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  1. Never before thought of idea for pro league!

    Thank you ftb, looking forward to it
  2. PETITION: Unfair War: New Skull Bonus System

    "Well we didn’t have time to work out the minutiae of the plan. This is what we get for acting altruistically!" ^ Every time I see this word.. But to the point, wars are fun when they require strategy. The best strategy should win, not whoever has the most luck with starting placement or whoever happened to lose just enough times for just enough skull bonus to beat some team that otherwise should've smashed them. Revamping the war system, the whole system, is a necessity. The game just isn't fun anymore.
  3. Perk upgrade completion notifications

    Been asking for this forever
  4. Too many currencies

    We have gems, gold, vouchers, pearls, pal treats and crystals. That's alot of currencies, (not including ninja and lion coins) and frankly, they're not very well explained. When I was a low level, I used to ignore pearls because I thought that forging items was the only thing you could do with them, and why do that if you'll just find a better one later? I wish it was mentioned that spells, units and towers could be forged in the (rather limited) tutorial. I see some clearly new users sometimes in the forum asking questions about "blue gems" or "purple gems." Yeah, it's confusing as heck! I don't see any way of consolidating the ones we have, but can we have each currency explained a little better at the beginning of the game? And please, don't make any more. The kind of content that would necessitate yet another currency is really not needed anyway.
  5. Skull Tower update

    Numbers literally don't mean anything in this game lol @AwesomestKnightest can you post a text link to the yt vid? Can't see it on my mobile browser
  6. There must be a way

    Make that a bit longer. Mummies also stun and have decent health/attack too, which the thief of time may not
  7. There must be a way

    Thief of Time though... Sounds like a great time warp unit. There aren't any units that have time warping skills, like a mini version of the scroll. Might be cool
  8. Spell Boosts

    Yeah. Around there is totally empty so its an awkward transition between tiny growing alliance to big and powerful alliance.
  9. Spell Boosts

    The level 30s and 40s are badly in need of some unlockable stuff, growth gets really slow around there with few ways to know that you are indeed progressing
  10. Fair warning: this is a sound off so if you don't like that (ahem fourofjacks ahem), don't continue reading Hey flare! I have a brand new theory about the pro leagues, one I don't think anyone at flare has ever thought of before. And it is... CUT IT OUT WITH THE FKING HEAL TOWERS!! Every single damn level it's the exact same thing: "let's make levels harder by spamming more super range super forged heal towers hur dur dur!" How about, I dunno, making the pro league a little bit more diverse? Instead of the exact same levels every damn time, every damn pro league? Use your imaginations flare! Its easy! It's not rocket science! Oh and for this pro league, we got a boost to shield, a spell that we don't even have... Literally just looking it over once would've caught that. Idiots. I think it may be time to find a new game. Royal revolt hasn't had any significant, positive gameplay changes to make it less boring.
  11. Unit transport

    You're a LOTR fan aren't you? I'm kind of neutral to this idea. On one hand, having troops get to me faster would be really convenient if a skull tower blows up my entire army in some corner. On the other, it diminishes the importance of unit speed.
  12. 3 Pages of Problems & How to Fix Them!

    One more suggestion, minimize posts on the forums so one doesn't have to scroll 3 miles to find the replies For the first part of what @JiggleFizziks said, it would be even better if alliances had a limited amount of resources to defend or attack tiles. Then we would really have to think about what we're doing!
  13. So... does it have any non-particular resistance or weakness?
  14. Alternative market / Secondary shop

    This would hurt flares income immensely... Players would just buy ubers etc from other players instead of buying chests from flare
  15. Phoenix pal

    Joke maybe but kinda on to something. What if there was a pal that had a small chance to revive units? Or at least raise their ghost black magic style. Could be fun to use Edit: there may be a beast that does something similar