. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Yes, I know Flos History. BTW @Zillah, @Heroesflorian was never an employee of Flaregames. We can be lucky he is a Moderator on the forum for such a long time, as he has a profound knowledge of the History of RR2 and the game itself. But to sum up this thread: There is a growing gap between a few top groups and other teams Small and medium groups have a hard time because they can not keep players which want to try certain boosts or better Beasts. Or have to, because they can not keep up in their current alliance. Many don't care about the situation because they never get in contact with top groups. Either as players or in wars. They might do so in future if they keep developing. For those teams/players which do come in contact with top groups, real and good competition is not granted any more, due to the too many advantages top groups have now. A very unsatisfying situation which makes many people doubt in the system Flaregames set up for us to play in. Top teams will always use their influence to defend their advantages! Its natural, they are very cozy where they are. Some even seem to get a kick for life out of it. Nonetheless the few arguments seen here as "Build up your own Top Team, its fast and easy" are simply not feasible, even with a lot of good people and a lot of money. Top teams will stay on top if they are not making serious mistakes. Flare is the only on who can do something to take another turn with the game if they want to ensure the longevity of the game. Stronger competition could also be good for Top-Teams Please think about that. @Lisa @Flothaboss @PaSte @Archimedes @flaretara @JanKF @Nikko
  10. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Yes, let FG donate the money they earned to a good cause. To treatment of mentally damaged RR2 players, for example.
  11. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    So sad and typical. You should just stay away from places where people try to discuss. Its better for all.
  12. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    You should try. I know Cromkas catchy but untrue slogans are easier, but this is where it gets real. Don't dissapoint now, Leader of VL! @Heroesflorian had some excellent points in his posting. I thought they were obvious to many of you, but apparently are not.
  13. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Write that a third time and I really get offended! There must be something strange with your Matchmaker if you do not get VL Players in it... If you do, do not choose to chicken out and whey you die at a level 10 Beast, you might remember this conversation. As I tried to explain, it is about the balance to the top groups and it is shifting right now. Why should we simply ignore that? I am really shocked to see so many people just take everything Flare throws at them. No offense, ofc.
  14. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Sure, there will be more money spent. And VL is preparing for going to Level 100 as of now, while others are struggling to catch up even on the 80. So, why not find yet another, more clever way to milk players if Flare wants to increase their revenue. I know very few people who are okay with he amount of extra levels and I am surprised to see you as one of them @William22
  15. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Hello Nikki. I know who you are, we have met on Discord As I wrote above. I am not putting blame on you for levelling up. I might have done the same in your position. All I am saying is, the system is wrong and the gap to you guys in comparison to "normal alliances" is getting too big. Beasts are gettinig too strong and boosts too. And it is not only about wars. It is about protecting your members from players attacks. How many trophies are your players losing after a few days in, say a Top 30 Alliance? 1000? This is not about your wrongdoings. This is to the Developers and the people who are responsible for the politics at Flaregames. Don't shift strength to Elite Groups even more. This will piss other players off. All those "We play our game, you play yours" Arguments (like from your beautiful mind Cromka) are not valid. If the game looses players, its bad for all. So, I guess upgrading from level 70 to 80 needs about 5.000 EUR in regular extra donations. Not much for you guys, that is okay. But take away fees for Appstore and taxes that leaves a lot less for Flaregames. Maybe 2500 EUR, my guess. That would maybe pay one developer for say 14 days? Is that really worth it for Flare? Piss of almost the whole community for a system that can not earn that much money? And give you an advantage for "small" money. Though I am sure somebody will tell us again it is no advantage. You did it just for a laugh with your mates. But that is not the whole truth.