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  1. From the last few big updates came special ubers, events to get special ubers, and multiple wardrobes to organize all those special ubers. One thing that hasn't changed? The inventory slots. Firstly, the UI is pretty atrocious. If you have anything more than 30 slots your inventory becomes a long, 2-deck line of items with no separation between types (rings vs crowns vs swords, etc). Why not.. 1. Make item icons smaller 2. Make the UI scroll down instead of across, better utilizing screen space 3. Have 4 - 6 columns 4. Separate each type of item with a header and some empty space between catagories 5. Sort them in each category (or in totality) by either rarity, by what is currently equipped, or by level, in acsending or decending order. Secondly, with these new additions to the game, there are a lot more items users will want to keep for a potential build. Also, players will want to keep lower level stuff so they can keep their blacksmith working 24/7. Yet, inventory slots are egregiously expensive. I currently have 30 and the next cost without a sale is 250 gems! Utterly blasphemous I say. Make them cheaper by like a factor of 5. With more item slots, players will be able to create different builds and make offense more diverse. Make it happen flare!
  2. I knew there was one and there's probably more but maybe flare will respond to volume :-)
  3. I didn't know that, that very well could be it
  4. I'm sick of getting 99%! I don't even think I miss towers; I honestly think the game is bs'ing me. But I would be able to find out if the towers were marked on the progress bar on top. This needs to happen badly. Please make it a priority flare, this kind of frustration doesn't need to exist.
  5. We have the blue/white/gold scheme. It may look a shade lighter on some gear over others but it's the same one. Tested it just now. I'm all for making our own color palettes though. Would make every hero truly unique! I also would like to change the models of some of the gear we use, for a small gem cost of course. I love wardens helm enchants but I hate the model. Same with chuchunya (or however you spell it)
  6. It depends on the player. Some will see it as an incentive to grow and get into the top 40, others will not bother. I know if I were low level and didn't quite make the top 40 I'd be really bummed that my contribution didn't count for ziltch. Personally, I think the cap is rather useless in its attempt to get players to participate (the only reason I can think of) and we'd be better off without it. Players that want to grow will grow; players that don't want to participate now have an excuse. Everyone that fights for the alliance should be rewarded by knowing they contributed. Chests aren't enough of an incentive for those that don't get many of them anyway. There are other, more effective ways to create incentive to fight in wars, such as allowing generals to cut off boosts to those who do not participate with no excuse.
  7. Basically the title. If your insta troops survive they shouldn't be deducted from your roster. Maybe make them a bit stronger too as "battle experience" or something to give a little bonus for protecting them.
  8. Just tried the pro league and I must say.. it's very meh. I like that... - Everyone gets the same gear, for the reason that it makes skill the most important thing to take to battle with you. Any player participating can compete with any other player participating. - the fact that you can get diamonds even if you don't get far is fair, giving the not so skilled players a chance to get big items. - it doesn't use food, which is nice - has potential to be improved on. I don't like that... - It's nothing new. Same battles, same gear, even pretty much the same enemies every battle. It's more chores for rewards you may not even want or need. Overall it's pretty boring. - it's very exclusive. The rewards don't seem that great and don't justify the high asking price for participation for any league but the free one. I definitely won't be paying gems for it. - some things need clarification. What the heck is Phoebe? If it's just a better version of Tammy I'll be quite annoyed that I spent so much pal treats on her. What can we possibly get in the chests? Is it all diamonds or could we potentially get items too? Will we keep the diamonds we get this league so we can use them the next (dearly hope so with some of this prices)? Overall, its neat I guess but doesn't add anything to the game; it's very inside-the-box and seems like they just wanted something while doing as little work as possible. The core of Rr2 may be tower defense but that doesn't mean you can't stretch your imaginations beyond that! I suggest working on something new or revisiting an old system (plenty of ideas here in the forum) instead of just more of what we already have.
  9. I've completed the pearl diver quest so I've spent more gems than the great warriornator? Huh I too like this idea. They already have been working to make numbers for items more clear so this would go hand in hand with that effort.
  10. Have to agree with warrior on this one.. if you accidentally click retreat often, you should train yourself to not go right for a decision without reading the buttons first. I doubt adding a second confirmation screen would help since you may click through that one too. I know.. I've done it lol
  11. Not to mention I corrected myself..
  12. If I did battle with the chef of the ninjas, I would definitely lose because I am awful at cooking. As long as it's legal, that is, I don't want the FBI on my tail for battling some pirate dude that throws a tantrum when he loses. I'll have to ask my newly-wed Queen's lawyer about it.
  13. I just ranked 41 only paying for a couple misses at the beginning. Then I missed a tower
  14. He means have a list of cooldowns in progress for all the stuff you're forging, like towers, units, spells, items, etc. Not for each individual thing.
  15. So you want a forge cooldown page. Fair enough. Plus one