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  1. I believe more PvP can exist perfectly alongside what's there already. Especially since rr2 is quite data-thrifty and I've played smoothly on less-than-favorable connections. Besides, nowadays you're almost always connected to WiFi so to shouldn't matter. IMO if you're rich enough to have a phone that can run this game you're probably rich enough for a decent data plan too. I don't think adding more PvP would cause any players to leave. I think the game needs more connection, more interaction, more rivalries etc to evolve. Its sad that there are tens to hundreds of thousands of players I will never meet because I have no way to easily contact them.
  2. Flares first priority is, and should be, making the game balanced. A not-balanced game, even if it's realistic, isn't a very fun one. It would be very interesting to make the necromancer have a ton of health, but will destroy itself in one hit if it tries to cast a lightning bolt while under the influence of ice.
  3. Yes please!
  4. We need a kingly beard. All good kings have grand beards
  5. You answered my question succinctly, so clearly I wasn't thinking of the wrong thing. I agree too. Lightning and morter weakness to ice and removing firebolt weakness to fire makes a lot of sense. Maybe they can be weak to piercing damage, not enough towers/units are weak to piercing.
  6. I'm just saying they could've/should've added more to gameplay. To me, pets aren't very much gameplay. It's just another item and it doesn't change my strategy on attack at all, except for maybe being a bit braver occasionally.
  7. That's a fallacy. Mordor is supposed to be dark, scary, gloomy, evil etc, so clearly SpongeBob's running through it would ruin the scene. RR2 is not intended to be any of that. The audiences are completely different. But, if you made spongebob run around in Mordor it would attract a younger audience, no? It would, but it would alienate the Lord of the Ring's intended audience and do vastly more damage than it would be beneficial. Personally, I too believe the pets are more gimmicky than not and though they add a bit more strategy, they should've concentrated more on game play and adding things to do (pets are just another thing to set and take along). But if I'm right and they're trying to attract a younger audience, the idea is sound. Of course I could be wrong, in which case I would fully agree with you. Also, remember those that post are a very small portion of a general audience.
  8. From a business perspective that makes sense. The younger audience is a huge market and one of the most lucrative for mobile games like this. Why do you think there are so many adults? Because adults have the patience to deal with a slow grind. Obviously the grind is still there, but now with cute little pets there it makes it more bearable to said younger audience (who is generally more unstable, easily frustrated and can use their parents credit card). Besides not everything has to feel like it's straight out of Mordor lol
  9. "Pals" is really just an awkward name. I feel like it's such a stereotypical dad-ism. As for the graphics, I don't mind how beasts look in general except for giant flying fish; I get the impression that if I pop it with a swordrain it will blow up like a needle to a balloon. The textures aren't anything to write home about either but Rr2 isn't supposed to be very demanding, so that's forgiveable. The awful, day-ruining, puke-worthy camera focusing on a beast that gets out of the gate needs to be changed. The beasts aren't anywhere near tough enough to warrant that kind of "oh shit" moment.
  10. Maerique, just noticed your title is misspelled. Chalenging --> challenging
  11. Makes sense, but what units would you suggest be weak to ice as a replacement? There's already a lot of units/towers that are weak to fire (cannons, morter, mummy, froster..) and not so much that is weak to ice
  12. I think having different weapons is a completely different subject, but I'm all for having a bit of variety in the character. Hairstyles anyone? That's an unlikely bonus though, for now we just need to get the coloring on all items including event ones
  13. This would be fantastic! For every wave you survive the reward could be chests of increasing value. If it's a multiday event though, I think we should be able to try again, with the system only taking the highest score. Sometimes players could get interrupted. That or have multiple battles, with each battle being one wave and you can succeed by destroying the tent or all units in the wave.
  14. I agree, it messes up my look!
  15. Never mind... Lol. How do you deal with 8 gigabytes of storage? I had a phone with 8 (6.5 taken by Android) and couldn't stand it for more than a month